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Beijing 2007 opening of the high-end business focus, the relative digestive capacity from the market perspective, Beijing may be a commercial market for luxury goods stage, the structural capacity . Shin Kong together world-renowned luxury brand portfolio in the Shin Kong before opening, the status of International Trade in Beijing seemed untouchable. With the emergence of Shin Kong, then to bring with it new impact, the old myth was broken. now , CTS has become the CBD following the World Trade Center, the Festival brings together international brands and multinational corporations to regional . Shin Kong Place shopping mall is the retail giant from Taiwan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and Beijing Hualian Group to 750000000 yuan investment in the CBD shopping district built the top shopping malls, (...) , luxurious lineup of 90 international top brands, 938 global brands. including the 10 top brand flagship stores, 24 counters set up the first time in China's well-known brand shops, 42 new concept stores internationally famous, 53 counters set up Beijing for the first time the brand stores . Shin Kong a total area of 173,000 square meters. PRADA, CHANEL, GUCCI, S. FREEAGAMO, HUGOBOSS, COACH settings are on the Shin Kong flagship store, the flagship store will be the first to achieve both goods "zero-day\about 1500 square meters, Central Plaza, Hong Kong store even more significant. and there DUNHILL, BV, ANNA SUI and so a new concept store home internationally famous, and for the first time in China and Beijing more than 70 counters set up well-known brand. This shows that the Peking Man addition of the N types of luxury options, perhaps accidentally, and you can row a first: the first to wear these brands were ! reporters in a Saturday to a long-admired Shin Kong Place, feeling called "Shin Kong" It is true, where money can make you bare! layer are more international brands, people do not want to even enter into, in the hundreds of million purse, it can not be bought Shin Kong reporters from . four hours, there are basically three and a half hour soak in the basement. a lot of things very concept store to attract young people, but the price is not very friendly, like, 20 pages The A4 folder supermarkets sell up to 10 yuan, where it sold 48! Shin Kong supermarkets are mostly imported goods, and things are very informative. a lot of other supermarkets not easy to find things, such as limited edition Coke, Lotte Aloe juice, mineral water in Italy and so on can be found here . two, three brands of basic commodity prices are also about 1,000 yuan, did not take the People First line of luxury business, but the Shin Kong Place left me very deep impression. and then add that shopping centers frequented by big names, looks like more than Lufthansa, Trade . Financial Street Shopping Center West Beijing the highest grade commercial Over the years, Beijing's shopping centers are the highest grade in the east, formerly Dorset, Lufthansa and the International Trade Mart, was the Oriental Plaza and just opened in April this year, Shin Kong thunder very fresh. However, on September 16, this after nearly five years of deliberation, four times the market's twists and turns to postpone a luxury high-end fashion Financial Street Shopping Center only revealed truth to become Beijing's most luxurious high-end shopping West center by the Financial Street's . wholly owned company, and with reference to New York, Fifth Avenue, the Avenue des Champs International Shoppes old design, the overall volume of 89 thousand square meters of Financial Street Shopping Center, the world's top brands Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Ferragamo will focus on setting up shop here, while more than 300 international brands debut, Asia chief fashion Shoppes Lane Crawford (Crawford) are also located here . ; reporter chose an ordinary weekday afternoon field trips, from Fuxingmen subway station 15 minutes walk north, you can see in the Financial Street office surrounded by groups in the Finance Street Central Square, external walls are Louis Vuitton and other international painting brand advertising account. Financial Street Shopping Center within the space very open, transparent dome with great natural light .3.9 million square meters of business area, high-end department store occupied the southern half of LaneCrawford The space was opened early in October . count the basement, a total of five layers, layers of back Taiwan, , like Hong Kong, Pacific Place, (...) , the visual permeability. reporter on the scene saw a layer is International Quality Street, LV most prominent position at the door, feeling the shop area ratio of LV store in Hong Kong Harbour City to be large; GUCCI flagship store on the outside have very eye-catching signs, very "big" momentum. 16:00 is still more work hours, but there are many consumers shopping linger in all the top brand stores.'s a layer of the Gucci store as a reference, 10 minutes, at least two or three Name consumers stay. Although the comparison with the south of Parkson, played a relatively big difference, but for a luxury goods store business, the more normal.'s left is the working hours, shopping mall has risen markedly up . Financial Street Shopping Center in the main the world's leading luxury fashion brands at the same time, lead 入阿迪达斯, Nike and other sports brands, and Jack Jones in the end of the brand. Although the positioning is very clear, but the overall body of nearly 40,000 square meters of shopping can not all be top fashion brands . WTO-day order leveraging the increasingly popular ZARA now white-collar workers in Beijing to the WTO-day order, three things must be done. One is to see Spain's No. 1 clothing brand ZARA; is to eat a leopard; last one is of course known as the Atrium in Asia. accompanied by ZARA's presence, the WTO-day class in Beijing claim to be a fame fastest commercial projects, ZARA is the first Spanish brand apparel, the world's third-largest clothing retailer. Now some good brands in Hong Kong and Europe are the first select into Shanghai to Beijing again, ZARA is the case. ZARA store sub-WTO days, two-stage area of 1700 square meters.'s less shopping in a circle, played significantly higher than other stores. store shopping environment very well, just too too large, so goods are too scattered. Although the international famous brand ZARA flagship store to help out, but the cluster effect is not yet clear . addition to ZARA, there are many fashion brands settled here, for example, Adidas flagship store in the world more than 20 direct sales stores have settled in fashion here; Japan, one of Japan's most senior members of Congress opened restaurant is also where this is the most high-end Japanese cuisine restaurant for the first time into the China; there is Beijing's first foreign language bookstore opened by foreigners, although the WTO days, order now . popular shopping centers and facilities did not reach their maturity level, it has opened hundreds of world-class brand shops and shopping environment for well-decorated, have already shown world-class business street clues . WTO days, (...) , order a Macau Restaurant, Hong Kong style cafes, restaurants in India, Southeast Asia and Italian cuisine restaurant ... ... This is the most famous of leopard international food exchange, but the per capita consumption level of 200 yuan, only for most people to occasionally play sumptuous meal in the evening to read . have a canopy indeed very shocking, Square Centre, known to be "all in Beijing, to the point of view," the 250 meters electronic Atrium really deserved reputation. WTO-day class is divided into north and south, electronic canopy across from, then connect the two separate buildings, " ; days of order "from this ... ... It is business marketing director, DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Chi Bing Nie introduced WTO-day order to create a new mode of business in Beijing - and a half main store support mode. WTO-day order and not to cooperate with the department store model of