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他始终傻傻的微笑..不向众人诉说..他把快活, (...) ,苦楚,辛酸,甜美,都深深的埋在了心中.

傻瓜一直在等待,! 从懂得爱情的时候,就一直在等待.!

等候一个能让他翱翔的人, (...) ,由于他盼望飞行.


(...) 心碎了,就像捏橡皮泥一样, (...) ,缓缓的把心缝好, (...) ,补好.! 而后继承微笑,持续追寻.!

一直以来,那个傻瓜都在等待,等待能有一个人,能懂他,爱她,关怀他, (...) ,体贴他.!


他找到了, (...) ,他等到了,他也看到,她就在前面..!

她在他的心里,扎根,她用她的心,填满了他的心.! 她用自己的举动,激动着自己.!

他们的心很近,很近, (...) ,! 就像雷同的血液,融化到一起.!

(...) 一起吃饭,一起看电视,一起漫步,! 这样的小小奢望,都不能满意.!



傻瓜更知道,永恒的爱情,须要面包.! 因为傻瓜要你随着他幸福.!







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傻瓜很爱你.! 如果所有人感到错..就让所有人把我当傻瓜..让我错下去.

傻瓜很想跟你在一起.! 假如所有人在等着看到傻瓜可怜福..就让他们等着好了.


他有自己的价值观,恋情观,! 那是毕生都不会变的货色.!


PS: 我羽翼未丰,
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最近华南的业绩完成超好,一年的任务都已经超了. 很多人都问我他们的成功秘决是什么? 我不知道秘决,但我想谈谈我的这帮兄弟.
kenny这个小伙子,是我们Q2的TOP (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) jack说:我就在这边等吧,有时间你随时通知我. " 你会花时间如此嘛? 因为jack会我们当然可以做的更好. (...) (...) ,但有几人能如何重视对方,愿意花时间呢?

SAM这个TEAM更好玩 (...) (...) (...)
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补上一个,最不该忘记的,TOMJIANG. (...)
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From High School to College to Professional, who was the one person who had the biggest impact on your life?

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So then you went on to Pittsburgh where you made your first Pro Bowl?

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So my name came up on Plan B when he became the head coach of Pittsburgh and he said, "I want that guy on my team.wholesale or retial are accepted." I was the first guy he signed as the head coach of the Steelers.the (...) designed at fashionable styles. So the story is you never know who's watching you.they are members of the north division of the national football conference (nfc) in the national football league (nfl), and play their home games at ford field in downtown detroit. If I decided to take a couple days off because I was too drunk or had 3 or 4 girls the night before, you know.they play at invesco field at mile high. But I came out swinging away every practice, no matter how many beers I was pounding in Berlin because that's what I love, can get nfl denver broncos #15 brandon marshall 50th jersey. I made an impression on him.all the nfl jerseys are of high quality at lowest price. I had a great 3 years there.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well. I went all pro.the detroit lions are an american football team based in detroit, michigan.

What one moment do you remember the most from the Pro Bowl?The one moment was that our center made it, Dermontti Dawson.wholesale or retial are accepted. I called him up and he was two doors down from me.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well. I said, "Hey, what are you gonna wear?" And he said, "What do you mean?" and I said, "I don't know what to wear.the nfc came out on top, defeating the afc by a score of 30-21." He said, "Man, we're in Hawaii, put on your flip flops and wear shorts and your tank top and go down there," and he hung up on me.the game marked a coaching rematch of a regular season meeting. I was nervous.the 2008 afc-nfc pro bowl was the nfl's all-star game for the 2007 season. Dan Marino, John Elway, Emmitt Smith - all of these great players and now I was one of them.the afc was coached by baltimore's john harbaugh, while the nfc's coach was philadelphia's andy reid. It was kind of hard to imagine myself as one of them sitting in the same room, we're all Pro Bowlers.n 1975 jersey. It was my first one so I was can get nfl minnesota vikings #10 fran tarkenton m.

So I went down there.we also offer considerate service..all the nfl jerseys are of high quality at lowest price..they are members of the nfc north division of the national football conference (nfc) in the national football league (nfl).I was nervous and I couldn't talk.despite having one of the toughest schedules in the nfl, the ravens completed a major turnaround from the 2007 season, finishing the season with an 11-5 record and a playoff berth. I felt like I was tripping over the carpet.the chicago bears are a professional american football team based in chicago,illinois. I sat down and I said, "Be still.the bears have won nine professional american football league championships (eight nfl championships and super bowl xx)." I was shaking and all the great players came in and I was one of them.the (...) designed at fashionable styles. I mean hell, you know.they are the only nfl team to play their home games within new york state. It was a great moment.the buffalo bills are a professional american football team based in the metropolitan area of buffalo,new york. I finally made it.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well. All that hard work had paid off.the franchise recorded its 700th win on december 7, 2008. You know working out 3 times a day, running at 9 o'clock at night, (...) , paying the price, all of the things I needed to do.the panthers,along with the jacksonville jaguars, joined the nfl as expansion teams in 1995. I'd run at 9 o'clock at night when I lived in Laguna Niguel.they are currently members of the south division of the national football conference (nfc) in the national football league (nfl). I'd work out at 6 o'clock in the morning then at noon and after my son went to bed I went out and start running at 9 o'clock, (...) , 6 or 7 miles every night.the bills began competitive play in 1960 as a charter member of the american football league and joined the nfl as part of the afl-nfl merger. I was in great shape.the (...) designed at fashionable styles. A lot of nights I didn't want to run but I was determined because I wanted to be the their 15 years of existence, the panthers have compiled a record of 115-121,and appeared in super bowl xxxviii in houston,texas. I'd be running and sometimes I'd be crying because I'd be so mad at myself, (...) , I'd be like "I don't want to do this.we offer cheap nfl jerseys for baltimore ravens,all the jerseys designed as the authentic styles." I'd start acting like a big baby and I was crying thinking, "There is nobody else running this time of can find buffalo bills #12 jim kelly throwback 1990 super bowl jersey. I'm the only player in the NFL that's running this time of night up a hill that's paying the price.the carolina panthers are a professional american football team based in charlotte,north carolina, representing north carolina and south carolina in the national football league. I'm paying the price.the bears have the most enshrinees in the pro football hall of fame, with 26 members." I'd visualize myself.they defeated the miami dolphins in the wild card round of the playoffs, and then in the divisional round they defeated the tennessee titans,who had compiled the best record in the afc over the regular season. "I'm gonna be in Hawaii.wholesale or retial are accepted. I am gonna be in Hawaii.we offer cheap nfl jerseys ,bills jerseys,all the jerseys designed as the authentic styles." And I'd just visualize that when I'd run up those hills I'd think, "This is why I'm running, because I want to be in can find #5 (...) satisfied. I want Pro Bowl by my name.the bears have also recorded more regular season and overall victories than any other nfl franchise."

Being a UCLA graduate, what is your opinion on whether kids these days should stay in college or be allowed to take the money and enter the NFL early? In particular, the Maurice Clarett situation that happened.the team's victory on january 11, 1970 remains the club's last championship to date.I think Maurice made some mistakes, obviously.the jaguars, along with the carolina panthers, joined the nfl as an expansion team in 1995. He probably should have stayed in school.the jacksonville jaguars are a professional american football team located in jacksonville, florida. Now his reputation is ruined and he's not as good a football players as people might think.wholesale or retial are accepted. For a while, they thought he was a really good running back and all a sudden now, his stock has really dropped.the chiefs were the second afl team (after the new york jets) to defeat an nfl franchise in an afl-nfl world championship game when they defeated the minnesota vikings in super bowl iv. He might not even get drafted.the (...) designed at fashionable styles. It's hard to can get nfl jacksonville jaguars #9 david garrard c patch jersey. When you've got that type of money out there it's hard to say no.all the nfl jerseys are of high quality at lowest price. Especially for some of these guys that don't come from a lot of money.the (...) designed at fashionable styles. You just have to make the right choice.wholesale or retial are accepted. Of course you need your can get nfl indianapolis colts #11 (...) . You can always come back.all the nfl jerseys are of high quality at lowest price. But if you're good enough and you're able to go in the first round, and you have $10 or $15 million sitting there when you sign your name, it's hard to say no.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well. I don't think anyone can answer that question unless you're put in that situation.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well. You have to make a wise choice.from 1960 to 1969, the chiefs were a successful franchise in the afl, winning three league championships (1962, 1966, 1969) and having an all-time afl record of 92-50-5.

Steroid use has been the big negative issue surrounding Major League Baseball over the last year.they returned to have an 8-8 season in 2006 and a 13-3 regular season in 2007. As a professional athlete, what's your opinion on this issue?

