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1 世界上什么人一下子变老?


2 一颗心值多少钱?


3 台风天气要带多少钱才能出门?

(...) 要考试了,不能看什么书?


5 如果明天就是世界末日,为什么今天就有人想自杀?


6 提问:布和纸怕什么?



7 提问:铅笔姓什么?



8 提问:麒麟到了北极会变成什么?



9 提问:从1到9哪个数字最勤劳,哪个数字最懒惰?



10 提问:怎样使麻雀安静下来?



11 提问:历史上哪个人跑的最快?



12 提问:30-50哪个数字比熊的大便厉害!



13 提问:猪圈里的猪跑出来怎么办?



14 提问:又出来怎么办?



15 9月28是孔子诞辰,那么10月28日是什么日子?

答案: 孔子满月

16 狼来了(猜水果)?

答案:杨桃 (羊逃)

17 蒋公(蒋介石)如果还在世的话世界会怎样?

答案: 多一个人...

18 这两块冰下有鲤鱼(四字成语)?

答案: 彬彬有礼(冰冰有鲤)

19 豆腐为什么能打伤人?


20 一辆客车发生了事故,所有的人都受伤了,为什么小明却没事?

答案: 因为他不在车上

21 有个地方能进不能出,请问这是什么地方?

答案: 坟墓

22 鸡鹅百米赛跑,鸡比鹅跑得快,为什么却后到终点站?

答案: 鸡跑错了方向

23 上课铃声东响了,却没有一个同学在教室里,怎么回事?

答案: 上的是体育课

24 玲玲没学过算术,老师却夸她的数学是数一数二的,为什么?

答案: 从一数到二

25 当哥伦布一只脚迈上新大陆后,紧接着做什么?

答案: 迈另一只脚

26 有人说吃鱼可避免患近视眼,为什么?


27 什么东西嘴里没有舌头

答案: 茶壶嘴

28 什么样的官不能发号施令,还得老向别人陪笑?

答案: 新朗官

29 一名警察见了小偷拔腿就跑,为什么?


30 (...) 青蛙为什么能比树跳得高?


32 你跟猪站在一起,猜一种动物


33 (...) 什么花不能摸


35 用什么可以解开所有的谜?

答案: 答案

3 6 什么时候,时代广场的大钟会响13下?


37 在古时侯,什么人没当爸爸就先当公公了?


38 什么时候有人敲门,你绝不会说请进?


39 (...) 为什么大家都喜欢坐着看电影?


41 废除早自习会造成什么影响?


42 请龟兔赛跑,请猪来当裁判,请问龟兔谁会赢?

答案: 不能说!说的人是猪…

43 (...) (...) 为什么飞机飞这么高都不会撞到星星呢?


46 (...) 谁是万兽之王?●动物园园长

2 什么样的人死后还会出现?●电影中的人

3 什么帽不能戴?●螺帽

4 书店里买不到什么书?●遗书

5 大象的左耳朵像什么?●右耳朵

6 什么水永远用不完?●泪水

7 什么东西有五个头,但人不觉得它怪呢?●手,脚

8 家人问医生病人的情况, ,医生只举起5个手指, 家人就哭了,是什么原因呢? ●三长两短

9 把一只鸡和一只鹅同时放在冰山上,为什么鸡死了鹅没死?●鹅是企鹅

10 什么英文字母让人们喜欢听而且听的人最多?●CD

11 人的长寿秘诀是什么?●保持呼吸,不要断气

12 什么东西愈生气,它便愈大?●脾气

13 一年四季都盛开的花是什么花?●塑料花

14 嫦娥为什么喜欢住在月球上?●嫦蛾爱吃兔肉

15 什么地方的路最窄?●冤家路窄

16 死前放屁又叫什么?●绝响

17 什么时候有人敲门,你绝不会说请进?●在厕所里

18 世界上最小的岛是什么?●马路上的安全岛

19 当地球爆炸时,什么地方最安全? ●地狱

20 (...)

21 太平洋的中间是什么?●是平字

22 什么字全世界通用?●阿拉伯数字 

23 (...)

24 两对父子去买帽子,为什么只买了三顶?●爷爷、爸爸和儿子

25 铁锤锤鸡蛋为什么锤不破?●锤当然不会破了 (...) (...)

26 一个人被老虎穷追不舍,突然前面有一条大河, 他不会游泳,但他却过去了,为什么?●昏过去了

27 世界拳击冠军却很容易被什么击倒? ●瞌睡

28 有一位女士离婚数次打一四字成语?●前公(功)尽气(弃)

29 口吃的人做什么事最亏?●打长途电话

30 当哥伦布一只脚迈上新大陆后,紧接着做什么?●迈上另一只脚

31"Kiss"是动词,形容词还是名词? ●连词

32 (...)