joint venture, but rather solicitation by the agency and business consultancy agency, bringing the public a lot of quality brand in Europe and Hong Kong to form a unique main store by a number of semi-supported business mode . Trade Mall of the oldest luxury business China World Hotel, the best five-star hotels in Beijing, International Trade Office is the whole The most famous Beijing Grade A office, as its associated five-star China World Shopping Mall of course, but also in the same grade on. the grade of the core is not 40 million U.S. dollars in the decoration and reconstruction costs, not the modern olive shape and skating rink, but see what you have chosen the world's top famous famous .40, 60 clothing brand stores, 200 stores a combination of fashion, form the International Trade Mart in the lineup . year, the China International Trade Centre Co. disclosed, China World Shopping Mall Shopping Mall rents as high as 54.81 U.S. dollars on average / square meter / month, but still basically at the saturation, the average occupancy rate of 98.69 %. Trade Mall opened in August 1990, the introduction of the brand store in Beijing in the first mode of operation of retail business, the total building area of 60000 square meters, business area of 30,000 m2 the year 1999, Louis Vuitton has opened in the China World Shopping Mall Beijing after the Palace Hotel, following the second leather goods store, became the first settled in international trade luxury brands. After a few years, the number of luxury China World Shopping Mall turned a few times . May 2000 debut of the new International Trade Mart, is based on the original World Trade Shopping Centre 40 million U.S. dollars into reconstruction and extension formed. It is understood that Trade Mall transformed to accommodate a total of 185 brand stores, including LV, GUCCI, CARTIER, etc. more than 40 international frontline brands most concentrated in the rent expensive boutique district level mall, discount store in the Mei Kaien said a sales staff, "300,000 yuan on water in the world famous shops and business are not considered outstanding, as international trade in LV about 3 million yuan on water With about ." Trade RMB third phase will start, World Trade Center 10 years ago, from property construction group, has become the center of international trade business district, and then become Beijing's Central Business District CBD core, ITC has established a leading position. Although there is Shin Kong Place, a luxury business eyeing Financial Street Shopping Center, etc., but many people only recognize a luxury purchase, "International Trade" This gold standard. Xidan Joy City Xidan shopping district of the "noble " in the Xidan shopping district, see the excellent business opportunities, not just the United States and the United States department store company, in COFCO to build the Joy out of huge sums of money, but also paying attention to the high-end business. The total construction area of 205,000 square meters, of which commercial area of 100,000 square meters. the original owner of the project for the MCC side. According to informed sources, Joy had experienced three "regime change\product positioning also will "fade" into the upscale shopping center, will introduce more than 300 first-line and second-tier international brands . COFCO said, according to the world, has the longest span The Flying escalator, the country's largest cinema and the largest dining area and large supermarket cosmetics MALL - Joy has settled in the Xidan commercial street. Joy has come investment, is expected to test this Christmas business, officially opened in January next year. It is reported that so far, ZARA, Bestseller, cosmetics, Sephora and other 20 main supermarkets, brand and Joy signed a settled agreement. eventually there will be more than 300 brand positioning Joy, more than 30 of them settled down in Beijing for the first time the brand. It is understood that many of them well-known global brands . flying all over the world's longest escalator span from the floor directly to six, with a total length of more than 50 m; The project also has Asia's largest curtain wall, the largest digital cinema, Xidan shopping district of the largest food and beverage area and Beijing's largest supermarket cosmetics. which alone accounted for the digital cinema more than 10,000 square meters, cinema up to 13 months, dining area also accounted for 20 thousand square meters. make up a shopping district within the catering, entertainment and commercial facilities such as lack of comprehensive . Beijing Lufthansa Center to high price of goods fame In 1992, the Lufthansa Shopping Mall for completion in a wheat field, full of sky-high price of goods shelves quickly open circle in the rich reputation, has a well-known shopping district, and therefore the formation of Lufthansa. in the eyes of many people, Beijing Lufthansa Friendship Shopping City itself as a luxury, so that in general consumers are also a popular saying: "Think about the lives of the rich world, went Yan Sa mall to see ." Beijing Lufthansa Friendship Shopping City in 1993 to implement joint venture is approved by the State Council, China opened its first joint venture retail enterprises. It is precisely because of its vitality than Many state-owned department store was much stronger. Yansha Mall shop floor area of 40,000 square meters, business area of 22,000 square meters, and around the famous Kempinski, Kunlun, Great Wall and other five-star hotel together to form Jingdong area The high consumption in the occupied Lufthansa business circle . Mart imports 30% share of the international brands abound, the French cosmetics, Swiss watches, household items in Japan, the U.S. office series. has entered the top 10 luxury brands Lufthansa, were Cartier, Ermenegildo Zegna, WMF, Giaenchy, Lancel, Canali, Pal Zileri, Montegiappa, Trussardi Jeans and so on. and operates one hundred thousand kinds, 400,000 color specifications high-quality merchandise, almost all domestic well-known trademark boutique in place . Lufthansa Lufthansa is always a high-level department store of the forms appear in recent years, with the adjustment of business strategy, increasingly more and more international luxury brands to enter the Beijing Lufthansa Shopping Mall. only in the luxury goods business blossom everywhere today, the current Lufthansa, (...) , were the first mall itself has long overshadowed the . Scitech Shopping Center started the luxury goods business precedent in 1990, is a luxury the first year to enter the Beijing market. This years Trade Mall opened in August, four months later, Dorset Shopping Center opened. Strictly speaking, Dorset now has not really place the so-called luxury consumption, but the introduction of the brand store in Beijing in the first mode of operation in the retail business, and became known to Beijing to provide high quality goods and services the modernization of the main shopping areas. It should be said, the significance of Dorset, is that it made business from scratch in Beijing the first step to accelerate the awakening of people's business sense . Scitech Shopping Center Opened in the early days, the price of its shelves, the rain-delayed 1992 Beijingers surprise: the United Kingdom 155,000 yuan Rolex watches, (...) , Montblanc pens in Germany price of 7,900 yuan each, Guangdong Chaozhou Embroidery embroidery cloth 1 million yuan of the whole ! This decade later, maybe nothing, but in the past, many consumers visit Dorset One of the driving force behind the numbers to see what astronomy is Gesha look . can change more than that number, in Dorset, before even the Chinese people from Beijing, where enjoyed shopping environment, with a smile. But 10 years later, many services have already seen in the capital's major shopping centers. ; 10 years, with luxurious high-end shopping malls that have come out, Dorset has long been the monopoly of the north gate to break . Dorset, after winning the Olympic bid may have been modified a new look, but today's Dorset have been gradually fading out the "luxury consumption" of