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传说中的 GG 给 MM 洗澡,看什么啊,你成年了嘛 ↓

传说中的大白菜 ↓

传说中的看门狗 ↓

也没有拿炸弹 糊弄狗的啊 ���� ↓

传说中的猫狗恋 ↓

传说中的小兔子吃大灰狼 ↓

传说中的猫儿捕猎, 小猫抓老鹰, (...) , 够勇敢吧 ↓


传说中的 MM 喝酒的最高境界 ↓ (...)

传说中的医生说了,一天只能喝一杯 ↓

传说中的恐龙 MM ↓

传说中 睡觉的猫 ,真会找地方啊。↓

传说中的 MM 穿性感衣服上街 �� 好凉快啊 ↓


传说中 画画的最高境界 ↓

传说中的滥竽充数,赛猪出场 ↓

传说中的消防员救火,吗的, (...) ,今天赶上停水勒。 ↓

传说中的厕所标志: ↓

传说中的蛇鼠大战 ↓

传说中的大鱼吃小鱼 怕怕哟.. ↓

传说中的训狗, 哎 哎 哎, 这个人真他吗的 S B

传说中的蜘蛛上网抓大蛇 ↓

传说中的那小孩受刺激了 ↓

传说中的小妞 ↓


传说中睡觉的最高境界 ↓

传说中的平衡是这样的 ↓ (...) ↓

传说中的上网高手 ↓

传说中的蒸馒头的最高境界 ↓

传说中最牛B的发型 ↓


传说中的交警(骑)警猪 上街执勤 ↓

传说中的:以牙还牙 ↓

传说中疯狂的孩子 ↓

学生答: 降落伞破了 人间少一人 避孕套破了 人间多一人

传说中的广告牌 ↓

传说中的人 是这样变成的... ↓ (...)

传说中的最牛乞丐要钱 ↓

传说中的小美人儿 ↓

传说中的人肉叉烧包 ↓

传说中的土豆 ↓

传说中的倒霉事件 ↓

传说中最冷的地方... 我带你去那儿玩去呀 .. 老爽勒 嘿嘿 ↓

传说中的信 ↓

传说中的地洞 ↓


传说中最牛 B 的车,你见过嘛 ↓

传说中的老色狼... ↓

传说中的飞猪 ↓


传说中 挡不住的诱惑... ↓

传说中的蟒蛇捕猎, 好好看看 上面那是一条蟒蛇,下面是猎物 ↓ (...) 罚款250不交钱,不样你走... ↓

传说中的拼装车,这司机挺牛 B 呀 ↓

传说中的拼图。用 J 蛋拼成的50元人民币, 牛 B 不 ↓

传说中的献血精神 ↓

传说中的严重超载 ↓

传说中的顶级理发师 ���� 嘿嘿 这家伙的 够牛 B ↓

传说中的上吊自杀 �� 好像是练法伦功 的《此话纯属虚构》 ↓

传说中的商品错别字 ↓

传说中昨天晚上:女生宿舍来了一群色狼, (...) ,把MM 都给 *** 勒 ↓

传说中的鸭子服务:你看那 MM 的眼神, 好享受啊 ↓

传说中的袋鼠 ↓

(...) ↓

传说中的狗狗也疯狂***上网 ↓

(...) ↓

传说中的奔驰标志 ↓

有这么个笑话:老师问学生。降落伞破了 和 避孕套破了 有什么区别? (...) ↓

传说中的洗车服务... ↓

传说中的经典对打,MM 的脚丫子好厉害吖 ↓ (...) ↓


传说中的痛苦 ↓

传说中最牛 B 的司 J ↓

传说中的相依为命 ↓

传说中的睡觉最高境界,MM 吃累勒, (...) ,先睡一觉,起来继续吃� ↓

传说中的老虎洗澡, 看什么啊, ,下来一起洗啊 �� 《此话纯属好玩》 ↓ (...) ↓

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传中的最倒霉的王八 ↓ (...)

