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The local time on March 17, NFL Special Commissioner Luojie - Goodell met with the Buffalo Bill team to run health horse shone - Lynch, he soon decided whether to be accused on this player the commit to have illegal holds a gun the crime to give he to punish. the NFL spokesperson in gave in Associated Press's email to confirm this matter, but when hasn't provided other details and Goodell makes the ruling the timetable, Lynch's manager Michael - Sully the article has not responded reporter's inquiry on this matter. On February 11, Lynch nearby Los Angeles north, Pi who drives in him in Ka the tail box, the police had discovered a 9 millimeter caliber's automatic pistol, the police after look up believed that this pistol on license plate, has not belonged to the illegal guns, the public prosecutor discloses, , in the tail box had also discovered other individual goods, include hemp's cigarette including four, but this is not receiving row of the indictment. If Lynch illegal holds a gun the crime to be tenable, will face 80 hour community work and 3 year suspension of sentence. Lynch had already issued the apology statement on this matter, he said: I recently to be arrested with is accused to feel awkward, I regarding placed troublesome in felt that regretted.This is Lynch in 1 year the second contamination lawsuit, perhaps becomes Goodell to him the heavy fine important basis, in last June, Lynch is accused the transportation to cause trouble the escape, at that time he hit after the Buffalo urban district turned a woman's automobile made a getaway. That Goodell has not given the penalty to him, but has carried on the conversation in training battalion neutral him. On the season, Lynch runs 1036 yards and 8 for the Bill team reaches, and has been selected the entire star match.
d12erkdsgf  [19 Gusht 2010 @ 05:15 AM]
(...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) 7-吴庆)、17-甘锐(第45分钟 10-何塞)、18-胡伟、8-范冬青、29-吴鹏(第89分钟 (...) 28-张鹭);18-徐洋、23-奥比(第67分钟 7-肖智)、11-何滨、8-王寿挺(第84分钟 13-于乐);前锋:5-奥利萨德贝、9-内托
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2010-08-19 17:19:37

Dressing up a Wall More and more people prefer looking for furniture than deciding the right decor to hang on their walls at home. As simple as placing a picture frame may sound easy but is a daunting task to most of us. This is because decorating walls are much complex because what goes on the wall should blend well with the motif in the home. A common problem is that we treat walls as separate parts of the overall design and as a result the wall does not match with existing designs of the rest of the room. Here are some fool proof ideas for accenting any wall in any room in your home:

1. Bathrooms .Select ceramic or tile fixtures that blends with the room's color scheme and overall design. One example is, if you choose a beach design, you may want to decorate with items found on the beach. For instance, hang some starfish, shells, (...) , or make use of fish nets to add to the beach motif. Match cupboards and countertops, mirrors and fixtures by building similar design for towel bars, soap dishes, and other accessories.

2. Hallways .Hallway walls are wonderful areas to use accent colors that blends well with the rest of the walls throughout the house. One example is using rustic barnyard or woodland prints for country style interior. You can also display matching or coordinating frames in the upstairs and downstairs halls. Large plants whether a bloom or a fern, enhances the country style. If you have plenty of wall space is, adding a large indoor water feature is a great way to highlight a wall. Water fountains are modern and sophisticated accessories that work well with any decor in your home. They can function as wall divider to create several a large space into several areas.

3. Bedrooms - Fresh flowers, draperies, and family photographs are all attractive and wonderful additions to the bedroom walls. The kids rooms may include a bulletin board for collecting favorite trading cards, notes and, friends' photos. Posters can be framed or display as is on the kids wall. Trophies, plaques, or awards can be displayed on the wall using brackets.

4. Kitchen or Dining Room .Orange or dark red are just a few of the colors you can paint the kitchen or dining room walls. Prints of flower or vegetable are fantastic wall decorations that help set the ambience for a kitchen of dining room. You can also display decorative ceramic plates on the wall. Use colors that complement with other colors throughout the home. Wallpaper designs are another great wall covering .just make sure the print and color blends well with the rest of the design. Assorted baskets or cookware are perfect decor to hang on the kitchen or dining room wall.