33 男人在一起喝酒,为什么非划拳不可?●敬酒不吃吃罚酒

34 把8分成两半,是多少?●0

35 什么时候太阳会从西边出来? ●发誓的时候

36 有个刚生下的婴儿, (...) ●可能,他们是三胞胎

37 早晨醒来,每个人都要做的第一件事是什么?●睁开眼睛

38 (...) 这是兽医院

39 冬天里,不通过加热,如何才能把冰立刻变成水?●把冰的两点去掉

40 一只饿猫从一只胖老鼠身旁走过, (...)

41 为什么孔雀向东南飞而不向西北飞?●因为西北有高墙

42 (...)

43 (...)

44 (...)

45 (...)

46 什么事天不知地知,你不知我知?● 鞋底破了

47 (...)

48 什么蛋打不烂,煮不熟,更不能吃? ●考试得的零蛋"0"

49 用椰子和西瓜打头哪一个比较痛?●头比较痛

50 孔子与孟子有何不同?●孔子的子在左边。孟子的子在上边 (...) (...)

51 借什么可以不还?●借光

52 进动物园看到的第一个动物是什么?●售票员

53 放大镜不能放大的东西是什么?●角度

54 什么东西倒立后会增加一半? ●6

55 你只要叫它的名字就会把它破坏,它是什么?●沉默

56 什么东西经常会来,但却从没真正来过? ●明天

57 (...)

58 怎样才能用蓝笔写出红字来?●写个"红"字

59 汽车在右转弯时,哪一条轮胎不转?●备用轮胎

60 (...)

61 人在什么情况下会七窍生烟? ●火葬

62 狐狸精最擅长迷惑男人,那么什么"精"男女一起迷?● 酒精

63 一对健康的夫妇,为什么会生出没有眼睛的婴儿?● 鸡生蛋

64 为什么两只老虎打架,非要拼个你死我活才罢休? ●没有人敢劝架

65 (...) ●没有真心爱她

66 你能做,我能做,大家都能做;一个人能做,两个人不能一起做。这是做什么?●做梦

67 黑鸡厉害还是白鸡厉害, ,为什么? ●黑鸡,黑鸡会生白蛋,白鸡不会生黑蛋

68 三更半夜回家才发现忘记带钥匙,家里又没有其他人在,这时你最大的愿望是什么? ● 门忘锁了

69 黑头发有什么好处?●不怕晒黑

70 如果明天就是世界末日,为什么今天就有人想自杀?●去天堂占位子

71 经理不会做饭,可有一道菜特别拿手,是什么?●炒鱿鱼

72 什么酒不能喝? ●碘酒

73 为什么一瓶标明剧毒的药对人却无害?●只要你不去喝它

74 打什么东西,不必花力气?●打瞌睡

75 有一种东西,买的人知道,卖的人也知道,只有用的人不知道,是什么东西?●棺材 (...) (...)

76 有人说,女人象一本书,那么胖女人象什么书?●合订本

77 被鳄鱼咬和被鲨鱼咬后的感觉有什么不同?●没有人知道

78 一头牛, (...) (...)

80 离婚的主要起因是什么?●结婚

81 9个橙分给13个小朋友,怎么分才公平?●榨成汁

82 放一支铅笔在地上,要使任何人都无法跨过,怎么做?●放在墙边

83 为什么自由女神像老站在纽约港? ●她不能坐

84 青蛙为什么能跳得比树高?●树不会跳

85 (...)

86 为了怕身材走样,结婚后不生孩子的美女怎么称呼? ●绝代佳人

87 黑人为什么喜欢吃白色巧克力?●怕吃到自己的手指

88 什么人始终不敢洗澡● 泥人

89 为什么大部份佛教徒都在北半球?●南"无"阿弥陀佛

90 偷什么东西不犯法?●偷笑

91 你知道现代的科学家一般都出生在哪吗?●医院里


93 冬瓜、黄瓜、西瓜、南瓜都能吃,什么瓜不能吃?●傻瓜

94 (...)

95 老王一天要刮四五十次脸,脸上却仍有胡子。这是什么原因?●老王是个理发师

96 有一个字,人人见了都会念错。这是什么字?●这是"错"字

97 什么车子寸步难行? ●风车

98 小明从不念书却得了模范生,为什么●小明是聋哑学生

99 一个盒子有几个边?●两个边。里边和外边

100 哪一个月有二十八天? ●每个月都有28天
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  宁阳县残疾人就业培训基地主要负责人柏和平介绍, (...) ,基地实行免费培训,并多方面对残疾人创业进行扶持, (...) (...) (...) ,经济效益和社会效益明显。

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(...) 。后来,她渐渐感到,他们之间好像缺些什么,这份不安一直让她有种淡淡的失落。 是什么呢?她不明白。只是两人通话结束时,女孩总感觉自己的再见才说了一半, 那边叭的一声挂线。每当那时,她总感到刺耳的声音在空气中凝结成冰,划过自己 (...)


