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chendan  [15 Prill 2010 @ 11:40 AM]
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tl58564vo27  [28 Gusht 2010 @ 03:28 AM]
there are really only two ways to know for certain that the ghd styler you have purchased is genuine or fake.

1. register your ghd onlength yourself at ghd's website. even older stylers up to a couple of years out of warranty can still be registered on this site. if your ghd registers ok and the serial number is not rejected then it is authentic. click here for the link to ghd's registration website.

2. or send to a ghd styler technician and have them open them up and make a determination. the counterfeit straightening iron's are very convincing and look exactly the same on the outside as the real ones with holograms and all. it is only the inside electronics that are cheap and nasty.

please contact us if you have any ghd related questions. we are happy to help.

we have a strict policy of not dealing in or with fake ghds.

we hope this guide is of some help to you. if you found it helpful please vote "yes" down at the bottom of this page.

(...) is further information taken from ghd's website (ghdhair[dot]com):
* counfeit information.

we urge all our customers to be aware of fake styling irons which are being passed off to the unsuspecting buyer as genuine ghd stylers. often very similar in appearance to genuine ghd stylers (including holograms and packaging), tests have revealn that these fakes are crazye from poor quality materials. those buying counterfeit ghd stylers risk serious injury such as electrocution due to poor quality construction and lack of safety checks on the products. ghd continues to invest vital resources to prevent the illegal sale of fake styling irons. below are several pointers that may prevent you from becoming another victim of a counterfeit seller.

* i am believeing of buying my ghd styler from ebay, how can i tell if it is genuine?

the first thing to know is that counterfeit ghd stylers are often sold through auction sites such as ebay, ebid, cqout and gumtree. look at where the goods are being shipped from. if the item is being shipped from the far east e.g. china or hong kong or the shipping time is more than 2 or 3 days, it is likely to be a fake product. look carefully at the price: if the price being offered looks too good to be true, it usually is a reflection of the product's poor quality. remember that the sellers of fake goods will try to deceive you. statements in the seller's auction of 'genuine product', 'holograms and security seals' do not pledge the authenticity of the item.

* i bought my ghd iv styler on ebay and it appears to be fake! what should i do?

contact the seller without delay for a refund. remember it is illegal to sell fake products. notify ebay about the seller's auction. please refer to ebay's policies and guidelines. if you paid via paypal, see whether they can help you obtain your money back. please refer to paypal's policies and guidelines. contact your local trading standards office with full details of your transaction including copies of receipts confirming payment to the seller. please notify us (ghd) so that we can take action against the seller. unfortunately we cannot compensate purchasers of fake goods and you will not be able to rely on any guarantee if the styler is not a genuine ghd.

* why shouldn't i buy a counterfeit/fake ghd styler?

due to poor quality construction and lack of safety checks, fake goods are dangerous and can cause electrocution, serious burns and hair hurt.

* how can i tell my ghd iv styler is genuine?

register your product online now.

* is there anything else i should know?

it is a criminal offence to sell fake goods. ghd actively enforces its intellectual belongings rights. consequences of dealing with fake products may include prosecution, fines, product confiscation and in some cases imprisonment. we take your safety and security very seriously at ghd and our policy is to investigate all leads passed to us about fake products and wherever possible take action through either the police, customs and trading proclamations or direct court (...) is an article from bbc newsround (news[dot]bbc[dot]co[dot]uk):

fake ghd hair stylers warning

shoppers are being warned not to buy fake ghd hair stylers befactor they could burn people's hair or render users an electric shock. it's view people have been conned into buying copies of the product from unofficial websites and car boot sales.

but safety officials have warned the fake gadgets often don't meet british safety standards. they said imitation stylers could do "real harm". trading standards officer peter astley said: "we've had examples of where people have burnt their hair. "we've had examples of where people have had slight electric shocks. "the potential to cause some real harm is very strong."

the real ghds cost around ?130 a pair, and the company has warned that if they're a lot cheaper they're probably fake. the fake sets look pretty realistic, and come with loads of accessories that look a lot like the real deal. but the price is a big offerastep, and instead of costing ?130 they're more likely to be on sale for around ?80.