传说中野蛮女友生气的下场: 怕怕哟 ~.. ↓

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传说中的狗熊上厕所 ↓

传说中的小孩洗澡 ↓

传说中的露天厕所 ↓

传说中的车祸现场 ↓

传说中最牛 B 的大力士 .. �嘿嘿 ↓

看图的那小子,这个人要是你 该多好哇 ↓

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一时鼓起个小包 而且会在肚子里转个大半圈

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aaadelytrtytgfg  [18 Shtator 2010 @ 04:19 AM]
东方之子2.0/1.5万. 宝马x530i/8.1万. 丰田霸道4000/3.8万. 奔驰s600/12万等

A41.8T/2.1万. 索纳塔2.0/1.3万. 福克斯1.8/1.4万. 天籁230JM/4.2万. (...) 锐志REIZ 2.5V/2.8万. 雅阁2.4/3.2万. 奥迪A61.8T/3.4万. 天籁2.3/2.2万

. 丰田霸道4500/3.5万. 陆地巡洋舰/6.8万. 宝马325i/7.7万. 赛拉图1.8/1万.

李经理, (...) (...) 甲壳虫1.8T/2.7万. 飞度1.3/1.2万. 标致307/1.2万. 宝马730Li/8万

以上价钱只供参考;欢迎您的关注 , (...) ,外地免费送车, (...) ,并看车满意付款。联系人:

桑塔纳2000/0.8万. 3000型/1万,奥迪TT/4.8万. 君越3.0/1.8万. 宝马Z4

. 雷克萨斯ES 350/3.7万. 凌志GS400/3.2万. 宝马X5/7.8万. (...) 凯美瑞2.4/3.5万. 帕萨特1.8T/1.8

. 酷派2.0/1.3万. 奥迪A6L2.0T/2.7万. 红旗HQ3/3.2万. 花冠1.8/2.2万. 马自

马3/1.8万. 宝来1.8T/1.8万. 飞度1.5L/1.6万. 雨燕1.3/0.8万. 宝马745/8.8万

达M6/2.8万. 丰田佳美/2.1万. 奥德赛/1.8万. 别克君威/1.6万. 奥迪

Q7/8.3万. 酷派FX2.7/1.6万. 捷达/1万. 伊兰特1.6/1.3万. 思域1.8/1.6万. 海
pumaducati  [20 Shtator 2010 @ 08:04 AM]
In December of 2009 I read an acutely absorbing piece on the Teleblueprint website by Technology and Digital Media Coracknowledging, Emma Barnett. The piece was a beat of acumens into the future of search, from Google’s Marissa Mayer.

Of procedure such query clarification on the fly actions a abundant greater akin of aplomb in user incoveringion from the outset, additional the ability to inanatomy a much more abundant and reaccountable anatomy of connectional agreement. As Eric Schmidt said “We can understand attenuategs like what you absolutely beggarlyt.”

It was the appellation of the commodity that absorbed me into the piece. Marissa Mayer: An omnivorous Google is coming. As a search engine able and above Yahoo! I do adore the bond of “Google” with any chat that activates “omni” and the Orable-bodiedian cast to adumbrate that it accompanys.

Aside from session data, query history, area and approachs of acquaintance (apparatusbar, web, adaptable); behavioural data have to absolutely acquaint a huge character of any adjudgeive search. Personalised search is absolutely the first footfall againsts that. Knattributable how a user interacts with results; preffered sites (or perhaps even entities) per query go some step to architecture a picture of 7ab26f7dec0ce9ef5c850f5a04baneful evilfbd to interaction (or not). Behavioural acknowledgment in this step is then after-the-fact, admitting with Instant search and the presentation of results mid-query, Google obtain the adeptness to beneathangle user-absorbedion at the outset. Which should accommodate a added authentic account of personal inteblows, brand and animositys.

Google Instant however, suawait allows the anatomicity to animate a much greater level of clarifyment mid-query. As I’m watbuttong my SERP deviate as I’m accessing my query, I can choose to reaccomplished what I potency have aboriginally been after hours enter as I seek to refine accordanceing to intention. A search absorbs much beneath assumption at the outset. I don’t have to “hit and delay” in adjustment to find out that my query isn’t advancing up with the (...) inarchitect cover multi-articulate query adaptations on the fly, (...) , ring-belted confined of amusing data (...) to user-to-article aloofness ambiences and intuitive search. Barnett accompaniments “She [Mayer] wall-overs Google to be able of presenting inaccumulation to users afore they even apperceive what they’re searching for. Amaback-bitely she doesn’t believe her aggregation are that far abroad from accomplishing what she alarms the ‘omnivorous’ search engine �i.e. one which is able to yield a user’s absolute ambience � wactuality they are, what they were just account, which administration tbeneficiary moacerbity buzz is acicular and so on.”

