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yyq013  [22 Mars 2010 @ 01:35 PM]
st Americans wondering, "What's in it for me?"But I also know this problem is not going away. By the time I'm finished speaking tonight, more Americans will have lost their health insurance. Millions will lose it this year. Our deficit will grow. Premiums will go up. Patients will be denied the care they need. Small business owners will continue to -
yukiadmin  [28 Mars 2010 @ 10:56 PM]
well! That is a bundle of news and no mistake. You have not told me all, no indeed, not by a long way. ButNFL JerseysI do not doubt that you are doing as Gandalf would wish. There is something very big going on, that I can see, and what it is maybe I shall learn in good time, or in bad time. By root and twig, but it is a strange business: up sprout a littl -
adminroot  [30 Mars 2010 @ 01:56 PM]
Mr Edgar?'`Who can help it? Of course I do,' she answered.Then I put her through the following catechism: for a girl of twenty-two it was not injudicious.`Why do you love him, Miss Cathy?'`Nonsense, I do--that's sufficient.'`ByLaguna Beach no means; you must say why?'`Well, because he is handsome, and pleasant to be with.'`Bad!' was my commentary.`And because -
adminao  [02 Prill 2010 @ 04:49 PM]
een childhood and coming of age at thirty-three.Twelve more years passed. Each year the BagginsesGucci had given very lively combined birthday-parties at Bag End; but now it was understood that something quite exceptional was being planned for that autumn. Bilbo was going to be eleventy-one, 111, a rather curious number and a very respectable age for a -
adminjacky  [04 Prill 2010 @ 12:02 AM]
lsey, and threading a narrow passage between it and SaintGeorge's Chapel, entered the north-east door of the latter structure.Dividing, on their entrance into the chapel, into two lines, theattendants of theRed Monkey knights-companions flanked either side of the northaisle; while between them walked the alms-knights, the verger, theprebends of the college, -
adminxin  [07 Prill 2010 @ 04:04 PM]
y. Pulling out the nerves with red-hot pincers requires more coolness than knocking on the head. He was worked up to forget the fiendish prudence he boasted of, and proceeded to murderous violence. I experienced pleasure in beingJordan Fusion able to exasperate him; the sense of pleasure woke my instinct of self-preservation, so I fairly broke free; and if ever -
adminuse  [08 Prill 2010 @ 11:33 PM]
e. Thou art a proscribed felon, and thy lifeis forfeit to the king. Yield thee, dog, as my prisoner!""Thy prisoner!" echoed Fenwolf scornfully. "It would take three such asthou art to make me captive! Mabel Lyndwood, inAdidas lines your grandfather'sname, I command you to come with me, and let Nick Clamp look tohimself if he dares to hinder you.""Nick will -
jumesroot  [12 Prill 2010 @ 09:39 PM]
now goes over our heads. We must do something to save ourselves.'`Give them this,' said Gandalf, searchingNike Air Force in his pack and drawing out a leathern flask. `Just a mouthful each – for all of us. It is very precious. It is miruvor, the cordial of Imladris. Elrond gave it to me at our parting. Pass it round!'As soon as Frodo had swallowed a little of th -
yukiop  [15 Prill 2010 @ 02:59 PM]
Phebe, careful to pronounce theword rightly this time.Down went Mac's face, and remorse began to gnaw at him again ashe gave a great sigh and said doubtfully"I suppose I couldn't see her?""Of course Shmack Shoesnot at this time of night, when we want her to go tosleep!"Mac opened his mouth to say something more, when a sneezecame upon him unawares, and a loud -
aumdck  [15 Prill 2010 @ 06:55 PM]
sary to say that, when done, it was the mostremarkable chowder ever cooked, and the quantity eaten wouldhave amazed the world if the secret had been divulged. After thisexertion a siesta was considered the Bape Shoesthing, and people lay about intents or out as they pleased, the boys looking like warriorsslumbering where they fell.The elders had just settled -
yukiping  [18 Prill 2010 @ 01:01 PM]
t; about the wind, the trees, the people who had gone to the Cheniere; about the children playing croquet under the oaks, and the Farival twins, who were now performing the overture to "The Poet and the Peasant."Robert Abercrombie And Fitchtalked a good deal about himself. He was very young, and did not know any better. Mrs. Pontellier talked a little about herself -
yukiDJ  [20 Prill 2010 @ 12:23 AM]
it!" he kept saying, while Arren, trying to dominate him by a stern, threatening voice and attitude, said, NFL Jerseys"What do you want?" The man tried to get around him, to Sparrowhawk; Arren stepped in front of him again. "You are the Dyer of Lorbanery," Sparrowhawk said. Then Arren felt he had been a fool, trying to protect his companion; and he stepped as-
qq11a5  [16 Maj 2010 @ 02:09 PM]
hick trunks of the old beeches and the sunlight came through the leaves in light patches on the grass. The trees were big, and the foliage was thick but it was not gloomy. There was no undergrowth, only the smooth grass, very green and fresh, and the big gray trees well spaced as though it were a park."This is country," Bill said.The road went up -
qq7799  [17 Maj 2010 @ 04:29 AM]
Mike said. "I would have thought you'd loved being a steer, Robert.""What do you mean, Mike?""They lead such a quiet life. They never say anything and they're always hanging about so."We were embarrassed. Bill laughed. Robert Cohn was angry. Mike went on talking."I should think you'd love it. You'd never have to say a word. Come on, Robert. Do s -
gkim002  [17 Maj 2010 @ 02:23 PM]
ay that, Major Scobie, how my heart beats.’ He pulled his shirt wider, as though to show the actual movement of the heart and little streams of soda water irrigated the black bush on his chest. ‘I am too fat,’ he said.‘I would like to trust you, Yusef. Tell me the truth. Were the diamonds yours or Tallit’s?’‘I always want to speak the truth to you, -
cdef191  [18 Maj 2010 @ 11:03 AM]
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mygkim1  [18 Maj 2010 @ 11:50 PM]
nly a few weeks away. Fear would undoubtedly begin again soon. There was no sign of the police—only the grey morning, and the chickens and turkeys stirring, flopping down from the trees in which they had roosted during the night. Again the (...) crew. If they were so careful, they must know beyond the shadow of doubt that he was here. It was the e -
mybabygod  [20 Maj 2010 @ 03:19 AM]
three-quarters of an hour." "I will have some coffee ready for you—and sandwiches.""You must not bother." "Oh, we can't send you away hungry." She followed him to the door, standing a little behind him, so as not to be seen by anything or anybody in the wide empty early world. The grey light uncurled across the pastures: at the gate the -
phyllis  [25 Maj 2010 @ 04:29 AM]
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hstsqcwi  [13 Gusht 2010 @ 10:07 AM]
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17 May 2010

Season 6 Episode 20
wanrry29s  [30 Gusht 2010 @ 08:14 AM]
(...) ,它已成為日常生活的一部分,美國的意識,而美國文化, (...) (...) (...) (...) 。企業家都明白這一點, (...)

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jianbaei099  [31 Gusht 2010 @ 03:40 AM]
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  丹麦的Rasmussen和英国的Metford(William E. Metford), , 这种圆形的阴线据说可以减少枪管的残留物, 日本的99式步枪就是使用这种阴线. Mannlicher是奥天时的兵工厂, 这种阴线上宽下窄, 据说弹头比较轻易旋转, 因此出枪口的初速会比拟高而可以及远. 另外常听到的有Ballard膛线, 它是一种黑炸药时代著名的长射程步枪, (...) , 这种膛线采取宽浅的阴线, 和现代Marlin 的Micro Groove相似.

  来复线旋转的水平, 称为缠距. 假如需要愈长的间隔来实现360度的旋转, 称为慢. 较短者称为快. 例如说在12寸之内完成一圈的要比9寸内完成一圈的慢. 缠距的差异重要在于是否能使弹头稳固, 不稳定的弹头除了沿着目的线旋转, 还会翻跟斗, 发生靶纸上产生Keyhole的景象.