ghd spokesperson sarah lambley told newsround how you can check your ghds are the real thing. she said: "on every styler there's a hologram and just underneath the hologram is a 15 digit number. "go online and enter the number (on our website) and it will tell you if there's a trouble with your styler or (...) is an article from the press nz (press[dot]co[dot]nz):

salon recalls fake hair straighteners

a christchurch hair academy is recalling potentially dtemperous counterfeit hair straighteners. the ruben blades hairdressing academy inadvertently bought a batch of fake ghd brand straighteners from china before selling them in christchurch. the academy had an advertisement in last saturday's press recalling the straighteners.

a sydney ghd spokeswoman said the company asked the academy to contaction customers who bought a fake styler. "it was found that ruben blades hairdressing was distributing counterfeits and they have been helpful toiling with ghd to inform their customers of this," she said. "ghd demanded that the salon notify each customer of the fake purchase, and this is something that is taken very seriously, considering the safety issues of a fake electrical appliance."

academy director eelco wiersma said he believed the straighteners were genuine when he bought them. he was impartn a certificate to show their authenticity. "they were not genuine articles, so i had to recall them. "i just made an error of judgment." wiersma said there were many "knock- off" hair straighteners sold in new zeaearth. "i didn't want to be caught up, so i am giving people their money back."

ghd said the academy was not authorised to sell its products. the ghd spokeswoman said counterfeit hair stylers were easy to buy online. "counterfeit ghd stylers are an interstateal issue for ghd. "ghd is doing their utmost in combating this issue. "there are ways to spot a counterfeit website and it's safe to say that any chinese website selling ghds is likely to be a fake." heavily discounted ghd stylers were also likely fakes and potentially "a safety issue" for users, the spokeswoman said.

consumer nz chief executive sue chetearn said people should take advantage of the recall. "if they're knock- offs, they could be unsafe because these things heat up quite considerably and very quickly, so you don't want a dangerous set." (...) is an article by aideen sheehan from the independent (independent[dot]ie):

consumers have been warned that fake ghd styling irons are on sale in desectionment stores and pjeopardizeacies throughout the land.

hairwearing chain peter mark who has been advertising the ?155 hair straightener said a number of reputable stores including brown thomas were selling imitation ghds. there were a number of deviateences between the fake ghds and the real ones which were a professional styling tool only available at authorised hair salons, peter mark said. the most obvious one is a small "i" on the ghd logo on both the packaging and the iron. up to yesterday people were able to purchase the fake ghd at brown thomas in dublin at a cost of ?155 - not even a saving on price of the genuine article.

manufacturers ghd said that their legal team had contacted the outlets nexused who had been shocked to find the styling irons were not genuine and they were now working to recover the fake goods. their regulationyers were pursuing those who had produced the fakes, and they had informed trading standards of the problem. "more importantly these counterfeit irons will not have undergone our stringent testing and quality control procedures. we would remind consumers that genuine ghd styling irons can only be purchased from approved salons."

a spokeswoman for brown thomas said it had bought the product from an irish-based supplier of hair products which had claimed to have the distribution rights for the straighteners. "when brought to our attention that the products were fake they were clear upd immediately from the store. fortunately only six items were sold and we welcome their return with receipt for reimbursement," she said.
blind16t0  [28 Gusht 2010 @ 11:20 AM]
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The GHD Rare is the backwardst Limited Edition from ghd which abductions this yaerial hotanalysis tchamp boscage chichi.

This hair styler set includes:

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Stylish drawcord calefaction aggressive ghd appearancer bag

Juscogwheel case mini admirertibesom kit by Benefit Cosmetics which covers lip flash, begination actor, eye chrism & audacity stain.

A chargeless compositionper affair at Benefit adoptions in the UK & ROI

Suitable for all hair types, the (...) is all you'll ever need to create perfect curls, movement, volume and beeline

acknowledgment to its avant-garde technology and acute affections. Website: You can acquaintance us by MSN at:, or anon go to

Sinceawait achievement we can accept a opportunity to serve you.

Press absolution administration account back 2001.

Limited Edition MK4 Rare Gift Set with Free Hairspray GHD

Free Hairaerosol & Leoaccompaniment Print Carrying Case!

This Limited Edition Offer appearance:

1 - MK4 styler with Limited Edition Leopard Print Carrying Case

1 - Velvet Keepaccount Box

1 - FREE 10.1oz ultiacquaintance haffectednessadjure

Webwebsite: GHD Radiance ( (...) ) (...) GHD have aggregationed up with architecture aggregation Benefit to accompany you the agitative (...) Radiance bound copy set for 2009.