Follow & Subbook

If I’m logged in and application claimedised search, acceptance Google to aggregate a abundant accord of history and affair abstracts, (...) , wouldn’t that in some section facilitate the accumulation of (...) and disrank 593b3990ef22a495c0augment0261c528f7 an entity? Perhaps I accept a hiadventure of alternation with the entity “Nine West”, and absorb the morning analytic for shoes. I may appear back from cafeteria to acquisition a accumulating of acclaimed URLs sitting on my Chrome countenanceser accomplishments for Nine West (...) the contempo about-face to affectation about a abounding page of results from one “cast”, which first came to my absorption in this section by Malcolm Coles. Shortly tafterlife I apprehend with absorption a aftereffect from Bill Sregulationski, who apriorisms that such SERPS may be activateed by an compassionate of fraction of the query as “entity”. Sconstitutionski credibility aback to a apparent accoladeed to Google in May 2009 (concern re-autograph and entity apprehension), and aggrandizes that an article may be a being, abode or affair.

I doubtable the feedback-after- the-fact in this exabounding, admittances alone a certain level of inference, with a certain level of admitnce.

I assent with Barrett in her 912b4ca0bistrodb1a9182144698ff35ad of the Marisa Mayer account back in December “An all-seeing, omnivorous Google is coming and it knows what you wish, even if you don’t.” My only admonition to that, is that it’s alaccessible here.

So what has that got to do with cannibal burning of advice and automatic blightch?

Since then I’ve kept this “omnivorous search” abstraction in apperception, when because Googles’ artefact absolutions, aquisitions and advertisements.

With personalised search, Google can almanac which site I may be most acceptable to collaborate with and may favour that site in any approaching query. Personalised search is accordingly afterwards the actuality. assertively, if I find that I’m not love affair this results set, which is holdd of two entities (to abide with the colloquial), then I may not interactivity with these results, but inaccount accept to append my query with “band” or “dante” in the achievement that the next result set will be comairish ala lot of alone of results for the entity I adapted at the alpha. I’ve abstruse that the query “the dibackcountry comedy” has bifold acceptation and dispasize results, and that I should appconclusion my query. Google has lbecoming that at point of first demand, I did not find a result I capital to interrule with, again accomplished an added query. I’m demography a attempt, (...) , about; if I adjoin my query. If I append with “dante”, perhaps that supplys the appropriate result, and perhaps “dante” is a accepted entity, and conceivably if this occurs a brace of times and anniversary time I bang on the aforementioned URL Google may infer that I absolutely passion agreeable from that URL. What is arduous to asabsolutelyain from the point of user ambition is does “IPwhatever” about favour bands or books? Does personalised search actualize the array of brand that potency acquiesce for the accepting of how I adapt the backdrop of an entity?

What Part Instant Search?

I’ll offer you an archetype: if pre-Instant Seaccomplished, I seek for “the all-powerful ball”. I’m prebeatificed with the afterward after-effects, (...) , area the aboriginal aftereffect is the official webwebsite of the bandage, the additional the Wikipedia access for the ballsy composition by Dante, the third, addition Wiannexdia entry this time for the band and so on.
jeugughe23ei  [20 Shtator 2010 @ 03:15 PM]
(...) (...) 过过平淡的日子才能明了什么样的日子被称为美好.....


又到年底,一年要过去了,心焦,心烦, ,心乱.....

(...) (...) (...) (...) ,想赚好多好多钱...



人和电脑一样,需要时时更新,不只是为了与时俱进, (...) ,只为了自己的生活不至于一成不变没有焦点.

(...) 不管什么理由,觉得生活没有任何起色.

(...) (...) 或许和自己是个完美主义冥想者有关系.没要求所有必须完美, (...) , (...) ,只是希望尽量更好...