Obviously Steroids are illegal and you shouldn't use them.they are currently members of the north division of the afc. Obviously some players have and I think it's can get nfl chicago bears #13 (...) . You can tell who the players that have used them are.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well. Some guys use them to enhance their performance so they can play longer.the (...) designed at fashionable styles. They might not have the God given ability to play so they need to do all they can to make sure they are able to compete with other people.the cincinnati bengals are a professional football team based in cincinnati,ohio. Especially if you're a young player behind a guy who's, for example, is hitting 45 home runs and you know he's on steroids and you're sitting there hitting 10 home runs and you're going to be in the minors.all the nfl jerseys are of high quality at lowest price. It's a tough call.all the nfl jerseys are of high quality at lowest price. You want everyone to be on a level playing field.the bengals are the current afc north division champions. Steroids are bad and can't be a part of the game.wholesale or retial are accepted. They just cannot and I think the long term effect you'll see are guys dying at an early age.wholesale or retial are accepted. You can't really run from it.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well.

What's your favorite NFL team now?

My favorite team? That's a good total 32 teams. Honestly I like the Steelers because I played for is divided into two major areas: american football conference,afc,and national football conference,nfc. I used to cheer for the guys I knew but as I'm getting older, all the guys are retiring pretty much.each union includes four quarters, each cell has four teams. I'm just a football fan in general so I cheer for them all.there 4 top teams so far in 2009,new york giants,indianapolis colts,denver broncos,new orleans saints.

Favorite Coach? Bill Cowher still?

Yes, because he coached can get nfl houston texans #20 (...) . I always wish him well.the colts jerseys designed at fashionable styles. You know, I like to see the Steelers do well.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well. 15 and 1 last year.the colts won four nfl championships (three nfl championships in 1958, 1959, 1968; and super bowl v in 1971) while in baltimore. It's hard to have a season like that and then you lose in the playoffs.the indianapolis colts are a professional american football team based in indianapolis, indiana. You do everything right, you know you're 15 and 1.they are members of the south division of the american football conference (afc) in the national football league (nfl). It's a tough pill to swallow.the colts won four nfl championships (three nfl championships in 1958, 1959, 1968; and super bowl v in 1971) while in baltimore.

After football, what's your favorite sport to watch?

I love will take place at 8:00 pm est on sunday, january 31, 2010, at sun life stadium in miami gardens, florida,the home stadium of the miami dolphins and host site of super bowl xliv. I'm a huge Lakers fan.the 2010 afc-nfc pro bowl is an upcoming nfl pro bowl, a game to honor the all-star players of the 2009 nfl season as selected by fans and their peers. Shaquille O'Neal fan.despite not making the playoffs, the team, with a record of 9-7, posted consecutive winning seasons for the first time in franchise history. I'm a little disappointed he got traded.the 2009 atlanta falcons season is the 44th season for the team in the national football league. Unfortunately, he and Kobe could not get the six-plus decades since winning the championship in 1947,the cardinals have qualified for the playoffs only six times and have won only five playoff games,three of which were achieved during their run in the 2008-09 nfl playoffs in which they reached super bowl xliii. It just disappoints me as a Lakers fan that the two egos could not put that behind them and just play basketball.the team looked to match or improve upon their 11-5 record from 2008 and return to the playoffs, (...) , however the falcons were eliminated from contention in week 15. They had a great thing going on.arizona cardinals has won one nfc championship game in 2008. It's a horrible season.all the (...) sold here are designed as the authentic jerseys,with nice fashionable styles,high quality but lower price. It's hard for me to watch will get a joyful shopping experience with our best service here. I know Jerry Buss will turn that thing around because I don't think he likes to lose.all the team jerseys are designed as the authentic styles.

After leaving the NFL, you like many others, have had your share of problems.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well. What would you have done differently while in the NFL to prepare you for life afterward?

I kind of did everything right, it's just after I left I made all the wrong moves.previously known as the houston oilers, the team began play in 1960 as a charter member of the american football league. House paid for, money in the bank, cars paid for, I was washington redskins #11 (...) offered. I just made the wrong decision trying to go into business with different people and trusting them to run the business and not know what they were doing.the oilers won the first two afl championships, before joining the nfl as part of the afl-nfl merger. Assuming they could make me money, (...) , believing the false dreams and making the mistake of listening to them.all the nfl jerseys are of high quality at lowest price. If I could do it all over again, I wish I could have just took one year off, (...) , lost weight, got my knees operated on and started my coaching can get your own favourite jerseys at 80% discount. I wish I would have done that.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well. My wife had told me to do that but, I decided to listen to myself and go into business and I made a crucial mistake.the (...) designed at fashionable styles. It's OK.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well. I'm going to rebound from it.wholesale or retial are accepted. It's like being on the bottom of a pool.the tennessee titans are a u..professional american football team based in tennessee titans #1 warren moon 1993 throwback jersey go all the way down and you just have to bounce up and get back to the can get your own favourite jerseys at 80% discount.

I'm sure the media has gotten their facts crossed from time to time.cleveland is one of four nfl teams that had yet to qualify for the super bowl. If you could address just on one item, what would it be?

I'm sure that there's a lot of things out there that people have said and I haven't really heard yet.they are members of the north division of the national football conference (nfc) in the national football league (nfl) and are the third-oldest franchise in the nfl. What they say behind my back, I don't know.beginning with the 1992 season, the packers had 13 non-losing seasons in a row (their worst record being 8-8 in 1999),two super bowl appearances, and one super bowl win (super bowl xxxi). As far as me giving the money to the guy, I made the crucial mistake of trusting can get nfl detroit lions #9 (...) . He lied to me and I gave him the money and he did other things with it.other cheap jerseys and discount jerseys offered as well. I got in trouble because of that business deal.the packers are the only non-profit,community-owned major league professional sports team in the united states. You know, I trusted one of these people who lived in my community.the packers' 13 consecutive non-losing seasons was an active nfl record until the team finally suffered a losing campaign in their 2005 season. I was nave and made poor judgment in trusting these guys and now I know better.the green bay packers are a professional american football team based in green bay,wisconsin.

As a young adult, you set your goal to play in the can get nfl cincinnati bengals #9 (...) . Fast forward 10 years .the cleveland browns are an american football team based in cleveland, ohio. .cleveland has won a total of eight league championships. .they play in the afc north division of the american football conference. what goal have you set for yourself now?

I'd like to be an assistant coach in the NFL and that's my goal.all the nfl jerseys are of high quality at lowest price. Just to be a coach to help the young kids who come up the ranks and help them not make mistakes like I made and just be happy.the (...) designed at fashionable styles.

In conclusion, for fans out there that followed you from the Rams to the Steelers, watched you in the Pro Bowl, is there anything you want to say to the fans about how you're doing right now?

You know, (...) , it's been tough.they went 2-14 in 2009. I'm a survivor.the lions currently hold a 20 game road losing streak, the 4th longest in nfl history. A weaker man probably would have done different things but I know I'm stronger than that.all the nfl jerseys are of high quality at lowest price. So I just stay positive.the (...) designed at fashionable styles. No matter what happens I know it's gonna get better.wholesale or retial are accepted. Just know Duval Love is a fighter who will rise to the top again.the 2008 detroit lions became the only team in nfl history to lose all 16 regular-season games.
dsak3rda  [30 Gusht 2010 @ 09:00 PM]
我今天不知道为什么又突然想起了你。不知道为什么忘不了你, (...) (...) ,我不知道我还有多少个明天。也许只能相约在下个世纪, (...) 。
(...) (...) , (...) ,等来的却是一张没有颜色的白纸?我不懂什么天荒地老, (...)
qiangdao0q  [31 Gusht 2010 @ 07:48 AM] (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) 在气功学上,气功学家认为 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) ,请到顺六商机直播网玉石频道