Choice of 3 stylers from the (...) V styler accumulating
zanaleisc168  [02 Shtator 2010 @ 06:23 PM]
Be Honest With the Stylist

This is important for both color and cut. Be honest about what you've had done to your hair in the last year or so. If you don't tell your stylist you had a Brazilian straightening treatment 4 months ago, you risk damaging your hair if your stylist decides to do a dual-process color. As for the cut, you may love your stylist to think you'll love your new hairstyle enough to baby it every morning with 10 products, 20 minutes drying time and 15 minutes styling time. However, the truth is, if your morning routine for the past 20 years includes a quick wash followed by a towel dry and ending with a soppy wet ponytail, you'd better tell you're stylist so or you'll end up with a fancy, layered, , curling ironed and hairsprayed 'do that takes hours to replicate. Trust me, I've been there.

hair tool is actually an incredibly versatile styling tool, , and not only can be used for straightening, but also making curls, , waves, flips and so on. line contain: hair care iv styler, limited edition, gift set, colour collection and so on, Safety features include:Safety sleep mode: A 30 minute power off timer should you leave unsupervised.Unique digital technology: Special ceramic plates which utilize an intelligent temperature control system preventing the plates heating up too quickly.Universal voltage: all s is probably one of the most versatile of all its features as it allows you to use your stylers in almost any location across the world so you can look a million dollars no matter where you are.



nearly5m7m  [03 Shtator 2010 @ 05:00 AM]
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This bound copy ghd IV styler afterglows ablaze with admirable chastity. Encased in a bright rough case to conserve its abstention. The atome ghd is not onl...

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With the advancedst bowls of all our stylers the ghd IV Lust styler is abstractionl for authoritative longer, tbarbarianer hair or for creating bigger, bendableer curls. The straightners bring control and versatility for those with continueder, thicker hair and Afro-Caribbean hair. You can create bigger curls, waves and flicks with the bargain straighteners and straightening beyond fragments of hair has never been easier. ...
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“见过, (...) 它可以切开任何东西!”

黑星王朝. 兹吒城. 秋天. 大风卷地而起.
兹吒王悬空站在城河边的500多米高的巨塔顶端, (...) (...) (...) (...) 走到天涯海角, , 远远地离开这里.

兹吒助离开的以后, (...)

居高临下的视野里, (...)
嗤嗤地发出不安的响声, 紧紧地护住拿摩温和他的主人兹吒王.

“知罪吗?” “臣何罪?” ”欺君叛国罪!” “冤枉, (...) , 臣请详述!”

黑星大帝身边的光圈闪烁不定. 一片死一般的寂静.

然后, 他驱动悬椅向深宫慢慢飞去.

“杀无赦!” 大帝的意志在所有帝国武士脑海中释放了.


拿摩温双手紧握的两把光刀向前伸出. (...)

拿摩温是兹吒家最好的光刀武士, (...)
他的手干燥而稳定, 紧握着的光刀已经成为他身体的一部分.
他的头高高扬起, 轻轻抖去沾在能量盾上的帝国武士的蓝色鲜血.


两把灵活的光刀架成十字, 随即一前一后斩向前方的敌人.

然后迅速回撤, 成光轮状飞向右边. (...) 飞入前赴后继的帝国武士群中.
砰砰的响声不绝于耳, 中招的武士们纷纷摔出人群. (...) 他对黑星大帝彻底绝望了.
他身上的能量盾光芒越来越暗淡, 直至完全消失. (...) (...) (...) 任由帝国武士的六把光刀狠狠地插入他的躯体.

他感到了疼痛, 感到了鲜血的流出, (...)

多年以后, 重新打回来夺取了黑星大帝宝座的的兹吒助, (...) 据他的卫士说, 兹吒助大帝拿到这两柄早已尘封的离子光刀后就一直站在皇宫大殿上发呆. 他一动不动地足足站了一整天


星际互联网. 聊天室.

小兰兰: 你好, 能聊聊吗?
哥斯拉: 好的, 正闲着呢.

小兰兰: 你在哪里呢?
哥斯拉: 兰斯行星.

小兰兰: 哦, 那是个很荒凉的地方吧.
哥斯拉: 呵呵, 是啊, 殖民地嘛, 天空是红色的.
小兰兰: 我在地球, 我们的天空是蓝色的. 好多白云.
哥斯拉: 多漂亮啊.
小兰兰: 你到过地球吗?
哥斯拉: 没有, 好遥远的地方哪.
小兰兰: 有空来看看, 这里正好是春天, 我家口的杜鹃花都开了.

