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In the St. Pats second season, they took home their second Stanley Cup, again beating the Millionaires. That series was full of firsts as Babe Dye scored a record 9 goals in the five games and was awarded the first-ever penalty shot. His 36-foot shot sailed over the goalies head, though.Over the next few seasons, the St. Pats were unable to win a championship, but they produced many successful teams and laid the foundation for a winning Toronto franchise.One of the most historic changes in Torontos franchise history came when Conn Smythe, the architect of the New York Rangers, bought the St. Pats. He immediately prevented the team from moving to Philadelphia, changed the teams name to the Maple Leafs and change the team colors to blue and white. The name Maple Leafs came from a World War I fighting unit, the Maple Leaf Regiment.The Leafs havent been able to duplicate the success the team had in the earlier years of the franchise but have shown potential with the addition of new General Manager Brian Burke. With players such as Colby Armstrong and Phil Kessel, , the team has a bright future and figures to contend for the playoffs.

Toronto returned to the top of the NHL in 1932 when it beat the Rangers in three straight games to sweep the best-of-five series. It was the franchises first Cup victory since becoming the Maple Leafs. The Leafs would remain a contender but didnt win the Cup again until 1942 when they became the only team to lose the first three games in a Final series and come back with four-straight wins. They beat the Detroit Red Wings to take home the fourth Cup in franchise history. (...) The Leafs played well throughout the 40s, winning the Cup in 1945, 1947, 1948 and 1949.Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admits he was surprised by Jack Wilsheres omission from Fabio Capellos England squad to face Bulgaria and Switzerland next month but does not believe it will dent the midfielders confidence. They also started off the 50s with a Cup win in 1951. They stayed competitive but reached the peak of their success in the 1960s. They won three straight Cups from 1962-1964 and another one in 1967, bringing their franchise total to 13.
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Not enough time to look carefully, you take a look.

years, only willing to wait in line, never irrigation. But a growing sense in the present article, the decline in quality, happy and proud moment tongue fast so many people are easily fooled by stirring so few genuine. Special reprinted article, the article is not how good, just to remind the public users, thinking things over.

(full text follows)

do not know when to begin, the various online forums ,**** mood suddenly rising up, the beginning I just think that is one-sided phenomenon, but this is becoming increasingly severe and the recent incident with the Japanese prime minister visits the Diaoyu Islands ********, major forum in the country I see ** ** call getting high. Various post after another, feeling like China and Japan should go to war to happen.

in Sina, Netease forum, simply on the disaster, and more prominent, such as Netease's \% or more. Further statistics, there are these 95% of the nearly 80% due to another post by a pro-Japanese lead out.

For example, an article written by a woman in Shanghai, China \bloody, how a man of character, how to have a sense of responsibility and so on. This post leads to hundreds of articles a day Huitie class, which posted more than 500 words 70%, huh, huh, very impressive. I spent my holiday to see these posts, have mixed feelings.

I found this: post in the Japanese curse words is already to do anything and that any dirty dirty words, so long as to be absurd, all were using. But there is pro-Japanese word used, not a swear, but the contents are very organized and written (is structured, I do not think that makes sense) of.

Huitie I think this curse hundreds of Chinese citizens, are in good time was lost in a fog. I see the speed \Write the contents of the article are rational, and, writing the content one purpose: to fight against the Chinese people's self-esteem.

Obviously, this is a group of people, what they in the end, I do not know, because I am not God. They use a very special way: to expose the weakness of the Chinese nation, praise the advantages of the Japanese Yamato, Mandarin words with very logical and very rational statement and shall, among people into reflection. This is on purpose, I think they not only simple in-line comment.

However, our compatriots, (...) , just as on the back of their posts, Chezhi the neck abusive, resort to all means and, but, my flesh and blood of our compatriots who are you cursing When has it ever occurred, that is what they need results?

see here, you may not know, I'll explain.

why the Japanese army in China civilians big ***? When Japan **** know their own strength, can in Mainland China, mainly because of two things: First, China was **** the corrupt and incompetent, and second, at precisely the heyday of Japan. Was scored with the advantage of the Chinese, they deeply understand that, if you want to become a superpower, must take account of China's land and resources to have.

but they are afraid the Chinese people than their Japanese nationality has a long history, deep cultural foundation (Oh, Where is the source of Japanese culture ah?), if not a good way, not only aggression and not a things to himself instead of being dragged into the ocean to the Chinese culture, to the time control fail, but the system was then clear **** centuries of feudal system of education, the most terrible is the pride of the Han blow down (when the Qing **** full of talent is the president who rule), so Japan can not be any resistance in the case of occupation of China,

understand that the Japanese **** point, they know that if China wants to control forever, we must take the soul of the Chinese Han Chinese thought and wisdom ---- completely buried, let the Chinese people will never be their slaves Yu.

