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adminjacky  [04 Prill 2010 @ 12:02 AM]
chest furniture; that the high altar be hung witharras representing the patron saint of the order on horseback, andgarnished with the costliest images and ornaments in gold and silver;that the pulpit be covered Bapewith crimson damask, inwrought withflowers-de-luces of gold, portcullises, and roses; that the royal stall becanopied with a rich cloth of -
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qq11a5  [16 Maj 2010 @ 02:09 PM]
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2、除80后, ,要减去所有整数位,

例如 你的手机号最后4位是1234
那么 1234÷80=15.425
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吉凶数字   解释    批注
  0 有点特殊..........大吉
1     大展鸿图.可获成功 吉
  2     一盛一衰.劳而无功 凶
  3     蒸蒸日上.百事顺遂 吉
  4     坎坷前途.苦难折磨 凶
  5     生意欣荣.名利双收 吉
  6     天降幸运.可成大功 吉
  7     和气致祥.必获成功 吉
  8     贯彻志望.成功可期 吉
  9     独营无力.财利无望 凶
  10    空费心力.徒劳无功 凶
  11    稳健着实.必得人望 吉
  12    薄弱无力.谋事难成 凶
  13    天赋吉运.能得人望 吉
  14    是成是败.惟*坚毅 凶
  15    大事成就.一定兴隆 吉
  16    成就大业.名利双收 吉
  17    有贵人助.可得成功 吉
  18    顺利昌隆.百事亨通 吉
  19    内外不合.障碍重重 凶
  20    历尽艰难.焦心忧劳 凶
  21    专心经营.善用智能 吉
  22    怀才不遇.事不如意 凶
  23    名显四方.终成大业 吉
  24    须*自力.能奏大功 吉
  25    天时地利.再得人格 吉
  26    波澜起伏.凌驾万难 凶
  27    一盛一衰.可守成功 凶带吉
28 遇衰转吉. 遇厄转好 吉
  29    青云直上.才略奏功 吉
  30    吉凶参半.得失相伴 凶
  31    名利双收.大业成就 吉
  32    池中之龙.成功可望 吉
  33    智能慎始.必可昌隆 吉
  34    灾难不绝.难望成功 凶
  35    中吉之数.进退保守 吉
  36    波澜重叠.常陷穷困 凶
  37    逢凶化吉.风调雨顺 吉
  38    名虽可得.利则难获 凶带吉
  39    光明坦途.指日可待 吉
  40    一盛一衰.浮沉不定 吉带凶
  41    天赋吉运.前途无限 吉
  42    事业不专.十九不成 吉带凶
43    忍耐自重.转凶为吉 吉带凶
  44    事难遂愿.贪功好进 凶
  45    绿叶发枝.一举成名 吉
  46    坎坷不平.艰难重重 凶
  47    有贵人助.可成大业 吉
  48    名利俱全.繁荣富贵 吉
  49    遇吉则吉.遇凶则凶 凶
  50    吉凶互见.一成一败 吉带凶
  51    一盛一衰.浮沉不常 吉带凶
  52    雨过天青.即获成功 吉
  53    盛衰参半.先吉后凶 吉带凶
  54    虽倾全力.难望成功 凶
  55    外观隆昌.内隐祸患 吉带凶
  56    事与愿违.终难成功 凶
  57    努力经营.时来运转 吉
  58    浮沉多端.始凶终吉 凶带吉
  59    遇事犹疑.难望成事 凶
  60    心迷意乱.难定方针 凶
  61    云遮半月.百隐风波 吉带凶
  62    烦闷懊恼.事事难展 凶
  63    万物化育.繁荣之象 吉
  64    十九不成.徒劳无功 凶
  65    吉运自来.能享盛名 吉
  66    内外不和.信用缺乏 凶
  67    事事如意.富贵自来 吉
  68    不失先机.可望成功 吉
  69    动摇不安.常陷逆境 凶
  70    惨淡经营.难免贫困 凶
  71    吉凶参半.惟赖勇气 吉带凶
  72    得而复失.难以安顺 凶
  73    安乐自来.自然吉祥 吉
  74    如无智谋.难望成功 凶
  75    吉中带凶.进不如守 吉带凶
  76    此数大凶.破产之象 凶
  77    先苦后甘.不致失败 吉带凶
  78    有得有失.华而不实 吉带凶
  79    前途无光.希望不大 凶
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dssda3kn  [22 Gusht 2010 @ 10:10 PM]
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别人不知道,可我知道我相比更需要的是对自己的认同, (...) (...)

有时候真不明白人活一辈子是为了什么, (...) ,都没人理解你 图的是什么

有时候想想 是我傻还是天真

(...) 哪怕一个眼神就可以

小时候就告诉我 认真听别人的话, (...) ,用心做每一件事,答应别人的事一定要做到, (...) (...) (...)