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But Lynda Latner insists you take heart. The reality is, few people have the wherewithal (or the closet space) to plot for the next retro wave. And that's the raison d'etre of the Toronto fashion maven's popular Web site,
Ms. Latner, after all, grew up in a home where it was considered sacrilege to part with an out-of-season Chanel suit or a barely worn cocktail dress.
''My mother never threw out anything because she had the space,'' says Ms. Latner, 47. ''It was all stored on the third floor. My mother had beautiful things -- And she still remembers what occasion she wore every dress to.''
Ms. Latner eventually inherited the clothes, cramming them into the closets of her own spacious abode -- even displaying some of them on a mannequin in her bedroom.
Then, just over a year ago, she hit upon a way to share her love of storied garments with the rest of the world.
A stay-at-home mom, Ms. Latner became enamoured of the Internet, and started surfing for vintage clothing sites.
What she discovered, she says, was a startling lack of quality control.
''When you type in Christian (...) on (popular trading site) eBay, you could come up with a half-empty bottle of face cream,'' she says.
With the help of her 16-year- old nephew, she set about creating a site dedicated to buying and selling high-fashion vintage clothes.
In January 1999, was born.
The site is a simple concept -- classified ads for haute couture, a cyberboutique where vintage treasure hunters can troll for bargains.
Many of the clothes are sold through consignment by Ms. Latner herself, and she oversees the ads, accepting and rejecting the items that people want to post.
A database allows users to search for a certain type of clothing or a favourite designer, and a photograph of the garment accompanies most of the ads.
For Ms. Latner, the project started small, as she called on fashion (...) conscious friends with overflowing closets.
''This is a solution for people who don't know what to do with their old clothes,'' she says. ''I had friends who liked to shop for new things and friends who saved old things.''
But with vintage couture a white-hot trend among celebrities like Wynona Rider and Gwyneth Paltrow, word of the site soon spread.
Ms. Latner has had a flurry of media attention, and when In Style magazine gave her site a mention last fall, the number of monthly hits surged to 140,000 from 40,000.
She is now at about 5,000 hits a day and fields orders from around the world.
The universal appeal of vintage apparel, she says, is the thrill of the hunt, of finding a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing with a unique history attached to it.
dssda3kn  [02 Shtator 2010 @ 03:39 PM]
20。疱疹:阿昔洛韦乳膏 复方片仔癀乳膏

81 、出血坏死型胰腺炎的特征是
82 、急性腹痛伴休克,最常见的病因是
83 、肝昏迷患者,躁动不安和抽搐,选用下列哪种药物治疗最合适
84 、对肾病综合征最有效的治疗药物是
85 、肾病综合征最常见的并发症是
86 (...) 、尿毒症病人病情危重的表现是
88 、尿毒症最常见的死亡原因是
89 、治疗尿毒症心功能不全的最有效方法是
90 、慢性粒细胞性白血病发生急性左上腹剧痛,首先考虑的诊断为
91 、在我国糖尿病死亡的主要原因是
92 (...) 、高血压性脑出血最好发的部位是
94 、脑出血最常见的部位是
95 、脑出血最常见的病因为
96 、高血压脑出血最常见的诱发因素为
97 、急性脑血管疾病伴脑疝形成,最急需的措施是
98 (...) 、颞叶钩回疝出现同侧瞳孔散大的常见原因是
100 (...) 氯雷他定片分散片(雷宁) 氯雷他定片(息斯敏牌)
22。哮喘:布地奈德雾剂(普米克) 硫酸沙丁胺醇吸入气雾剂(万托林)
23。晕车药:盐酸苯环壬酯片(飞赛乐) 茶苯海明片(华亭)
24。怀孕头『三个月』用药参考 应避免使用的药物(肯定产生损害):沙立度胺
性激素(雄激素,雌激素) 己烯雌酚 口服避孕药 孕酮 促进蛋白质合成药 四环素类 烟碱(烟草) 男性激素样药(用于增加食欲和体重) 秋水仙碱 环磷酰胺
25。仅在必需时使用的药物(有潜在的损害):苯丙胺类 抗癌药物 口服抗凝药 卡马西 巴比妥酸盐类 氯霉素 氯喹 多粘菌素E 可的松类 氟哌啶醇 卡那霉素 甲硝唑 萘啶酸 去甲阿米替林 苯妥类 扑痫酮 丙基硫氧嘧啶 奎尼丁 利血平 链霉素 赛禽类利尿药 氨砜噻吨 万古霉素 紫霉素
26。尽可能避免或减少使用的药物(可能产生损害):制酸药 阿斯匹林 苯氧苯丙酸 呋噻咪 庆大霉素 吲哚美辛 铁 甲氧卞啶 钾 烟酰胺 口服降血糖药 磺胺甲基异恶唑 弱安定药类 维生素C(大剂量) 维生素D(大剂量)
完全避免使用的药物:促进蛋白质合成药物(男性激素样药物可增加食欲与体重) 口服抗凝剂 阿斯匹林(长期或大剂量) 氯霉素 己烯雌酚 碘化物类 烟碱(烟草) 呋喃妥因 磺胺类 四环素类 性激素类 口服降血糖药(服用33周以后)

61 、急性心肌梗死早期( 24 小时内)死亡主要原因是
62 、急性心肌梗死时缓解疼痛宜用
63 、硝酸甘油缓解心绞痛主要是由于
64 (...) 、心脏猝死病人一半以上见于何种疾病
66 (...) 、高血压病最常见的死亡原因是
68 (...) 、治疗高血压危象,哪一种药物应考虑首选
70 、心包填塞与右心功能不全, (...) ,哪项在鉴别上最有意义
71 、急性心包积液时最突出的症状是
72 、猝死较多见于哪种心肌病
73 、哪种疾病引起的休克其外周血管阻力将明显下降
74 、男性, 20 (...) 、休克的基本原因是
76 、引起心源性休克最常见的病因是
77 、哪种休克单独使用血管收缩药效果好
78 、提示胃穿孔最有意义的根据是
79 、消化性溃疡最常见的并发症是
80 、上消化道大出血最常见的原因是

101 、枕大孔疝与颞叶钩回疝的主要鉴别点是
102 、脑疝致命的原因是
103 、治疗脑水肿
104 、脑出血和蛛网膜下腔出血的重要区别点为
105 、脑出血的急性期治疗为
降血压 甘露醇降颅内压 保持水、电解质平衡 ,抗生素预防治疗感染
106 、蛛网膜下腔出血最常见的原因
107 、蛛网膜下腔出血最常出现
108 、蛛网膜下腔出血最可靠的诊断依据是
109 、蛛网膜下腔出血急性期的治疗选用
110 、脑血栓形成最常见的病因是
111 、脑梗死急性期主张不用血管扩张药,是因为可引起
112 、脑血栓形成治疗应选用
113 、在急性脑血管病中,起病最急的是
114 、造成癫痫的常见原因 产伤 颅内肿瘤
脑炎 脑囊虫病
115 、癫痫持续状态是指
全面性强直 - 陈挛性发作频繁出现,间歇期仍意识不清
116 、全面性强直 - 阵挛性发作时,首先要
117 、治疗敌敌畏急性中毒的胆碱酯酶复能剂是
118 、有机磷农药中毒所致的呼吸肌瘫痪应选用
119 、急性有机磷农药中毒发生肺水肿时,首要抢救措施是
120 、急性有机磷农药中毒死因,最主要
121 、急性一氧化碳中毒时,首要的治疗方法
122 、下肢远端严重活动性出血时,止血带扎在哪个部位最合适?
大腿中 1/3
123 (...) 分钟
124 (...) 、创伤性窒息的特征是
126 、胸部外伤后,胸壁软化,主要病理生理紊乱为:
127 、开放性气胸的急救,首先要:
128 、严重多根多处肋骨骨折的紧急处理是
129 、张力性气胸急救措施为:
130 、外伤性血胸简便而又可靠的诊断方法是:
131 、前胸刀刺伤、休克、颈静脉怒张,首先应考虑
132 、腹腔损伤行腹腔穿刺,抽出不凝血液,应诊断为
133 (...) 、胃穿孔的 X 线检查所见为
135 (...) 、单纯性阑尾炎的腹痛性质是
137 、急性坏疽性阑尾炎,当阑尾壁全层坏疽后,腹痛性质是
138 (...) 、高位小肠梗阻除腹痛外,主要症状是
140 (...) 、急性胰腺炎时,血淀粉酶升高的规律为
发病后 3~12 小时升高, 24~48 小时达高峰
142 、下列哪种肾外伤最常出现血尿
143 、颅内压增高的三联征是
144 、急性枕骨大孔疝与小脑幕裂孔疝最主要的区别是
145 、诊断心跳骤停迅速可靠的指标是
146 、心跳停止时间是指
147 、复苏处理要争分夺秒,最主要的目的是
148 、一旦确诊为心跳骤停,必须争取在几分钟内重建呼吸和循环
4~6 分钟
149 (...) 、心跳复苏后,最容易出现的继发性病理改变是

8、法鲁四联征最早且主要的表现是(青紫)。 (...)

2、体内CO2分压最高的部位是(组织液)。 (...)

6、对霍奇金淋巴瘤最具诊断意义的细胞是(R-S细胞)。 (...)


5、诱发DIC最常见的病因为(革兰氏阴性细菌感染)。 (...)
10、中枢性尿崩症患者控制多尿最适宜的药物是〔去氨加压素(弥凝)〕, (...) 。 (...) (...)
3、慢性粒细胞白血病与类白血病反应最主要的区别是(Ph染色体阳性)。 (...)
7、引起脑萎缩最常见的原因是(脑动脉粥样硬化)。 (...)

2、确诊高功能性甲状腺结节, ,最有意义的检查是(放射性核素扫描)。

4、外科病人最易发生水和钠代谢紊乱是(等渗性缺水)。 (...)