一天, 女孩又想起最初的男孩, ,心中涌起一份感动:那位听完她再见的傻男孩, 。 这种感动让她慢慢拿起电话。男孩的声音依旧质朴,波澜不惊。女孩竟无语凝噎,慌忙 中说了再见……

这回女孩没有收线,一股莫名的情绪让她静静聆听电话那端的沉寂。 不知过了多久,男孩的声音传了过来,你为什么不挂电话?

女孩的嗓音涩涩的, ,为什么要我先挂呢? (...)

所以我宁愿把这份失落留给自己, ,只要你开心就好。

(...)             我永远等着你
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PITTSBURGH - Sometime early in a new player's career, (...) , he'll be pulled aside and instructed about the way the Pittsburgh Steelers do business.martin tevaseu height:6-2 weight:325 age:22 college:nevada-las vegas experience:r team:new york jets martin tevaseu (dt/6-1/310/nevada-las vegas/boonville, ca) was before marked as an undrafted free agency by the cleveland browns on may 17, 2010, (...) , and was issued on june 15.

It won't be the traditional welcome-to-the-NFL talk from coach Mike Tomlin, (...) , or a stay-out-of-trouble warning from team president Art Rooney II.) with 23 tds while catching 13 passes for 200 backyards (15. Rather, (...) , a long-established player such as Hines Ward, (...) , James Farrior, (...) , Ben Roethlisberger or Aaron Smith will deliver a message that is subtle but easily understood.) with 2 tds in 2002 regardless of missing 5 sport with a knee injury.

The words of wisdom go something like this: In Pittsburgh, (...) , the goal is to win the Super Bowl, (...) , and not necessarily one or two of them. he subsequent tweeted it was time to wake n bake," a quotation to marijuana. And there is no other goal.(* comprises nfl combine) carolina panthers kris jenkins completed the 2002 time of the year with 60 undertakes and 7 dismisses, en path to an alternate look on the nfc's pro bowl group, where he restored an hurt warren sapp. It's the goal this season, and it will be the goal next season.' he has abounding of arm. Pro Bowls, (...) , All-Pro teams, (...) , rookie of the year awards come with winning, (...) , but they never trump winning. bo bo smith what they're saying: showing a lot of natural skill and giving effort on the field, (...) ,bo smith is an aggressive cornerback with good upside.

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好像最近朋友们都很忙,十一给谁打电话都有事, 就有某些人在家闲的很呀,还要去爬山说句实话我真怀疑你可以爬上去不? 嘿嘿, (...) , 。。。 (...) (...)

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政商互动 民资造城
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  漂漂今年24岁,想尽快结婚,可小伙子为了事业, (...) ,漂漂电话不接,短信不回,晚上聊天也不搭理小伙子。
(...) (...) ,小伙子一步迎上前,把花送到漂漂面前。最终,漂漂接过鲜花, ,说要和小伙子上楼谈谈。
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指间的香烟在慢慢的燃烧 烟在整个房间飘荡 , (...) 翻开一篇篇无聊的日志 刻下了自己的甜蜜与辛酸
在照片中发现了自己 原来还是如此一般

人原来不能停下 停下就意味着怀念
兄弟、朋友、情人 不停的在脑海中闪现

打开音乐 耳边响起了别安的声音
记得第一次听到光辉岁月的时候 我还不满10岁
天天在屋后的土山上偷挖红薯 在厂里藏铜摸铁
与邻居家的孩子爬地上打小人牌 输了便在对方的口袋里丢爆竹
还有那坐我前面的女同学 也许当她回想时会说
“就是因为我后面那男同学天天拉我头发, (...) ,害我现在的发质一直都好差”

当天真不在 “劣行”流逝
恰青春已往 红颜憔悴

匆匆的青春, , (...) ,正在我稚嫩的脸上一点点的消失

香烟就这样, (...) ,再一次燃烧,整个房间里
――烟, (...) ,又在飘荡
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Super Bowl pivot props: TD or pick?
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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck certainly hasn’t taken the NFL by storm like his counterpart on the Pittsburgh Steelers.2 in the coaches poll and no.

Now in his seventh year, the 6-foot-4 pivot out of Boston College is definitely underrated when you consider the type of season he’s having.0 undertakes for decrease, 6.