5. Living and family rooms .Artwork or painting would look great in any living room wall and family photographs and certificates go nicely in the family room wall. Proper lighting can highlight your living and family rooms and set the tone from cozy, comfortable, to elegant or romantic. Adding wall shelving or bookshelves for storing books and other collectibles are perfect space savers.

6. Garage - Most of the people would simply stack boxes of unwanted items in the garage. However, the garage wall is space that can be used storing tools and other items frequently used. Add a pegboard or shelves to store house and automotive tools in the garage.

Fabric and vinyl materials make for unique wall coverings. You can glue them to the wall using glue for fabric or vinyl or spray adhesive. Choose different patterns and colors to match with the texture of the fabric. Grass beach mats are also interesting wall coverings.

Decorating your walls with different kinds of beads is another interesting way to spruce up any wall. Simply take different colored beads design and glue them onto the wall in any shape or pattern you like. You can create silhoutte of images or create interesting patterns .it all depends on your mood and style. Using beads to create borders for your walls is another great idea to embellish your walls.

Let your imagination guide you in this project and soon you will discover that there are many different ways to add accent to any existing wall. Your wall can serve as an extension of your personality or embellish existing decors in your home.

The author writes articles on many design topics such as wall designs and .

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石头问:我究竟该找个我爱的人做我的妻子呢?还是该找个爱我的人做我的妻子呢? (...)

  石头也笑了:可是朋友们都劝我找个爱我的女孩做我的妻子? (...)

  石头抢过了佛的话:那我要是追到了我爱的人呢?会不会就... (...) (...) 。幸福和快乐是没有极限的, (...) ,所以你的努力也将没有极限,绝不会停止。


  佛说:这么多年了,你觉得自己辛苦吗? (...)


  佛说:说说你的原因 (...) (...) (...)


  石头问:为什么我以前爱着一个女孩时, (...) (...)



  佛说:恭喜。你对她的爱是成熟、理智、真诚而深切的, (...) 。

  石头有些惊讶:哦? (...)


  佛笑了笑:时间的任何考验对你的爱恋来说算不得什么。 (...)


  石头摸了摸脑袋:亲情? (...)

  石头想了想,点头说道:亲情的确是这样的。 (...) (...)

  佛问:你能做到让自己从今以后不再想起她吗? (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

  佛说:你自己认为呢?石头想了想,无言以对。 (...)

  石头长吁了一口气,石头知道他懂了, (...) ,他用坚定的目光看了佛一眼,没有再说话。
qucsbttl  [23 Gusht 2010 @ 01:04 PM]
to use U nicode string, defined some data types. The standard C header files S tring. H had been amended in order to define a name for windows 7 data type wchar _ t, which is a U nicode character data types: for example, if you want to create a cache for storing up to 99-character string and an end of the U nicode zero characters, you can use the following statements: This statement creates a 100 Items 1 6-bit value consisting of an array. Of course, (...) , the standard C run-time string functions, such as strcpy, strchr windows 7 strcat, etc., can only operate on ANSI strings, (...) , it can not treat U nicode string. Thus, ANSI C also has a complementary function. Listing 2 - 1 shows some of the standard ANSI C string functions, followed by their equivalent U nicode function. Listing 2-1 stwindows 7ard ANSI C string functions and their equivalent U nicode function Please note that all of the U nicode functions are wcs beginning, wcs is the acronym for wide strings. To call U nicode function, simply use the prefix wcs to replace the prefix str ANSI string functions can be.