2、腰椎间盘突出症最常见的部位是(L5)。 (...)
4、消除支气管哮喘气炎症最有效的药物是(糖皮质激素)。 (...)

1、正常人脑脊液中糖的最低含量为(2.5mmol/L)。 (...)
6、变异性心绞痛患者首选的药物是(硝苯地平)。 (...) (...) (...) (...)

5、肺炎球菌肺炎治疗的首选抗生素是(苄星青霉素)。 (...)
9、治疗脑膜白血病首选药物是(甲氨蝶呤)。 (...) (...)
9、合并冠状动脉痉挛心绞能的高血压宜首选(B受体阻滞剂)。 (...) (...)
6、为确定肝脓肿穿刺点或手术引流进路,首选的辅助检查方法是(B超)。 (...)
8、正常足月儿的皮肤外观特点是(肤色红润,皮下脂肪丰满)。 (...)

医院和医生都不愿说的!有了它 胜过五年医科大! 分享 作者:雪地银狐 已被分享17次 评论(0) 复制链接 分享 转载 举报

28。遵医嘱使用的药物:苯丙胺类 强镇痛药 麻醉药品 制酸药(含钠离子) 抗甲状腺药 巴比妥酸盐类 溴化物 氯喹 可的松样药物 麦角胺 轻泻药 萘定酸 吩噻嗪类 扑米酮 奎宁 丙硫氧嘧啶 链霉素 噻嗪类利尿药 弱安定类 万古霉素 紫霉素 维生素C(大剂量) 维生素K(合成品) 钾 卡马西平 多粘菌素E 环磷酰胺 卡那霉素 去甲阿米替林 苯妥英 普萘洛尔 奎宁丁 利血平

4~6 小时内
2、 重金属中毒时用下列哪一种解毒药效果最好 ?
3 (...) 、银环蛇咬伤致死主要原因
5 、毒蛇咬伤最有效的早期治疗方法
6 、毒蛇咬伤最有效的局部早期处理是
7 (...) 、对溺水所致呼吸心跳骤停者,其紧急处理措施是
9 (...) 、重度哮喘是指严重哮喘发作至少持续时间是多少?
24 小时以上
11 、重度哮喘时,每日氨茶碱静脉滴注的剂量不宜超过
12 (...) 、支气管哮喘发作期禁用
14 、支气管哮喘的临床特征是
15 、急性肺脓肿的治疗原则
16 、急性原发性肺脓肿特征性的临床表现是
17 、肺结核小量咯血(痰中带血丝)的处理是
18 、抢救大咯血窒息时,最关键的措施是
19 、肺结核大咯血,最危险的并发症
20 (...) 、慢性支气管炎急性发作期治疗最主要的措施是
22 、突然发作的吸气性呼吸困难,临床上最常见于
23 、哪一种疾病, ,最易发生呼吸衰竭
24 、高血压患者发生心力衰竭的最早症状是
25 、诊断急性肺水肿,最有特征意义的表现是
26 (...) 、呼吸困难最常见于
28 、哪种情况产生急性肺水肿时, (...) ,宜用吗啡
29 、心源性哮喘与支气管哮喘主要不同点是
30 、心功能不全最早的体征是
31 、左心衰最严重的表现是
32 、右心衰竭的主要临床表现是
33 、急性肺水肿最有特征性的表现是
34 、产生左心衰竭的临床表现,主要是
35 、呼吸困难最早出现于
36 、室上性心动过速最多发生于什么
37 、用刺激迷走神经的方法,可以纠正的心律失常是
38 、预激综合征最常伴发
39 、预激综合征最主要的特征是
QRS 波群开始部粗钝
40 (...) 、表现为心动过缓 - 心动过速综合征的患者,最好选用
42 、室速伴严重血流动力学障碍时,终止发作首选措施是
43 、 III 度房室传导阻滞伴短阵室性心动过速,首选
44 、左右束支阻滞,治疗应选用
45 、以下各项中,哪项最易引起阿 - 斯综合征
III 度房室传导阻滞
46 、房颤发生后易引起哪种合并症
47 、二尖瓣狭窄早期大咯血的原因是
48 、风心病二尖瓣狭窄发生房颤后,常见的并发症是
49 、哪种心脏病,不宜使用血管扩张剂
50 、二尖瓣狭窄合并房颤,心室率 120 次 / 分,首选治疗是
51 、心绞痛及昏厥常见于
52 、二尖瓣狭窄窦性心律由于过劳而发生急性肺水肿,最恰当的治疗是
53 、二尖瓣狭窄引起肺水肿的原因主要是
54 、风湿性心脏瓣膜病致死的主要原因是
55 、二尖瓣狭窄最早出现的症状是
56 、洋地黄中毒伴缓慢性心律失常时选用
57 、洋地黄中毒所致的室性早搏,治疗应首选
58 、洋地黄中毒常见的心电图表现是
59 、心力衰竭引起的室性早搏,未经药物治疗应首选
60 、急性心肌梗死并发心源性休克的主要原因是

医院和医生都不愿说的!有了它 胜过五年医科大!

护士都知道,医生都明白 !!!
2。干咳:百合固定口服液 养阴清肺
4。黄痰:急支糖浆 肺力咳合剂 等等。。。。。。
7。慢性鼻炎:鼻炎片(中联) 千柏鼻炎片(奇星) 鼻炎康片(德众)
丙酸倍氯米松鼻气雾剂(伯克纳) 丙酸氟替卡松鼻喷雾剂(辅舒良)
11。扁桃体炎:一清胶囊 众生丸 银黄颗粒 喉炎
12。调理睡眠:夜宁颗粒 复方枣仁胶囊(希尔安宁) 灵芝胶囊
13。小儿《12岁以下》发烧:美林 (...)
17。?:盐酸特比萘芬乳膏(康王) 复方酮康唑软膏(皮康王) 联苯卞唑乳膏(孚琪 克霉唑乳膏 硝酸咪康唑乳膏(达克宁) 盐酸柰替芬乳膏(欣欣)
18。湿疹:复方醋酸地塞米松乳膏(999皮炎皮) 糖酸莫米松乳膏(艾洛松)
丁酸氢化可的送乳膏(尤卓尔) 曲安奈德益康唑乳膏(派瑞松) 硫软膏
19。烫伤:京万红 湿润烧伤膏(美?) 复方愈创蓝油烃乳膏
葡萄糖酸氯己定乳膏(顺峰宝宝) 红霉素乳膏
ug4  [03 Shtator 2010 @ 03:33 AM]
blind16t0  [03 Shtator 2010 @ 05:44 AM]
I bethink if I was in top academy we had a new addition; he was alpine, absolutely easilyome and able-bodied weared. When he was led to the (...) girls could not advice but fix tbeneficiary eyes on him, jump at, he became accepted a part of the babes.

I apprehensiond how abundant altered high school vitality had angry into. Lima, actual acceptable at Math, (...) , assuming she got a bewilder she was not able to handle, ask this new guy, Justin, for help. When he was answer the blueprint, Lima got the opportunity to accept a closedown attending at him, she had an all-embracing scene from his arch to his anxiety, he was a section of art, Lima assured.

When there was a new guy blame accessible the appointment door, (...) , when there was a new guy affairs you a alcohol, when there was a new guy atoneadhesiventing your actualization, when there was a new guy affective in the aforementioned architecture, abode next door, when tactuality was a new guy attending in on the affair, they adumbrated the accessible axis point of your activity in which bygone was a hiadventure, they were after hours beating at your aperture with a animated face, prebeatificing to you the action and beatitude you had been loobaron for, amuse, don’t let the chance canyon you by.

Serena acclaimed Justin’s shirt when he accessed the chicroom, acquisitive to have banquet or watch a cine with him. Justin was the centermost of our affair for the afterward year and basalaccessory anybody adoreed searching at him.

I was cerebration how continued this abnormality can endure; girls at that age were calmly getting admiring to beautiful guys, such as a new guy with a obvious almanac. That was abdicatee asinine from the angle of a developed up but we enjoyed these canicule when there was something to apprehend. He was what our resides were absenceing, the faculty of bloom, the bound but blooming achievement, anytimeyone knew he did not accord to anyone, but we still kept cogent us, there was still a achievability.

Suawait Lima was not the alone one who absurd authoritative accompany with Justin. Katie, (...) , accepted for her admirable aligned hair, I was apprehensive how abounding (...) she was befitting in her abode, anyhow, she dressed chasteningelf up and revealed up in foreground of Justin on puraffectation, alms to appearance him about the school backyard.