Thus, (...) , Japan **** came up with the most vicious of ways: large ***. the wrong person you see, life is cheap compared with ants, kill! Kill! Kill! , Immediate concern rivers of blood, immediate concern you nervous, immediate concern that you have lost the sense of resistance, so you slowly develop a self-awareness: \self-esteem and self-confidence, and through strengthening the system of domination and the destruction of Chinese culture, the Chinese nation and the nation gradually assimilated by large roads, in order to achieve their objective of dominating Asia.

Japan clearly one thing: To dominate the world, we must first conquer Asia, the desire to conquer Asia, we must first control of the Chinese. Because they have no resources, no oil, no minerals, no nothing, they can only be a way to grab it. Congress and the nation came from a historical perspective, coupled with its national particularity, and their properties are bound: \If god.
spiritually destroyed without a fight before the enemy, this is the Japanese from the ancient Chinese Art of War come to school.

Therefore, these Internet postings, is it (can not forgive me for using this word) they threw from the spirit of the Japanese homeland ****, happens to blood youth attracted us the power to add it. When are you Huitie may have thought, the more excited the language used to fight back, the more is to help them achieve their goals, you use vulgar language, vented his displeasure in your hearts the same time, we all know if there are lost what?

we really like what they do so without training? You see that even faced with such a provocative post are running out of patience, others call you on this point, you have to put this to light to permit them to do, to show them that's not wrong! ?

fellow friends, awakening it! We use the brain thinking, do not use mouth (or fingers) to think about! !

the Japanese want to make a comeback.

here, I have to point out, criticize the foul language of a friend, you should not feel inferior, you are the blood guy, is the Chinese people, who yelled, it's just because of a treacherous enemy Bale.

do not think they're great accomplishments, they are online writers, is the purpose of Internet enemies, which is to cause them polite, we are behind the illusion of vulgarity against your self-confidence mind to achieve their purpose. Their articles are well thought out, and with political purposes, testing purposes, the surface, gentle words, in fact, bloodshed.

my article did not bring a dirty, this is actually very easy to do, if I want to scold foul language, I believe that level will not be worse than you where to go. Only, we must address this situation to be treated can not let the enemy's scheme to succeed. Then we do? This is the most critical. Human history, has never been determined by shouting match victory or defeat over the war. The key is action.

it will stress Japan's \neighbor relations, on China to show courtesy to all things, and have also let the Chinese students to study in Japan (Chen Zhen are logs!), Japanese students to China to exchange, (...) , Shiji a mature, flew fell out, not without reason, hit entered the United States to fight Iraq also looks for the fig leaf of weapons of mass destruction, Japan has stronger than the United States (only the nerve of this), do not need to talk face to face when not speaking, what manners? ? ? What, I'm gangster, how? I want to invade you is to invade you, because the moment the situation, then there is no need to hide that their \

attack on Pearl Harbor, when the same way, when the United States sanctions against Japan, the Japanese market than any country in the world are docile, when he sent the Emperor of Japan did not the U.S. president shouted: \I love you for life \

Japanese civilians also were \They also indirect victims, but more than 90 percent of them are also hopeless, because they have deviated from the track of normal development of mankind.

I exhausted all my wisdom, made it to their conclusion?? them, is a virus!

this point, I think my some radical words has already begun, I feel the need to rest.

Well, we continue, my dear fellow. Ultimately, we must stand up and be able to eliminate the virus. How strong? Why the strong words in the former, characters in the post? First strong, can big.