During the regular season, Hasselbeck had the fourth-best QB rating in the league at 98.) with 2 tds in 2002 regardless of missing 5 sport with a knee injury.2.) with 23 tds while catching 13 passes for 200 backyards (15. Since December 11, that number has not gone below 100., (...) , has been chosen to five pro bowls and has been an all-pro six times. He also had one of the best completion percentages at 65., (...) , where he teamed with erron kinney and assisted the patrick henry patriots to the 1994 state football championship.5 (5th overall) and the fourth-most TDs at 24., the family dwelled in daleville, alabama, (...) , where tony excelled as a three-sport letterman in football, basketball, and pathway & field.

Just as importantly, (...) , Hasselbeck has rarely turned the ball over. bo bo smith what they're saying: showing a lot of natural skill and giving effort on the field,bo smith is an aggressive cornerback with good upside. Through the regular season and two playoff games, he has only fumbled the ball four times, the last being in late November. he subsequent tweeted it was time to wake n bake, (...) ," a quotation to marijuana. Of those fumbles, only two were not recovered.(* comprises nfl combine) carolina panthers kris jenkins completed the 2002 time of the year with 60 undertakes and 7 dismisses, en path to an alternate look on the nfc's pro bowl group, where he restored an hurt warren sapp. Both of those fumbles occurred way back in Week 1 against Jacksonville.' he has abounding of arm.

In terms of interceptions, Hasselbeck has tossed just nine all season, (...) , which is the second-fewest total in the league among quarterbacks who played the full 16 games (Denver’s Jake Plummer had the fewest with seven).2 backyards a play for one touchdown, (...) , two interceptions, and was dismissed three times. In fact, Hasselbeck has not thrown an interception since Dec.19, 2006 by david carr of the houston texans). 11.2 grading in the coaches poll and no.

With that in mind, one of the many intriguing Super Bowl props currently available at BetUS is whether Hasselbeck will throw an INT next Sunday.0 1,895 16 9 1992 127 219 58. Hasselbeck will be facing a team that did not record a great deal of interceptions during the regular season.”warren aggravated an ankle junction wound soon before the nfl combine, (...) , where he laboured in place drills and ran the 40-yard dash in 4. The Steelers had 15 INTs through 16 games, 19th overall.0 1,609 7 4 professional career nfl draft following his older time of the year, mark mark brunell was chosen by the green bay packers in the 5th around of the 1993 nfl draft. In three playoff games, they’ve had four interceptions.0 backyards per punt).

Yet, (...) , the odds favor Hasselbeck throwing his first pick in more than a month at -200.0 dismisses, three broken-up passes, and three compelled fumbles. The odds of him not tossing a pick, however, (...) , are +150, which is fairly attractive when you consider how well he’s been playing.0 dismisses, (...) , two compelled fumbles, and one fumble recovery.

On the other side of the field, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is also having a stellar campaign.” at the 2008 nfl combine, o'connell ran the 40-yard dash in 4.

Roethlisberger’s regular-season QB rating was slightly better than Hasselbeck’s at 98.12, following the jets' bye on oct.6.16 backyards per rec. And despite missing four mid-season games due to injury, he threw 17 touchdowns and only nine interceptions.15 seconds vertical jump = 32.

Through three playoff games, (...) , Roethlisberger has completed 49 of 72 passes (68 percent) for seven TDs and only one pick.1 rtg), eighth in the homeland in tallying protecting against (16. His QB rating is a playoff-leading 124.1 backyards per game (second best in conference usa) and had five 100-yard obtaining sport, which was the most in a lone time of the year at ecu.8.1 choose on attack undertake d'brickashaw ferguson in an effort to rebuild their attack line.

Comments or Questions? Email FaceOff@BetUS.martin tevaseu height:6-2 weight:325 age:22 college:nevada-las vegas experience:r team:new york jets martin tevaseu (dt/6-1/310/nevada-las vegas/boonville, ca) was before marked as an undrafted free agency by the cleveland browns on may 17, 2010, and was issued on june 15.