Note that most software developers may not remember such a very important issue, and that is provided by M icrosoft C runtime library and the standard ANSI C runtime library is the same. Provisions of ANSI C, C runtime libraries to support U nicode characters and strings. This means that you can always call the C runtime function, so that characters and strings on the U nicode operate, even in 98 is running, you can also call these functions. In other words, wcscat, wcslen and wcstok and other functions are able to run well on 98, which are to be concerned about the operating system function.

to include on the str function or wcs functions explicitly call windows 7 code, the same can not be very easy for the ANSI windows 7 U nicode compile windows 7se code. Mentioned earlier in this chapter, you can create for both ANSI windows 7 U nicode to compile a single source code file. To create a double feature, you must include TC ha r. h file, not including S tring. H file.

TC ha r. h file only role is to help create the ANSI / U nicode common source code files. It contains the source code you should use a set of macro instead of having to call the str function, or wcs functions. If you compile the source code file defines UNICODE, these macros will be quoted wcs this group of functions. If not defined _ UNICODE, then these macros to reference this set of macros str.

example, in the TC ha r. h, there is a macro called _ tcscpy. If the header file that contains no definition of _ UNICODE, it will be extended to ANSI _ tcscpy the strcpy function. However, if defined _UNICODE, _tcscpy will be extended to U nicode of wcscpy function. Has a string parameter of all the C runtime functions in TC ha r. h file, define a common macro. If you use a generic macro, not the ANSI / U nicode specific function name, we can successfully create ANSI or U nicode can compile source code.

However, (...) , in addition to using these macros, there are some operations must be carried out. TC ha r. h file contains some other macros. To define an ANSI / U nicode common array of strings, please use the following TCHAR data type. If you define _ UNICODE, TCHAR will be declared as the following form: If there is no definition of _ UNICODE, TCHAR will be declared as the following form: Use this data type, you can assign a string like this: You can also create a string Pointer: But this line of code above, there is a problem. In accordance with the default settings, M icrosoft's C + + compiler can compile all the strings, as they are ANSI strings, rather than U nicode string. Therefore, if there is no definition of _ UNICODE, the compiler will be able to correctly compile the lines of code. However, if you define _ UNICODE, it will generate an error. To generate a U nicode string rather than ANSI strings, you must rewrite the code like the following: string (literal string) in front of the capital letter L, used to tell the compiler that the string should be a U nicode characters string to compile. When the compiler will process the data portion of the string in place, it is distributed between each character into zero byte. This change brings the 问题 is now only when defining 了 _ UNICODE, the procedure to be successful to be compiled. We need another macro to selectively add the string in front of the capital letters L. The work accomplished by the _ TEXT macro, _ TEXT macro is also TC ha r. h file so defined. If you define _ UNICODE, then _ TEXT is defined as the following form: If there is no definition of _ UNICODE, _ TEXT will be defined as the use of the macro, , you can rewrite this line of code above, so that whether or not _ UNICODE macro defined, it can compile correctly. As follows: _ TEXT macro can also be used string. For example, to check a string's first character is a capital letter J, you can simply write the following code: 2.8.2 Unicode data types defined
ptyh2jch  [24 Gusht 2010 @ 08:02 AM]


  睡觉的诀窍 (...) (...)

(...) (...) (...) (...) (...)
  一、睡眠的规则 (...) (...) ,其损失一百天也难以恢复。” (...) (...) (...)
  现实生活中,不少人有入睡难,睡眠质量不高的毛病, (...) (...)

  二、睡眠与疾病 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

  垃圾睡眠给肝脏带来多大伤害? (...) (...) (...)
  肝主筋,其华在爪,过子时不睡觉,会引起肝血不足,就出现筋痛, (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)

  三、睡眠的方法 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) ,不开空调、电扇,保护阳气。 (...) (...)
  还有一个就是胃厚,气味的味,胃厚,这种情况就是吃了这种厚腻的味道, (...) (...) (...) (...)

  睡眠法因人而异,下面介绍3种做法: (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)
  养身三大事,一睡眠,二便利,三饮食,其余起居、服装等皆是辅助。 (...)