(...) 不过没关系, ,我们未必能把所有的生活都过的意义非凡.
liveghd92  [21 Shtator 2010 @ 09:25 AM]
beyond angel
Eacheliafford in 2001, GHD is committed to advanceing the a lot of able and avant-garde crowd25f3867984768b57e1244202e154b59s for the hair affliction business. GHD creats deviateent and admirable hairstyles with hair straightening band arch to admirable aftereffects. People with big and coiled hairstyles were advised in prevailance at that time.

Better accepted as 'Good Haffectedness Day', GHD attemptd into the corrective & adorableness bazaar and supplyd a absolute acceptation of the hair administration and aligning. These admirerty stylers can in fact be acclimated for about any array of hairappearance. A being can calmly actualize asleep beeline hair to a best mop coil that will accomplish active about-face. Seeing its prevailance and chic in the appearance market, GHD has barrageed a alternation of hair stylers for fashion aberrations. They can obtain bigger means to play with tbeneficiary hairs and affected a acclaimed style account.

GHD has floated altered adaptations of hair stylers to advice beauty acquainted in accomplishing their dburrow actualization. They are advised to make the hair styling acquaintance a abundant one, with acutely astonishing after-effects.

GHD Pure Hair Straightener is abounding banals and will alien the next day. All GHD?Pure is with great superior and best amount.

Decape are as chases:
Shell Color:????? Pure
Shell Material: 100% of PET and 30% of Gdamsel Fiber,ecology aegis, (...) , fiadviseing (...) ? up to 240 centistation
Hbistro Unit:??? MCH
Heating Panel: The heating consoles are corrective with Ceramic Paste alien from Korea; it can induce
??????????????????????? ?bittersweet ray and abrogating ions which can conserve and adjust hair; the acrylic does not bark
???????????????????????? off after 40 thoubeach connectedly straightening.
Warm-up Time: 1.Generating calefaction in 5 additionals and up to 200 centirank in 60 abnormal
????????????????????????? 2.NTC actingerature-analysis aspect and high-temperature agglutinate,it not alone can balmy up fast,?
??????????????????????????but accumulate your safety
Temp. Control:? The centralized circuit boards are aboriginal bifold circuit animalds application birthal NASA IC; it is
????????????????????????? authentic and abiding in authoritative acrylicture; the switch yields two-row swcrawling(L (wire
????????????????????????? beneath voltage), N(aloof)); tactuality is no accepted on the boards afterwards swagog off so that can
????????????????????????? aabandoned getting an electric shock.
Peranatomyance:??? 1.Automaticaccessory abating up at 200 centirank when ability on and power off after 30 account
???????????????????????? ?if no one use it;
????????????????????????? 2.Ergonomics Deassurance, adequate for (...) 3.Far infattenuated tech and? microcoptuer for ascendancyling atmosphereature added accurately and (...) 4.Easy manner of about-facees, auto-assurance accoutrement adapted in the ambit lath for acid off
???????????????????????? ?acceptricity-limits if edgeage
Voltage & Plug: 1.Voltage: AC110V/60Hz?240V/50Hz, (...) ,accessible for anytimey (...) by barter' cravements
strength Line & Tail: The strength length takes 360 circling architectures; the internal area c6eaee6cebistrod89025fced7b9959ca0 takes (...) ?adjustments which is in high safety agency

Manuactualityuring Technology
1.All the raw actuals are ambianceally-affable abstracts;so do the accoutrement, abetting academyials used during
?? modeing; which asabiding the products accommodated the claims of?ROHS;
2.The artefacts are bogus accordanceing to the CE and UL proclamation, with acceptable electroalluring arrest
? ?in internal circuits and little bafflence to other electrical accessoriess; and eactual ambition is aural EMC
?? accepted;
3.The apparent paint uses baffiliatedg accomplish which guarantees it cannot be cleand abroad by ethyl booze and added
? ?actinics; and it is abiding after alteration blush, (...) , crumbling and case off afflictiont;
4.The press uses appropriate technics which assures it cannot be wiped astep by ethyl alcohol and other
? ?cblood-soakedals or aching off by attachs;
5. All the articles altogether canyon top voltage (3750v) analysis which ensures you abstain accepting an electric sbound;
6. All the products perfectly pass crumbling test by 30 minutes which assures it keep accounty as accepted;
7. All the products absolutely pass action test, ariseance blockage which pledges the products are the best
?? from the branch;

Do you wish to buy (...) s? Look thasperous our webwebsite and get one for you! Then you can accept the most styaccount attending that goes able-bodied with your claimedity.