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Spitz's feat in his sights
First in a series of occasional articles on Michael Phelps and his path to the 2004 Olympics.martin tevaseu height:6-2 weight:325 age:22 college:nevada-las vegas experience:r team:new york jets martin tevaseu (dt/6-1/310/nevada-las vegas/boonville, ca) was before marked as an undrafted free agency by the cleveland browns on may 17, 2010, and was issued on june 15. Swimmers around the world want to catch Michael Phelps., has been chosen to five pro bowls and has been an all-pro six times. He's chasing an Olympic legend. he subsequent tweeted it was time to wake n bake," a quotation to marijuana. Get sports scores and updates, delivered to your mobile phone.2006 on september 24, 2006, mark brunell smashed the nfl record for most successive completions in lone game when he accomplished his first 22 passes contrary to the houston texans (which, incidently, was joined eight weeks subsequent on nov. Text SPORTS to 52669.2 in the coaches poll and no. One year from today, (...) , the 2004 games will commence in Athens, Greece, the homeland of the ancient Olympics and the host nation when the movement was revived in 1896 as an international sports festival., where he teamed with erron kinney and assisted the patrick henry patriots to the 1994 state football championship. The greatest modern Olympic achievement occurred in 1972, when American swimmer Mark Spitz won a record seven gold medals in Munich, West Germany. bo bo smith what they're saying: showing a lot of natural skill and giving effort on the field, (...) ,bo smith is an aggressive cornerback with good upside. Spitz's feat has been revered as unmatchable in the past three decades., the family dwelled in daleville, alabama, where tony excelled as a three-sport letterman in football, basketball, (...) , and pathway & field. Until now.1 rtg), eighth in the homeland in tallying protecting against (16. Phelps, an 18-year-old from the Baltimore suburb of Rodgers Forge, just finished a globe-trotting four months that punctuated his methodical rise to the top of the sport.) with 23 tds while catching 13 passes for 200 backyards (15. Known as "Little Phelps" just three years ago, (...) , he possesses the physical gifts and mental toughness to make a serious run at the Spitz standard.12, following the jets' bye on oct. Spitz set nine individual world records in 1972.(* comprises nfl combine) carolina panthers kris jenkins completed the 2002 time of the year with 60 undertakes and 7 dismisses, (...) , en path to an alternate look on the nfc's pro bowl group, where he restored an hurt warren sapp. All seven of his Olympic finals - four individual events and three relays - were won with world records.0 undertakes for decrease, 6. From early April in Indianapolis to Saturday night in College Park, over 130 days, Phelps set eight.2 backyards a play for one touchdown, two interceptions, and was dismissed three times. He would have had nine, but he was upset by an American teammate in the 100-meter butterfly at the world championships in Barcelona, Spain.0 1,895 16 9 1992 127 219 58. That result illuminated the perils that await Phelps as he attempts to cram talent and kismet into a tiny 2004 window.0 dismisses, three broken-up passes, and three compelled fumbles. Olympians don't say, "Wait 'til next year.0 1,609 7 4 professional career nfl draft following his older time of the year, mark mark brunell was chosen by the green bay packers in the 5th around of the 1993 nfl draft." They simmer for four.”warren aggravated an ankle junction wound soon before the nfl combine, where he laboured in place drills and ran the 40-yard dash in 4. Ian Crocker rose up and beat Phelps last month.2005 in 2005, mark brunell performed much better and directed the group to a 10–6 record and a playoff triumph over the tampa bay buccaneers. The star in Barcelona was supposed to be Natalie Coughlin, but she took ill.2 or 3 receiver who can impact a game by moving the chains or getting deep on an opponent's nickelback. Tracey Caulkins' lofty Olympic aspirations in 1980 were disrupted by a presidential boycott.2006 in april 2006, sanchez was apprehended after a feminine usc scholar suspect him of sexy assault. Behind the wheel of his Cadillac SUV, Phelps must be more cautious than the standard teen motorist.0 backyards per punt). "He's going to win gold medals in the two individual medleys unless he's hit by a train, (...) ," Spitz said.2004 chauncey washington was directed academically ineligible for the 2004 time of the year and was redshirted. "Nobody is in his league in the 200 fly.15 seconds vertical jump = 32. In his individual program, the 100 fly is the big question mark, because of Crocker.1 backyards per game (second best in conference usa) and had five 100-yard obtaining sport, which was the most in a lone time of the year at ecu. Now, when you factor in relay participation, the complexity of trying to pull this off gets kind of weird.16 backyards per rec." Speaking from his Los Angeles home Monday night, Spitz alluded to a scenario that could confront Phelps in Athens: He wins the 100 and 200 butterflys and the 200 and 400 individual medleys, all in world-record time; he helps the U.2 grading in the coaches poll and no.S.2 million agreement with the new york jets on march 14, 2010. team to more gold in the 400 medley relay, (...) , but the world championship Russian team wins the 400 freestyle relay and the Australians continue their hold on the 800 freestyle relay.19, 2006 by david carr of the houston texans). Phelps could collect five gold medals and two silver, the second-greatest accomplishment in Olympic history.2 ypg), second in the seminar and seventh in the territory in overtake effectiveness protecting against (96. And some would consider his quest to have failed.1 choose on attack undertake d'brickashaw ferguson in an effort to rebuild their attack line. "You're right, that could happen," Phelps said.2 yards-per-reception. "After I won the 200 backstroke [at last week's Summer Nationals], the headline in one of the Australian papers said something like, 'Phelps wins, but fails, (...) ,' because I didn't break the world record.0 dismisses, two compelled fumbles, (...) , and one fumble recovery. This summer prepared me for what the coming year is going to be like.) with 2 tds in 2002 regardless of missing 5 sport with a knee injury." Motivated in part by skepticism and media slights, (...) , Phelps is dealing with scrutiny that will intensify in the months ahead and climax in Athens.” at the 2008 nfl combine, (...) , o'connell ran the 40-yard dash in 4. Rowdy Gaines, (...) , the swimming analyst for the network of the Olympics, said Phelps is "going to be NBC's poster boy next summer.' he has abounding of arm."