sight. faced with international retail giants of soldiers arrives in Beijing's retail business and the public concern is probably the most Happy Valley enclosure, the price already is no longer a bone of contention . Oriental Plaza grade was increasingly Li Ka Shing Shopping Centre, Oriental Plaza development, an area of more than 12 million square meters, is one of Asia's largest shopping mall, and now has become well-known brand in Beijing, "flags" Location is the Wangfujing consumer favorites. As a large comprehensive Shopping Mall, Oriental Plaza, after 2005, the men and women clothing, jewelry, watches, dining and entertainment facilities, a new situation emerged . Oriental Plaza has been upgraded to the second district of Beijing's luxury provides a new field, the world's largest Omi eggplant flagship store, flagship store Cerruti 1881, Testoni flagship store and Trussardi, Miss Sixty, Costumeuomo, Tommy Hilfiger, Gieves & Hawkes, etc. more than 40 brands have opened flagship stores in the region. In addition, beauty / personal care products Shisheido, SK Ⅱ, the country's first flagship store in H2O; jewelry industry, Asia's largest diamond, "Hanson Diamond Palace"; car showrooms, including Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Audi, VW Gallery, etc.; there than in Asia outside Japan, the first hands-on science and technology exhibition, "Discussion Sony Dream ". UG Grand Hyatt and the establishment of a world-class level jewelry and watches Zone - "Do time respect and Crafts Museum\groups working in the Jinling who, and other parts of Beijing high-end consumers with a unique style of leading brands and high-end catering hall . brands have opened flagship store, which means the international top features for the mainstream fashion brands Oriental Plaza Second District, will become the capital of another high concentration of fashion trends. It is reported that these stores will be sync with the international fashion, every year in Paris, Milan's high fashion will also appear in the new Beijing's Oriental Plaza shopping store . to people who are basically white-collar workers, earlier Oriental Plaza in accordance with its positioning and investment, the brand is not limited presence of the line, in which second-tier brands and sub-line Lord. But now the East Plaza brand positioning has increased a lot, Omega, Cerruti, Testoni so many reporters found his brand of reality than five years ago raised more than one or two grades. the United States and the United States Department Store first "Changing Faces" luxury business bring the Xidan commercial street, people will head there soon crowded, jostling throng The scene, indeed, many young people love to visit Xidan, where both the Friends of Grand Pacific and other perennial discount shopping promotions, (...) , more Pearl, Warwick and other leading fashion apparel, but most consumers have This shared, there are no upscale shopping centers, none of the elegant environment, service-class mall, Xidan shopping seems that people in a crowded used to lower the price of Amoy fashionable items. Xidan shopping district, as conventional, or to attract the most foreign consumers and young consumers . the city before 2006, 6, Gucci, SalvatoreFerragamo, JCVersace other brands are mostly settled in the International Trade line, Palace Hotel, Lufthansa and other eastern commercial, the "monopoly "pattern until the capital is located in the Xidan Department Store, Times Square, the United States and the United States opened in the United States and the United States was challenged . Xidan Department Store is the first high-end boutiques. After the" Times Square, Xidan, "" LUX mall \very tough layer and layer 2 .1 mainly engaged in the international forefront of fashion brands, as well as shoes, bags and watches accessories. shop you can see the brand Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Versace, Cerruti 1881, Canali, Paul & Shark, Trussardi, Diesel, Sping Field high-end department stores such as . heavy domestic brands, the phenomenon of light services available from many luxury shopping malls are supporting the marketing position. has a "noble Stores" ; known as the United States and the United States department store, opened two years ago, said the line through the introduction of a large number of international brands, will extend services to VIP guests personalized services as a major feature of . Today, however, had quite exciting the United States and the United States department store membership progress be?'s survey found that membership cards are not all the stores in the mall can use, only 50% of a layer of two-story part of the brand and the brand can achieve genuine concessions from 9 to 9.5 fold. and had occasional promotional fashion show organized by the Member Sharon, Member consultants initiatives are still not materialized. the original members of the provisions of free parking has become consumer 100 an hour to enjoy Free parking . Parkson store renaissance Financial Street with enough treasure Beijing Fuxingmen Parkson is a total by the China Arts and Crafts Company and Malaysia's Lion Group, Parkson its members of the Golden Lion Investment Limited, a joint venture of the department store. West Beijing's high-end consumer for many years been dominated by Parkson 1, Parkson Revival stores the total area of five thousand business square meters. rough walk around, Parkson now has a Giorgio Armani, Cartiet, Dior, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Z. Bigatti and other international top brands . this account in Beijing Financial Street to just 1 square kilometer, is currently the fastest growing core area. After many years of development, Financial Street gathered to finance, (...) , telecommunications, electricity, insurance, consulting and other industries, including our country's top financial regulator line 3 will be the three major state-owned commercial bank head office, the two central clearing house, the Central Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation and the Central Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, and Goldman Sachs, Morgan, UBS, Citibank, HSBC and a number of world famous financial institutions. Therefore, the Financial Street has shown a significant economic characteristics based . economic core area in the headquarters of Parkson Shopping Center, not only leveraging the market based economy has made a good effect, but also for the surrounding financial environment provides a good supporting services. such a high-end crowd, must determine the level of business. from the first half of 2005, Parkson will focus on introducing international products, as at present there are seven international top brands settled. a Financial Street, the two high-end shopping malls, Financial Street shopping center will open the "stone's throw away" and affect the operation of Parkson do? according to site practice, international climax brand in Beijing will open three to four stores, it has been settled in these seven brands Parkson will not be settled while Financial Street Shopping Center . Indeed, Parkson has always been the face of high-end department stores show, whether into or from shopping for brand value, are not enough grade on the luxury business. But Wong is sitting on the Financial Street, the Financial Street has long occupied a unique high-end business name first, select 100 Sheng, do not know can not be a luxury brand a quite upset.
zjohn90  [27 Gusht 2010 @ 07:03 AM]
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In an interview with Atlantafalcons.we offer cheap nfl jerseys for baltimore ravens,all the jerseys designed as the authentic, Dimitroff stated, "We're all engrossed in the various preparations for free agency, the Scouting Combine, and the 2009 NFL Draft with the goal of improving our football can find #5 (...) satisfied. NFL rosters never stay the same from one year to the next, so we're busy doing our due diligence as far as evaluating our own players and evaluating the collegiate players who will be available to us in the draft.we also offer considerate service."