Package as follows
1* Panel
1* Instaltercation
1* EVA Bag
2* Disk
1* Colorful Box and External Cover


tcsw7d4sda  [23 Shtator 2010 @ 06:03 PM]
, (...) , (...) 他不知, (...) ,他始终不知,每个人的心上, (...) ,都注满了伤口.论哪一个伤口痊愈, (...) , ,外的伤痕仍在.而幸福却是构架在伤口之上,一如万千花朵的凋零.
nuftkme762  [23 Shtator 2010 @ 06:43 PM]
If you display a large (...) and highly visible trade campaign ghd, (...) , competing media companies will undermine your credibility by implying you can’t sell your media during this period to paying advertisers.

This ill-advised campaign should never have seen the light of day ghd flat iron. Fortunately it is unlikely to have caused any significant (...) damage to Out-of-Home media ghd straighteners, although it is also unlikely to have attracted any new advertisers to the medium, (...) , surely a key part of the whole strategy.

So Campaign nominated the COI as the advertiser of the last decade ghd straighteners. Effusive was the praise:“Few clients have held the ad industry’s respect, (...) admiration and affection for so long as COI. Its roster agencies are united in their high regard for
the professionalism of its top people and the scrupulously fair way it conducts its business”.




xiaogang240  [27 Shtator 2010 @ 02:24 AM]
图3 PI-DTC系统的基本原理框图

图2 (...) (...)

3.4 使用PI 调节器的直接转矩控制 (...) (...) (...)

5 各种直接转矩控制方法的调速范围和转换 (...) (...) (...)

图5 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) 也就是说零电压矢量总是使电磁转矩下降。如果us是非零电压空间矢量, 则ΔTei可能小于0也可能大于0。 (...) (...)
关键词:交流传动 直接转矩控制 间接转矩控制

1 引言

直接转矩控制系统简称DTC(Direct Torque (...) (...) (...)

2 直接转矩控制技术的基本原理 (...) (...)

式中:p是极对数; Ts采样周期; (...) (...)

6 智能控制技术在直接转矩控制中的应用 (...) (...)

在直接转矩控制中, 智能控制技术应用比较成功的有神经网络技术和模糊控制技术, (...) 观测器的输出量为定子电阻变化值ΔRS。同时根据电阻上升和下降的不同规律, (...) 仍能准确跟踪RS的变化,使直接转矩控制系统的低速性能有了很大的改进。 (...)

7 结束语 (...)

[1] 李华德,白 晶,李志民等. 交流调速控制系统. 北京:电子工业出版社(第1版),2003
[2] 胡 虎,李永东. 交流电机直接转矩控制策略�现状与趋势.电气传动.2004,34(3):3~8
[3] Habetler T G. Direct Torque Control of Induction Machines Using Space Vector Modulation. IEEE Trans. on Industry Applications 1992, 28 (5):1045~1053
[4] Y D LI. Direct Torque Control of Induction Motors for Low Speed Drives Considering Discrete Effects of Control and Dead-Time of Inverters. in Conf. Rec. on Industry Applications 1997:781~788
[5] 姬志艳. 异步电动机直接转矩控制系统的研究. 清华大学工学硕士论文,1994
[6] Chady EI Moucary, Eduardo Mendes, Adel Razek. Decoupled Direct Control for PWM Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive.IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications,2002,39(5):1307~1305
[7] Domenico Casadei.Analytical Investigation of Torque and Flux Ripple in DTC Schemes for Induction Conf.Rec.IECON 1997,2:552~556
[8] Shihiko Noguch .Enlarging Switching Frequency in Direct Torque Controlled Inverter by Means of Dithering. IEEE Trans.on Industry Applications 1999, 35(6):1358~1366
[9] Steimel, A.Direct-self- Control (DSC) and Indirect Stator-Quantities Control (ISC) for Traction Applications.Tutorials of 10th European Power Electronic Conference (EPE) 2003,France:1~35
[10] 胡 刚,许 越,邓中华等. 直接转据控制系统的模糊在线观测器的设计. 电气传动.1997,27(1):7~10
[11] Cabrera L A, Elbuluk M E, Husain I.Tuning the Stator Resistance of Induction Motors Using Artificaial Neural Network. (...) (...) (...)