哪怕是一个不能在简单 一句认同的话语, ,我也能非常的知足。

但是我愿意在重要人的需要 放弃所有

可我长大了 也做到了 相反 你们没做到, (...) 。

哪怕是一个简简单单 肯定的眼神,我也能非常的开心的, (...) 。
coalf201037  [25 Gusht 2010 @ 11:58 AM]
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保时捷, (...) ,质量真好, (...) 。 (...) (...) ,在产品德量上并未体现其奢华的一面,在众多汽车出产商的对照中排在最后一名, (...) ,而在08年的讲演中排名倒数第三,可见在被印度塔塔收购的两年中, (...) ,路虎的质量不仅不晋升并且江河日下, (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) ,这就不难懂得为何路虎汽车在中国市场会逆势下滑了, (...)2010-USA-Olympics/ ,并且在别人两位数的增加情形下, (...) ,这样的数据更能令人警醒。
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soprtmnews2  [31 Gusht 2010 @ 11:07 PM]
How to travel in safety

We were at the EPSN Club at the Boardwalk Inn and during the 2nd period, I decided to take a break from the beer and (...) to see if I could find something to bring home for the kids.

I didnt, so I walked the loop around the boardwalk. You can go from the Boardwalk Inn to Yacht Club, then Beach Club, and then past Epcot and back around. It was a great (...) for a walk!

Were going to Canada in the spring, and I keep thinking about all of the walking Ill get to do around the cities well be staying in those counts for (...)/atlanta-hawks-2-joe-johnson-stitched-replithentic-white-jersey.html , right?

Well be staying in Toronto a few nights, and I plan to visit the CN Tower with the family and go to the top. I wonder if theyll let me take the (...) .

Good for the gluts! Ive already looked at hotels downtown I want to be in the middle of it all, within walking distance to (...) and attractions. The Delta Chelsea is close to the theaters, shopping, and all of the other Toronto hot spots. It also features a health club facility with weights, cycles, treadmills, saunas, and a sundeck.

We travel quite a bit, and with a family our size we usually try to get a bigger hotel room. Typically, its not a problem when we go to Orlando lots of (...) have suites there, so we can get a hotel room with a pull out sofa and kitchen and a separate bedroom area.

Ive noticed a disturbing trend though. A lot of (...)/mitchellandness-boston-celtics-6-bill-russell-stitched-replithentic-white-jersey.html thinks that if they put a small kitchen area in the room, it counts as a suite.

I dont want a bigger room, I want 2 separate rooms! This is a (...)/mitchell-and-ness-boston-celtics-33-larry-bird-stitched-replithentic-white-jersey.html listing nothing but two room suites not these regular hotel rooms with extra stuff!

Every time I go out of town with my husband, my mom watches the kids. And when she does, she wants to make sure that if there was a (...)/boston-celtics-9-rajon-rondo-stitched-replithentic-white-jersey.html and we couldnt be reached, that she would be able to get medical attention for kids.
kungfu1a4l  [01 Shtator 2010 @ 04:04 PM]
(...) (...) 。图/IC

  他曾于1978年12月4日遭遇空难,他死里逃生,但26岁的妻子罹难, (...) 。
(...) (...)

  加入飞虎队, (...) ,赴中国战场协助抗日
(...) (...) (...) (...) (...) ,已经不便走动, (...) 。史蒂文斯当年服务驼峰航线,主要驾驶C- (...) (...) 。
(...) (...) (...) ,我能活下来非常幸运。
(...) (...)
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Tags: celebrity hair care hair accessories hair product hair density , (...) , (...) has all kinds of hairstyles for all kinds of people, and as section of our new series on deviateent hairstyles for women we've got a selection of hairstyles for women with thinning hair. Check out earlier articles from our series too: "Hairstyles for Women: The Office" and "Hairstyles for Women: Retro Vintage Hair."

Home Articles Hairstyles Hairstyles for Women: Thinn... Hairstyles for Women: Thinning Hair

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By Roger on 2 June 2009
ghoirothge  [05 Shtator 2010 @ 08:57 PM]
我终于有了一个不是我老公的男人! (...) 是激情之后最难熬的深夜。 我扭亮台灯,在柔和的灯光下,打量着我的枕边人。 见过他的人都说是十成的帅哥,尤其是那一双总是含笑的眼睛有着所向披靡的魅力。可 我心底里却更喜欢他熟睡的样子, ,安详得近乎于圣洁,尤其是当他突然在梦里笑一下或 皱 皱眉的时候,那突如其来的甜蜜和伤感让我心醉又心碎。 我不禁轻轻地在他的额上吻了一下, ,他居然抬手拂了一下额头,好象不高兴我打扰了他 的 梦一样。我又好笑又好气, (...) ,偏偏要打扰他一下。我轻轻抚摸他的身体,那种毫无瑕疵的 (...) 孩子的词来形容也不为过, ,皮肤之下,是匀称的极富弹性的骨肉,这么完美的躯体我想我 一辈子也不可能再遇到第二个。 想到这儿, (...) ,就想到早晚他会离开我,投入另一个女人的怀抱,这使我无奈而神伤,下意识 地搂住了他。 梦中的他感到了我的拥抱,竟然配合地把脸深深地偎在我的胸口,那种温暖和贴服使我 心底荡漾着无比的幸福,泪水不经意地打湿了枕头. 我这样和他依偎着,慢慢地朦胧起来。 突然,他使劲儿地在我的怀里挣扎一下,并放声大哭起来。 我一下从被窝里坐起来,抱起他:儿子,我的小祖宗,又尿了, 求你让老娘睡个安稳觉吧! 想歪的人面壁1小时去 (...)
laifhfay0  [06 Shtator 2010 @ 08:04 AM]
What is safe for the summer a good way?
satisfied with the answer:

do not think you painted a sunscreen this summer will not be tanning, whitening sun can do a real need done enough homework on the skin can not give up any piece of useful things.
apply face make-up water

bare skin in the ultraviolet light for too long, be in a dry state. To take full advantage of cotton over the make-up water in the freezer for 5-10 minutes of attaining cheeks, giving the skin feeling moist and cool feeling, this is the beauty Fan Bingbing Cheats it.

charge for skin massage

capillaries within the dermal layer is divided into deep and shallow two parts, the deep blood vessels to regulate body temperature, , the superficial layer of skin blood vessels responsible for supplying nutrients. Massage for the skin to provide oxygen, increase their vitality has a magical effect, moderate friction can promote blood circulation, accelerate skin blood supply, so that a fair-skinned healthy.

make you more supple Spray

in the bag with a small spray bottle every day, and put on their favorite plants exposed either pure or in air-conditioned room and sun can all be done often spray her face, very comfortable , and is sprayed into the eyes does not matter, the eye is absolutely no discomfort.

your little face more white water film

night back home, in the facial skin before going to sleep can be uncomfortable to the water film. After cleansing, , using a needle to take about ten milliliters of Rose Floral soaked a compressed facial mask, and apply to face, over about twenty minutes to be peeled off, and peeled off after the late frost can wipe the face and eye Cream of the.

sun detergent debut

high-tech products is a benefit of the public is the invention of the 21st century now, and if it is just a simple \May wish to look at a new invention: Sun detergent.

detergent can also be the sun, is not news. This new product for fabric detergent added to the full-band ultraviolet absorbers in it with cotton, wool and nylon fibers have good compatibility, and other detergent ingredients can be well integrated, simple fabric washing cycle, (...) , to enhance the fabric of the UV blocking effect. You can go look for the market, choose this sunscreen detergent used to wash clothes often worn in summer, in the fabric for effective barrier against the sun, the skin of course, would be protected.

new features tomatoes, eating can sun

authority said that this is backed by the authority of theory, scientists in Germany and the Netherlands The results show that, eat plenty of tomatoes can play sun protection. Scientists of both countries in the study found that if each person daily consumption of 40 grams of tomato paste, the risk of sunburn will be reduced by 40%; If we add 10 grams of olive oil, then the sun's effect will be better. Scientists believe this may be Lycopene injury in the sun plays a major role.

sun does not wash with hot water

a day if the sun outside, and then hot water wash your face, just as was hot water burns. Only cold water to shrink pores, leaving skin cooled down, to eliminate the role of the red hot back. The use of hot water, let telangiectasia, congestion, (...) , flushing and even appeared to grow patches of sunburn, especially after swimming or outdoor sports.

resist wear light colored T shirt
sun protection clothing

capacity depends primarily on the clothes of the material, followed by the color, for example, the SPF value of cotton clothes about 15 to 40; polyester light-colored clothing SPF value of about 7 to 10; Knitting The SPF value of the light-colored clothes, about 4 to 9. A colored cotton T-shirt, its ultraviolet filtering effect better than the white.

sun repair

If exposure of skin redness, can be iced sun repair Gel thick layer of ice coating, or other modest replenishment of the Gel texture of things that are beneficial to the skin cooling and replenishment , During this period, not to skin, all sorts of other things they should not say hello to the face, very easily lead to allergies.

whitening to the year

need an early start whitening homework, do not wait until summer to take measures to come. Before the age of 25, the skin has a \
related issues:
summer, what to eat safe ah ????
to eat in the summer Security
we can help to the relevant \
5172 Security number to buy it?
summer fun to go there to be safe

Reprinted from: What is a good safe way over the summer? ? Search Search ask
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(...) (...) ,拉西奇上空篮得手。不过波波维奇造成犯规之后, (...) 。克罗地亚第五次进攻差点又投失, (...)