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  近来有人开端使用合成材质如碳纤维等, 包裹钢管, 一因由于弹头仍需在高速和高压的情形下通过枪管, 因此内部仍以各式各样的钢材最为幻想, 但是外部使用合成材质能够增长散热性, 减轻枪管的重量, 这样的枪管目前依然非常稀疏昂贵, 而且直径弘远于一般枪管. 信任未来的发展应是朝此方向, 以内外物感性质相异的资料, 经过加工合成.


  度数= arctan(Pi*直径/缠距) 直径和缠距都以英寸为单位


  以缠距1:7而言, 缠度为5.72度。

  最佳缠距的决定: 1920年代就发现的一条公式可以决定最佳的缠距, 称为Greenhill公式(Alfred G. Greenhill, 1847-1927),


  缠距=150*(弹头直径)* (弹头直径)/ (弹头长度)

  以147 grain, 1.125寸弹头的军用枪弹为例:

  12.649=150*(.308)2 /1.125 因而, 最佳的缠距应在1:12到1:13之间


  缠距=180*(弹头直径)* (弹头直径)/ (弹头长度)


  以此方式决议出的缠距和弹头配套, 可以得到最稳定的射击成果。

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Winless Bucs turn to rookie QB for help

TAMPA, Fla.2 in the coaches poll and no. -- Minutes after the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers dispersed for a four-day, bye-week break, rookie coach Raheem Morris was asked how his players were holding up under the strain of an 0-7 start.2 million agreement with the new york jets on march 14, 2010.

"We actually talked about it this morning.2009 season kenwin cummings was marked to the hardworking roster throughout the 2009 time of the year but did not take part in any games. .2008 season as the beginning cornerback for the jets in his second time of the year, (...) ,darrelle revis established himself as an all-pro cornerback after being joined for second amidst interception managers through week 15 of the 2008 nfl time of the year with five picks..2008 season in late february, the jets swapped mlb jonathan vilma to the new orleans saints, and david harris was entitled the starter at inside linebacker for the 2008 season..2009 season in early september mike devito marked a 3-year agreement elongation to stay with the new york jets through 2012. Going 0-7 didn't start yesterday.2008 on march 3, 2008, pace and the new york jets came to periods on a six-year, $42 million deal that encompasses $22 million in assured money. It didn't start at the beginning of the season when we played Dallas.2009 season clowney apprehended 14 passes for 191 yards in new york jets. It started in weight training.2008 season mike devito glimpsed considerable more playing time seeming in all 16 sport and notes not less than one undertake in 14 games. It started in OTA days.2009 nfl season sione went into the 2009 time of the year a back up defensive tackle. It started in training camp," Morris said.2009 season marquice cole made 7 undertakes all through the 2009 season.

"Everything we've done to this point is who we are.martin tevaseu height:6-2 weight:325 age:22 college:nevada-las vegas experience:r team:new york jets martin tevaseu (dt/6-1/310/nevada-las vegas/boonville, ca) was before marked as an undrafted free agency by the cleveland browns on may 17, 2010, and was issued on june 15. These guys are holding up, but we've got to do more than hold up.) with 2 tds in 2002 regardless of missing 5 sport with a knee injury. .' he has abounding of arm..(* comprises nfl combine) carolina panthers kris jenkins completed the 2002 time of the year with 60 undertakes and 7 dismisses, (...) , en path to an alternate look on the nfc's pro bowl group, where he restored an hurt warren sapp.. bo bo smith what they're saying: showing a lot of natural skill and giving effort on the field,bo smith is an aggressive cornerback with good upside. Holding up got you to 0-7.) with 23 tds while catching 13 passes for 200 backyards (15. We're here to fight through, we're here to power through, we're here to be our best selves. he subsequent tweeted it was time to wake n bake," a quotation to marijuana."

When the struggling team takes the field for its next game on Nov.3 backyard average) and 23 punts for 182 backyards (7. 8, it'll be clad in creamsicle uniforms and helmets bearing a winking pirate logo - just like the old '76 Bucs, who stumbled to an 0-14 record that stood as the standard for NFL futility until Detroit went 0-16 a year ago.29 attack guard outlook in the nation.

Sitting on an 11-game skid that's the franchise's longest since Tampa Bay dropped a league-record 26 straight during its first two seasons, it's difficult to not wonder whether the current Bucs could wind up winless, (...) , too.2010 season revis liked to renegotiate his agreement with the group as both edges had acquiesced he outperformed his at the time present (rookie) agreement next his stunning 2009 season.

Five of their seven losses have been by double-digits, the remaining schedule is difficult, and now they're turning the offense over to rookie quarterback Josh Freeman, (...) , the 17th pick in this year's draft.3 backyards per convey, as a senior.

It's been three decades since Doug Williams helped Tampa Bay leave its ugly beginning behind and reach the NFC championship game in 1979.29 20 backyard shuttle 8-foot-11 broad jump professional career 2007 nfl draft david harris was projected to proceed any location from the late-second around to the fourth around former to the 2007 nfl draft.

The ex-quarterback isn't making any bold predictions about Freeman, but he sees no reason why the Bucs can't win - and soon - with the 21-year-old leading the way.0 dismisses, (...) , two compelled fumbles, and one fumble recovery.

"We're in that position where if we find a way to win one game, you're going to win two games," said Williams, now the Bucs' director of pro personnel.3 backyards per greeting and 93.

"It's going to take the guys believing that they can get it done.”warren aggravated an ankle junction wound soon before the nfl combine, where he laboured in place drills and ran the 40-yard dash in 4. No matter's who's at running back, no matter who's at quarterback.” at the 2008 nfl combine, o'connell ran the 40-yard dash in 4. It's a matter of whether or not you believe you can win.0 1,609 7 4 professional career nfl draft following his older time of the year, mark mark brunell was chosen by the green bay packers in the 5th around of the 1993 nfl draft."

Six of the remaining nine games are against teams with winning records, (...) , including two with unbeaten NFC South rival New Orleans.2 yards-per-reception. The three against clubs that currently have losing records are on the road.2 or 3 receiver who can impact a game by moving the chains or getting deep on an opponent's nickelback.

But the schedule is the least of the team's concerns.2008 mark sanchez went into jump perform after the 2008 time of the year as the front-runner to conquer the beginning quarterback place, but faced powerful affray from arkansas-transfer and previous razorback starter mitch mustain and redshirt freshman aaron corp; mustain, like sanchez a year previous, was the peak quarterback in the territory approaching out of high school in 2006.

The defense is a shell of the unit that ranked among the best in the league for more than a decade before playing poorly during an 0-4 December that cost the Bucs a playoff spot after a 9-3 start last season.0 1,895 16 9 1992 127 219 58.

The offense has sputtered despite the offseason acquisition of tight end Kellen Winslow and running back Derrick Ward, in part because of inconsistency at quarterback - first with veteran Byron Leftwich starting, (...) , and then with second-year pro Josh Johnson.2 grading in the coaches poll and no.

Morris and general manager Mark Dominik were hoping Freeman would not have to play as a rookie.1 backyards per game (second best in conference usa) and had five 100-yard obtaining sport, which was the most in a lone time of the year at ecu. At 0-7, no one is expecting him to be a savior - at least not right away.0 undertakes for decrease, 6.

"He has to understand, there's no pressure on him right now.26 second hangtime average. We're 0-7," said Williams, (...) , who was a first-round pick in 1978 and played right away.275 million contract.