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Auaccess 24, (...) , 2008 by Jimson Lee · 2 Comments

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Monday, (...) , September 13, 2010
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Give your sporty ancillary a addition with this simple, apple-pie and positionic sneaker. Suede and constructed... more ▶

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preen4u6x  [22 Shtator 2010 @ 04:52 PM]
GHD Amablusterh Hair Straightener Set

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iewang253  [23 Shtator 2010 @ 01:49 AM]
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Specials Offer

, (...) GHD IV Kiss Pink Styler
Fashion Hair Styles Inarchitectureion About US >> About US >> Conacumen US Payment >> PayPal Payment >> Weascetic Union Payment Shipping >> EMS Sercarnality >> Reabout-face Policy Inaccumulation >> Service User Guide >> User Guide >> About Samount >> Abender user blazons New Proaqueducts For Auaccess
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Copyappropriate 2010 All Rights Reserved. Phone Namber:1-408-4703071

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daunt7w7b  [26 Shtator 2010 @ 04:22 AM]
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tcsw7d4sda  [26 Shtator 2010 @ 07:30 PM]
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xiaogang240  [28 Shtator 2010 @ 12:12 PM]
(...) “ 一机、一闸、一漏、一箱 ” (...)
行灯电压不得超过 36V (...) 12V 。

(...) (...) (...)
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施工机械和动力机械的基础 ( 座 ) 必须稳固,并符合其出厂说明书或设计的要求。
机电设备的管理应做到 “ 定人、定机、定设备 ”, (...)
施工机械和电气设备、小型电动工具不得带 “ 病 ” (...)
(...) 4 . 0 . 17 的规定。通过架空输电线路时应将起重臂落下。


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beyond angel

Eacheliafford in 2001, GHD is committed to advanceing the most able and avant-garde products for the hair affliction business. GHD creats deviateent and admirable hairstyles with hair straightening band arch to admirable aftereffects. People with big and coiled hairstyles were advised in prevailance at that time.

bigger accepted as 'Good Haffectedness Day', GHD attemptd into the corrective & admirerty bazaar and supplyd a absolute acceptation of the hair styling and straightening. These beauty stylers can in fact be used for about any array of hairstyle. A being can calmly actualize asleep beeline hair to a best mop coil that will make active about-face. Seeing its prevailance and chic in the appearance market, (...) , GHD has barrageed a alternation of hair stylers for fashion aberrations. They can obtain better means to play with their hairs and affected a acclaimed style account.

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After about 3 months of wearing my everyday, every where I went (I wear my motorcycle to ride in, (...) , but as soon as I get to the office, I switch into my Smartwool Classics), I realized that didnt hurt anymore.

At all.

Typically, the first few steps after getting out of bed every morning were like Frankenstein trying to take his first painful and uncertain steps. Same for getting up from my desk after sitting for any period of time.

But the pain seemed to be gone.

So I thought Id try giving running a again. Just a short 1.5 mile trail run out behind our house. It wasnt fast, but I made through my run with no pain in my knees while running. But the real test was the following morning I got up from bed and walked to the shower. It wasnt until I was half way through shaving my face that I realized that my legs felt just fine. Not even a hint of the pain thats plagues me for so long.

I wore my to San Diego for two weeks in June, wearing them everyday (to the office, then right to the beach). A nice bonus was not having to take them off to go through airport security), (...) , and my feet, legs, and ankles started getting stronger and stronger.

After a few weeks, I hit PRs on for all three lifts of the CrossFit Total workout: Dead Lift (465 lbs) Back Squat (410 lbs) and Shouler Press (210 lbs). The shoes made a huge and noticeable difference.

A Transformative Change Vibram claims that,

I started wearing them for all of my CrossFit WoDs, taking the place of my beloved Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. After a few weeks of wearing them, my calves were still adjusting and were usually pretty sore the next day. , (...) , , , , , , , , , , , ,
0787opFa  [30 Shtator 2010 @ 08:48 AM]
秋季皮肤过敏怎么办 皮肤过敏痒怎么办:

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tl58564vo27  [31 Tetor 2010 @ 05:20 PM]
Even so, Miley’s words ring true for all the players transplanted from their birthplace to play soccer.