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Chain Necklace

Have you seen Lady Gaga in her "Telephone" video? I bet you have! I'm always stunned how she manages to play with fashion. This time she asked Dutch designer duo Viktor & Rolf to design a prisoner's outfit for a video footage and they made her deliberately incarcerated in exaggerated metal chain necklaces. This was reportedly a follow-up of their oversized charm chain featured on Spring Summer 2002 fashion show. Looks like Lady Gaga has liked chains because in a photoshoot for a Q Magazine she posed topless only with chains and hands hiding her assets. I didn't know chain necklaces are actually on trend until I went shopping for some summer must-haves and realised the whole jewelry stall was decorated with neck chains which - unfortunately - weren't that exaggerated. Just don't let that bother you since a crowd of celebrities (including Kim Kardashian and Olsen Twins) choose delicate multiple chain necklaces instead of brutal chains (like the ones featured by Jean Paul Gaultier on Spring Summer 2010 show). What you also should know is that a yellow gold jewelry is the best choice today. is popular for hiking, mountaineering, , and casual wear. The Company also sells apparel such as clothes, watches, and leather goods. Here are some timberland footwear, all are a stylish, strong, , comfortable and traditional pair of boots made with the very latest environmentally friendly materials, including 6 inch boots, roll-up boots, , classic chuka boots, custom boots, boat shoes and so on.



womedegei  [15 Shtator 2010 @ 08:24 AM]
(...) Cooper (...) Cooper (...) 的“S”标识。
  MINI Cooper (...) Cooper (...) Cooper (...) 集团和宝马 (...) GT (...) (...) (...) (...) 、迈腾 (...) ,这和现在风风火火的大众 (...) (...) (...) (...) 主打浪漫与实用性多功能小型车的潮流。 (车天下)
youshiho4  [15 Shtator 2010 @ 09:07 AM]
一生受用的爱情守则: (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

  ★7.真爱一个人,就要尽量让他。 (...) (...) (...)


  ★12.恋爱的时间能长尽量长, (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

   (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

  ◆29.恋爱时感性点,过日子理性点,穿衣服性感点。 (...) (...) (...) (...) 。和老实的人恋爱会很放心,但生活却也非常得乏味。 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

   (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

  ★47.有外遇并非坏男人的专利,好男人一样有, (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) 。 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)
meua464jj82  [17 Shtator 2010 @ 02:01 PM]
, BoxWave































good20salle  [17 Shtator 2010 @ 04:29 PM]
1 Background and Significance

1.1 Background

Energy is the physical survival of human society based on the national economy plays an important role in supporting the economic development, the importance of human life to maintain protection. The type and quantity of the amount of energy relations with a country or region's development prospects and the growth rate, is the national and regional economic and social development, an important force. From the beginning of human development, the successful use of mechanical friction fire by rubbing sticks, used to heat the steam engine marked the invention of large industrial revolution, then in recent years a variety of energy development and utilization of every human civilization accompanied by a significant advance in the improvement and replacement of energy. The development and utilization of energy has greatly driven the world economy and the development of human society.

recent decades, over-exploitation of the fight against human nature and the irrational use of resources has produced a variety of serious disasters, along with energy use, while a large number of pollutants being discharged into the environment, environmental load is getting worse. Two oil crises in recent years to make \Because energy consumption is unreasonable and unscientific waste of energy caused by energy shortages, competition for such resources, in particular the problem of environmental pollution has been a serious threat to human survival and development. Foreign and domestic experts, scholars have begun to study the environmental impact of energy consumption and relationships, to seek to minimize the pollution to maximize efficient use of energy. In this context, this paper analyzes the energy and the environment Mengjin County, and to explore the environmental impact of energy consumption.

1.2 Research Significance

in the past 100 years, developed countries have completed their industrialization, consuming a large amount of natural resources on earth, especially energy. As is currently a large number of widely used coal, oil and other conventional energy sources are all non-renewable energy, and therefore the Earth's energy reserves are significantly reduced. At present, some developing countries are entering the stage of industrialization, from the developed countries 100 years of development experience, economic and social development and improvement of living standards will be accompanied by high energy consumption, and therefore the further development of China will inevitably be a large number of Use these be regarded as the lifeline of conventional energy, we can see that the increase in energy consumption of an objective and necessary social development.

source for energy production, energy consumption on the development of China's economy has a great influence, but rely on a lot of energy consumption, while promoting rapid economic growth (Ren Biao, Li Shaoying, 2007) However, the transition to and unreasonable energy consumption is generated not predict the human to the serious problem of environmental problems. According to relevant statistics, China's GDP in 2004, accounting for 5% of the total world economy, but are consumed more than 12% of total global cost of energy (National Bureau of Statistics, 2005). Comprehensive consecutive years of data, our unit of GDP energy consumption in general is 5-10 times that of developed countries. Meanwhile, as China's energy structure with coal-based, so that the low efficiency of energy being consumed and also to our environment caused great pressure. Such as the 2005 SO2 emissions in China than in the United States in 2002, about 10 million higher than t, more than 31 countries in Europe the same year about 13 million high-t, China has become the world's most serious air pollution one of the countries (China, state of the environment Bulletin, 2006).

energy consumption, while protecting the economic growth will inevitably increase pressure on the environment, when the man suffered serious environmental degradation caused by disaster, when energy, economic development and the environment became a contradiction, (...) , We have to face how to respond to energy and environmental win-win issue of Nenghao impact on the environment, (...) , and to further address how efficient use of energy, to achieve low power consumption, high production, low environmental damage targets, establish a resource-saving society will become an important issue need to be resolved.