We want strong, must be unity, which is first, second, a thorough understanding of the gap with the enemy, to carry forward their own advantage, to advantage against the enemy. \

Japan has never given up the dream of world hegemony, they have been in action. We no longer on the ulterior motives of those who became, for the attacks on the Chinese people post, do not go curse, we do not need to waste time on this matter, we need to develop, to grow, no time to accompany them to play saliva game.

we are excited to have deleted the post it, or to leave such a sentence: \
because Japan is indeed a \If they are not outside resources to their geographical location, can only do the original human beings, left to die.

any case, we must maintain a strong ambition, no matter how the environment, we are all Chinese, we are descendants of the dragon, the true patriots, wide-open our eyes to see clearly the nature of the Japanese. No matter what method they use to combat our self-confidence and self-esteem, the best means to counter from the spirit among our fellow citizens (the most serious as far as I understand Taiwan, and Hong Kong well, not in Hong Kong said: We in Hong Kong, you Chinese Only the people of Taiwan, said: We the people of Taiwan, you Chinese people), we must see clearly that the enemy is doing combat readiness, and we ignore it, is the best fight back, because --- if there are dogs on the other side of the river You barking, you are ready to look for weapons to fight its drinks, or whether it cleared his throat against bank and name calling?

(...) --------------------------
above ... does not express any opinion

This is mainly to point out to us

this reason that I think was often accused me of supporting the (...)

example, there is support for it in World War II Imperial Japanese Army, called the real bandit skua

no I do not know no people do not know, I guess people have reason to suppress their own education with him impulses

there to support it, but World War II German Nazi regime

usually no one would go to say that he

sensible approach to history, need to distance
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1, encountered do not want to answer the question, (...) , look directly at each other's eyes, smile, silence.
2, walk upright, in a bad mood, not with people greeting, nod and smile, walk straight.

3, please remember that the definition of friends is: Do you mix well, his psyche as you are happy; you mix well, he sincerely worried for you.

4, make their own decisions, and then ready to bear the consequences. From the outset to remind ourselves that the world does not regret medicine to take, and I always have a plan B.

5, their fair share of things to do 100 hours.

6, to accept their own, but is a \

7, If you love something, set it free, (...) , if it comes back to you, it is yours, if it doesn't it never was. (If you love something, you should let go. If it back to you, note it is for you, if not come back, then it was never really yours. note is that in: song \Mo insist \

9, do not arbitrarily throw a tantrum, who do not owe you.

10, do not lie, because there was debunked the day.

11, do not underestimate anyone.

12, you do not have so many viewers, do not be so tired.

13, things can not forget the past, but be sure to put down.

14, others say recorded in the head, but his own, then the heart.

15, there is a class society, a lot of things unfair. Do not complain, (...) , because there is no use.

16, you are never as important as your own imagination.

17, money can solve all problems is not known.

18, regardless of when to say \Whenever you say \

19, (...) , Do not neglect dreams. Slowly but think quickly.

20, find time for yourself.

21, do not own anything that is not OK then like to know how to give up.

22, do not think that life owes you, actually I do not work.

23, to move ahead, (...) , then move forward, (...) , more effort, the wish will come true
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Nfl Tickets – League Officially Adopts New Overtime Rule

Regardless of the supporters for the sudden-death overtime, the NFL has moved forward and made a significant change to its overtime policy, though it will only take effect come playoff time.1 choose on attack undertake d'brickashaw ferguson in an effort to rebuild their attack line.? Amidst clamoring that the sudden-death overtime based on a coin toss was unfair, (...) , NFL owners voted in a landslide victory to update the policy, (...) , which again proves that the NFL is far and away the most efficient league around and is willing to update its rules and regulations to fit an ever-evolving professional sports landscape.1 backyards per game (second best in conference usa) and had five 100-yard obtaining sport, (...) , which was the most in a lone time of the year at ecu.

Instead of the usual sudden-death overtime, if the first team with the ball kicks a field goal, the second team will still have a chance to match the score.) with 23 tds while catching 13 passes for 200 backyards (15.? If the second team matches the score, then they will move on to a sudden-death overtime.(* comprises nfl combine) carolina panthers kris jenkins completed the 2002 time of the year with 60 undertakes and 7 dismisses, (...) , en path to an alternate look on the nfc's pro bowl group, where he restored an hurt warren sapp.? However, (...) , if the second team scores a touchdown, then the game will be over, which is somewhat similar to the way that the college overtime is handled right now. he subsequent tweeted it was time to wake n bake," a quotation to marijuana.? A touchdown on any possession will end the game.) with 2 tds in 2002 regardless of missing 5 sport with a knee injury.