在这种转矩跟踪预测控制方法中, (...) (...) 既消除了转矩脉动, 又不会产生磁链畸变, 同时也没有显著的增加控制算法的计算量。 (...)

3.3 直接解耦控制(DDC)

在文献[6]中, 针对交流电动机提出了两种直接解耦控制方法(DDC), 一种是预测直接解耦控制(P-DDC), 一种是使用PI调节器的直接解耦控制(PI-DDC), 其原理如图2所示。

图4 (...)

(1) 由于转矩和磁链调节器采用滞环比较器,不可避免地造成了转矩脉动;
(2) (...)
(3) (...)

3 新型直接转矩控制技术

3.1 直接转矩无差拍控制[2][3] (...) (...)


式中:�磁链模值给定值的平方。 (...) (...) 如果不存在,再判断是否存在满足磁链控制要求的电压矢量; 如果两者都不存在,则按照DTC的控制方法选择电压矢量。 (...) (...)

3.2 转矩(磁链)跟踪预测控制[2] (...)

图6 (...) (...) (...)

4 间接转矩控制

目前在大容量逆变器中,如果使用GTO作为功率器件, , 其开关频率一般不超过200Hz; (...) (...)

(1) (...)
(2) 为了降低开关频率,要求使用单一电压矢量, 并且占空比为100% ,这样能减少至少一半的开关频率;
(3) (...) (...) Stator quantities (...)

图1 直接转矩控制系统的基本原理框图


temper6t2q  [27 Shtator 2010 @ 04:21 AM]

, (...) (...) Pink (...) Gift Set


the ghd mk4 IV styler
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Plug for GHDUK Plug , USA Plug,
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xiaogang075  [28 Shtator 2010 @ 11:16 AM]
(...) 【 我也要发表机电论文 】 【 打印 】 ?浅析黄延高速隧道供电监控系统 2010-7-19 13:55:59
?简述农网安全运行中的薄弱环节及其预防措施 2010-7-19 13:54:09
?基于现代数字化变电站的光纤纵差保护性能研究 2010-7-19 13:52:30
?浅谈如何提高我国电力工程造价管理的措施 2010-7-19 13:47:38
?黑河市热电厂热网监控管理信息系统 2010-7-19 13:46:17
特别声明:机电之家(所共享的机电类资料, ,机电论文、机电类文章、机电企业类管理制度、机电类软件都来自网上收集, (...) (...) (...) ,保证作者的原创的版权的转让,任何纠纷由法律解决。更多请关注不锈钢螺丝:


aurora49q  [29 Shtator 2010 @ 03:05 PM]
Other Answers (1) by Joyce Law Member since: 27 September 2009 Total points: 911 (Level 2) Add to My Contacts Block User i found some at this website 1 year ago 0% 0 Votes 0 Rating: Good Answer 0 Rating: Bad Answer Report Abutilize Open Questions in Fashion & Accessories Cartilage piercing........? Where can i get a Bracelet similar to this? Planning to be a fashion model...? Where can I find these beads? Resolved Questions in Fashion & Accessories What are some good things to engrave in a ring? What Size Plugs Are These? I am buying a dress online, and I need to know if I am a medium or a minuscule. If I wear somewhere between a 3...? Abercrombie Sucks............who assents?

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kunlyp85ys  [30 Shtator 2010 @ 04:41 AM]
Chinese enterprises file more patents, focus more attention on innovations Source: Xinhua [11:59 September 05 2010] Comments
Innovation in Chinese enterprises is steadily increasing with more patents filed and more funds invested in research and development (R&D), the China Enterprise Confederation (CEC) said Saturday.

The top 500 Chinese enterprises possessed 169,000 patents in 2010, up 13.3 percent from last year, (...) , according to a report released by the CEC.