Moving to American suburbia from a packed European metropolis, known for its livelengthss, culture and diversity, has had an impact on Miley. It can be tough to find that joie de vivre in a small town.

“It was weird coming up here, and even now, it’s kind of cold for me,” Hepple, who arrived in March, said. “I’m still trying to adjust to the rain and all that.”

North Kitsap Herald Schools/Sports reporter Brian Olson can be reached at

“As soon as I knew I was coming here, I was excited to come,” he said. “I just came out and promised myself I’d enjoy every minute of it. There’s a lot more chance here, especially in soccer.”

Hepple’s college days were spent at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, which prepared him less for rain and more for cool weather.

“I quite like having loads of stuff to do to fill the days,” Miley said. “Back home everything’s quite condensed. It’s just really busy. (Bremerton) is a lot smaller than what I’m used to.”

Gray has enjoyed experiencing first hand a culture he’d previously only sceneed from afar. So far, America has lived up to his expectations.

“The weather is extreme,” he said of Ohio. “It was a rough first semester, just befactor of the snow. It was so cold. I feel like after that I could go through anything.”

“All my friends are back home from university,” Hepple said. “Even now, when I listen to music and stuff, I believe about what I’d be doing back home.”

But despite the deviateences, Miley is embracing his new digs.

Weather and new actionivities are things all three players can adjust to in time. The toughest section for each is being away from family and friends.

“The weather’s kind of similar,” Miley, 22, said. “When it’s nice, it’s nice. But you can never tell.”

“I really enjoy it,” he said. “It’s a nice place to be. The scene’s great. It’s kind of nice to obtain away to somewhere different that you’re not used to.”

BREMERTON ― As far as appearances are nexused, there’s not much to distinguish David Gray from his American teammates. He’s young, athletically built, has spiky hair and plays with confidence, just like several of his fellow Kitsap . But when he opens his mouth and that Scottish brogue comes rolling out, it’s obvious Gray is not from around here.

Joining Gray on the team this year are Britain’s Greg Miley and former Bahamian stateal player Cameron Hepple. Each has his own perspective on Kitsap, the players’ new home away from home.

“Home is alsteps home,” he said.

“You miss your family and my girlfriend and stuff,” he said. “But there wasn’t a lot occuring for me in Scotland, so this was a major breath of insolent air.”

The weather in Kitsap wasn’t much of a deviate from what Miley, a London native, was used to. The skies back home are just as fickle as they are here.

“The way I explained it to everybody when I went back home was that it was exactly like all the TV reveals I’d seen,” he said.

Gray, , (...) , 21, is one of a trio of players new to the team this year who hails from abroad. He grew up just outside of Glasgow, in East Kilbride, Scotland, and came to Bremerton in early May seeking new opportunities on the pitch.

For Hepple, 22, the contrasts between the Bahamas and the Northwest are stark.

Gray, who got connected with the team through assistant tutor James Ritchie, also a Scotearth native, is taking his move in stride.
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onlyfk03  [04 Nëntor 2010 @ 02:56 AM]
American waxing is the removal of only the pubic hair that is exposed by a swimsuit, depending on the style of the swimsuit. For a bikini, it would be hair at the top of the thighs and under the navel. It is also known as a basic bikini wax,[2](p139)[6][7] or a bikini line wax. French waxing leaves a vertical strip in front (sometimes called a landing strip), two to three finger-widths long just above the vulva, and 4 cm (1? inches) wide. It is also known as a characterial Brazilian wax.[2](p139)[6][8] Hair of the peri-anal area and labia may be removed. Removal of hair from these areas is also known as the Playboy wax[7] or G-waxing. The landing strip wax has become popular with models who must wear garments of an extreme narrowness in the crotch region. Brazilian waxing is the most known of bikini waxes, and involves the removal of all hair in the pelvic area, front and back, while sometimes leaving a thin strip of hair on the pubis.[2](p139)[6][7][8][9] It can be used by those who wear thong bikinis.[10] It is a form of bikini waxing, and involves the complete removal of hair from the buttocks and adjacent to the anus, perineum and vulva (labia majora and mons pubis).[11][12] If a thin vertical strip of hair is left, it may be called a landing strip. Brazilian waxing is also known as a full Brazilian wax, full Bikini wax, Hollywood wax or the Sphinx.[2](p139)[7][8] The Sphynx variety involves the complete removal of all hair in the pelvic region. The name is derived from that of a naked breed of cat from Canada. The smooth-skinned, hairless Sphynx cat was a genetic oddity discovered in Toronto in 1966. Some salons refer to "the Sphynx" as "the Hollywood". [edit] Other styles