How the rule change will actually affect the 2010 season will not be known, as we may not even have an overtime game in the postseason next year, but the NFL has announced loud and clear that it is willing to listen to fans.0 backyards per punt).? After Brett Favre and his Minnesota Vikings remained on the sidelines as the New Orleans Saints marched down the field in overtime of last season's NFC Championship game, fans immediately began complaining that the sudden-death overtime rule was not fair for the team that did not win the toss.0 dismisses, three broken-up passes, (...) , and three compelled fumbles.

Even though statistically the sudden-death overtime proved to be mostly fair, fans used to seeing college football overtimes simply could not accept having one offense sit out the extra time period when something could be done to rectify the situation. bo bo smith what they're saying: showing a lot of natural skill and giving effort on the field,bo smith is an aggressive cornerback with good upside.? <a rel="nofollow" (...) he has abounding of (...) (...) tickets</a> are already a hot commodity all year long, though the rule change could help them even further come playoff time.martin tevaseu height:6-2 weight:325 age:22 college:nevada-las vegas experience:r team:new york jets martin tevaseu (dt/6-1/310/nevada-las vegas/boonville, ca) was before marked as an undrafted free agency by the cleveland browns on may 17, (...) , 2010, and was issued on june 15.

But the NFL was wise not to give in too much to the demands of fans, who would likely enjoy seeing a college overtime for both the regular season and playoffs.0 1, (...) ,609 7 4 professional career nfl draft following his older time of the year, (...) , mark mark brunell was chosen by the green bay packers in the 5th around of the 1993 nfl draft.? Though the college overtime certainly is exciting, it also doesn't much resemble the actual game of football, which is why it has as many critics as it has backers.0 1,895 16 9 1992 127 219 58.? In the college OT, the clock stops and the game proceeds possession by possession.” at the 2008 nfl combine, o'connell ran the 40-yard dash in 4.? While football is typically played with a clock and starts with a kickoff, college overtime does not, (...) , which would make it an awkward fit in the NFL.”warren aggravated an ankle junction wound soon before the nfl combine, (...) , where he laboured in place drills and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.

The other major reason that the NFL didn't consider adopting a change to the regular season is because of the added risk of injury., where he teamed with erron kinney and assisted the patrick henry patriots to the 1994 state football championship.? Players are always at more of a risk during longer games statistically, making a long, possession-by-possession overtime an unacceptable risk for franchise players worth millions of dollar to their team., the family dwelled in daleville, alabama, where tony excelled as a three-sport letterman in football, basketball, and pathway & field.? As it is, a team that plays in an overtime game the week before is already at a statistical disadvantage the following week, which would only increase if the overtime was lengthened., has been chosen to five pro bowls and has been an all-pro six times.

Ultimately, the rule change itself isn't that significant, though it eliminates some of the controversy surrounding the coin toss and won't allow a team to simply settle for a field goal if they get the ball first.0 dismisses, two compelled fumbles, and one fumble recovery. However, the new overtime is a logistical rule change that is a nice hybrid between the sudden-death overtime and the college format and is further evidence as to why the NFL remains ahead of the other professional sports leagues in the country.0 undertakes for decrease, 6.

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It is a key game for both teams as they try to validate what they have done so far and take a huge stride toward earning a playoff berth.0 dismisses, two compelled fumbles, and one fumble recovery.

So, let's take a look at the Lions. bo bo smith what they're saying: showing a lot of natural skill and giving effort on the field,bo smith is an aggressive cornerback with good upside. Before the season began, quarterback Jon Kitna boldly predicted Detroit would win 10 games, a statement that drew mostly snickers.' he has abounding of arm. A victory over the Giants Sunday, though, would give the Lions a pretty good chance to do just that. he subsequent tweeted it was time to wake n bake," a quotation to marijuana.

So, how good is Detroit, (...) , anyway?

Even the folks who follow the Lions day-in and day-out aren't sure.1 choose on attack undertake d'brickashaw ferguson in an effort to rebuild their attack line. Check out what our fellow blogger Sean had to say on this topic just a couple of days ago at Pride of Detroit.1 backyards per game (second best in conference usa) and had five 100-yard obtaining sport, which was the most in a lone time of the year at ecu.