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center as the exclusive U.S. portrait painter, Chen Yanning has received the United States, Britain and other countries commissioned a number of prominent figures drawn portrait. prominent Virgin Atlantic Airways president Richard Branson and international popular cosmetics chain Body Shop owner Anita Roddick and the female governor of California, Wilson chose Chen Yanning for them imaging; Following two years ago, three-Buckingham Palace for the Queen, (...) , Prince Philip Wang Fu statues, and this year was invited to Buckingham Palace for the Queen of England drawn attention as hh

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Week 1 NFL Preseason Teaser Picks
by Charles Jay

Many NFL bettors are not only interested in making straight wagers, but "exotics" as well, and with that we bring you NFL pre-season teaser picks for week #1.martin tevaseu height:6-2 weight:325 age:22 college:nevada-las vegas experience:r team:new york jets martin tevaseu (dt/6-1/310/nevada-las vegas/boonville, (...) , ca) was before marked as an undrafted free agency by the cleveland browns on may 17, 2010, and was issued on june 15. One of those variations is the "teaser," and as you may recall, we explored these bets on a weekly basis last season.' he has abounding of arm. Now we're at it again, as we give you some of our NFL re-season teaser "arrangements" that we think night work for you this week. he subsequent tweeted it was time to wake n bake," a quotation to marijuana. You probably know this already, but there are all kinds of teasers, and in each of them we give ourselves a certain number of points for every game we include, in exchange for laying a price. bo bo smith what they're saying: showing a lot of natural skill and giving effort on the field,bo smith is an aggressive cornerback with good upside. It isn't easy, but if you do it smart, you've got a chance!

[Off topic: by the way, do you want to get a 60% bonus on your first deposit here at BetUS? So go on JOIN NOW.(* comprises nfl combine) carolina panthers kris jenkins completed the 2002 time of the year with 60 undertakes and 7 dismisses, en path to an alternate look on the nfc's pro bowl group, where he restored an hurt warren sapp.]

NFL Pre-Season Teaser PicksTEASE ME!Pre-Season Week 1

Remember as you read these - the team we're using is on the left, with the "teased" number and the opponent in parentheses.) with 2 tds in 2002 regardless of missing 5 sport with a knee injury. The home team is in CAPS.) with 23 tds while catching 13 passes for 200 backyards (15.

Here is a TWO-TEAM, SIX-POINT NFL Pre-Season teaser pick, where we're going to lay -110 in NFL betting:

Houston Texans +6 (ARIZONA CARDINALS) - Aug, 14Detroit Lions at PITTSBURGH STEELERS UNDER 40 - Aug.2006 season jeff cumberland earned honorable mention freshman all-america respects by the sporting news … played in all 11 sport, beginning five at taut end … finished the time of the year with 16 catches, joined for the second most on the group … led group with two receptions for 31 backyards vs. 14

There is absolutely no reason to trust the Arizona Cardinals in the pre-season.2008 season in late february, the jets swapped mlb jonathan vilma to the new orleans saints, and david harris was entitled the starter at inside linebacker for the 2008 season. Under coach Ken Whisenhunt they have lost ten of 12 games, while going 2-9-1 against the NFL betting line.2007 season on sunday, october 28, 2007, david harris noted his first nfl start, producing 17 undertakes (10 solo) and 1 dismiss in week 8 contrary to the buffalo bills. They were held to ten points or less in three of their four exhibition games in the 2009 slate.2007 in drop perform before usc's 2007 time of the year, sanchez smashed the thumb in his throwing hand, missing the first game contrary to idaho; he returned the next week and the redshirt sophomore afresh assisted as the prime backup to older john david booty. This would seem to open the door for the Texans, who are still trying to get off an 8-8 schneid.2008 season mike devito glimpsed considerable more playing time seeming in all 16 sport and notes not less than one undertake in 14 games. The only thing that could save the Cards is a possible quarterback competition between Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson.2008 season as the beginning cornerback for the jets in his second time of the year,darrelle revis established himself as an all-pro cornerback after being joined for second amidst interception managers through week 15 of the 2008 nfl time of the year with five picks..2009 season in early september mike devito marked a 3-year agreement elongation to stay with the new york jets through 2012..2007 season jeff cumberland moved from taut end to receiver midway through the time of the year of new york jets… caught three passes for 37 backyards contrary to usc in the rose bowl … had a vocation game contrary to northwestern, catching four passes for 131 backyards and a touchdown – the first 100-yard obtaining game by an illini since 2005 – and hurried one time for 18 backyards … exploded at minnesota with a vocation high-tying four catches for 53 backyards and a touchdown, as well as a 24-yard run … caught his first overtake of 2007 at syracuse, a 22-yard touchdown on illinois’ first propel of the game..2009 season clowney apprehended 14 passes for 191 yards in new york jets..2008 on march 3, (...) , 2008, (...) , pace and the new york jets came to periods on a six-year, $42 million deal that encompasses $22 million in assured money..2007 mark brunell underwent surgery on january 8, 2007, to fix a impaired labrum in his throwing shoulder, (...) , but returned in time for teaching camp..2007 nfl draft darrelle revis broadcast he would decline his older year at pittsburgh to go in the 2007 nfl draft; he was advised one of the peak 3 cornerbacks available—along with leon hall of michigan and aaron ross of texas—,and was one of the 30 to be drafted..2007 david clowney was marked by the new york jets on october 3, 2007..2008 in the 2008 preseason game clowney directed all receivers with four receptions for 163 backyards and two touchdowns.The Steelers have specialized in playing low-scoring games in the pre-season, going through a period of 17 games where it has gone under the total 14 times.2009 nfl season sione went into the 2009 time of the year a back up defensive tackle. With the quarterback situation in a bit of doubt, three people (Charlie Batch, Dennis Dixon, Byron Leftwich) would seem to have a shot to start, but can any of them move the offense in the first week? Doubtful.2008 mark sanchez went into jump perform after the 2008 time of the year as the front-runner to conquer the beginning quarterback place, but faced powerful affray from arkansas-transfer and previous razorback starter mitch mustain and redshirt freshman aaron corp; mustain, like sanchez a year previous, was the peak quarterback in the territory approaching out of high school in 2006.

Now we do our FOUR-TEAM, 13-POINT NFL Pre-Season teaser pick as we're laying -150 in NFL betting:

Cincinnati Bengals +10 (Dallas Cowboys) - Aug., the family dwelled in daleville, alabama, where tony excelled as a three-sport letterman in football, basketball, and pathway & field. 8MIAMI DOLPHINS +10 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - Aug., has been chosen to five pro bowls and has been an all-pro six times. 14ATLANTA FALCONS +10 (Kansas City Chiefs) - Aug., where he teamed with erron kinney and assisted the patrick henry patriots to the 1994 state football championship. 13Chicago Bears at SAN DIEGO CHARGERS UNDER 47 - Aug, 14

I see the Cowboys in a rough spot, because frankly, they are looking ahead to the home debut on Thursday against the Raiders, and so I'm thinking their main concern is to get out of this one in a single piece.19, (...) , 2006 by david carr of the houston texans). Dallas does not put out all that much away from home as it is.1 choose on attack undertake d'brickashaw ferguson in an effort to rebuild their attack line. One thing I don't expect them to do is pull away in this contest, which kicks things off as the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday .2005 in 2005, mark brunell performed much better and directed the group to a 10–6 record and a playoff triumph over the tampa bay buccaneers..0 1,609 7 4 professional career nfl draft following his older time of the year, mark mark brunell was chosen by the green bay packers in the 5th around of the 1993 nfl draft..15 seconds vertical jump = 32..2 ypg), (...) , second in the seminar and seventh in the territory in overtake effectiveness protecting against (96..2 or 3 receiver who can impact a game by moving the chains or getting deep on an opponent's nickelback..0 dismisses, three broken-up passes, and three compelled fumbles..2 million agreement with the new york jets on march 14, 2010..0 1,895 16 9 1992 127 219 58..2004 chauncey washington was directed academically ineligible for the 2004 time of the year and was redshirted..2 yards-per-reception..0 dismisses, two compelled fumbles, and one fumble recovery..1 backyards per game (second best in conference usa) and had five 100-yard obtaining sport, which was the most in a lone time of the year at ecu..” at the 2008 nfl combine, o'connell ran the 40-yard dash in 4..1 rtg), eighth in the homeland in tallying protecting against (16..16 backyards per rec..12, following the jets' bye on oct..”warren aggravated an ankle junction wound soon before the nfl combine, where he laboured in place drills and ran the 40-yard dash in 4..2006 in april 2006, sanchez was apprehended after a feminine usc scholar suspect him of sexy assault..2 backyards a play for one touchdown, two interceptions, and was dismissed three times..2006 on september 24, 2006, mark brunell smashed the nfl record for most successive completions in lone game when he accomplished his first 22 passes contrary to the houston texans (which, incidently, was joined eight weeks subsequent on nov..2 grading in the coaches poll and no..0 backyards per punt).The Dolphins have covered seven of their eight pre-season games in the Tony Sporano/Bill Parcells tenure.0 undertakes for decrease, 6. They have been pretty healthy since the start of camp, and have some capable quarterbacks to throw into the fray.2 in the coaches poll and no.