Dimitroff is getting an early start, already adding to the total 32 teams. He signed CB Ronnie Prude, (...) , S Marcus Paschal, (...) , DT Thomas Johnson, CB Tony Tiller, and OT Will Svitek, and talk is circulating that Michael Koenen will be franchised.each union includes four quarters, each cell has four teams. All this before the Scouting Combine and free agent period have is divided into two major areas: american football conference,afc,and national football conference,nfc.

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Michael Vick is still on the Falcons roster, though he is serving time in a federal penitentiary for his involvement in a dog fight operation.they are the only nfl team to play their home games within new york state. The team is eager to move on from the stigma he left during the 2007 season, (...) , but trading him may be a bigger problem than expected.the buffalo bills are a professional american football team based in the metropolitan area of buffalo, (...) ,new york.

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Led by Tuvalu, the Small Island States staged a walkout from yesterday’s plenary session, enfuryd at the refusal of China, India and Saudi Arabia to accept a proposal for a stronger climate change deal.

Tuvalu, like many of the Small Island States, has its highest point at 4.5 metres above sea level and is at extreme risk from revolution sea levels. The walkout demonstsizes increasing nexus that delegates in Copenhagen are not doing enough to adwear climate change.

On 17th October, (...) , Pdweller Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives highlighted this risk, convening a cabinet meeting with his 11 ministers 4 metres below sea level. Such a stunt underlines the plight facing this and many other low-lying countries around the world if sea levels continue to rise.

Between 500 and 600 million people – nearly 10% of the world’s population – are at risk of being displaced by climate deviate. In Bangladesh alone, 17% of land is at risk from climate change. Experts predict that 90 million people – equivalent to the population of Germany – will become climate refugees, losing their homes and livelihoods in the mode, unless something is done now.

But this is not a developing country trouble. Take the Netherearths, for example. Approximately 27% of the land is below sea level. Any further increase will put more land, people and livelihoods at risk. Where do we draw the length?

Today heads of government meet in Brussels at the European Council to discuss a short-term climate finance package designed to kick-start advance towards a new climate deal. But this is being treated by the Europeans as an chance to fix their figures, as the vast majority of funds are expected to come from existing aid budobtains.

In order to be seen as a true leader in the climate change talks, (...) , the EU requisition to put new money on the table and avoid plundering existing aid budgets. This money has already been committed to helping the world’s poor; people who are not responsible for climate change.
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Im hopeful that hell be there, Holmgren said Thursday at a news conference attended by Hall of Famers Paul Warfield and Joe DeLamielleure. Jim Brown is synonymous with the Cleveland Browns. Its going to be a great celebration for all of us and the 16 families, and I trust hell be part of that. Hes going to holler back at me.Speaking to WSKO, a sports radio station in Syracuse, N.Y., Brown wouldnt say if would attend the ceremony or not.Im a very sensitive person. I do like to be respected, he said. Im very loyal. I like it to be a two-way street.dont really need to comment on where I go, why I go, why I dont go, , he added.Brown served as an executive advisor to owner Randy Lerner for several years. When Holmgren took over, he revamped Clevelands front office. Brown was one of the casualties.That happens when you have someone come in and they are changing things, Holmgren said. New people come in, , people go, their responsibilities change, and that was what happened with Jim. Its important to understand with Jim that his role, what I would like him to do, the importance of Jim Brown to the Cleveland Browns and this community, none of that stuff is different, and he knows that. I told him that.

When he coached in Green Bay, Mike Holmgren would point to the names ringing the upper-deck facade at Lambeau Field.Ray Nitschke. Vince Lombardi. Bart Starr. Paul Hornung. Those Packers set the standard.I could say, Look up at those names. Know who they are. Study them, Browns president Mike Holmgren said Thursday. For the young players coming into the league, theres no better example than the men who are going to be in our ring of honor.The Browns, with a history rivaling any NFL franchise, will unveil a ring of honor with the names of their great players during a halftime ceremony Sept. 19. Theyre hoping the greatest one of all shows upMarseille president Jean-Claude Dassier has confirmed they have agreed a deal with Newcastle for Ben Arfa with the winger due to fly in for talks this weekend..Jim Brown, stripped of his senior advisor title by Holmgren, hasnt committed to attending the event. Brown is one of 16 Hall of Famers whose names will be permanently displayed on the facing of the stadiums upper deck an honor Holmgren believes is long overdue.Following a report that Brown intended to skip the ceremony, Holmgren said he called the legendary running back and that the two had a great conversation.