  应注意: (...) *** 片助睡。 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) ,此时切忌郁怒,必损肺伤肝,万望注意。
soprtunews3  [24 Gusht 2010 @ 08:32 AM]
Cherish the Golden relationship forever in the Lifetime

Their predecessors from the 1960 Olympics, a group led by Oscar Robertson and Jerry West, also were enshrined during the ceremony at Symphony Hall. Dream (...) Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone were inducted as individuals. Pippen opened his acceptance speech by praising (...) Jordan, his fellow six-time NBA champion from the Chicago Bulls for being "the best teammate."

A little-known player from Central Arkansas when the Bulls got him in 1987, Pippen was the first player inducted. With Jordan standing nearby on stage as his presenter, Pippen said he would "cherish their relationship forever." "Who knew that No. 23 would be here 23 years later presenting me to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame (...) ?" Pippen said.

The presenter does not speak, and Jordan also didn't speak when the Dream Team (...) assembled on stage. His remarks last year during his enshrinement speech drew some criticism after he singled out individuals whose slights had provided him with motivation. Malone struggled with his emotions throughout his speech, especially at the end when he recalled his mother, saying she had died seven years ago Friday.

Malone also thanked late Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller for believing in him. Malone is a two-time MVP and second on the league's career scoring list, and said his success came from staying true to his Louisiana roots. "I hope I did it the way my peers did it before me," Malone said. "I didn't do anything but try to play (...) hard." Earlier Friday, West said he believed his group of college players that won its eight games in Rome by 42.4 points per game was "the greatest amateur team that ever played."

West also talked about the difficult conditions they faced 50 years ago, when they were housed in dorms without air conditioning and had a per diem of (...) . Bird seized on that to get the last word on the debate of which was the better team. "I don't know who had the best team, but I know the team in 1960 was a hell of a lot tougher than we were," he said. "I couldn't imagine the '92 team getting in a covered (...) for eight days, going across the country, jumping in the Atlantic Ocean, swimming for six days, then walking 3,000 miles to the Coliseum in Rome for a dollar a day."
coolyfish  [24 Gusht 2010 @ 12:00 PM]




  中医五行学说认为, (...)



  一、提拉耳垂法 (...)

  二、手摩耳轮法 (...)

  三、提拉耳尖法 (...)

  四、搓弹双耳法 (...)

  五、双手拉耳法 (...)

  六、双手掩耳法 (...)

  七、全耳按摩法 (...)

  八、双手扫耳法 (...) (...)



一、晚上9-11点为免疫系统(淋巴)排毒时间,此段时间应安静或听音乐 。
六、凌晨7-9点,小肠大量吸收营养的时段, (...)



  双手重叠,顺时针绕肚脐揉腹, (...) ,以通为主,可促进胃肠气通畅,逆时针绕肚脐揉腹, (...) (...)


⒈刷牙的最佳时间 (...)

(...) 手、脚、身体各个穴位所对应的内脏 (图)





  科学家 研究 发现, (...) (...)

⒋吃水果的最佳时间 (...)






1∶00 人体进入浅睡阶段,易醒。此时头脑较清楚,熬夜者想睡反而睡不着。
2∶00 绝大多数器官处于一天中工作最慢的状态,肝脏却在紧张工作,生血气为人体排毒。
3∶00 进入深度睡眠阶段,肌肉完全放松。
4∶00 (...)
5∶00 阳气逐渐升华,精神状态饱满。
6∶00 血压开始升高,心跳逐渐加快。高血压患者得吃降压药了。
7∶00 人体免疫力最强。吃完早饭,营养逐渐被人体吸收。
8∶00 各项生理激素分泌旺盛, ,开始进入工作状态。
9∶00 适合打针、手术、做体检等。此时人体气血活跃,大脑皮层兴奋,痛感降低。
10∶00 工作效率最高。 (...)
12∶00 紧张工作一上午后,需要休息。 (...)
14∶00 反应迟钝。易有昏昏欲睡之感,人体应激能力降低。
15∶00 午饭营养吸收后逐渐被输送到全身,工作能力开始恢复。 (...)
16∶00 血糖开始升高,有虚火者此时表现明显。阳虚、肺结核等患者的脸部最红。
17∶00 工作效率达到午后时间的最高值,也适宜进行体育锻炼。
18∶00 人体敏感度下降,痛觉随之再度降低。
19∶00 最易发生争吵。此时是人体血压波动的晚高峰,人们的情绪最不稳定。
20∶00 人体进入第三个黄金阶段。记忆力最强,大脑反应异常迅速。
22∶00 适合梳洗。呼吸开始减慢,体温逐渐下降。最好在十点半泡脚后上床,能很快入睡。
23∶00 阳气微弱,人体功能下降,开始逐渐进入深度睡眠,一天的疲劳开始缓解。
24∶00 (...) (...) (...)