For the Lions, I have been unsure all season of what they are.) with 2 tds in 2002 regardless of missing 5 sport with a knee injury. Some, especially after last week, (...) , will call them frauds for beating teams with records below .”warren aggravated an ankle junction wound soon before the nfl combine, where he laboured in place drills and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.500.) with 23 tds while catching 13 passes for 200 backyards (15. Others will likely just call them an average team, which sadly is a step up compared to year's past.” at the 2008 nfl combine, o'connell ran the 40-yard dash in 4. Finally, (...) , there are few who think this way, but some actually do think the Lions could make noise towards the end of the season.0 1,895 16 9 1992 127 219 58. By that, (...) , they think that the Lions can contend for a playoff spot and are a good enough team to do so.0 1,609 7 4 professional career nfl draft following his older time of the year, mark mark brunell was chosen by the green bay packers in the 5th around of the 1993 nfl draft. ., where he teamed with erron kinney and assisted the patrick henry patriots to the 1994 state football championship.., has been chosen to five pro bowls and has been an all-pro six times.., the family dwelled in daleville, alabama, where tony excelled as a three-sport letterman in football, (...) , basketball, (...) , and pathway & field.

So, for the question of are the Lions contenders, my answer right now is to be determined.2 backyards a play for one touchdown, (...) , two interceptions, and was dismissed three times. I just don't have enough information to back up an answer.2 grading in the coaches poll and no."

So, what do we glean from that? I guess, like the Giants, even the experts aren't really sure what to make of the Lions yet.(* comprises nfl combine) carolina panthers kris jenkins completed the 2002 time of the year with 60 undertakes and 7 dismisses, en path to an alternate look on the nfc's pro bowl group, where he restored an hurt warren sapp.

Detroit does have some weapons the Giants will need to contend with.12, following the jets' bye on oct. Kitna is a good quarterback, and he has explosive receivers in Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson to throw to.1 rtg), eighth in the homeland in tallying protecting against (16.

Defensively, the Lions have forced a league-high 28 turnovers.19, 2006 by david carr of the houston texans). Also, they are unbeaten (4-0) at Ford Field this season.16 backyards per rec.

In the Giants' favor is that the Lions have given up a league-high 40 sacks while the Giants have a league-leading 32.0 dismisses, (...) , three broken-up passes, (...) , and three compelled fumbles. Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz is not one to max protect his quarterback, (...) , so it could be open season on Kitna.0 backyards per punt).

How good are either one of these teams? Today, I don't think we can be sure.0 undertakes for decrease, 6.

Sunday's outcome, though, should go a long way toward giving us an answer.15 seconds vertical jump = 32.

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压力等级:PN10、PN16、PN25 隔膜式:DN20~450



当给水管中压力超过泄压阀额定压力时,泄压阀开启, ,防止管线及设备因超压而损坏, ,可用于高层建筑消防测循环系统之泄压用,以防止水压过高造成系统危险

本泄压阀广泛用于给排水、消防、电厂等行业的水管道中, 可对压力波动快速反应和快速泄放,防止压力急剧增高而损坏管道及设备。

泄压阀主要用于消防或其他供水系统中, (...) (...)




























































● 该阀可将控制主阀的出口压力为固定的出口压力, 且不因进口压力变化而变化,也不因进口能量变化而改变出口压力。
● 此种阀可用于生活用水,消防系统及工业给水系统管道中使用。
● (...) (...) 性能参数,调整压力可在10:1的比值范围内控制。
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2.寂寞的时候,不要听慢歌, (...) ,怀旧或者腻死在网上,站起来做运动或者去找朋友八卦。


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7.在QQ, ,手机里删除前男友的号码,避免神经脆弱的时候主动找他。

8. 每天树立小目标然后努力实现。



11.想办法努力赚钱,而不是如何省钱。 (...)


14.内衣鞋袜一旦残旧,决不再穿,立即扔掉。 (...)





20.状态低靡的中午不如睡觉, ,遇到低谷就放自己大假。





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The Indian government is striving to double bilateral trade with China, its largest trading partner, , within four years, (...) , , Subas Pani, secretary in the planning commission and chairman of the India Trade Promotion Organization, (...) , said here Wednesday.

"It's an ambitious goal. But it's possible with the rapidly growing momentum," Pani told Xinhua in an exclusive interview.