His responsibilities prior to me coming on board have changed a little bit. Would I like Jim Brown to come in and talk to our rookies? Absolutely. Do I want him as part of this day? Absolutely. Listen, the glass is half full. I think everyone is going to be there.Among the other Browns legends to be honored in the initial ring of honor class are coach Paul Brown, quarterback Otto Graham and kicker/tackle Lou Groza.Im overwhelmed, said Warfield, previously enshrined in the Miami Dolphins ring of honor. This organization has the richest and proudest history. Theres something special about the Cleveland Browns.When he took over, Holmgren said he was stunned to learn the Browns didnt have a ring of honor, a tradition shared by almost half of the leagues teams. (...) Holmgren said part of the reason he came to Cleveland was because of the teams storied past.Holmgren said the Browns havent yet established criteria for induction into the ring of honor. He said starting with the teams Hall of Famers was an easy call. The Browns also are planning a seaso
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(...) celebrates moments after scoring the gold-medal winning goal at the 2010 Winter Olympics over the United States.After completing his rookie season with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Crosby competed in the 2006 World (...) Championships as an alternate captain for Team Canada. Tallying a tournament-best 8 goals and 8 assists in 9 games, he became the youngest player ever to win a World Championship (...) scoring title.Despite his performance, Canada failed to medal, being shutout by Finland 50 in the bronze medal game. Crosby was named the tournament's top forward and to the competition's all-star team. (...)

After having been left off the Olympic team in 2006, Crosby was named to Team Canada on December 30, 2009, as an alternate captain for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.He scored the game-winning shootout goal for Canada in the second game of the preliminary round against Switzerland. After going pointless in the quarter- and semi-final against Russia and Slovakia, respectively, (...) Crosby scored the gold medal winning goal in overtime against the United States.

After the gold medal game, (...) it was announced that Crosby's stick and glove were missing. It was suspected that they might have been taken by someone else. Reebok Canada had offered a reward of CAD$10,000 for their returnno questions asked.On March 10, , the items were found; Crosby's stick had been placed in a shipment bound for the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame in St. Petersburg, Russia (the shipment was intercepted in Toronto) and his glove was found in a hockey bag belonging to Patrice Bergeron whose (...) stall was beside Crosby's in the locker room for the 2010 Olympics.

Following the Penguins' second-round elimination in the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs, (...) (...) (...) Crosby declined an invitation to join Team Canada midway through the 2010 IIHF World Championship in Germany.
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India aims to double trade with China in 4 years Source: Xinhua [08:22 August 19 2010] Comments
The Indian government is striving to double bilateral trade with China, its largest trading partner, within four years, Subas Pani, secretary in the planning commission and chairman of the India Trade Promotion Organization, said here Wednesday.

"It's an ambitious goal. But it's possible with the rapidly growing momentum," Pani told Xinhua in an exclusive interview.

Bilateral trade between India and China has seen a drastic jump over the last decade. From a modest $3 billion at the turn of the century, , annual trade reached $42 billion in 2008-09, India's Minister of State for Commerce and Industries, (...) , Jyotiraditya Scindia, said.

"Trade between India and China is set to reach new heights by the end of this financial year," he added.

India-China bilateral trade reached $32 billion in the first half of 2010. Overall trade in 2010 is expected to exceed $60 billion.

"Ten years ago, if I told someone that China would be India's largest trading partner with a bilateral trade of $60 billion, he would have said 'You must be smoking something illegal' , ," said Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, Indian ambassador to China.

Also, Chinese authorities have encouraged Chinese companies to expand cooperation with Indian businesses, Jaishanker said, declining to provide more details.

"I'm confident that soon there will be policy initiatives to ease the entry for more Indian IT and pharmaceutical companies in Chinese markets," Scindia said.

India also hopes for a lowering of tariffs in China for the import of Indian manufactured equipment and agricultural products, (...) , he added.

Scindia called for complementary business cooperation between India and China. "The two countries can profit tremendously from each other's strengths."

The strength of Chinese companies in equipment manufacturing will play a significant role in India's quest to upgrade its infrastructure. On the other hand, China can draw significantly from India's expertise and professional acumen in finance, education and healthcare, he said.

"I firmly believe that strong bilateral trade relations between India and China will go a long way in stabilizing India-China relations," Scindia said.

However, Chinese businessmen still need more information on Indian business opportunities, Jaishankar noted.

When China first opened up in the late 1970s, , (...) , India was a closed economy. As a result, Indian companies, brands and goods are less known in China, he said. "We came late, (...) , so we have to work extra hard to make up for the time we lost."

The embassy has been encouraging Indian companies to step up their marketing efforts in China and hold forums to boost communication and cooperation between the two countries' entrepreneurs.

He said India-China trade has the potential to expand by many times. "But to achieve that, we need closer interaction between the two peoples and better understanding of how each other's system works."
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Written by Sarah - Binghamton University 35 Comments

3) Visine can help obvious up your eyes… and your blemishes!
Red eyes after a long night studying? Visine’s always great to have on hand… And as a bonus, applying a small amount to blemishes will abate redness almost instantly! Talk about double employment.

8) Run a fabric-softener sheet along your hair to obtain rid of the smell of a night out.
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But with these quick and easy beauty secrets, you’re pledged to look beautiful and fregulationless all the time! Read on for all the info.

7) Put your perfume or fragrance on your wrists when you’ll be meeting people and shaking hands.
By putting fragrance on your wrists as well as behind your ears, it ensures that the recipient of your handshake or the lucky person who’s kissing your cheek will smell your delicious scent!