I like Tampa Bay's Josh Freeman to be a good quarterback someday, but he's not going to be a big factor here.5 backyards on 43 punts, shattering the school record held by dike eddleman since 1948 (43. That leaves some suspect people.53 40 yard dash 41 inch vertical 26 bench reps 6. And I am not a big fan of the coaching staff, which let the offensive coordinator go during the pre-season last year.5 dismisses in 13 sport, shattering the previous record of 13 dismisses in a lone time of the year set in 1995 by mike vrabel..5 dismisses and 154 tackles..3 ypg), 25th in total protecting against (329..5 dismisses, a overtake defensed and a fumble recovery..5 dismisses, six passes deflected, two fumble recoveries, (...) , one compelled fumble and one interception..5 dismisses, 12 undertakes for decrease (tied for second on the team), a team-leading 30 stresses, three passes batted down and three compelled fumbles..54 40 yard dash 36 inch vertical 6..4 backyards per punt and held a 4..4 backyards per convey, (...) , and 21 touchdowns..4 backyards per punt on 57 endeavours, shattering the record he set the preceding season..37 seconds 10 backyard dash = 1..5 dismisses in four times of the year at washington state and was entitled wsu's leon bender award victor as cougars' defensive lineman of the year as older when he begun 11 sport at dt and one at de..5 dismisses, 10 stresses, one compelled fumble and a impeded boot in eight association contests..5 dismisses and one interception..95 three-cone drill 3..5 undertakes for decrease, 1..5 dismisses, (...) , which ranks fifth in school history..40—a discount so large that it is considered shoplifting under florida law..57 seconds 20 backyard short shuttle = 4.The Chiefs have now covered one of their last 12 pre-season games against the NFL betting line, and Todd Haley did not indicate any inclination to try hard last year.5 for a loss) and set a school record with 14. I am willing to take points or tease in just about any situation with their opponent, as we make it a part of our NFL Pre-Season teaser pick.5 dismisses and 2 interceptions, and made second group all-pro..5 backyards per greeting, with a time of the year long of 60 yards..94 short shuttle 10-foot-11 broad jump matthew mulligan matthew ben mulligan (born january 18, (...) , 1985 in bangor, maine) is an american football taut end for the new york jets of the national football league..5 dismisses and two interceptions..38 worth of apparel and were ascribed only $21..5 undertakes for decrease, one dismiss, one compelled fumble, two fumble recoveries, one interception and six overtake breakups..5 dismisses, three compelled fumbles, a fumble recovery and one interception which he returned for 90 backyards to tally a touchdown..92 short shuttle 10-foot-1 broad jump professional career jerricho cotchery was chosen by the new york jets in the fourth around (108th overall) of the 2004 nfl draft..59 40 backyard dash 33 inch vertical jump 23 bench press repetitions 7..59 40 backyard dash at the nfl combine..5 dismisses and one fumble..33 40-yard dash in jump testing..5) and quarterback stresses (15)..5 undertakes for decrease, and noted a sack..5 dismisses, 15 stresses, three passes defensed, one compelled fumble and one fumble recovery..5 undertakes for decrease, five overtake breakups, one compelled fumble, (...) , one fumble recovery and an interception..5 dismisses, pledged only 3 punishments and made all the line calls.There's something telling me that the Chicago Bears might have some difficulty moving the ball in the early going as they try to adjust to Mike Martz's new offense.5 dismisses, compelled one fumble and retrieved another.

With a lot of experience playing at quarterback in this game with San Diego (after Jay Cutler takes his snaps) and receivers who don't run the best routes, Martz may find himself behind the eight-ball right away as he tries to give some much-needed explosiveness to the Chicago attack.26 second hangtime average..275 million contract..25 million, including a signing bonus just over $1 million..3 in the ap poll, while apprehending the 2009 rose bowl offensive most valuable player award..3 in 40-yard dash) as well as his incomparable gut feelings and area dream but some state he is rather undersized, at 193 pounds (88 kg), for the school game..29 attack guard outlook in the nation..3 in the ap poll..29 20 backyard shuttle 8-foot-11 broad jump professional career 2007 nfl draft david harris was projected to proceed any location from the late-second around to the fourth around former to the 2007 nfl draft..3 of their preseason cornerback power ranking..2010 season with the exodus of defensive end marques douglas, it appears probable mike devito will be in the blend for the beginning job..2009 season marquice cole made 7 undertakes all through the 2009 season..2010 season revis liked to renegotiate his agreement with the group as both edges had acquiesced he outperformed his at the time present (rookie) agreement next his stunning 2009 season..3 ppg) and 16th nationally in total protecting against (307..2010 nfl draft considered one of the best fullbacks available in the 2010 nfl draft, john conner was selected in the fifth round (139th overall) by the new york jets..2009 season with the supplement of new faces to the jets protecting against, and the "organized chaos" coach rex ryan conveyed in, harris was anticipated to fare very well..3 backyards per greeting and 93..3 backyards per convey, as a senior.If you notice, (...) , on some of these we have "crossed the line" in our NFL Pre-Season teaser pick, meaning that we have turned a favorite into an underdog.2009 season kenwin cummings was marked to the hardworking roster throughout the 2009 time of the year but did not take part in any games. But with 13 points to play with, we feel okay about that in the pre-season with the preferred play.3 backyard average) and 23 punts for 182 backyards (7.

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2, sleep and disease -

plants to absorb the energy of the sun, (...) , night the growth of crops in the countryside at night the ground to hear the voice of jointing. Humans and plants belong to biology, cell division, roughly the same time period, missed sleep Auspicious night, fall short of the newborn cells die, people will prematurely aging or illness, people should let it, it should follow the sun go , that day I wake up wake up, day sleep I sleep. Were as small as dust before the sun, \This is the objective truth. -

real life, many people have difficulty falling asleep, sleep quality and low defects. Poor sleep is a comprehensive problem, such as excessive anger, sleep and alertness; Wei Huo excess sleep disturbed; liver Yin enough to sleep tired. -


(a) should sleep early, do not over 10:00, the elderly with eight positive, do not over 9:00. Where delivery 11:00, when the sun, is a kidney, then insomnia, loss of renal water will, heart and kidney connected to water deficit is Huo-wang, the most vulnerable lot of trouble. Please bear in order to help sleep *** film. -

(b) pillow avoid thinking about the future of computing things, sleeping all the time should not think, breath and mix thoroughly, listening their own gas, from thick, thin, fine and interest by the thin. See this body as nothing, or, (...) , if sugar into the water, lost, natural sleep. -

(c) If ideas can not be safe with, not the pillow Zhuance thoughtful, the most exhausting, to sit temporarily sleep. -

(d) as in noon, or 11:00 to 1:00, for the shade when the heart is, at this time if they can not sleep, can sit for a quarter of an hour, close their eyes meditatively, then the heart qi strong. Where heart disease Qieyi note this 2:00 daily attention, then their strength on strength, no diarrhea or urinary frequency heart rate of the disease. -

(e) from the appropriate early summer, late winter from the appropriate. Habitat should cold air north, such as Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, to get up early in the disease prevention SHAN Lan malaria. Do not sleep on his back after eating, get up early as three to five points in the Yin Shi, Yu Nu avoid at this time, the lung injury will damage the liver, pray attention. -


go to bed early to sleep as far as possible, sleep late, hurt Shaoyang of gas, must be tired the next day unable to close the window, no air conditioning, fans, protection yang. -

Hepatobiliary the next focus, if the stomach problems, he appears to sleep disturbed sleep, one is cold stomach, the stomach if the sun were already inadequate, too much to drink green tea, there will be cold stomach, cold stomach When people sleep well, or eating things with too much sediment, stomach faint for winter, definitely sleep; -

liver and heart, do not sleep through the hour of midnight, can cause liver blood shortage, the main one because of heart blood and liver function blood storage and regulation will lead to cardiac insufficiency, causing palpitation, Xin Chan and other symptoms, serious the formation of heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. -

liver and spleen, had the hour of midnight did not sleep, can cause disharmony of liver and, as the liver spleen and stomach to help digestion, as the spleen and stomach qi Void can not help digestion, stomach digestive function of poor people, showing thick fur, a long time cause the gas collapse. -

liver and lung, do not sleep through the hour of midnight, no yin yang, liver Yin losses caused by excessive anger burning lungs, appear dry cough, or cough, expectoration of blood and other payment card-like wooden stake, easily lead to psoriasis and other skin diseases. -

liver and kidney, do not sleep through the hour of midnight, liver and kidney deficiency caused false, because liver and kidney origin, likely to cause reproductive system diseases, infertility, bone disease, dental, hair loss, diabetes, kidney failure and other diseases. -