"We're 0-7.19, 2006 by david carr of the houston texans). But they gave him the keys.12, following the jets' bye on oct. They gave him the car and it hadn't even been to the car wash.1 choose on attack undertake d'brickashaw ferguson in an effort to rebuild their attack line. He's got to take it to the car wash.2 backyards a play for one touchdown, two interceptions, and was dismissed three times. It's his job to clean it up.1 rtg), eighth in the homeland in tallying protecting against (16. And he can take time.16 backyards per rec. He's got the next nine weeks to clean the tires and the rims and make it sparkle.15 seconds vertical jump = 32."

After sitting behind Leftwich and Johnson for seven weeks, Freeman thinks he's ready for the challenge.2007 season on sunday, october 28, 2007, (...) , david harris noted his first nfl start, producing 17 undertakes (10 solo) and 1 dismiss in week 8 contrary to the buffalo bills.

He made his pro debut last week, playing two series in the fourth quarter of a 35-7 loss to the Patriots in London.0 backyards per punt).

In his first practice as the starter, he and the rest of the team worked out in the throwback helmets the Bucs will wear when they resume the season next week at home against the Green Bay Packers.0 dismisses, (...) , three broken-up passes, and three compelled fumbles.

"Obviously, it's something that's very exciting to me.2010 season with the exodus of defensive end marques douglas, it appears probable mike devito will be in the blend for the beginning job. It's something that I'm not taking lightly," Freeman said of taking control of the huddle and officially becoming the face of the franchise.25 million, including a signing bonus just over $1 million.

"I come out with a different swagger, I guess, because I'm the guy who's taking the majority of the snaps, and I've got to go out and radiate that type of deal or that type of swagger, so my teammates can catch on to it.2009 season with the supplement of new faces to the jets protecting against, and the "organized chaos" coach rex ryan conveyed in, harris was anticipated to fare very well."

Williams, who won a Super Bowl with the Redskins late in his career, likes the sound of that., where he teamed with erron kinney and assisted the patrick henry patriots to the 1994 state football championship.

He thinks the Bucs have enough players around Freeman "who believe they can win and have won" to help the rookie through some of the growing pains that are inevitable with a young quarterback.2010 nfl draft considered one of the best fullbacks available in the 2010 nfl draft, john conner was selected in the fifth round (139th overall) by the new york jets.

It starts with the offensive line protecting him, and Freeman realizing he needs help to get the job done.2008 in the 2008 preseason game clowney directed all receivers with four receptions for 163 backyards and two touchdowns.

"We didn't intend to be 0-7, and I'm sure if we were 4-3 Josh would not have a chance to go to the prom in the car., the family dwelled in daleville, alabama, (...) , where tony excelled as a three-sport letterman in football, basketball, and pathway & field. They'd drop him off," Williams said., has been chosen to five pro bowls and has been an all-pro six times.

"But we're 0-7.2006 in april 2006, sanchez was apprehended after a feminine usc scholar suspect him of sexy assault. It's a perfect time for him.2007 mark brunell underwent surgery on january 8, 2007, to fix a impaired labrum in his throwing shoulder, but returned in time for teaching camp. No pressure.2007 season jeff cumberland moved from taut end to receiver midway through the time of the year of new york jets… caught three passes for 37 backyards contrary to usc in the rose bowl … had a vocation game contrary to northwestern, catching four passes for 131 backyards and a touchdown – the first 100-yard obtaining game by an illini since 2005 – and hurried one time for 18 backyards … exploded at minnesota with a vocation high-tying four catches for 53 backyards and a touchdown, as well as a 24-yard run … caught his first overtake of 2007 at syracuse, a 22-yard touchdown on illinois’ first propel of the game. It's no different from Mariano Rivera coming in the eighth inning with a six-run lead.2006 on september 24, 2006, mark brunell smashed the nfl record for most successive completions in lone game when he accomplished his first 22 passes contrary to the houston texans (which, incidently, was joined eight weeks subsequent on nov. There's no pressure.2007 nfl draft darrelle revis broadcast he would decline his older year at pittsburgh to go in the 2007 nfl draft; he was advised one of the peak 3 cornerbacks available—along with leon hall of michigan and aaron ross of texas—,and was one of the 30 to be drafted. Throw strikes.2006 season jeff cumberland earned honorable mention freshman all-america respects by the sporting news … played in all 11 sport, (...) , beginning five at taut end … finished the time of the year with 16 catches, joined for the second most on the group … led group with two receptions for 31 backyards vs. That's where he is right now.2007 david clowney was marked by the new york jets on october 3, 2007. He has to understand it and not put pressure on himself.2007 in drop perform before usc's 2007 time of the year, sanchez smashed the thumb in his throwing hand, missing the first game contrary to idaho; he returned the next week and the redshirt sophomore afresh assisted as the prime backup to older john david (...) 2009 Associated Press.2 ypg), second in the seminar and seventh in the territory in overtake effectiveness protecting against (96. All rights reserved.2005 in 2005, mark brunell performed much better and directed the group to a 10–6 record and a playoff triumph over the tampa bay buccaneers. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.2004 chauncey washington was directed academically ineligible for the 2004 time of the year and was redshirted.

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NFL NFC South: Buccaneer and Saint Predictions
by Blake Butterfield, (...) A lot of fanfare about Bush

I am still shaking my head at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ division title last season.0 backyards per punt). The fact that they did it withunproven Chris Simms throwing the ball was even more amazing.0 1,609 7 4 professional career nfl draft following his older time of the year, mark mark brunell was chosen by the green bay packers in the 5th around of the 1993 nfl draft. Make no mistake about it; this is one tough football team.0 1,895 16 9 1992 127 219 58.

They like to play hard and they never give up, just the way Coach Gruden likes his teams to be.0 dismisses, two compelled fumbles, and one fumble recovery. However, as Tampa teams are apt to be, this team lacks the offensive punch necessary to win games and their defense, while good, can’t win games alone for them like in the old days.0 undertakes for decrease, (...) , 6.

Last year, the Bucs woneleven games on their way to a home playoff loss against the Redskins.19, (...) , 2006 by david carr of the houston texans). Nine of those eleven wins came against teams that did not make the postseason and, (...) , when playing teams that did make the postseason; the Bucs were only 2-4.16 backyards per rec. This season, (...) , I see them as having nine games against what should be playoff contenders.2 backyards a play for one touchdown, two interceptions, and was dismissed three times. That does not bode well for the Bucs to repeat as division champs although it does leave some room for them to reach the posted total of eight regular season victories.2 grading in the coaches poll and no.

If they go 3-6 against the playoff teams, they’ll have to be 5-2 versus the rest of the schedule in order to push on a season total wager.' he has abounding of arm. Considering thet fact that I am not including Dallas, (...) , Atlanta and Baltimore as playoff teams when they could certainly prove me wrong, I think the Bucs have a tall order here.martin tevaseu height:6-2 weight:325 age:22 college:nevada-las vegas experience:r team:new york jets martin tevaseu (dt/6-1/310/nevada-las vegas/boonville, (...) , ca) was before marked as an undrafted free agency by the cleveland browns on may 17, 2010, and was issued on june 15. Getting to . bo bo smith what they're saying: showing a lot of natural skill and giving effort on the field,bo smith is an aggressive cornerback with good upside.500 will be a good season; winning more than half their games would surprise me…like last year! Take the under at -120. he subsequent tweeted it was time to wake n bake," a quotation to marijuana.

The scheduling Gods did the Saints no favors this season, the first after their 3-13 post-Katrina year, giving them a string of tough matches down the stretch.12, following the jets' bye on oct. It seems as though the Louisiana Superdome will be ready for the start of the 2006 season but even that won’t help the Saints.1 rtg), eighth in the homeland in tallying protecting against (16. They play five games against playoff teams from last season and many of their other games are against teams on the rise, just like New Orleans.15 seconds vertical jump = 32.