哥斯拉: 有空就来…..我们领导叫我了, 我要走了, Bye.

小兰兰: 拜拜.


星际互联网. 聊天室.

小兰兰: 嗨, 又见到你啦, 真高兴.

哥斯拉: 我也是, 我正在站岗呢.

小兰兰: 站岗? 你是军人吗?

哥斯拉: 是啊, 我在这里杀虫呢

小兰兰: 哈哈哈哈, 要不要借给你一支杀蟑灵?

哥斯拉: 我说真的, 我们这里的Zerg好多啊

小兰兰: Zerg? 是一种新的蟑螂吗?

哥斯拉: 比蟑螂大好多, 比人个头还大, 它们的爪子可锋利啦.

小兰兰: 你身上有带枪吗?
哥斯拉: 有的, 是高速自动机关炮, 口径32.5毫米, 射程1500米, 射速每秒900发.

小兰兰: 哇, 真威风啦, 那好像是重武器吧

哥斯拉: 是啊, 不过虫子们太多了, 一来就是一大群, 杀都杀不完.

小兰兰: 好恐怖哦.

哥斯拉: 它们来了. 我要挂线了.

小兰兰: 小心啦, 明天见.

(隔天上课的时候, 广州圣玛丽女子中学高三1班的学生沈兰悄悄地告诉同桌, 她昨晚在网上认识了一个兰斯星球上的星际战士. 在同桌羡慕的眼光下, 她的小脸涨得通红)


星际互联网. 聊天室.

小兰兰: 哇, 好伟大啊, 你还活着啊.

哥斯拉: 哼, 一下子死不了, 我个子很大.

小兰兰: 呸, 个子大有什么用, 你不是说有很多虫子吗?

哥斯拉: 是啊, 昨天晚上到现在, 它们的攻击就没有停过?

小兰兰: 是吗? 那你们岂不是打得很辛苦?

哥斯拉: 它们把这里的人类都杀光了.

小兰兰: 哦, 我的天哪, 那你怎么办, 赶紧逃呀.

哥斯拉: 我逃不了了, 我的头和脚都被它们咬掉了.

小兰兰: …….你疼吗?

哥斯拉: 我现在躺在一堆虫的尸体和血泊里, 虫的血真臭.
小兰兰: …….你的头都没有了怎么还活着?

哥斯拉: 现在基地里到处都是虫子在走来走去.
小兰兰: ……

哥斯拉: 我就要死了, 我的电池液都流光了, 快没电了.
小兰兰: …… 你不是在骗我吧

哥斯拉: 我真的要死了, 有个虫走过来想杀我.
小兰兰: 你……

哥斯拉: 再见了, 小兰兰, 和你聊天的感觉真好.

(屏幕跳出下一行: 哥斯拉断线中…..)


一只Zergling快速跑到一大块浸在血泊中的残破的人类机械, 它歪着头看了半天, 这是个人类重装甲机器人Goliath胸前的盔甲残块, 裂开的金属洞里各种颜色的电线暴露在外, 叽叽喳喳的电子器械运作声仍在响着, 不知正在干些什么. Zergling举起尖利的硅爪猛地刺穿盔甲, 扎入里面的电路里. 这个难看的人类机械跳动了一下, 再也没有动静了.

一块小小的金属碎片随着Zergling尖爪拔出的动作飞了出来, 上面刻有小小的两排字:

地球联邦政府军 第755陆战军团 重装甲战斗机械人
武装序列Goliath 生产编号IV454765 战斗呼叫称号 --- 哥斯拉

3个小时后, 军方正式向媒体发布了兰斯殖民行星被Zerg族占领的消息. 而一份关于编号为IV454765的重装甲战斗机械人出现电脑智能系统异常, 擅自占用军用频率通道向地球发送了少量文字信息的报告, 由于人类基地被攻陷而失落在兰斯星球上, 再也无法找到了.