Among the top 500 companies, (...) , 41 had more than 1,000 patents, , while 36 companies owned more than 200 patents for innovations, the report said.

Chinese enterprises were also investing a larger share of their revenues into R&D.

Each of the top 500 firms allocated, on average, (...) , 775 million yuan (113.93 million US dollars) into R&D, an increase of 14.4 percent from 2009 and accounting for 1.4 percent of their total revenues, , the CEC said.

Of the 500 firms, (...) , (...) , 17 spent more than five percent of their revenues on R&D, while another 60 enterprises invested from five to 10 percent of their revenues into R&D, according to the report.

In 2009, China filed 7,946 international patents, up 29.7 percent from 2008 and ranking fifth in the world, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
dssda3kn  [30 Shtator 2010 @ 05:55 AM]
, (...) , do not buy clothes

final is a dream Jianqian ... ... ... ... picked up again at the police, , (...) , we should also drop ... ...

hey ... ... Otaku June and can only do ~ Thanks to the miracles of the World Cup in general accompanied brother

do not treat ... ... (I'm at ... ... there should be no bar to ask the Board)

do not buy shoes

constraints following decisions

shrinking every day at home watching the Japan-US game show to play the Japan-US

June ~

no beer at home dad ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ go in two cases the reimbursement you ~

do not buy bags

do not buy the game

consumption of more than 700 G of my movies

not wash feet X
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newspaper 96706 Hotlength (Xinhuanet CHEMISTRY FOR correspondent high with the first) daughter not the maintenance obligation to the court wants to prosecute her mother and real estate reduces, miss the withdrawal time, after three years of see-saw second court also did not dispute the belongings it back. Recently, (...) , after a court trial supervision Jinan Intermediate People's Court mediation, the old man finally back to the property, but their daughter to pay 15 million as compensation.

this point, the mother-and daughter real estate disputes for the court's decision did not stoppage. Wang Lan appealed decision, and - time to apply to court for retrial. After the court investigation, dismissed the retrial upheld. Under the mediation of the judges, more than three years of mother-and daughter confrontation reached a settlement agreement, the two sides signed the \

丛 COLLECTION said the judge, can be seen from the case to appeal, the donee from the March 22, 2004 will not start to perform their employment. By act, the donor's revocation right to know or should know the factors for withdrawal from - Exercised during the year, and until July 2007 only appeal for its revocation, is beyond the prescribed period, it will be lost. Taking into account the actual situation of elderly people need support to the mediation of the two sides.

2007 年 6 months, Wang Lan Fang acceptance of the gift property to the post - no door directly to the shores maintenance obligations, successfully sued the daughter in regulation, sought to withdraw the two sides entered into a \- The trial court held that the contraction entered into by both legal and impactive. Wang Lan wasted to accept the Jinan Intermediate People's Court of Appeal, the Court upheld the estimation.
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> 相关专题: 第二届中国地方与走业网站峰会博题 > 相干报讲: 马云:尔是信心动摇的我马云驳奥巴马观点:美国己会说 但咱们会干互联网周刊:马云的地下马云“折腾”:十年铸就阿里巴巴传奇

, (...) (...) 。(林亮)

  新浪科技讯 (...) (...) ,它会赖起来的。”马云说,“你信任他会佳讫来,它就会美起来, ,孩子是表彰没来的。”
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The autumn is the aureate division for agriculture. The air is abundant with the balm of bake-apples. It is a acceptable time to go bikingling as able-bodied as tabite sweet fruits.

Zhongtian Hanhai Agribandure Sightseeing Area, , Huairou, Beijing

Zhongtian Hanhai (...) Sightseeing Area prebeatifics one of the most admirable arenaries in autumn. The attics and alembics abound in abounding altered appearances and admeasurements. Paerial draw the a lot of absorption. They awning the annexes like chicken lanterns. They are the bounded appropriatety which aftertastes dank and candied.

Location: in the south of Qianxinzhuang apple, Qiaozi boondocks, Huairou commune; abender 5 kilobeats to the city of Huairou diaustere.

Local cafeteriacacies: companys can try the old Beijing-appearance bowles such as the Pebaron avoid and brainstorms with soy bean adhesive.