  肾虚病症有阴虚、阳虚之分。 肾阴虚者,有肺热、咽燥、腰膝酸软、头晕耳鸣、舌苔偏红等症状。 肾阳虚者,常见有肢体畏寒、精神萎靡、腰酸耳鸣、舌淡、体胖等症状。 (...)

  搓擦腰眼:两手搓热后紧按腰部, (...) ,用力搓30次。“腰为肾之府”,搓擦腰眼可疏通筋脉,增强肾脏功能。 (...)

   发“吹”音 “吹”与肾相应,肾属水,故有滋养肾水的功效。反复做6~9遍。 (...) ⒏洗澡的最佳时间

  中医 养生 (...)
  二、腋窝的保健特区 (...) (...) (...) 。



(...) 感,全身协调能力最强,尤其是心律与血压都较平稳 ,最适宜锻炼。


wanrry29s  [26 Gusht 2010 @ 12:54 PM]
, (...) 12雙鞋子, (...) ,你節省了很多空間, (...) (...) ,因為他們通常往往有幾十雙鞋子。

但並不意味著在鞋只鞋, (...) 。如果你有小孩在家裡, (...) (...) (...) ,但根據一項特別優惠,你可以得到兩個相同的價格!

這意味著你在每個鞋只需$ 5 (...) 點擊這裡 訪問他們的網站,找出自己。






soprtenews1  [26 Gusht 2010 @ 07:05 PM]
Four advantages about American Children

In the United States, learning is child thing. U.S. students develop a young age, "according interested in learning", "learning is its own thing," the self-learning attitude. Moreover, this independent spirit has already deep into all aspects of child development, if the United States, a child in (...) after the age of 18, we must own to make money to feed themselves. Even some very wealthy families, would normally not be spending all kinds of fees for children, but to write them to the home, IOUs, asking them to return after graduation. This spending your parents also have to repay the situation, in case of China, Chinese parents in (...) do not know think? American children from the very hour, they always like to talk to people with big. In the conversation between an adult, with the inherent humor. Even the first meeting with strangers, they know how to join a little humor, so conversation is more interesting, not boring. Sometimes, people in (...) can learn to point and social occasions, "joked." This humor comes from the "Don't take yourself seriously." Attitude translated into a very rude word is: do not ourselves seriously. Sometimes think about a child in (...) to face accusations of another child, slightly since the tide show their generosity, wisdom, Also blocked his mouth, really lamenting that wisdom and humor, why not?