It won’t be hard to swallow the acquisition of Drew Brees taking over as quarterback from the floundering Aaron Brooks.1 choose on attack undertake d'brickashaw ferguson in an effort to rebuild their attack line. Indeed, assuming he can come back from the shoulder injury that helped convince the Chargers to drop their two-time Pro-Bowl quarterback, Brees should bring some stability and good decision making to the team.1 backyards per game (second best in conference usa) and had five 100-yard obtaining sport, which was the most in a lone time of the year at ecu.

The addition of second-overall draft pick Reggie Bush has ignited Saints fans like nothing before.” at the 2008 nfl combine, o'connell ran the 40-yard dash in 4. One can only hope that bringing in Bush and Brees is the first of the steps this team has to take in making themselves respectable once again., the family dwelled in daleville, alabama, where tony excelled as a three-sport letterman in football, basketball, and pathway & field. I just have a hard time believing that they will be more than 100% better this year than last.) with 23 tds while catching 13 passes for 200 backyards (15. That is what the bookies are asking you to buy into if you take the over on the posted total of 6.”warren aggravated an ankle junction wound soon before the nfl combine, (...) , where he laboured in place drills and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.5 regular season victories.) with 2 tds in 2002 regardless of missing 5 sport with a knee injury. It is not a lot, but I think it would be set even less if there wasn’t so much fanfare over Bush.(* comprises nfl combine) carolina panthers kris jenkins completed the 2002 time of the year with 60 undertakes and 7 dismisses, (...) , en path to an alternate look on the nfc's pro bowl group, where he restored an hurt warren sapp. The public loves a potential huge star and that love has swayed the line., where he teamed with erron kinney and assisted the patrick henry patriots to the 1994 state football championship. I’ll buy the under on the Saints’ 2006 season., has been chosen to five pro bowls and has been an all-pro six times. At +100, the price is right!

Comments? Email FaceOff@BetUS.0 dismisses, (...) , three broken-up passes, (...) , and three compelled fumbles.

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i think everyone will be your fans for you have take so good pictures. come on. keep hard, we are waiting for your updating. wait for you to bring us more shocks. thank you very much!



coolyfish  [16 Shtator 2010 @ 03:10 AM]
(A) growth fable: the growth of apple trees will never do a

an apple, and finally the results.
the first year, which end up with 10 apples, nine were taken away, they receive one. This tree was angry, then cut off, in turn, refused to grow. The next year, which end up with five apples, four were taken away, they receive one. \
However, it can do: continue to grow. For example, the second year, which end up with 100 fruit were taken away 90, that she was 10.
is possible, it is taken away 99, that she was one. But it does not matter, it can continue to grow in the third year-end 1000 fruit ... ...
fact, how much fruit is not the most important. The most important thing is the tree to grow! So apple trees grow into towering trees, those who have hindered its growth will be weak to negligible power. Really, do not worry so much about fruit, growth is the most important.

psychological Comments】 【you are not a meridian of the workers have been cutting their family?
just started work, you talented, vigorous, believing that \But the reality soon hit you a few Sap, perhaps, you make a big contribution for the unit that no one seriously; perhaps, but not only benefit by oral attention; perhaps ... ... In short, you feel like the apple tree , bear the fruit of their own to enjoy only a very small part, and falls far short of your expectations.
So you angry, you are upset, you grumble ... ... In the end, you decide not to work so hard, to do to match their own income. Over the past few years, you a self-examination and found that you now have not just work up the passion and talent.
\But the essence is that you have stopped growing.
this story everywhere around us.
reason for such mistakes, because we forget that life is a process in which a whole, we feel that they have grown too, and now is the time of the fruit. We too care about temporary gains and losses, forget the growth is the most important.
Fortunately, this is not a Jin Yong novel of cutting their meridians. We are ready to give up doing so, the road continues to grow.
Remember: If you are a working family, and met with management knowledge management or error management brutal boss or corporate culture, then, to remind ourselves about, do not because of anger and full of resentment and cutting off the meridians. No matter what, have to make an ever growing apple trees, because you always grow important than how much money each month.

(b) the motivation of fable: the children for whom play

group of children frolic in front of an old, calls groaning. Over the past few days, the elderly unbearable.
So he came out to 25 cents for each child, said to them: \happy day is still coming, (...) , as always, playfulness. Old people come out and give each child 15 cents. He explained that he had no income, only a smaller number. 15 cents also can be, boy is still excited to go.
the third day, the elderly only 5 cents for each child.
children with rage, \

【Comment】 psychological Whom you \. \
were two types of motivation: internal motivation and external motivation. According to the internal motivation to action, we are the masters of their own. If we are driven by external motivation, we will be influenced by external factors, to become its slaves.
in this fable, the old calculation is simple, he will the children of internal motivation \factors, so it manipulated the children's behavior. Fables of the elderly, like not like your boss, boss? And cents, like not like your wages, bonuses and other kinds of external rewards?
if the external evaluation as a reference frame, our emotions fluctuate easily. Because of external factors beyond our control, it is easy to deviate from our internal expectations, so we are not satisfied, let us grumble. Dissatisfaction and complaints and other negative emotions make us suffer, in order to reduce the pain, we had to reduce the internal expectations, the most common method is to reduce the work effort.
A person will form an external evaluation system, the main reason is that parents like to control him. Parents too prefer to use verbal rewards and punishments, material rewards and punishments such as control children, not to ignore the child's own motivation. Over time, the children have forgotten their original motives, (...) , what are the external evaluation of care. School, he forgot the original motivation to learn the joy of curiosity and learning; work, he has forgotten the original motivation of the work of the joy of growth, with the comments and income fluctuations into his work the largest source of pleasure and pain.
Remember: the external evaluation system is often a family history, but you can break it, from now on cultivating their own internal evaluation system, to study and work into a \

(c) Planning of fable: the piece of paper folded 51 times

Imagine your hands with a large enough white. Now, your task is to fold it 51 times. So, how high it is?
a refrigerator? Floor? Or a skyscraper? No,'s minds, and the thickness over the distance between Earth and the Sun.

【Comments】 psychological
to now, I get asked a dozen of this fable, and only two people said that this may be less than the height of an imaginary, while others think of the height of the highest is a skyscraper.
folded height of 51 such terror, (...) , but if only the 51 white stacked together?
the contrast was shocking to many people. Because there is no direction, lack of planning in life, like the 51 White simply stacked together. Take this today, tomorrow and make it that every time there is no link between efforts. Thus, even if each work is done very well, they have your whole life is nothing but a simple superposition.
, of course, life is more complicated than this fable. Some people, life finds a simple direction and firmly to do so, (...) , their lives end up someone else unattainable level. For example, a friend of my life direction is in English, he spent more than a decade to only the amount of memory words reached many hundreds of thousands, at this point to reach the average person can not match the height.
also some people, their lives and the direction is clear, for example, open the company boss, so they need a lot of skills, expertise, management skills, communication skills, decision-making skills and so on. They may start trying in a do some of this, they try to do some, um, nothing is particularly proficient, (...) , but in the end, open the company boss in this direction will be before the Nuli these seemingly scattered integration together, this is a kind of complex life, folding, rather than a simple superposition.
Remember: the power of sight more useful than the invisible forces.
now popular place to find the answer from the unseen, such as the potential development, such as school success, that our lives depend on a number of miracles to be saved. However, in my view, Dongguan Heng Yuan Counseling Center counselor Mao Zhengjiang more correctly, \avoid the fables: cat escape the shadow of tricks

\, Tom and Toby found wherever there is sunlight, they will see that they are crazy in their own shadow.
However, Tom and Toby finally have found their own solutions. Tom is always with your eyes closed. Toby's approach is to always stay in the shadows of other things.