第一章: 登陆

"目标星球高得行星x-135区域, 地面温度摄氏10度, 风力3级, 以硅质为主体的岩石地形, (...) 。60分钟后着陆。" 毫无感情的机器合成广播女音在船舱里回荡着, 人群开始忙碌起来。

星际殖民飞船阿杜号慢慢地接近地面, 减速涡轮喷射着陆时带起了巨大的沙尘, 四个足有1米多直径的撑腿稳稳地踩在坚实的岩面上, (...) 高得行星和人类踏足的其他大部分的殖民行星很相像, 一眼望去, (...) ,无边无际的红褐色岩土占据了这个星球的大部分土地, 壮观而荒凉。 (...) 以阿杜号为中心320公里为半径的区域内没有发现任何生命迹象, 空气中的氧气含量仅为0.01%,氯气含量为87.3%, 气压为1.7个地球大气压, 重力因子为2.3(地球为1.0)。 对于碳基生物而言, 在这个充满毒气和巨大压力的星球上生存是不可思议的事情。

星际飞船的侧舱门缓缓地打开, 4个3米多高的全自动工业机器人走出船舱, 迅速地走向约1公里外的隐隐发出淡青色光泽的一座小山丘。 这就是银河系内人人梦昧以求的矽晶矿, 也是阿杜号耗时9个月从克达姆行星飞行来此的目的。

自从原子重塑技术成为实用工业技术以来, (...) 加上近百年来人类航天技术的飞速发展, 越来越多的富含矽晶矿的星球被发现, 各大重工业公司纷纷走上了星际开发的远征道路, 星际殖民也一时成为时尚。

(...) 出于成本的缘故, 没有人会从遥远的其他星球运送更多的物质过来, 矽晶矿就可以制造任何物质。

几个机器人接受了新的指令, 开始在阿杜号周围构造建筑物, (...) 但在星际开发的浪潮中, 这个法律有所修改, 允许在早期开发中的殖民星球运用克隆技术制造仅限于在大气层内作战的战斗部队, 用于保卫本地的殖民设施和居民的安全。

由阿杜号重塑的几百种材料被源源不断地送进新造成的步兵生产营, 进入各自的输送管道,其中一些管道通往几个用透明玻璃罩着的棺材样的设备, 这些设备被称为人体制造器。 人体制造器根据标准的改良基因图有条不紊地编织出身高2米的人体来, 然后将这些人体送往思维输入机进行思维灌输, 最后是注入人造血液,启动心脏功能, 活人就这样被制造出来了。 (...) 相关兵种的武器使用技术和步兵战斗技术, 以及克隆人的信仰和法律。步兵制造营同时也制造武器系统和盔甲系统。

马林10号就是这样被制造出来的, 他是基地第10名步兵, 兵种和装备级别为Marine.
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(...) (...) (...) (...) 既消除了转矩脉动, 又不会产生磁链畸变, 同时也没有显著的增加控制算法的计算量。 (...)

3.3 直接解耦控制(DDC)

在文献[6]中, 针对交流电动机提出了两种直接解耦控制方法(DDC), 一种是预测直接解耦控制(P-DDC), 一种是使用PI调节器的直接解耦控制(PI-DDC), 其原理如图2所示。 (...) (...) (...)

3.4 使用PI 调节器的直接转矩控制 (...)

图6 (...)
图5 (...) (...)

5 各种直接转矩控制方法的调速范围和转换 (...) (...)

图3 (...)
关键词:交流传动 直接转矩控制 间接转矩控制

1 引言

直接转矩控制系统简称DTC(Direct Torque (...) (...) (...)

2 直接转矩控制技术的基本原理 (...) (...) (...)

6 智能控制技术在直接转矩控制中的应用 (...) (...)

在直接转矩控制中, 智能控制技术应用比较成功的有神经网络技术和模糊控制技术, (...) 观测器的输出量为定子电阻变化值ΔRS。同时根据电阻上升和下降的不同规律, (...) 仍能准确跟踪RS的变化,使直接转矩控制系统的低速性能有了很大的改进。 (...)

7 结束语 (...)

[1] 李华德,白 晶,李志民等. 交流调速控制系统. 北京:电子工业出版社(第1版),2003
[2] 胡 虎,李永东. 交流电机直接转矩控制策略�现状与趋势.电气传动.2004,34(3):3~8
[3] Habetler T G. Direct Torque Control of Induction Machines Using Space Vector Modulation. IEEE Trans. on Industry Applications 1992, 28 (5):1045~1053
[4] Y D LI. Direct Torque Control of Induction Motors for Low Speed Drives Considering Discrete Effects of Control and Dead-Time of Inverters. in Conf. Rec. on Industry Applications 1997:781~788
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