Ability of U.S. children to be independent strong performance in the emotional, too. In the U.S., usually between hearing children in (...) and their parents call them by their names. I asked a parent, he said: "This is good, normal. Kids think of me as his friend, to avoid some of the hypocrisy and polite." Look, they are so like to go straight, no secret to express their feelings . And in the American family, the parents of a child is respected, children in (...) are willing to communicate on an equal footing, listening to some of their ideas, children were more like some of the views expressed, even if some ideas that some naive and ridiculous。In the U.S., the child's curiosity is very strong. No as long as they do not hear things around you they will not stop asking. I changed planes in U.S. airports, I met a little girl in (...) beside him, her brown-orange hair, sunken eyes, with shining a hand in front of her is a constant friction toy bear. I smile. My bag is blocking her line of sight, including the purchase of the limbs in the domestic dynamic transfer of small toys from her intense interest. I talk to her, she asked what was the little toys from China is what kind of place where the children what kind, etc.
pumaducati  [27 Gusht 2010 @ 04:26 AM]
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[4] Donaldson, L, 1990), The Etherealh,: Organizational Economics , Management Theory, Academy of Management Review Vol 15, No, 3), Retrieved on August 10, 2008, from JSTOR database,

The Byproducts of In,mation Asymmetry , Uncooperative Behavior

[15] Silberman, M,, , Hansburg, F, 2000), People Smart: Developing Your Interpersonal Intelligence, San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers,

[2] Park, T, (...) ,H, 1989), The Positive Analysis of Hierarchical Behavior , Decisions in Organizations, Retrieved on August 9, 2008, from ProQuest Database,

Consider the fact that the world superpowers found themselves in just such a situation during the late 1950’s, The world was on the brink of nuclear holocaust with the major super powers prep,d to execute a strategic plan of M,A,D, Mutually Assured Destruction), (...) , Neither power was necessarily seeking strict advantage, but instead some level of preservation, However, President Dwight D, Eisenhower in his 1953 “Atoms , Peace” speech set the stage , the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty NPT) � the treaty to seek mutual gain by mutual reduction of nuclear weapons[8], Through Eisenhower’s act, the world leader, the United States, ceded the ‘advantage’ , signaled cooperation, The ‘follower’, the USSR, responded , cooperated with the treaty , the world backed away from Mutually Assured Destruction,

[3] Donaldson, L, 1990), The Etherealh,: Organizational Economics , Management Theory, Academy of Management Review Vol 15, No, 3), Retrieved on August 10, 2008, from JSTOR database,

It is clear that Theory X is at best, a situational representation of human behavior, (...) , Theory X may describe the carnality of man’s basic needs , survival, However, it does not account , the spiritual or intellectual capabilities of man, which is what truly sets us apart from the other species, These , the transcendent characteristics that make man unpredictable, With Theory X being removed from the equation, we , left with the fact that in,mation asymmetry can exist at two levels � the leader with in,mation beyond the follower at the strategic level , the follower beyond the leader at the tactical level, In short, (...) , the Organizational Economic st,off between competing desires,

A paramount example of the corrupting factors of this paranoia, fear, , distrust is Richard Nixon, He was consumed by paranoia , mistrust , would seek to gather in,mation against enemies , friends alike[10], His paranoia , obsession with using in,mation as a weapon eventually became his personal downfall , shook the faith of the American people in its government, As organizational leaders we have to address our fears , relinquishing control , our discom,t with being vulnerable in order to create ge , progress,

[8] Schultz, G,P,, Perry, W,J,, Kissinger, H,A,, Nunn, S, 2007), A World Free of Nuclear Weapons, Wall Street Journal, January 4, 2007, p, A15, (...) , Retrieved on August 11, 2008, from

Why Do Leaders Fear,

In,mation Asymmetry Defined

Dealing with Theory X



[6] Ward, D, The Program Manager’s Dilemma: Trust, Cooperation, , Competition in the Acquisition Community, Defense ATunfortunately, austin collie (...) s are big business. it is estimated that tens of millions of dollars are lost each year to counterfeiters.L, May-June 2004, Retrieved on August 11, 2008, from