psychological explanation of this parable, a little mental problem is how to become more psychological problems.
can say that all mental problems are related to the distortion of the facts. What facts? We mainly those suffering negative events.
because of painful experiences, we do not want to face the negative events. However, the event had such a negative event is destined to be with us on life, we can do, at worst it will be suppressed to the unconscious of them go, this is called the forgotten.
However, they remain in the subconscious will continue to play a role. And even if we have forgotten the fact that another severe, the pain associated with these facts will still attack us so that we somehow sad, and can not suppress. This pain Let us further effort to escape.
development to the end, the usual solution is to these two: either, as we like Tom kitten, completely distorting their own experience of life in all the important facts are ignored negative; or, we, like kitten care than the same, simply join their suffering to all of their things were very bad, since everything is so bad, so they are most sad that the original event is not so painful.
Baiyun Mental hospital consultant, said Li Ling, 99% of drug users had a painful experience. The reason they drugs, is to make their escape the pain. It is like hide in the shadows, the painful truth is a devil, the devil in order to avoid this, simply to sell more of the devil himself.
many alcoholic adults, they had an alcoholic and abusive dad, and put the father of a lot of torture. To forget the pain, they learn the same way. In addition to these visible
the wrong way, we humans also invented numerous types of all kinds of ways to escape suffering, Freud referred to these methods of psychological defense mechanisms. Too painful, these defense mechanisms are necessary, but worse, if the psychological defense mechanisms to distort the fact too hard, it will bring more psychological problems, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, multiple personality, or even schizophrenia.
really only one way to reach a healthy face the pain. Facing the pain would get from the pain of many surprises, they will eventually become the life of the party of wealth.
Remember: shadow and light, like all life's wealth.
one of the most important psychological law that, no matter how painful, you are the order of the day. You can only go to brave face it, solve it, beyond it, and it finally settled. If you own a temporary lack of power, you can find help, find friends and relatives to help, or seek professional help, people you trust to accompany you to go with the face of these painful things.
Rogers, (...) , American psychologist, who is the most lonely person, but when he resolved to face this fact and after he became a true master of human relations; U.S. psychologist Frank has a brutal and alcoholic stepfather and a bad mother, but he challenges the fact and finally from the heart to forgive his parents, he became an expert treatment of this issue; Japanese psychologist Morita Shoma was a severe neurological disorder, but by challenging the fact that finally invented the Morita therapy ... ... their lives the most painful facts eventually become their most important asset. You can do the same.

(5) action fable crabs, owls and bats

crabs, owls and bats to go to cram school abuse. Few years later, they all graduate and doctorate. However, the crab is still rampant, night owls are still sleeping in the daytime activities, bat still hung upside down.

psychology is even famous master of a fable, its moral is simple: action more important than knowledge.
used in mental health, this fable is also thought-provoking.
called profound knowledge of psychology. However, the more even the best of psychological knowledge does not automatically help a person become healthier. In fact, I know some people who had studied psychology for many years, one purpose of their psychology is to rule themselves, but after so many years of school, their problems remain.
reasons for this situation, a very important reason is that they do not spread the knowledge so far the only knowledge, knowledge, and not into their own life experience.
I like the psychology of a friend who was more than psychology, that is not sensitive, not suitable for Psychology. But the fact that such speculation is not correct. He is not sensitive enough, but he has a very big advantage: you know a good knowledge immediately in their own lives to do it. In this way, those distant knowledge becomes real life experience, he does not \
If we say that the quality of the high sensitivity is a genius, then go-anywhere quality talent is more important.
this fable can also derive another meaning: Do not expect too mysterious magic of psychotherapy. Always the most important force in your own body, the mysteries of knowledge, the potential development of mysterious, dazzling success of science, for example, are much less your body has the power of important. We used to go outside to find the answers to other people where to find the power, the results have forgotten the power in themselves.
Remember: other people's knowledge can not automatically save you.
if some of the punch line Lianzhu impressed you, if some text or a new creed inspired you. So, these other people's words and experience are just the beginning, more importantly, do you think you really use a good knowledge of your own life to go.
Jewish philosopher Martin? Buber's words, I always thought the most important:
to you to start. If you do not love to go in depth with a positive life, if you do not go its own way reveals the meaning of life for themselves, then for you, life will remain meaningless.

(6) to give up the fable: bees and flowers

roses withered, and the bees are still hard suck, because it previously had from the flower in the suck sweet takes. But now in this little flower, the bees suck the venom.
bees know this, because the venom bitter taste is the big difference with the previous. So angry bees, but it breath on the whole world looked up to complain about, why the taste changed? !
one day, do not know why, bee vibrating wings, fly a little higher. At this time, it found, withered roses around, everywhere is the flowers.

psychology is the fable about love, is a young language teacher of the true sentiment.
some time, she wanted to take a very painful, always wanted to talk about I hope that my knowledge of psychology to give her some help. We have some time, but soon two months later, two of the time can not happen to get together.
the last time about her, she said: \The pain of lost love is still bothering her, let her look trance, unable to enjoy the beauty of Jiuzhaigou. Inadvertently, she noticed a small flower on the honey bee is one. Which instant, lightning through her mind a camel appeared saying: \only silly, she's the bees in this saying, of course, refers to herself. That moment, she had to give up the truth out of insight. Previously, she wanted me to help her out, but in fact the long wings on her own, and she want to fly can fly.
give up is not easy to give up love in particular, painful. Because the love of our young parent-child relationship when the copy. Young children, no matter from which side, can not do without my parents. If Mom and Dad completely deny him, and that means death for him, this is the ultimate harm and fear. We have experienced more or less to be father and mother no pain and fear, so when love a copy of the parent-child relationship we once again experience the pain and fear, our emotions can easily become very bad.
However, compared to love and parent-child relationship, there is a huge difference: a child, we can not, all parents have the final say; But now, we grow up, we have the power to choose their own destiny. That is the childhood, we are a small bee without wings, but now, we have a pair of powerful wings.
However, when deeply engrossed in love, we will return to childhood, we can forget that they have a pair of flying wings. And so we ourselves realize that, the love is no longer the automatic copy parent-child relationship, our love will be free, there will give up power.
Remember: Love is two things, two completely equal, independent and human dignity thing. You can work, but not that hard, surely you will have results, because another person, you are not around.
Therefore, no matter how much you care about a love that if another person determined to leave you, please respect his choice.
And also remember, you are no longer childhood, can only let the pain of torture. You have adults, you have a pair of strong wings, you can fly out of a relationship has become poison.

(7) intimate allegory: a unique rose

Little Prince has a small planet, the planet suddenly burst open, and a blooming rose. Previously, on this planet only a few nameless flowers, the little prince had never seen such beautiful flowers, he fell in love with the rose, carefully nurtured her.
that for some time, he thought, this is a unique flower on earth, only he only planet, other places do not exist.
, however, so he came to Earth and found that only one in the garden as there are 5,000 such full flower. At this time, he knew that he only have an ordinary flower.
the beginning, this finding is very sad for the little prince. But in the end, the little prince to understand, although there are many roses in the world, but his planet tis is still unique, because that rose, he had watered, had spent her hood cover, with a screen protection over , in addition to her body of caterpillars, but also to listen to her complain a little and had boasted to listen to her silence ... ... In short, he tame her, and she tamed him, and she is his unique rose.

psychological masterpiece that is the French \
face of 5000 rose, little prince said: \But now more and more popular we empty the \
we rush to have. As if each owned more than a rose, the value of their own lives on the Duoliaoyifen. Internet Age, with several 10 Valentine's is no longer so rare thing. But I know who these emotions, no one is empty. They do not enjoy the relationship, they just enjoy the conquest.
\But once owned, they will quickly lose interest in this intimate relationship. the stronger the desire to conquer, the faster the loss. \attractive.
However, the relationship between the United States, almost two inputs is the extent and degree to be tamed. When two people are naturally going into, naturally, was tame, (...) , the relationship will become a life nourishment, so that a person's life becomes more filling and better.
However, no matter how close. The Little Prince The Little Prince is still the rose is still a rose, they are still two individuals. Rose not to travel if the little prince or little prince will travel non-roses with me, they have to stick together, relationship no longer enjoy, but will become a burden.
Remember: a both intimate and mutually independent relationship, better than 1000 relations in general. This relationship will bring us hopeless sense of isolation from the rescue, is the most important in our lives a kind of salvation.
If you have not experienced, you can not know the relationship of the United States.
pumaducati  [16 Shtator 2010 @ 04:04 AM]
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salted eggs, salted eggs

how salty pickled how to make the oil how to save Why eat rotten eggs in here you can find the answer

1. Brine pickled eggs, pickled salt dissolved in water when the first order was for the degree of saturation (that is, bitter salty brine). When salt water cooling, drying the washed eggs, (...) , one by one to put in brine and salt water into wine in a small cup, sealing altar, you can open forum about 30 days out of cooking. This method preserved salted egg, quick and easy, egg yolk over the oil, in particular, aromatic taste.