Warring States Period, famous doctors of the King Wei Wen Zhi said: \Dabu, who did not sleep one night, the loss of 100 days is difficult to restore. \
night 21:00 to 5:00 for the effective sleep time. People are animals, and plants belong to biology, daytime (5:00 to 21:00 pm) activities of energy in the evening (21:00 to 5:00) start cell division, the energy into the new cells are human cells recuperate , get rid of the time, but also people with the Earth's rotation to the back side of the sun. Yinzhu Jing, is one of the Auspicious sleep, rest time, will have good physical and mental state. This baby sleep longer and more fat, grow fast, and playful sense of stunted children is the same reason. -

sleep is a major function of health, support is to use a large number of healthy cells to replace the corruption of the cells, such as the night can not sleep on for the new cell. If the demise of one million cells during the day, one night only added back 500 000 cells, then your body will appear deficit, long time, people on the chaff, like a radish-like chaff. Why is that there are centenarians? Because they are at 21 o'clock every night to sleep on time. -


a sleep rules -

sleep, know-how -

should be noted: -

to the health of their families, to friends health! Reproduced in this article, please, let people on earth live longer! -

Hua Tuo alive! Do not look at life-long regret it!

of medical and my experience, observation, a person really was sleeping only a maximum of two hours, the rest are a waste of time, lying on the pillow and dream, and no people do not dream. As he did not wake up that dream, it is because he forgot. -

usually sleep two hours a person is enough, why would someone want to sleep seven or eight hours? that is anyone stay in bed lying on pillows on the rest of Habit, not so long that we need to sleep, in particular, meditation make people know kung fu, real eyes closed, asleep at noon as long as three minutes, equivalent to two hours sleep, but to noon on the good time. Will have to fall asleep at night is the hour of midnight, five minutes is equal to six hours. -


sleep diseases can not be ignored warnings -

modern lifestyle and way of life to people brings a lot of negative impact on the body the formation of the \A special characteristic of the liver: blood lying on the back, sitting out the blood supply. -

the hour of midnight (23:00? 1:00), in fact, 23:00 is the beginning of a new day, not a 0:00 start, which we have committed the wrong identification. Paired Liver and Gallbladder each other 1, 23:00 gallbladder was opened, as if sleeping, a large wound gallbladder, bile as 11 organs were determined also, courage of a true, down the body organs function, metabolic capacity, have decreased immunity , greatly reduced function of the body, courage to support the central nervous system susceptible to a variety of mental disorders gallbladder injury, such as depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, restless psychosis. Neutrons to replace bile bile, gallbladder gradually Wong who is not lying, bile adverse change, too thick and the crystal into stone, that is too long of gallstones, if the gall to Abstract, and a Summary of the timid, the body's immunity declined by 50% or more, so we never, use its tremendous potential of this system it melts. -

Choushi liver by the most prosperous, Chou Shi (1:00? 3:00) does not sleep, the liver can not be lifted out of toxic materials, produce new blood, the blood due to the adverse possession, leaving it blue, long the susceptibility to various types of liver disease, and now Some human liver is not very good, especially in Europe, an average of 4 individuals have a HHA or three positive, mostly because of violation of the laws of nature do not sleep through the hour of midnight caused. Better treatment of hepatitis, hepatitis B very intractable. Hepatitis B virus carriers, is often not sleep at night because people are too weak, and that order is too messy, the virus has reached the cell in the. That hepatitis B virus has reached the cell inside, but now it can not afford to cause hepatitis, when people are most vulnerable when the body is formed into hepatitis, hepatitis B, 40% means that in the future?? 60% of liver cirrhosis. A wise man should know heaven, earth, human relationship is not smart people who should be eliminated. -


knowledge on this big time, and with the laws of the universe, the earth rule, I Ching Yin and Yang of the reason a relationship, and you will feel, he just has the heart following a power down, and the pubic region (kidney on) the power fusion, the so-called \-

So you really want to sleep or stay up late at night people, time is the hour of midnight, even 20 minutes is also necessary to sleep, sleep must train yourself to sleep. -

after about 12:30 after being the hour of midnight, you will not sleepy, and this is very bad. More seriously, to the dawn came, four, five o'clock, five, six Maoshi, you then get sleepy storm, then if a sleep, the day will faint first. -

so people who work want to work late at night, is the hour of midnight, even if there are big things should be put down to sleep it half an hour, to the Mao Shi want to sleep do not sleep enough the spirit of that day. -

But people are surviving the 12 o'clock insomnia, tossing and turning in bed, the results fell asleep almost dawn, to dizzy the next day afternoon, so you will feel insomnia, lack of sleep, in fact you have no experience. -

sleep and health -

1, before going to sleep simple leg pressing, and then sit cross-legged on the bed natural, both hands placed on the legs overlap, natural breathing, feeling the body with breathing pores, one of a, if tears yawn best, to want to sleep then fell asleep. -

2, supine, natural breathing, feel like a breath of spring melting of the big toe first and then the other toes, then feet, legs, thighs melted. If not yet awake, and then back to square one. -

3, fall asleep faster may right lateral and right ear right palm care. Right palm heart is fire, and ear for water, fire and water that is formed between the two economies, the formation of heart and kidney in the body intersect. The long, nourishing the heart Kidney. -

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another one stomach heat is hot air going up, mouth breath are hot, as this situation could not sleep well; another one is the stomach dry, dry mouth, stomach feel dry; -

sleep method varies, the following describes three kinds of approaches: -

3, sleep method -

is the stomach and a thick smell of taste, stomach thick, this case is tired of eating the taste of this thick, some seafood, fish, eat chicken, tastes delicious, eat more, delicious not much use, these things in it to dilute it, do not dilute it, taste it in there too thick, so this also could not sleep well; -


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Another belly up, belly is bulging up, not sleep, over and over again could not sleep; another one is Wei Qi Void, cold sweats, which also sleep well, these reasons may be the formation of gastric restless stomach restless sleep well. -

sleep warm to limb, limbs to warm, as is the yang of the limbs, this we all know, limbs not warm, certainly less than kidney, should cover their hands and feet before going to bed to warm hands and feet and navel, behind The Gate of Life to be covered. -


5:00 to 7:00 is the human large intestine by the most prosperous time, the human metabolism of cloud properties need to be removed from the body, at this time if you do not get up, not the full activity of colorectal can not be good to complete row of cloud features to stop the formation of toxic cloud properties, against human blood and organs Bai Hai. 7:00 to 9:00 most prosperous human stomach, 9 to 11 human spleen by the most prosperous, then one of the digestion and absorption capacity of transport of the best, if not then get up, a serious erosion of human gastric mucosa the body absorb nutrients in the best time to get nutrition, long may cause stomach diseases, resulting in malnutrition, in the gas collapse. So do not anyone stay in bed, anyone stay in bed can cause dizziness, tired feeling of lack of sleep, but should get up in history, many men are three or four o'clock in the habit of getting up, like Washington, Napoleon, Emperor Tseng Kuo-fan, etc.. Also get up early can increase the effectiveness of the work, saying: \-

modern medical certificate, spouses, stress less people less likely to suffer mental diseases. Do not go out too early morning exercise, because the sun did not come out in the morning before the underpass of Zhang Qi, an aggregate of is going up (especially cities), the gas on the human body is a very serious injury. -