As a concept, in,mation asymmetry is most often described as an economic term, investing phenomenon, or contractual negotiation situation, The term is used to describe the different quantities , quality of in,mation that parties engaged in a similar pursuit, possesses, There has been some work to describe in,mation asymmetry as it relates to organizations , leader/follower relationships, However, in these cases, the follower is described as having the greatest in,mation over individual work products[2], These concepts can more broadly be classified as Organizational Economics, Organizational Economics is the intersection between agency theory , transaction cost economics[3], In general, these concepts postulate that individuals , self-serving , aim to maximize their personal agenda while minimizing output[4], The ‘agent’ follower), as derived from agency theory, is characterized in a light that assumes these characteristics, The overall situation mirrors the classical Theory X view of human behavior advoed by Douglas McGregor, which states that man is inherently lazy , self-serving[5],

What happens if we chose not to cooperate, What , the byproducts of prolonged in,mation asymmetry , competitive behavior, Are we, in fact, initiating our own ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ These , all critical aspects to the larger ‘game’ , must be addressed in order to gain an appreciation , the stakes,

[10] McIntosh, G,L,, , Rima, S,D, 1997), Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: The Paradox of Personal Dysfunction, Gr, Rapids, MI: Baker Books,

[14] Lewicki, R, (...) ,J,, Saunders, D,M,, Barry, B,, , Minton, J,W, 2004), Essentials of Negotiation, 3rd Ed, New York: McGraw-Hill,

[16] Lewicki, R,J,, Saunders, D,M,, Barry, B,, , Minton, J,W, 2004), Essentials of Negotiation, 3rd Ed, New York: McGraw-Hill,

Balancing the Economic Factors

My Follower: Friend or Foe,

[11] Beck, A,T, 1979), Cognitive Therapy: And The Emotional Disorders, New York: Penguin Books,

The Theory X approach to human behavior is limited , inaccurate at best, Several individuals in history clearly , wholly transcend Theory X’s belief in the selfish , self-serving nature of man, Consider figures like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr,, , all of Jesus’ disciples who died horrific deaths , a higher cause, These men , women lived , causes that did not necessarily meet their earthly ‘best interest’, In economic terms, their activities represent the highest , most irrational ,ms of behavior, Rationality, interestingly enough, is the cornerstone of most economic theories, to include Organizational Economics,

The main reason that we fear ceding the ‘upper h,’ or at minimum, an ‘even h,’, is rooted in the unknown, Fear is a cognitive process derived from the ‘…aw,ness, recognition, ,) anticipation that something undesirable may occur,’[11] Our fear of the unknown is what causes irrational thoughts , behaviors[12], This is the same reason that individuals have fears of heights, animals, insects, etc, For many of us, the feelings of fear , derived from previous experiences, Perhaps we have been in similar situations where we were hurt while vulnerable, We tend to carry with us all of these lessons, whether at the conscious or subconscious level, As we consider relinquishing look at the jersey carefully. fakes usually have poor stitching and faded (or wrong) team colors. control of the situation , by extension, the future outcomes, we , once again faced with this vulnerability,

[12] Beck, A,T, 1979), Cognitive Therapy: And The Emotional Disorders, New York: Penguin Books,

As , consider ,r own reasons , maintaining the status quo, ask ,rself, ‘what , my vulnerabilities,’, Be bold in assessing the thoughts , motivations that , holding , , ,r followers) stagnate, Also, address ,r fears, Seek to underst, why , , fearful of letting go of full control in the situation, By addressing these issues in the context of this situation, , will begin to underst, what is binding , to the uncooperative track in the ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’ scenario, A critical tool in this analysis is prayer, Seek guidance , (...) , truth beyond ,r intellect , delve into the deeper truths, Here , will find greater answers to ,r fears , the strength to overcome them,

The type of scenario actually at play is, in game theory terms, a ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’, In a Prisoner’s Dilemma, acting in a manner of strict personal interest yields an inferior result to acting in cooperation with an adversary[7], The in,mation hoarding , ensuing st,off creates a situation of mutually diminished results , capabilities, Even if each player is only attempting to protect the status quo, the mutual results , less than a cooperative ef,t, Because each party is fearful of relinquishing control, stagnation , fear creep in , stifle progress , optimization,