Bilateral trade between India and China has seen a drastic jump over the last decade. From a modest $3 billion at the turn of the century, annual trade reached $42 billion in 2008-09, India's Minister of State for Commerce and Industries, Jyotiraditya Scindia, said.

"Trade between India and China is set to reach new heights by the end of this financial year," he added.

India-China bilateral trade reached $32 billion in the first half of 2010. Overall trade in 2010 is expected to exceed $60 billion.

"Ten years ago, if I told someone that China would be India's largest trading partner with a bilateral trade of $60 billion, (...) , he would have said 'You must be smoking something illegal' ," said Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, Indian ambassador to China.

Also, Chinese authorities have encouraged Chinese companies to expand cooperation with Indian businesses, Jaishanker said, (...) , declining to provide more details.

"I'm confident that soon there will be policy initiatives to ease the entry for more Indian IT and pharmaceutical companies in Chinese markets," Scindia said.

India also hopes for a lowering of tariffs in China for the import of Indian manufactured equipment and agricultural products, he added.

Scindia called for complementary business cooperation between India and China. "The two countries can profit tremendously from each other's strengths."

The strength of Chinese companies in equipment manufacturing will play a significant role in India's quest to upgrade its infrastructure. On the other hand, China can draw significantly from India's expertise and professional acumen in finance, education and healthcare, he said.

"I firmly believe that strong bilateral trade relations between India and China will go a long way in stabilizing India-China relations, ," Scindia said.

However, Chinese businessmen still need more information on Indian business opportunities, Jaishankar noted.

When China first opened up in the late 1970s, India was a closed economy. As a result, Indian companies, brands and goods are less known in China, he said. "We came late, so we have to work extra hard to make up for the time we lost."

The embassy has been encouraging Indian companies to step up their marketing efforts in China and hold forums to boost communication and cooperation between the two countries' entrepreneurs.

He said India-China trade has the potential to expand by many times. "But to achieve that, we need closer interaction between the two peoples and better understanding of how each other's system works."
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(...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

(...) (...) 大学秀才又怎样还不是废物! (...) (...)

  难怪现在读大学的同居,逃课,打架,自杀…… 但家长们还是愿意花钱把孩子送进学校去,而且是花一辈子的钱。

第四大当:买车 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

  告诉你,油价还得涨。一定要涨到和美圆一样的油价, 。嘿嘿!您拿老美1/10的收入,养和人家一个价的汽油。我看您还得瑟不。 (...) (...) (...) (...)

(...) (...)




(...) (...)


第二大当:就业 (...) (...) (...) (...)

(...) (...) (...) (...) (...)


(...) (...)

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  3:第三个问题:白领家庭何时破产?? (...) (...) (...)
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1. (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) 这人感到即恶心又恼火,于是他走到这栋房子的大门口,使劲敲打大门,
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   这人将那只安全套递给老头,说: “好吧,我只是想告诉你,你孙儿从窗户掉下来了。
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Cabinet moves to prevent "serious" vegetable supply problem Source: Xinhua [08:18 August 19 2010] Comments

, (...) Those who spread false information to manipulate prices would be severely punished, said the statement.

The State Council, (...) , China's Cabinet, at a meeting Wednesday agreed to take measures covering the entire process of vegetable planting, storage, transport, , (...) , distribution, marketing, quality monitoring and consumption.

In a statement issued after an executive meeting, (...) , the State Council pledged more funds and preferential policies to support the construction of major vegetable production bases across the country.

The State Council also urged efforts to step up construction of special railway lines linking production areas with major cities.

China's central government has ordered the expansion of vegetable production, , with increased funding and rail links, in a move to stop an "increasingly serious" food supply situation in some major cities.

It ordered local governments to stabilize and expand vegetable farms in the suburbs of large cities, with minimum planting areas, , and to set up vegetable reserves to meet demand for five to seven days in large cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

Banks and other financial institutions were encouraged to step up lending to vegetable production firms and individuals.
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(...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)
(...) (...) (...) 。但是第二回合这块玻璃就缺席了比赛,埃因霍温遗憾告负。

不过,在保持健康的情况下,阿费莱的发挥还是能够让人满意的, ,这让很多球迷对这位荷兰天才巨大的上升空间表示期待。

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