Posted on on May 25, 2010 / Filed Under: Beauty & Hair / Tags: Beauty, beauty secrets, beauty tips, beauty tricks, DIY, Featured, How To, secrets, Tips

6) Forget buying cream eyeshadow… Make your own!
By using a wet brush instead of a dry one on powdered eye shade, you instantly create a creamier, brighter shadow to apply to your lids. This trick is so simple, yet so impactive!

1) Bronzer and baby powder are a great way to disguise oily hair.
This trick is one of my favorites, since I am unfortunately one of those girls who loves to play with her hair, and therefore, add more oil to it than it would have on its own. If you’re a brunette, carry around a bronzer compact. If you’re a blonde, carry around a mini baby powder. They’ll temporarily hide your not-so-insolently-washed locks! (You potency also want to try one of our favorite dry shampoos.)

10) Water is a girl’s best friend!
No matter how many beauty tips and tricks you read in your lifetime, the most important is this: it’s important to drink as much water as possible each and every day. It keeps your skin looking healthy, will make you feel healthy and hydsized, and your skin and hair feeling supple! It truly is a girl’s best friend.

10 (Affordable) Beauty Secrets Every Girl Should Know

As college girls, we’re always looking for tips and tricks that are affordable and time-saving. Between classes, extra curricular actionivities and our social lives, it’s rough to find the time to always primp and prep ourselves to look fabulous, and things can fall out of place from time to time, especially during a day that seems to last forever.

What do you believe?

4) Flyaways can be tamed by most moisturizers!
If you have any stray flyastep hairs, take a small, dime-sized amount of moisturizer, rub between your hands, (...) , and run over those stray pieces of hair! The weight of the moisturizer will hold them down, while giving your hands a quick dose of moisture!
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larger image

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\telecommunications companies, the backbone of the field of information technology, China Unicom in the \full advantage of WCDMA high-speed multimedia network bandwidth and strong business support capabilities, combined with system integration advantages, the whole business advantages, integration of upstream and downstream industry chain of software, hardware, service providers, developed a mobile office, things, e-commerce a package of three categories, \hundred Year Award \growing interest of Chinese and foreign well-known and active participation of economists, is the most authoritative research in China Securities, one of the most influential awards, known as China's listed companies on the \Currently, China Unicom hundred listed companies in China established a government, (...) , finance, automobile, transportation logistics, aviation, electricity, energy, health and medical information into eight major breakthrough in the advancement of the industry strategy, is full service information technology in all walks of life , power to run the whole society to help improve the quality and efficiency.

3G car: Let fun and smart and the car has been accompanied by

, China Unicom hundred listed companies in China are concerned about the development of automobile industry, information technology, focus on automobile manufacturers to provide comprehensive information services, and enhance the competitiveness of car manufacturers, as well as car users to provide better information services.

Currently, the auto market after a long and fierce competition, only through the intelligent vehicle configuration has been difficult to form homogeneous competitive advantage. pure navigation features have been unable to meet people's needs and achieve-vehicle information terminal from the navigation device to the intelligent communications device is a trend across. Compared with the pure navigation, telematics services system is essentially different. telematics system has two important components of a data center, and the other is the call center can be achieved, including road inquiry, remote unlock, remote vehicle diagnostics, stolen vehicle location, air bag open alarm , crash alarm, road rescue vehicle, including intelligent communications services. As a vehicle information system into the content of human services, with the platform to continue to improve and expand its services will be more comprehensive. now, \; has become a bargaining chip automobile manufacturers to increase their services.

hundred listed companies in China, China Unicom and car makers to build vehicle information service system has a very large functions, from office to entertainment, let the car's second office for consumers and home entertainment space. For example, the Roewe 350 3G the new car, the owner can use the vehicle information in real time vehicle information retrieval system, stock trading, real-time traffic navigation, electronic road book and community interaction, and other functions, to the owners with to a new driving experience. In order to better serve the automotive manufacturers and car users, China Unicom, established in terms of vehicle intelligent three-step strategy: The first step is to vehicle information, and allow customers to listen to the radio in the car, see CD, can be achieved through the network daemon download, book read out using speech synthesis technology; second step is to vehicle intelligence, fault diagnosis, the problems the car running in the pool, such as speed information, oil information, the data transfer to an intelligent platform compared with the standard conditions, if the state of exception is triggered messages to remind drivers; The third step is the remote control, such as remote car lock car doors, car theft auto off oil. telligent public transport: make car dvd player city flowing

in China's coastal, many cities are faced with thcar dvd player problem, rapid development of urban economy, urban population is rising sharply. but has not been improved urban road traffic environment more complex. These factors determine the quality of traffic travel informaticar dvd player services become necessary. intelligent transportation system as the only way to sustainable development, municipal transport. Early in the 20th century, many coastal cities began to draw on the experience of large cities at home and abroad, to proceed with the construction of Urban Intelligent Transportation System. from the traffic control center Street traffic signal intelligence system to the traffic police GPS system, TV monitoring system from the loop to the driver information integrated management system, these measures enable the establishment of municipal traffic engineering prototype of the basic framework and.

2009 onwards, some of the city's municipal bus departments began to use intelligent transportation system in China Unicom, the bus intelligent d patching center transformation. transformation after the dispatch center, installed in the bus-car GPS, wireless communications equipment installed, to focus car dvd player road transportation for the dispatching of vehicles . By Car GPS GPS terminal positioning, Unicom intelligent transportation system of coordinates car dvd player be positioned within the terminal is stored in the car, and then combined with the China Unicom SIM card communication module, the location coordinate information and other data sent through the network of China Unicom's WCDMA to the background, and then through the use of GIS (digital map) technology, will coordinate accurate feedback in the control interface; while in the bus terminal car video capture, video data will be transmitted through the WCDMA network to the monitoring center when emergency occurs, control Centre to real-time processing and scheduling.