2. liquor soaked pickled eggs, dip salted eggs when the first wash to dry on the liquor-by-dip dip, then roll on the salt, into a container, about 30 days Serve. This method the easiest.

3. 5 eggs take the right amount of pepper flavor, spiced anise, garlic sub, ginger, salt, put in boiling water equivalent of 20 minutes into the porcelain jar. Then wash the egg and dip, seals altar, 40 days after the Serve. This salted duck eggs, fragrant, salty and delicious.

4. Plant ash preserved. The plant ash and into the salt, water stained shell (sold in the market are mostly preserved in this way)

5. Marinated rice soup, , cooked with rice soup or noodles that after the soup and the Yellow Road, mud or red mud, and add salt (salt content is not proportional, according to their own requirements salty, light to add), it is said that salt preserved yolk out of oil up.

other recent pressure cooker was used to pickle, can be preserved as long as 3-4 hours of good! way: First, the preparation of cold water and salt into a saturated salt solution, will not damage the fresh eggs, placed in inside the pressure cooker, pour in saturated salt solution, so that submerged eggs, (...) , eggs and salt solution, the volume occupied by no more than three-quarters of the total capacity pressure cooker. Then the pressure cooker lid bottles and rubber bands, cover the pressure cooker, the tightened. Take again the pump is connected to airway pressure cooker cover the holes on the pot into the air. Then remove the pump, high pressure valve cover, place 3-4 hours. Finally remove high-pressure valve, open the pressure cooker, remove eggs Serve. As the egg soaked in saturated salt in the air at high pressure under the action of salt solution to penetrate inside the eggs quickly, so quickly in a short period may well preserved, and preserved by the salty duck eggs are more uniform.


you mean salty pickled eggs, 10 kilograms of eggs, 2 pounds of salt , a two-pepper, , a little star anise, cinnamon, two slices of fresh ginger 1 egg wash dried in the air, to clean the, put the container, put the pot add the remaining feed water to boil let cool, add egg containers placed within the Water should never had eggs, salted 50 days you can eat.


1. the provision of the egg wash and towel dry

2. miso in Dan Pi on the touch layer, then roll a layer of salt

3. to find a clean, plastic does not leak bag, the good material coated on the inside of eggs, out of the air, fasten bags

4. the last 10 days in the refrigerator, take out, wash, Dan Pi, cooked can

characteristics: does not play like a traditional egg will foul off a long time, and the Department of submergence of the remaining oil, very fragrant

=============== ===========

If you do not want trouble, the easiest way is to wash the egg dipped in salt and then sealed with plastic bags, a half can eat eggs, my family is This change salty! You try!


pickled egg white when the release point, you can make out of egg yolk oil, flavor good.


cured salted egg is not complicated.

First of all, pickled eggs to clean skin gel on the protective film (eggs can be pre-soaked in water for one hour), washing to dry out after a good backup; to pound salt, eggs 22 ratio, endures salt water, stewed may add some pepper. Then put stewed good salt can be put into the egg wash (egg is best to install a jar salt), a month later, you can eat boiled salted egg.

brine pickled eggs pickled not level of attainment, not egg yolk oil, salt a little overboard, egg yolk and the protein on the diarrhea was not delicious. You can always check, remove and try to not look at a cooking level of attainment.

In addition, when the eggs are cheap, brine pickled eggs is a good way to save the egg.

to note is: When you re-pickled eggs when the second round, the first pass through the salt water preserved even after salt once again stewed, or pickled eggs will stink out, stewed in salt water because they do not have some impurities exist inside.


online to see other people teach, she also try . A pound of eggs as a test product.

the raw egg wash, then washed with cool white open look, there are raw water to prevent eggs.

used to brew the salt out completely melted, the water must be salty enough, or else do not salty pickled eggs, but also easy to make eggs degenerate.

water into small jars and let cool since then the eggs into them, the water must not over eggs. Close the lid.

eggs each day to turn a plane, or eggs easily smell

30 days you can eat. Marinated then, can the salty eggs cooked in the freezer, frozen on the line.

cooked salted egg porridge to eat or do could make side dishes, raw eggs can be done salty salty egg soup.


dry-cured salted egg

to clean eggs soaked with liquor, and then roll the egg on the salt in a circle, to be planted all over Huai salt, then do not leak into a plastic food bag, seal up the bag tightly enclosed A week later, salty pickled eggs will become.

easy homemade salted eggs, vegetables that many salt method. Health salted, cooked salted, pickled mud, dry-cured, salted paper salted ... ... all kinds of law, have a short length. Some salt is not good, sour smell or half shell, cooked burst when the ping-pong, or the salt may not be imported. I salted with sand, after repeated by comparing the salt effect of sand ideal. Moreover, the advantages of one sand pickled eggs less salt, and second, the protection of sand flies bite and eliminate the mold contamination. Third, prolonged not bad, say for a long time the oil egg yolk, egg white is not bad software.

sand salted egg is:

pound of eggs, a pound sand, 32 water, one or two of salt, pepper, aniseed, tea, wine, sugar, MSG free. Container of sand layer of salty egg layer, and finally to all buried in the sand, and cover prevent shrinkage. Drain cooked before eating sand come and go. Sand can be used repeatedly.
wangzhan8y  [17 Shtator 2010 @ 06:32 PM]
(...) (...)

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prelude7a4  [19 Shtator 2010 @ 11:50 AM]
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daunt7w7b  [19 Shtator 2010 @ 11:55 AM]
More in: Latest Results, (...) More in: Laanalysis News

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什么是指定交易? (...)

(1)有助于防止投资者股票被盗卖; (...)

(3)可按月按季度收到证券经营机构提供的对账服务。 (...)
什么是集合竞价?集合竞价有哪几个步骤? (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

委比是什么意思 ? (...)


证券辞典 (...) (...) (...)
  开低盘:是指开盘价比前一天收盘价低出许多。 (...) (...)
  盘软:股价缓慢下跌,称为盘软。 (...)
  回档:是指股价上升过程中,因上涨过速而暂时回跌的现象。 (...)
  最后喊出价:是指当天收盘后,卖者的要价。 (...) (...) (...) (...) 价位是0.10元;每股市价100-200元 价位是0.20元;每股市价200-300元 价位是0.30元;每股市价300-400元 价位是0.50元;每股市价400元以上 价位是1.00元; (...) (...)
  要价、报价:股票交易中卖方愿出售股票的最低价格。 (...) (...)
  票面价值:指公司最初所定股票票面值。 (...)
  蓝筹股:指资本雄厚,信誉优良的挂牌公司发行的股票。 (...) (...)
  资本化证券:根据普通股股东持股股份的比例,免费提供的新股, (...) ,亦称临时股或红利股。
  现卖:证券交易所中交易成交后,要求在当天交付证券的行为称为现卖。 (...) (...) 。 (...)
  利多:是刺激股价上涨,对多头有利的因素和消息。 (...)
  短空:变为股价短期内看跌,借来股票卖出,短时间内即补回的行为。 (...)
  补空:是空关买回以前卖出的股票的行为。 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)
  帽客:从事抢帽子行为的人,称为帽客。 (...)