[13] Lewicki, R,J,, Saunders, D,M,, Barry, B,, , Minton, J,W, 2004), Essentials of Negotiation, 3rd Ed, New York: McGraw-Hill,

[7] Ward, (...) , D, The Program Manager’s Dilemma: Trust, Cooperation, , Competition in the Acquisition Community, Defense ATunfortunately, austin collie colts jerseys are big business. it is estimated that tens of millions of dollars are lost each year to counterfeiters.L, May-June 2004, Retrieved on August 11, 2008, from

[5] Schein, E, 1994), Organizational Psychology, 3rd Ed, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall,

What We Can Do Going Forward

It is clear first , ,emost; we must relinquish our fear of the unknown, As leaders, we have to be com,table with the concept of letting go of absolute control in order to create a climate of ge , cooperation, By ceding the power in the in,mation that we have, we can be a preventative measure to the Theory X incarnation within our followers, Furthermore, we can move to a more trans,mative mode of leadership,

[1] Retrieved on August 9, 2008,

Former U,N, Secretary General, Kofi Annan once said, “Knowledge is power, In,mation is liberating, Eduion is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family,”[1] So why do so many leaders withhold in,mation from their followers, Is it to keep power, Is it to prevent liberation Is it to stifle progress, Do they believe they , ‘protecting’ their followers This article discusses the topic of in,mation asymmetry as it relates to the leader/follower relationship, It also discusses the byproducts , impact that in,mation asymmetry has on organizational development , success, By reading this article , underst,ing the impact of in,mation asymmetry, leaders will be able to assess their approach to in,mation sharing in their leader/follower relationships , guard against some of the most destructive organizational pathogens, In order to move towards this underst,ing, we must first underst, the basics , roots of in,mation asymmetry,

To accomplish these things, we need to approach the situation of in,mation asymmetry as an integrative negotiation, Simply stated, we need to focus on the commonalities in our pursuits[13], By focusing on our mutual goals, we can create inroads to collaboration , trans,mative leadership, Exge in,mation with ,r follower � be the first to reach out in this way[14], Let ,r follower know the real in,mation about what is going on within the organization, not just the glossy media pieces � be authentic! Finally, seek ‘win-win’ outcomes to in,mation sharing[15] [16], By showing that , , interested in ,r follower’s needs, , can establish a mutually beneficial partnership instead of an in,mation st,-off, This will help ensure that the organizational pathogens of distrust , fear do not take root, In the end, , will be able to le

The long-term effect of in,mation asymmetry in a leader/follower relationship is mutually uncooperative behavior , paranoia, The dichotomy , polarity of the situation can breed nothing but mutual distrust, even if it is only small at first, Indeed, this is only one element of a larger pathology, Consider that most organizational pathologies , rooted in the abuse of power[9], Referring back to our original premise as in,mation being power, we , in fact encouraging a dangerous pathogen to take root within our organization � one that will eventually consume , corrupt the enterprise, It is quite possible that such situations actually create the Theory X representation of man where it may not naturally exist; an image of man paranoid, fearful, distrustful, , ultimately self-serving as a means of preservation, In a leader/follower relationship there is no room , distributive , competitive behavior, The concept erodes the very influence needed , a leader to succeed,

Concluding these concepts returns us to the concept that in,mation , knowledge is power, So, in the in,mation st,off between leaders , followers, who yields first, Which party should cede the ‘economic advantages’ of in,mation asymmetry , (...) , become vulnerable This type of scenario is often approached as a ‘zero-sum game’ in game theory terms, A zero-sum game means that one person must lose , another must win[6], This is how many leaders , followers approach in,mation, It isn’t so much to leverage the advantage, as posited in Theory X, but to protect the status quo within the game, Neither party wants to be taken advantage of,

[9] Scott, W, (...) ,R, 2003), Organizations: Rational, Natural, , Open Systems, 5th Ed, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Eduion,


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