installed GPS vehicle repair rescue trucks are able to achieve focus on rescue, relief to improve the efficiency of the vehicle repair. The system features include: a request processing, handling scheduling, vehicle graphics control, work order processing and data synchronization. Meanwhile, China Unicom intelligent transportation system is Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, an important part of maintaining high service levels of its strong protecticar dvd player. Unicom intelligent transportation system fully consider the operation of large urban public transport needs of the advanced, the use of the network, communications, control, computer, information processing and car dvd playertelligent transportation systems technology to provide efficient, reliable and practical operation and dcar dvd playerpatching systems and automotive electronics systems, intelligent systems, site services, the progressive realization of the BRT's \\passengers a clear understanding of optimal travel routes, vehicle arrival time and ocar dvd playerr information, to provide the best travel services to passengers.

mobile phone to check: Check the most efficient way to

in Coastal, many cities are facing such problems, the rapid development of urban economy, urban population is rising sharply. The city roads has not been improved, more complex traffic environment. These factors determine the quality of transport travel information services become necessary. intelligent transportation system into a sustainable municipal transport route to development. Early in the 20th century, many coastal cities began to draw on the experience of large cities at home and abroad, to proceed with the construction of Urban Intelligent Transportation System. from the traffic control center, street traffic signals intelligence system to the traffic police GPS system, from the Circle TV monitoring system to the driver information integrated management system, these measures make the municipal traffic engineering framework and established the basic shape.

2009 onwards, some of the city's municipal public transport sector to introduce intelligent transportation system in China Unicom, the bus intelligent dispatching the transformation of the command center. transformation after the dispatch command center, installed in the bus-car GPS, wireless communication devices are installed, public transportation vehicles for carrying out key sections of the Command and Control. by car GPS terminal Jinxing GPS, intelligent transportation system Unicom After positioning coordinates car dvd player be stored in the car terminal, and then combined with the China Unicom SIM card communication module, the location coordinate information and other data sent through China Unicom's WCDMA network into the background, and then through the use of GIS (digital map) technology, will coordinate accurate feedback control interface; while in the bus terminal car video capture, video data will be transmitted through the WCDMA network to the monitoring center when an emergency occurs, the monitoring center to real-time processing and scheduling.

installed a car GPS repair rescue trucks are able to achieve focus on rescue, relief to improve the efficiency of the vehicle repair. The system features include: a request processing, handling scheduling, vehicle graphics control, work order processing, data synchronization. Meanwhile, China Unicom is also a fast intelligent transportation system Transit (BRT) system, an important part of maintaining high service levels of its strong protection. Unicom intelligent transportation system fully consider the operation of large urban public transport needs of the advanced, the use of networking, communications, control, computer, information processing and intelligent transportation system technology to provide efficient, reliable and practical operation and dispatching systems and automotive electronics systems, site services such as intelligent systems, and gradually realized the BRT's \up and down, safe and comfortable, the function of human services play.

addition, hundred of Chinese listed companies China Unicom to provide intelligent transportation system features an electronic stops allow passengers a clear understanding of the optimal travel route, vehicle arrival time and other information, to provide the best travel services to passengers.

Smart Grid: rational allocation of power in China's coastal

dispatchers, many cities are faced with this problem, the rapid development of urban economy, urban population increased dramatically. The city roads has not been improved, more complex traffic environment. These factors determine the quality of transport travel information services become necessary. intelligent transportation system as the only way to sustainable development, municipal transport. Early in the 20th century, many coastal cities large cities began to experience home and abroad, to proceed with the construction of Urban Intelligent Transportation System. from traffic command center, street traffic signals intelligence system to the traffic police GPS system, TV monitoring system from the loop to the driver information integrated management system, these initiatives make Traffic Engineering Services to establish a basic framework and prototype.

2009 onwards, (...) , some of the city's municipal public transport sector to introduce intelligent transportation system in China Unicom, the bus intelligent dispatching center transformation. transformation after the dispatch center, in Transit car equipped with a vehicle-mounted GPS, wireless communications equipment installed, to focus on road transportation for the dispatching of vehicles. Car GPS terminal by GPS, intelligent transportation system Unicom able to locate the coordinates stored in the vehicle after the terminal, and then combine China Unicom SIM card with a communication module, the location coordinate information and other data sent through China Unicom's WCDMA network into the background, and then through the use of GIS (digital map) technology, will coordinate accurate feedback in the control interface; while in transit vehicle video capture terminal, the video data transmitted through the WCDMA network to the monitoring center when an emergency occurs, the monitoring center to real-time processing and scheduling.

GPS installed in the rescue vehicle repair trucks are able to achieve focus on relief, improved the efficiency of the rescue vehicle repair. The system features include: a request processing, handling scheduling, vehicle graphics control, work order processing, data synchronization. Meanwhile, China Unicom intelligent transportation system is Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, an important part of maintaining its high service level of effective protection. Unicom intelligent transportation system fully consider the operation of large urban public transport needs of the advanced, the use of networking, communications, control, computer, information processing and intelligent transportation systems technology to provide efficient, reliable and practical operation and dispatching systems and automotive electronics system, site services such as intelligent systems, and gradually realized the BRT's \br> In addition, China Unicom to provide intelligent transportation system features an electronic stops allow passengers a clear understanding of the optimal travel route, vehicle arrival time and other information, to provide the best travel services to passengers.

gas monitoring: the patron saint of miners, energy security

production is of great concern to governments at all levels of an important issue. China Unicom, one of the dominant operator, give full play to the network, services, business leadership, at all levels throughout the United Coal Safety Supervision Bureau, will Dial-up China Unicom's mobile virtual private network-based (wireless VPDN) system, \solution.

VPDN system based on China Unicom's wireless \The main production to focus on workplace monitoring. Because relying on high-speed, stable, safe and confidential WCDMA wireless data transmission network, the system can monitor information related to safe, accurate and rapid detection of transmission to the monitoring center terminal on the control center staff to ensure can see through the computer screen once every minute real-time data, the first time to grasp the abnormal changes of mine. If underground gas concentration or abnormal levels of alarm monitoring center will be the same time, the system will immediately technical and safety supervision department of the leadership of the coal mobile phone alarm messages, to ensure timely eliminate hidden dangers.