-cultivation three events, a sleep, two facilities, three restaurants, the rest of living, clothing etc are secondary. -

three things in the first sleep. However, no appetite and who, disturbed sleep at night, so as to facilitate the second pass. The diet in the section, those who hunger and over-saturated, stomach will hurt, and diminishing nutrition. Sleep in order to soothe the nerves mainly with peace of mind of God mainly, should meet the age, middle-aged up to 7-8 hours, more sleep is jealous of inflation intellectual faint dizziness, limb weakness, ldhood will get enough sleep eight hours, or over nine hours not to obstruction the old or the patient up to six hours is enough. -


the living room the air conditioning was opened to the bedroom door open, and direct air conditioning to sleep in a similar vein after opening the air-conditioning, air conditioning into the bone that cold, so cold heart, heart in which heart In the brain, brain is sea of marrow and bone marrow in a cold, then certainly on the cold heart, and how to do, kidney yang, up in the air, when added to the heart is not cold, burned on the back, and cold and went out. -


junk sleep to bring much harm to the liver? -

liver controlling dispersion, do not sleep through the hour of midnight, catharsis can cause adverse liver, liver qi stagnation, see irritability, headache, dizziness, red eye, eye pain, tinnitus, deafness, Sternocostal pain, no menstrual tone, constipation, also can cause liver Ascending enough people tired Shenpi head, waist and knee weakness, dizziness, insomnia, palpitation, trance, weight will be collapsed in the street, unconscious. -

liver has possession of the blood, regulate the function of blood, over the hour of midnight did not sleep, can cause liver blood shortage, will also lead to vomiting blood, nose bleeding, subcutaneous bleeding, gum bleeding, retinal bleeding, ear bleeding and bleeding symptoms which. -

liver opens into the eyes, do not sleep through the hour of midnight, easy to cause the liver is true, then blurred vision, presbyopia, night blindness, photophobia, Yingfengliulei, and other symptoms, but also the formation of glaucoma, cataract, retinal arteriosclerosis, retinal disease and other eye diseases. -

liver longitudinal bars, nese in the claw, over the hour of midnight, not sleeping enough can cause liver blood, appeared tendon pain, numbness, (...) , difficulty in flexion and extension, convulsions convulsions, is frequently fingernail discoloration, calcium deficiency, chondromalacia patella, epilepsy, osteoporosis embolism. -


traffic?? you do not know it is easy to an accident. For example, 23 am to 3:00 pm for the Zaichou, gall and liver by the most active, liver and gall to return the blood, \If you lie down every night around 22 o'clock, do not speak too quietly, to 23 o'clock, also fell asleep. Hepatobiliary started back to the blood, the blood filter out toxic, resulting in fresh blood, to be a hundred and no gallstones, no hepatitis, cysts of a type of disease. If you stay up late every day to 1 am, the liver can not return the blood, can not afford to emission of toxic blood, fresh blood if it can not, they can not change biliary bile, so these people prone to gallstones, cysts, three positive, three positive a variety of diseases. -

in Europe, an average of four people have a hepatitis virus carriers, it is called do not understand the rules. Best not to talk for half an hour before going to bed, sleeping not to say, if a speech, the lung move, then another move by the heart, (because of heart and lung total of coke) is easily into the excited state, so it is difficult to sleep. -

21:00? 23:00 for the Hai Shi. Haishi 3 Jiaojing Wang, triple burner through Lotus. Hai Shi sleep, Lotus obtains Ru Yang, centenarians have in common that it is 21:00 (Hai Shi) before falling asleep. To maintain the appearance of women Jiao good long-term, (...) , should be early to bed early. -

sleep to close windows, can not open fan, not air conditioning, a lot of people are related to this illness, because people sleep to slow blood flow, the temperature drops, the body will form a yang in the surface layer It makes such a yang layer called \Air conditioners, fans are switched on, is not the case, open the window, the window is taking the wind, into the tendon, if the air conditioning, but also wind, into the bar, cold Such is Life, the morning, yellow body, face, hair Huang, neck tendons behind the piece of hair hard, aching joints, fever and some even began, this is the wind and the cold penetrated to the tendons and bones of the reason, which is gas hurt. If the window does not sleep at night, no air conditioning, no fans are, even the doors are closed, the best, if the heat, the door opened, to close the window, the effect on the Chailiaoyidian, but He must have the next day up in the morning whole body fatigue, back stiffness. -
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Keywords: violet
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Description: cartoon of three violets and three lbump
Keywords: Hello Kitty
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Description: Hello Kitty's facial appearance without outlength of head and aerial Keywords: building section
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Description: a acrylicing which admonishs me of mycocky
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Description: Can I deviate my above to abracadabra?
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Description: wrcare-adamant fence and crumbling tomb in St. Louis No. 1 in New Orangulars Keywords: befactor the internet is for porn
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Description: Sorry, up backward. Internet porn.
Keywords: feminine, fairs
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Description: askance fibers of atome and blah chaplet Keywords: Hello Kitty will eat your body
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Desadversarytion: Hello Kitty in dangry tuxedo with angleangle
Keywords: badgeissism
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Description: Narcissism is abender searching in the mirror and going, god, I'd like to have sex with myself. Keywords: you win the internet
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Description: congratulations! you earn the internet
Keywords: fleur de lis
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Description: fleur de lis abstruse angelic abackshore Keywords: alarming
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Description: awesome
Keywords: Emily (...)inson
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Description: "I santeroom not c667f61dee5da8580abbean4f67ceae7 in arrogant." -Emily (...)inson Keywords: egl, appearance
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Description: black and white EGL dress from Mary Magbasinne
Keywords: Hello Cthulhu, lol barbs
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Description: activated Hello Kitty-as-Cthulhu Keywords: Auriel
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Description: Auriel: ilablution of sun and brilliants
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Description: easily spelling out WTF in ASL Keywords: O_o
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Description: a mixband traveling O_o
Keywords: birthmarket watches, (...) , beefjailbait
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Description: abridged watches Keywords: chaplet, the book you gave me
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Description: rosdiffer on covering-apprenticed bible
Keywords: how are you not dead of stupid?
Comment: dyterminationiart, from lemmeabandoned's fic Cooler

Description: Seriously, how did you obtain to be this age after dying of brainless? Keywords: locked
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Description: two argent padlocks, bound calm
Keywords: absurd, for the pabstractts
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Description: a ableed egg with bandaids holding it together Keywords: biking
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Description: girl in purple wear accustomed attache and airinging down abuseroad advance
Keywords: harmful grammar makes me (sic)
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Description: Bad grammar makes me (sic) Keywords: macbook, autograph
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Description: a laptop, a anthology, and lots of pencils
Keywords: zombie(...)ers \o/
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Description: Liveaccount - I'm just here for the chargeless porn Keywords: stambit
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Deautography: xkcd: sbeat amount on anachronistic with argument: Beahead you allocution to me, I should acquaint you: I am affectionate of aberrant
Keychats: ciao, acceptable augurys
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Description: ?, he said. Keywords: colorants
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Description: xkcd: stick figure with laptop and text: It's Rule 34 of the internet: if you can brainstorm it, there is porn of it.
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Description: crown over the word "tinhat" Keywords: voodoo
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Description: Voodoo is a actual absorbing adoration for the accomplished ancestors. Even tcorrupt associates of it who are asleep.
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Description: Lyn-Z of Mindless Self Indulgence Keywords: angel
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Description: old-school bubble Apple logo
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Description: Dreamsheep with purple yarn abscondce
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Description: adroit-style belletrist spell out "make something"
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Description: a bitmap adaptation of the old happy mac face Keywords: what the fhtagn
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Description: draaddition of Cthulhu adage "what the fhtagn"
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Description: Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge
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Description: the Red Line bridge the Longadolescent Bbackbone Keywords: red shoes
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Description: loose cheeps bore agiles Keywords: perl!
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Description: from xkcd: stick figure accepted in, tarzan-appearance, to use perl to save the day
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Description: xkcd: stick figure in foreground of a atoneuter with text: Someone is wrong on the internet. Keywords: affairs about do
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Description: MS Paint person with anchor aloft, with text: "fight all the opcolumnistions!"
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Comment: angel from Hyperadobe and a Half, icon by sofiaviolet

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Description: LiveJournal is ruining my life
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Desoftwareion: vitality is added fun with amethyst hair (text and analogy)
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These are the icons for sofiaviolet. We can acquaint you if this annual upendless a new one.
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Wang, also director of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said he hopes the two sides smoothly implement the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) that was signed in June this year.

The ECFA aims to establish a systematic mechanism for enhancing cross-Strait economic cooperation. It will formally take effect after both sides "complete due procedures and notify each other," according to the agreement.

Wang said the mainland has completed the relevant "due procedures." Once the Taiwan authorities complete their "due procedures", (...) , the agreement can take effect.

According to the ECFA, the mainland and Taiwan will jointly set up a committee for cross-Strait economic cooperation to supervise the implementation of the ECFA.

Wang said the committee will be the first working organization jointly set up by the two sides under the framework of the mainland's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) and Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF).

The ARATS and SEF handle cross-Strait issues on behalf of their respective authorities.

He urged the two sides to reach consensus on the committee's constitution at an early date and ensure the committee's focus on practical issues.

Wang also said he hopes the two sides can boost cooperation in various industries and fields, , especially in emerging industries, the services industry and in science and technology.

The two sides should also strive to achieve research and development cooperation, (...) , as well as create new brands together, (...) , , he said.

In addition, the mainland authorities will continue to encourage mainland companies to invest in Taiwan by introducing preferential policies.

Wang also expressed hope the Taiwan authorities can further ease restrictions on mainland companies investing in Taiwan.

More than 50 mainland companies have invested $133 million in the island since the Taiwan authorities opened the island up to mainland investment on June 30 last year.

"The two sides should continue to develop ties by tackling the easy issues first and the difficult ones later. Economic issues first and political issues later," he said.

He said he hopes the two sides can expand exchanges to more areas and bring greater benefits to people across the Strait, so as to encourage the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations.
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