different in different parts of energy structure, energy levels vary, in the world, the United States and Japan are low power, highly efficient technology-intensive countries (Baiquan, 2006). Different countries to different degrees. In China, different provinces and different cities have different levels of energy consumption. Henan is China's major agricultural province, population, energy consumption is a large province in the country hold more importance. The Luoyang City in Henan Province as an important new development in the city, in Henan province's development plays an important role. Luoyang is also a measure of the energy level of production is an important basis for efficient. Mengjin is a subsidiary of Luoyang City, Henan Province, the county seat, and the nearest city of Luoyang, Luoyang is the distribution of some important industrial production, in the Luoyang area of energy consumption and environmental development can not be neglected. Luoyang City, Henan Province, and coupled with the environmental quality getting worse in recent years, to make cost-effective sustainable environmental damage while at least, analysis of energy consumption Mengjin County, and on this basis to seek environment-friendly policy is urgent.

2 Review

2.1 domestic energy consumption and environmental impact of the situation

2.1.1 foreign energy consumption and environmental impact of the situation

According to \By 2008, the annual extraction rate, can be mining for 42 years. Calculated the same way, the existing natural gas reserves to meet the 60 years of mining, (...) , and coal reserves to produce 122. Showed strong growth of renewable energy, the total installed capacity of wind and solar power rose by 29.9% and 69%, both more than a decade average ( (...)
Along with economic development, energy reserves are continuously decreased, while producing some environmental problems can not be ignored, the International Energy Agency pointed out that by 2010, fossil fuels will provide 90% of world energy demand, which means a future greenhouse gas emissions will further increase CO2 emissions in 2010, the world is expected to increase by 30% than in 1990 -42%, which is very dangerous. Energy consumption caused by the environment back in the early seventies of the 20th century has attracted the attention of the rapidly developing countries.

foreign scholars excessive energy consumption and its adverse impact on the environment of the 20th century from the early 70s, Dennis? L. Meadows (DennisL.Meadows) and others to study the whole world object, by studying the world's population, industrial development, pollution, food production and consumption of resources between the five factors of Biandong and 相互 relation, the so-called the \Computer simulation and analysis of this model, and finally come to this conclusion: If the maintenance of the existing rate of population growth and resource consumption does not change, the world's resources will be depleted (Jiaoyan Jun, 2006). The conclusion of this Houmeiduosi 70 in the 20th century era when the two oil crisis has been confirmed, and caused economists, environmental scientists and other experts and the public's attention. And began the theory based on various professional research in this regard. Professor Forrest 70s of the 20th century to be invited by the Club of Rome to do in the world model, its students Meadows led the research team published the findings of the world model, \), further attention to the world energy and environmental issues.

in the consumption structure change and the environmental effects side, Carmen Tanner from consumers personal factors and factors related to both the analysis, that excessive consumption is the main industrialized countries, environmental degradation, must shift towards sustainable consumption structure (Carmen Tanner , 2002). Duarte R and Alcántara V using input-output model, based on atmospheric conditions of Spain, through the SO2, NOx and CO2 emissions of three major air pollutants identified sector to estimate changes in the final consumption of the global environmental impacts (Duarte R , Alcántara V, 2003).

energy use and environmental protection in countries around the world from the use of technology has also done a lot of research and experiments, and achieved some results, mainly in the following ways:

1, clean use of coal

2, tube-side lower-emission technologies

3, synthesis and optimization of energy system

4, waste heat recovery technology

5, clean energy development (Wang Li, Wang Ling, 1998)

2.1.2 domestic energy consumption and environmental impact of the situation

China is a big energy countries, the total geological reserves of the third world. Is the world's basic energy, coal power, coal storage in the world, also occupies an important position. However, per capita consumption from the point of view, China is energy-poor countries, accounting for the average world per capita consumption of 1 / 2. Meanwhile, China's annual volume of coal 1.08 billion, ranking first in the world. Energy efficiency compared with developed countries vary greatly (Zhengtie Min, 1994). In China, between 1990-2007 the structure of primary energy consumption, coal, oil, natural gas, the overall upward trend in electricity consumption (Liu Wei, 2008). Meanwhile, in the use of energy in the process of economic development, China's most provinces and cities have different degrees of environmental deterioration, such as Chongqing, Taiyuan, and so on. This shows that China's energy are abundant, but the production and utilization of waste, pollution and other serious condition.