In addition, China Unicom hundred listed companies in China to actively cooperate with the Chinese petrochemical companies, for production scheduling solution to provide comprehensive information programs to improve their production efficiency and management capacity.

Mobile Banking: zero wait go to the bank for the financial services business

time, we often encounter the trouble line. Now, the use of mobile banking, all via cell phone you can easily pay water, electricity, gas, telephone and other expenses, you can also transfer and trading of the Fund.

recent years, China Unicom and depth banks to launch a mobile banking service. Users car dvd player make use of mobile phones for all kinds of banking business, meet the user \transmission, high-speed, secure the account inquiries, business processing, transaction processing, online banking. 2G times the data transmission capacity constraints mobile phone, mobile banking has not yet achieved a breakthrough. WCDMA mature technology and high-speed stability, security, network will drive the mobile banking business into the stage of rapid development.

mobile banking not only allows people at any time, any place dealing with a variety of financial services and banking services has greatly enriched the content, so that banks car dvd player facilitate, high efficiency and a more secure way to provide traditicar dvd playeral and innovative services, while the mobile terminal of the unique personal charactercar dvd playertics, making following the ATM, Internet, POS, after a powerful car dvd playerl for car dvd player banking business, becoming online banking, telephone banking after another kinds of users of financial services to facilitate banking service mode. It extended the service hours of the bank, but also allow consumers to enjoy more convenient fcar dvd playerancial services.

addition to mobile banking, China Unicom is also active in various financial enterprises with a comprehensive information technology services. Shanghai Futures Limited mainland with Beijing, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Fuzhou, and other more than ten business departments. With the popularity of mobile phone use, the mainland futures developed the \products, available through mobile phone, PDA and other investment services to enjoy one-stop professional futures. With the April 16 official listing of stock index futures, the mainland futures hope Unicom WCDMA high-speed network and its high-end iPhone customers more professional improve the investment advisory services and investment in value-added services of the distinguished. the two sides through consultations, China Unicom Shanghai mainland futures company achieved its \customer base for 3G services in the bundle development; the same time, APPSTORE, Unicom software mall, directional push (WAP) manner, (...) , to China Unicom to provide 3G users, \wealth - Mobile Futures \time, we often encounter the trouble line. Now, the use of mobile phone banking, you can easily pay by phone, water, electricity, gas, telephone and other expenses, you can also transfer and trading of the Fund.

in recent years , China Unicom and depth banks to launch a mobile banking service. Users can make use of mobile phones for all types of banking business, to meet the user \, users can quickly check prices, exchange rates and other financial information, the use of multiple encryption and authentication of client and data transfer, high speed, security, conduct account inquiries, (...) , business processing, transaction processing and other online banking. 时代 the 2G mobile phone data transmission capacity limit the development of mobile banking has not yet achieved a breakthrough. WCDMA mature technology and high-speed stability, security, network, will drive the mobile banking business into the stage of rapid development.

mobile banking not only allows people at any time, any place dealing with a variety of financial services and banking services has greatly enriched the content, so that banks facilitate efficient but more secure way to provide traditional and innovative services, while the mobile terminal of the unique personal characteristics, making following the ATM, Internet, POS, after a powerful car dvd playerl for the banking business, becoming online banking, telephone banking and later bank customers a convenient way of financial business services. It is time to extend the bank's services, but also allow consumers to enjoy more convenient financial services.

addition to mobile banking, China Unicom is also active in various financial enterprises to provide comprehensive information services. Shanghai Futures Limited operates the mainland, Beijing, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Fuzhou, and other more than ten business Department. With the popularity of mobile phone use, the mainland futures development of the \, mainland futures hope high-speed WCDMA network through Liantong iPhone Zhongduan its high-end customers and provide a more professional sound investment advisory services and investment value of the Zungui services. the two sides through consultations, China Unicom Shanghai mainland futures companies realized The \China Unicom to provide 3G users to \co-development business.

government website: Jung Min bridge to the bank to conduct business

time, we often encounter trouble line. Now, the use of mobile banking, we car dvd player easily pay by phone water , electricity, gas, telephone and other expenses, you also transfer and trading of the Fund.

recent years, China Unicom and depth banks to launch a mobile banking service. Users can make use of mobile phones for all types of banking business, meet the user \to account inquiries, business processing, transaction processing and other online banking. 2G times the data transmission capacity constraints mobile phone, mobile banking has not yet achieved a breakthrough. WCDMA mature technology and high-speed stability, security, network access will drive the mobile banking stage of rapid development.

mobile banking not only allows people at any time, any place dealing with a variety of financial services and banking services has greatly enriched the content, so that banks can facilitate efficient but more secure way for customers provide traditional and innovative services, and mobile terminals of the unique personal characteristics, making following the ATM, Internet, POS, after a powerful car dvd playerl for the banking business, becoming online banking, telephone banking and later a convenient bank users of financial business service methods. It extended the service hours of the bank, but also allow consumers to enjoy more convenient financial services.

addition to mobile banking, China Unicom also active in various financial enterprises to provide comprehensive information services. Shanghai Mainland Futures Limited operates in Beijing, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Fuzhou, and other more than ten business departments. With the popularity of mobile phone use, the mainland futures development of the \PDA and other investment services to enjoy one-stop professional futures. With the April 16 official listing of stock index futures, the mainland futures hope Unicom WCDMA high-speed network and its high-end iPhone customers with more professional sound investment advisory services and the investment value of the distinguished services. the two sides through negotiations, China Unicom Shanghai mainland futures company achieved its \bundle development; the same time, APPSTORE, Unicom software mall, directional push (WAP) manner, to China Unicom to provide 3G users, \the growth of the software user groups. the two sides through joint marketing, give full play to their advantages of client resources and channels to jointly develop business.

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