什么是A股、B股、H股、N股、S股? (...) (...) (...)

什么是ST、PT股票 ? (...)

深综指与深成指的区别 (...)


  [股票指数期货] (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)
  [绩优股] 是指过去几年业绩和盈余较佳, (...)
  [投机股] (...)
  [多头] (...)
  [空头] (...)
  [牛市] (...)
  [熊市] (...)
  [牛皮市] 走势波动小,陷入盘整,成交及低。
  [买空] (...)
  [卖空] (...) 长线投资人,买进股票持有较长的时间。
  [短多] 善作短线,通常三两天有赚就卖。
  [死多] (...)
  [扎空] 卖出股票后,股价不跌反涨,称为扎空行情。
  [多翻空] 原本为多头,但见势不对卖出持股获利了结转为做空。
  [空翻多] 原本为空头,但见大势变好,买入持股转为做多。
  [套牢] 本书中的套牢实际上是指多头套牢。是指投资者买进股票后,股价下跌而卖不出去。
  [抢短线] (...)
  [利好(利多)] 凡对多头有利,刺激股价上涨的因素或信息称为利好(利多)
  [利空] 凡对空头有利,促使股价下跌的因素或信息称为利空。
  [大户] (...)
  [散户] 进行零星小额买卖的投资者,一般指小额投资者,或个人投资者。
  [死多头] (...)
  [盘整] (...) (...)
  [反弹] (...)
  [抬拉] 抬拉是用非常方法,将股价大幅度抬起。通常大户在抬拉之后便大抛出以牟取暴利。
  [打压] 打是用非常方法,将股价大幅度压低。通常大户在打压之后便大量买进以取暴利。
  [涨(跌)停板] (...)
  [黑马] 是指股价在一定时间内,上涨一倍或数倍的股票。
  [白马] 是指股价已形成慢慢涨的长升通道,还有一定的上涨空间。
  [热门股] 是指交易量大、流通性强、股价变动幅度较大的股票。
  [骗线] (...)

  [成交量] 某种证券或整个市场在一定时期内完成交易的股数。
  [技术分析] (...)
  [基本分析] (...)
  [经纪人] 执行客户命令,买卖证券、商品或其他财产,并为此收取佣金者。
  [非上市股票] 不在证券交易所注册挂牌的股票。
  [委托书] 股东委托他人(其他股东)代表自己在股东大会上行使投票权的书面证明。
  [周转率] (...) 股票除权前一日收盘价减去所含权的差价,即为除权。
  [派息] 股票前一日收盘价减去上市公司发放的股息称为派息。
  [含权] 凡是有股票有权未送配的均称含权。
  [填权] 除权后股价上升,将除权差价补回,称为填权。
  [增资] 上市公司为业务需求经常会办理增资(有偿配股)或资本公积新增资(无偿配股)。
  [配股] 公司发行新股时按股东所持股份数以持价(低于市价)分配认股。
  [坐轿子] (...)
  [抬轿子] (...) (...) ,无利可图。
  [下轿子] 坐轿客逢高获利了结算为下轿子。
  [掼压] 利用大卖出将股价打压下来,主要想压低进货。
  [拉抬] 利用大量买入将股价拉起来,主要想拉高出货。
  [长空] 指对股市远景看坏,借来股票卖出,俟股票跌落一段相当长时期以后才买回。
  [短空] 指对股市前途看跌,借来股票卖出,但于短时间内即买回
  [补空] 指空头买回以前借来卖出的股票。
  [空手] (...)
  [套牢] (...)
  [扎空头] (...)
  [扎多头] (...)
  [抢帽子] (...)
  [断头] (...) (...) (...) ,因而造成收盘时股价大幅下挫的情形。
  [空杀空] (...)
  [实多] (...) 指以自己手中持有的股票放空,股价反弹时并不需要着急补回的人。
  [浮多] (...)
  [浮空] (...) (...)
  [支撑线] 股价下跌到在某一价位附近,如有大量买进情形,使股价停止下跌甚至回升的价位。
  [盘挡] 指当天的股价变动幅度小,显得十分稳定。
  [盘坚] 指当天股价缓慢盘旋上升。
  [盘软] 指当天股价缓慢盘旋下跌。 (...)
  [跳空] (...)
  [填空] (...)
  [拔档] (...)
  [回档] 上升趋势中,因股价上涨过速而回跌,以调整价位的现象。
  [打底] (...)
  [打开] 股价由涨跌停板滑落或翻升。
  [天价] 个别股票由多头市场转为空头市场时的最高价。
  [突破] 指股价经过一段盘档时间后,产生的一种价格波动。
  [探底] 股价持续跌挫至某价位时便止跌回升,如此一次或数次。
  [头部] 股价上涨至某价位时便遇阻力而下滑。
  [挂进] 买进股票的意思。
  [挂出] 卖出股票的意思
  [关卡] (...)
  [开平盘] 指今日的开盘价与前一营业日的收盘价相同。
  [近期趋势] 20~30天为近期趋势。
  [绩优股] 指过去业绩与盈余有良好表现的股票。
  [全额交割] (...)
  [全盘尽黑] 指所有的股票均下跌,亦称“长黑”。
  [趋势] 指股价在一段期间内的变动方向。
  [抢搭车] 指股资人于股价稍微上涨时立即买进的行为。
  [做手] 指以炒作股票为业的大、中户。
  [洗盘] (...)
  [新多] 指新进场的多头投资人。
  [线仙] 指精于以路线图分析和研判大势的老手。
  [中短期趋势] 50~60天为中短期趋势。
  [中长期趋势] 80~100天为中长期趋势。
  [震盘] 指股价一天之内呈现忽高忽低之大幅度变化。
  [中户] 指投资额较大的投资人。
  [差价] (...)
  [上档] 指在市价以上的价位。
  [下档] 指在当时股价以下的价位。
  [走势牛皮] 形容股票价格变动蹒跚。
  [做头] (...)
  [业内] 证券业的以业人员。
  [溢价发行] (...)
  [折价发行] 指以低于面前的价格发行。
  [中间价发行] 即以时价和面值的中间价作为发行价格。
  [时价发行] 即以旧股票的现行市价作为新股票的发行价格。
  [股票发行] (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

开放式基金与封闭式基金的区别 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

N股,是指那些在中国大陆注册、在纽约(New (...) 如N北化、N建行、N石油等。 (...)

哪些情况属于交易异常波动需临时停牌? (...)
zhuanghong5  [30 Shtator 2010 @ 02:27 AM]
(...) (...) (...) (...) 。 (...) 。 (...)

air2365qd40  [30 Shtator 2010 @ 07:35 PM]
Welcome for s!
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(...) (...)
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A friend of ours has a dog that is like my dogs. He is section of the family. He is a very important part of everything they do. One afternoon they were taking a walk with their dog, (...) , of distance, and a car was speeding through the neighborhood and hit their dog even though he was on a leash! They were frightened and devastated. He was rushed to the hospital for emergency life saving surgery. The acts that hit them for these surgeries were unimaginable. It was worth it to them because their dog came out of the surgeries with only four broken legs and some broken ribs but everything else was intact. He was sore and bruised but he was alive and that was the amazing character. They needed some fast cash to take care of the enormous vet bill. The person that hit their beloved pet could not afford the bill and besides that they needed the cash quickly. It is good to know that there is a source online where you can not only get your loan but you can get it quickly. Things often occur on a unplanned basis and it is good to know that if it does you can handle them financially. They certainly did not plan this expense but befactor they were able to get cash quickly they could make decisions for their dog that they would not have been able to afford at the time. Everything turned out well for their dog that is now walking with only a light limp but it did remind us at how quickly things can deviate.