China began to generate concern about energy demand is about 80 years in the 20th century, with foreign countries, about 10 years later. 90 years from the last century, Chinese scholars have started to pay attention to the consumption structure of relationships between research, mainly in the following number of studies, research methods and diverse:

Jun-Geng, Shi-Tong Xi scholars on Shanghai's energy consumption analysis, systems analysis of the Shanghai energy consumption and environmental benefits (Jun-Geng, Shi-Tong Xi, 1995); Du Tao, CAI Jiu-ju, etc. in Shenyang City , using time series analysis and moving average model Shenyang energy consumption and the structure of the atmospheric environment were studied, put forward the investment in energy is the main reason should be adjusted and the application of advanced clean coal technology to enable production of Shenyang environment can be improved (Du Tao et al, 2001); Gao Jianhua evaluation criteria pollutants and its evaluation using model, to calculate the major pollutants such as pollution load, identify the main sources of pollution and pollution load of pollutants than other methods, and According to the special topographical features of Lanzhou, using box model analysis of the Lanzhou City forecasts of energy use and air quality relationships, ultimately made from the energy point of the city of Lanzhou, the effective air pollution control measures (Gao Jianhua, 2001); Guang-Jun Zhu, Liao Jianyun Features such as the analysis of the energy and environmental impact of energy use, based on clear and clean coal technology to accelerate the implementation of saving coal technology to solve our energy and environmental issues of key technologies (Guang-Jun Zhu, 2002); Hong Quanli using the regression equation on Energy Consumption and air pollution are discussed. Chongqing's air pollution come

dyeing problems are closely related to its energy structure (Hung-chuen, 2003).

as energy development and economic growth is always closely related, so the scholars of energy, economy and environment to study the three combined. Such as: Wan Hong Fei, De-groups such as the concept of sustainable development, starting with nature, energy, environmental, economic relations among the 3E correlation analysis, environmental protection, energy supply and demand stability and economic development of the \On the \(amount of energy consumption trends) and climate energy consumption (energy consumption volatility in volume) two parts, with the polynomial fitting the two countries and China all varieties of the trend of energy consumption amount, and then isolate the climate energy consumption. Then the daily average temperature data, according to live index formula, the value obtained by the two countries live over the years. On this basis, respectively, of energy consumption and economic growth, socio-economic, climate and energy consuming relationship between climatic factors and change (Yuen Shun-chuen, 2002).

of extension are more abundant. Haidong Kan, such as using energy optimization model (MARKAL) present in Shanghai (2000) and future (2000-2020) under different energy scenarios of atmospheric pollutant emissions scenarios, and then passed to the emission scenarios for air pollution exposure The transfer matrix (transfer-matrix). To draw energy and the environment and human health relationships (Kan Haidong, 2003). Eventually settled to a high degree of human health, energy and the environment a more prominent relationship between human life.

comparative analysis based on multi-city study. Such as Sun Yan of China's energy consumption depends static and dynamic development based on 30 out in cointegration comprehensive data analysis to find the energy to the economy, environmental development of the way (Sun Xin, 2009).

2.2 对 Mengjin County environmental impact of energy consumption and the situation

many current study, Liu Fang and others on energy consumption and economic growth in Henan Province to do the empirical analysis, Du Mingjun and other development in Henan Province were analyzed using the situation, but those in Henan Province analysis only on the energy situation in Henan and energy consumption and economic relations have been studied, the county of Henan province in particular, energy consumption and environmental impact Mengjin relationship between the lack of more research.

2.3 Energy evaluation of its impact on the environment, the correlation methods

2.3.1 Method of energy and environment related Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient analysis

Pearson correlation coefficient of two data sets used to measure the correlation between. Two data sets X (x1, x2 ... ... xn), Y (y1, y2 ... ... yn)

Pearson correlation coefficient formula is as follows:

(source ---- http: / /

r +1 and -1 values in between, its value is closer to ± 1, that the degree of linear correlation of two variables, the more close to zero, while the lower degree of correlation; is No.

values expressed by the two variables with changes in the same direction with the reduction relations, and a negative sign

value indicates a different direction minus the change in relationship .

2.3.2 authentication method associated with energy and the environment regression analysis

regression analysis (regression analysis) is to identify two or more interdependent quantitative relationships between variables of a statistical analysis. By the provisions of the dependent variable and independent variables to determine the causal relationship between variables, a regression model, and the measured data to solve the model of each parameter, and then evaluate whether the regression model fits the measured data well; if good fitting, then the argument can be further predicted.

set x, y are two related variables, model: y = a + bx + ε, where x is the independent variable, y is the dependent variable, ε is a random error, usually assumed that random errors with mean 0, variance is σ ^ 2 (σ ^ 2 is greater than 0) σ2 x value has nothing to do with. The data will be (x1, y1), (x2, y2), ... (xn, yn) by EXCEL software or SPSS software, can easily achieve linear regression, the regression equation, then the extent of the impact of two variables ( (...) 2.3.3 Environmental impact of energy consumption trends in research methods by model fitting: Determination of linear trend

model fitting is to predict long-term development trends in a way, is to determine the shape change phenomenon, based on fitting an appropriate mathematical formula, and then find the trend values based on time equation and analyze the long-term trends method (Tao Jingxuan, etc., 2007).

set linear trend equation general form: A = a + bt

type in: A time series of long-term trend value

t number of time series of the time

at = 0 时, A's value

b the slope of the trend equation, that is t per unit of time when a change, A to increase or decrease the number.

seek a, b values: a = A-bt

b = (nΣty-ΣtΣy) / [nΣt2-(Σt) 2]

can calculate the value of a year of A
The study


this paper for the purpose of environmental protection, energy consumption from the unreasonable use of increasingly serious environmental problems caused the perspective of selected Mengjin County, Luoyang, Henan, the analysis of energy consumption and environmental issues relations. Paper to analyze the following sections:

Part I: This article discusses the research background, research significance. And a brief summary of domestic and foreign on the environmental impact of energy consumption and the relationship between research and progress. And pointed out that article, research content, research methods, purpose and overall frame structure.

Part II: Introduction to Mengjin County Profiles. Starting from the data, analyzed and discussed the energy consumption of Mengjin County and overall energy consumption.

Part III: data collection, analysis Mengjin County's environmental quality.

Part IV: Pearson product-moment correlation analysis, regression analysis, set up Mengjin County and the environmental impact of energy relations, and verify their relevance, using model fitting to predict long-term trends concluded, and the causes of their problems and a brief analysis.

Part V: By the above analysis, the existing problems and propose practical solutions to implement countermeasures.

4 Research Methods

This article analyzes the basis of previous studies, and borrowing, use of literature study, statistical analysis, comparative analysis, social investigation, Pearson product-moment correlation analysis, regression analysis, Model fitting and other analysis methods, the power consumption of Mengjin County and the associated environmental analysis of the circumstances and, ultimately, conclusions and corresponding measures.

4.1 documentary research

articles by other scholars to read the literature, summarizes energy consumption and environmental problems at home and abroad on research carried out by the situation, and based on the research for this direction of thought and perfect.

4.2 statistical analysis

on Mengjin County Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau and other departments of the visit, to collect relevant data, and data collected to classify, compare, using EXCEL software production line charts, bar charts were analyzed, and from state energy obtained Mengjin County, state of the environment-related conclusions.

4.3 Comparative Analysis

part in the review, using comparative analysis of some of the papers will be a variety of high and low energy impact on the environment compared conclusion; part of the proposed measures will be used in a variety of status Mengjin County energy efficiency and use patterns are compared, come to great efforts to develop new solar energy measures.

4.4 social survey

in the proposed measures, using one of the social survey questionnaire, on the utilization of energy for social surveys to explore new possibilities and use of energy range.

4.5 Pearson product-moment correlation analysis, regression analysis, model fitting using these methods to establish and verify the link between energy consumption and environmental relationship conclusions drawn article.

5 research purposes

through literature, knowledge of learning theory to understand overview of energy development, energy consumption and process energy consumption at home and abroad, and studies conducted by Li Yong aspects and results achieved, good absorption of reference methods and knowledge philosophy, combined with the knowledge and the current state of the environment and the overall trend, the corresponding results and environment-friendly energy proposals. Specific aspects can be summarized in the following sense: First, to understand the energy situation Mengjin County of Mengjin County, the problems of energy use; the second is to assess the current environmental profile Mengjin County; third of energy consumption on the environment caused by high and low impact; 4 is to identify options for achieving the \Through this series of analysis to a whole showed Mengjin County's current energy consumption and environmental conditions for the further development and implementation of Mengjin County energy policy, economic development and clean production, a number of recommendations to achieve sustainable development.

6 research process and the lack of

process of writing this article, has gone through the papers related to theoretical knowledge and excellent understanding of literature and learning, and summarizes the Assimilating the backup desirable view, the preparation of thesis ideas, outline, and environmental protection departments, departments of statistics and some enterprise access to data communication and coordination, preparation, distribution, analyzed questionnaires, field trips, writing opening report, writing essays, eight stages, the final completion of this thesis.

Although the course of the study in this paper do some necessary work and analysis, research ideas, but still immature, as the energy consumption Mengjin County monitoring data, environmental monitoring and statistical data related to incomplete, so that part of the study is not deep enough, a number of research methods is relatively limited. Would like the opportunity to learn in the future on this subject for deeper study of the socio-economic, energy, environment, contribute to the development.

7 chapter structure of the paper

1 Introduction

1.1 Background and Significance of

1.2 domestic energy consumption and environmental impact of the situation

2 Overview of energy situation Mengjin County

2.1 Overview and concepts Mengjin County

2.2 Industrial energy consumption status (through the indicator analysis)

2.3 Energy conditions of life

2.4 state motor vehicle energy consumption

2.5 Integrated energy status

2.6 analyzed

3 Mengjin County, state of the environment

3.1 1998 2008 Year Environmental Quality

3.2 analyzed

4 Mengjin County, the environmental impact of energy consumption relationship

4.1 types of relationship between the environmental impact of energy consumption analysis of Pearson product-moment correlation analysis, regression analysis

4.2 predict long-term growth trend model fitting

5 (conclusion) and causes

5.1 Problems

5.2 Analysis of the formation of

6 Strategies and practical measures proposed (contrast analysis)

7 Conclusion

8 schedule

9 References

1. Ren Biao, Li Shaoying. China's energy consumption and environmental pollution and economic development of the gray relational analysis. Statistics and Information Forum, 2007,22 (1) :46-49.