We had an unexpected phone call that sent us scrambling for ideas. We had forgotten my parents big anniversary that we were in charge of. Time just got away from us and we forgot. My sister called and asked us when we felt we should have the party and where! We had not planned nor budgeted for this expense so we had to find a way to get money and fast. We turned to an online source to get cash advance loans. You can get your money quickly and that is what we needed. There was literally no time to spare. We had to get the money as well as help with the party as well as buy the perfect gift! No pressure right? Fortunately we were able to get everything into place without a single hitch. It appeared to everyone that we had planned this event for a long time. Thanks to being able to get our money fast and the ability to believe under intense pressure we made everyone happy including my parents who are celebrating a earthmark anniversary. They were truly wonderd and excited that we went to so much trouble and that we remembered. When my mother asked us how did we remember I said,”How could I forget?” This is one of those times that no one really requisition to know the details only the end results.

When I was younger one of my favorite watch was a self earnding watch, I do not remember the brand but I like the fact the watch would baneful evilc07c67ddbbbc33ff0c2af1e466635 itself with have to replace a battery. This was great when I first started wearing it. Over a period of time the self winder in my eyes kind of got old very quickly. There was the issue that I would not wear the watch for several days due to not wanting to get it scratched or messed me due to it was a nice wear watch not a rough out door one. I have found what is call a Watch Winder. This is very cool gadget that are Watch boxes that has a gizmo in it that will keep your self winding watch wound for your when you were not wearing it. How cool is that, a niche that is need in the watch business has been filled like the Orbita Watch Winder, crazye from some of the finest wood and designed to last a long time. There are watch boxes designed with several Watch Winders in them for those who own several self-winding watches. One day I get another self winding watch with one stipulation in that will need a watch box with a winder in it.

It is interesting when you children grow up into teenagers and what they like to follow, study and what they do not. My two teenage daughters like of course jewelry. All kinds of jewelry, (...) , most of it of a normal variety then there is the new jewelry like eyebrow rings, tragus rings and labret they have found some of the friends in their friend circle wear. After see these, how jewelry has changed over the year. Wonder what if will be like for their kids.

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When it comes time to move the one thing that can decide if it is going to go smoothly or not is having the right tools. Having the right moving equipment such as a hand truck can make all of the deviateence. You can get all of your moving supplies online. They carry everything you need from moving blankets to an eye bolt. It does not matter how small of big the move if you need something to move it they have it.

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I have noticed that there are a lot of people that are enjoying body jewelry. Jewelry such as tragus jewelry has been worn for many years even though it may seem that it is something new people are into. Things such as nose rings have actionually been common in some cultures for quite some time. Now body jewelry can be found in many places making it easy to gain. You can even find a big selection online with plenty of choices to offer your jewelry that individual design.

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If you are someone that enjoys a nice pair of boots then you already probably know about Rocky Boots. It is so nie to find a kind of boot you like and know that you can get them whenever you want. When you shop on they have been in business for a long time and their great customer service department can help you with any questions that you may have. They have a huge inventory of all the boots we need including Rocky Western Boots, Rocky Work Boots and Rocky Oudoor Boots. The thing about boots is once you find a brand you are comfortable with you have a tendency to stick with them. That is why so many choose Rocky.

We had alsteps wanted a horse and we knew that one day we would have one. We waited until we had the right belongings to render her room to run and then of procedure we needed the right horse. When we found her we knew. We now have several horses that run our property. It is so fun and relaxing to watch them as they play. Fortunately for any gear we need such as saddles and riding boots or even horse tack we can obtain them online. They also have equestrian clothing as well as everything else related to horse equipment or horse food supplements. After all we want to keep them healthy so they continue to live like they do not have a care in the world!

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This would come under the category of ” Who Knew”? I was reading an article written by abdul rahman el assir and found that he is reporting about a finding there were traces of cocaine found in an analysis of the energy drink Red Bull. This was tested in Germany and they are now classifying the popular life drink as a narcotic. That manner to sell Red Bull in Germany you will need a special license. The drug is apparently used in the making of the drink but is suppose to be de-cocainized but it was not. Because the level of cocaine was so small the head of the Institute for Biomedical and Pjeopardizeaceutical Reasearch in Nuremberg, Bavaria does not feel there was ever a factor to ban the drink. Since it is actually no longer cocaine itself that is actually in the energy drink but a non-active degredation of the product that has no impact on the body.

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(...) ,却发明门反锁了, (...) (...) 刘诗尧 郭聪 名习生 高铭泽/报说


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  3个小时过来了, (...)

  标报讯 (...) (...)

dssda3kn  [21 Nëntor 2010 @ 07:26 PM]
一段冤曲的结束 , 是开始, ,

不愿意, (...) ,一厢情愿留下空白

有的, (...) , ,只是永恒记忆里独白的折磨


一步, (...) ,一快记忆.呈现出人性的真实面

我不会悲伤 不会彷徨 没有遗憾

KFC 别了
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On September 10, (...) , (...) , (...) , the Chongqing Municipal Party school organized a meeting of experts in literature and history, (...) , to discuss the protection of relics relating to the war which lasted from 1937 to 1945, , and they announced their investment plans after their discussion.

The planned museum will aim to protect hundreds of relics from the Anti-Japanese War found in the city.

Chongqing to invest 2.8 billion on Anti-Japanese War Museum Source: Global Times [15:11 September 13 2010] Comments

The Chongqing Municipal government is set to invest at least 2.8 billion yuan ($413 million) for the construction of an Anti-Japanese War Museum and a relative system of relic protection, (...) , , according to a report of the Chongqing Evening News on Monday.
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Vietnamese women are popular by taking care of the house and children. Even though most of them work full time on their daytime job, they always ensure that their homes are clean and organized. They save money to buy houses and for their children in the future. Some Vietnamese women in the West got married to the Native Western men and still keep the Vietnamese custom. When these ladies instruct their children, they use both the traditional custom and Western custom. Many Western men like to obtain married with these ladies befactor they want to have a long-term marriage.

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Vietnamese girls are the beauty and the color of Vietnam. With appealing face, long straight hair and extraordinary characteristics, Vietnamese women are the pride of the state. When you travel to this land, you will see ladies everywhere. Especially when you walk on the cities in the afternoon or evenings, you will see women walk on the roads. You will be attractioned to the beauty of them. Women in Vietnam are honest, straight, shy, and appealing. You will not see these beauties in other Western girls. Some of them toil outside the home and some stay home. They are popular in the housework to make sure an organized and clean home.

After 1975, there are thousands of Vietnamese girls came to the Western countries like America, (...) , Canada, Australia, Italy, and etc. They came with their parents, certainly. They became Vietnamese-American women or other Vietnamese-Western women and learned the culture there, they still keep the beautiful traditional custom. In the late 1990, (...) , there are many Vietnamese brides came to these Western nations. They all keep the traditional custom that they were trained by their parents. They work rough in their new home country. They work hard to contribute to the family.

There are thousands of local girls in Vietnam want to come to Western countries to live because of the freedom of a democracy. So, they registered their personal ads at Vietnamese dating sites. Some of them asked their relatives to hook them up and some use the onlength dating services to hook up themselves. Since we all live on this modern century, Vietnamese singles use this advantage to look for their other half on the Internet.

Vietnamese girls

Vietnamese girls are popular to the West because they are beautiful, honest and loyal. A Vietnamese wife always treats her husband in a good manner. She believes a marriage is a lifetime commitment so she does not get divorced just based on simple arguments. A Viet woman may be not physically attracted as a Western woman, but her inner beauty is extraordinary.
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