2. State Environmental Protection Administration of China State of the Environment .2005. Beijing: State Environmental Protection Administration, 2006.

3. Carmen Tanner, Sybille Welfing Kast. Promoting Sustainable Consumption: Determinants of Green Purchases by Swiss Consumers [J]. Psychology and Marketing, 2002,20 (10) :883-902.

4. Duarte R, Alcántara V. Consumption Structure and Atmospheric Pollutionin Spain: Towards a Higher Sustainability [J]. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 2003, 27 (3) :237-238.

5. Jun-Geng, Shi-Tong Xi. energy consumption structure and Shanghai atmosphere [J]. Urban Environment and Urban Ecology, 1995,8 (1) :32-34.

6. Jiaoyan Jun. energy development and economic, environmental Relations. Master thesis, Wuhan University, Wuhan: Wuhan University of Technology, 2007.

7. Wang Li, Wang Ling. energy utilization and environmental protection. Progress ,1998,2:35-38.

8. Zhengtie Min. saving energy and protecting the environment in the 21st century the world's hot spots. Tangshan Engineering College ,1994,1:66-73.

9. Liu, Jumei Ting, Shao Chaofeng, at the King Lei. China's energy consumption trends and energy saving measures. energy saving ,2008:38-42.

10. Baiquan. foreign unit GDP energy consumption history and the evolution of inspiration. China's energy, 2006:28 (12) :10-14.

11. Du Tao, CAI Jiu-ju, Cheng Jihong, Zhang Yuming. urban energy consumption and the structure of the atmospheric environment. Gold Technology, 2001,3 (4) :313-316.

12. Gao Jianhua. energy structure changes on the impact of air pollution in Lanzhou City. Gansu University of Technology master's degree thesis, Gansu: Gansu University of Technology, 2001.

13. Yuan Shun all. energy consumption and climate change and its relationship with economic research. Henan University graduate degree thesis, Henan: Henan University, 2002.

14. Wan Hong Fei, De-group, high Yaping. sustainable development, energy, environmental, economic (3E) association model. Lianyungang College of Chemical Engineering, 2000,13 (1) :50-53.

15. Guang-Jun Zhu, Liao Jianyun, Sheng-Qin Zhang. Analysis of the energy and environmental problems. Chongqing Polytechnic College, 2002,17 (4) :48-51.

16. Haidong Kan. Shanghai energy program options and air pollution health risk assessment and economic analysis. PhD thesis, Fudan University, Shanghai: Fudan University, 2003.

17. Hong-wide. Chongqing Municipal energy consumption and air pollution study. Chongqing Normal University (Natural Science), 2003,20 (1) :51-53.

18. Sun Xin. China's energy consumption depends static and dynamic development based on 30 out in cointegration analysis of comprehensive data. Statistics and Information Forum, 2009,24 (1) :87-90.

19. Taojing Xuan, Liu Chun, LU Tong Yu, Ye Xiang North. Applied Statistics. out of Metrology

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instructor ___ _______

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This web template has a beauty, cosmetics or makeup theme. It is is ready for you to add in ecommerce such as PayPal, 2Checkout or any merchant account shopping cart. There is a flash animation of a woman in her bedroom putting on lipstick while music plays in the backshore. This template comes with 33 pages. 20 pages are beauty articles to help you draw search engine traffic to your web site.

Does your store sell cosmetics and beauty products to glam women and are looking for a cool web template? If so take a peek at our new "Tabitha's Cosmetics" website template. This template is so cute and your site visitors will love the functional design. The home page has a stock illustration of a pretty young woman wearing makeup. The template is ready for you to add in your own ecommerce shopping cart. On the left of the template there are text links which can be your store product categories. We choose to use eyes, lips, (...) , cheeks, foundation, skin care, nails, and gift sets. We choose to display 4 new products on the home page You do this or add more or less...It's up to you.

Do you sell women's cosmetics and beauty products and are looking for a trendy web template that will spice up your boring website? If so take a peek at our new "Glam Beauty" website template. This template is sexy and will be unforobtaintable to your site visitors! The home page has a stunning vector illustration of a beautiful young woman wearing makeup. Behind her you can see another woman looking in a mirror and reinsolenting her makeup. The template is ready for you to add in your own ecommerce shopping cart. On the left of the template there are buttons to showcase six of your stores categories.

View more details & Buy this web template

View more details & Buy this web template

View more details & Buy this web template

Do you sell women's cosmetics and beauty products and are looking for a trendy web template that will spice up your boring website? If so take a peek at our new "All Dolled Up" website template. This template is hot and will be unforgettable to your site visitors! The home page has a stunning vector illustration of a beautiful woman wearing makeup. The template is ready for you to add in your own ecommerce shopping cart. The home page has a scrollable flash text box and allows you to feature your latest site news or beauty tips.
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