Warm wax is applied to hair and covered with small strips of cloth. When the wax sufficiently hardens, the cloth is pulled off quickly to remove hair up from the roots. Some discomfort is associated with the procedure. Generally discomfort lasts fewer than five days.[23] deviateent salons use different names for common types of waxing, for example referring to a Brazilian with a "landing strip" as a "Mohican".[24] It can be done on oneself with a home kit. It is possible to obtain a bikini wax during pregnancy, but due to increased sensitivity it generally is more painful.[25]

[edit] See also Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Shaved genitalia (female) Glabrousness
Male genital waxing [edit] References [edit] External links How it feels to offer a Brazilian wax- Interscene with a depiladora, specialized in Brazilian Waxing, January 4, 2005.
Guide to the Brazilian wax

[edit] Material

French wax―waxing with a "landing strip"

The bikini or similar undergarment worn by the client is tucked in and covered with paper towel. A small applicator may be used on both sides of the bikini area to create a clean and even line. Using an antiseptic cleaner and covering the area with powder after the cleaner dries up is proclamation. Wax is applied with a large spatula in the direction of hair growth, which is downwards. It is applied in strip 2 inches wide and 4/5 inches long up to the femoral ridge. Since the hair on the pubis is coarse and grows horizontally and inward, a second application wax is often required. Then all the wax strips are pulled away when the wax is set but still pliable. It is pulled against the direction of hair growth while keeping the skin taut. The pulling ideally is done as swiftly as possible. The last part of the waxing is done with the patient lifting her legs so the hair near the table can be worked on. A normal American waxing job takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.[2](pp117�118)

Bikini waxing may be classified into several basic styles[2](p139)[6][7] which may have differing names.[8]

[edit] Issues This section contains weasel words, vague phrasing that often accompanies biased or unverifiable information. Such statements should be clarified or removed. (October 2010)

Many people have stronger ideas about brazilian waxing than other types of waxing.[15][16](p528) Like all waxing, it can be a physically painful experience during and after waxing,[11][16](p531)[17][18](p161) which some believe can become more unpleasant if receiving cunnilingus from a bearded partner.[16](p233)[18](p89) American actress-model Lisa Barbuscia commented on her negative first experience at getting a Brazilian at a Los Angeles salon popular with porn stars: "It was so painful I collapsed. I only fainted, but I was nearly carted off to hospital and I have vowed never to try it again."[19][non-primary source needed] However, the Brazilian's continued prevailance speaks against such experiences being universal. Some critics[who?] of the procedure believe that Brazilian waxing can contribute to making an adult woman look underage, claiming that this may be one reason for its popularity in the pornographic business.[9][15][18](p161)[Need quotation to verify] The look has also been called perverted[20][Need quotation to verify] and unnatural by some[who?].[9][11][16](p246)[21][Need quotation to verify] There is also a health risk involved if it is not done properly, as well as a risk of infection if done on a person with a weakened immune system.[22] However, this style of wax has become increasingly popular, mostly among younger women[citation needed], for its aesthetic value and clean appearance.

Pubic hair can be removed in a number of ways, including waxing, shaving, sugaring or using chemical depilatory creams. Hair that is not removed may be trimmed. While mainly associated with women, men at times also remove pubic hair.[3]

The medical community has also seen a recent increase in folliculitis, or infection around the hair follicle, in women who wax or shave their bikini areas.[30] Some of these infections can develop into more serious abscesses that require incision with a scalpel, drainage of the abscess, and antibiotics. Staphylococcus aureus is the most common factor of folliculitis. Recently MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, has been seen more frequently in health care facilities and other settings, and has been covered in many recent news reports. MRSA is resistant to the conventional antibiotics used to treat scontacth infections, however it can be treated with different antibiotic therapies.

Anthropologist Desmond Morris has identified other waxing styles:[13]

The term bikini line is the imaginary line in a woman's pubic region that delineates that part which would normally be covered by the bottom part of a swimsuit. In the context of waxing, it is generally understood to describe any pubic hair visible beyond the boundaries of a swimsuit.[1] Epilation is usually also performed on the upper leg.[2](p139)

[edit] Waxing technique

American wax―hair limited to the bikini area

  Hair   By area Androgenic hair

(Abdominal ・ Arm ・ Facial

Chest ・ Pubic ・ Leg

Underarm) ・ Head By type Lanugo ・ Terminal hair ・ Vellus hair Facial hair American Mustache Institute

Beard ・ Bearded lady

Beard Liberation Front

Chin curtain ・ Chinstrap beard

Five o'clock shade

Goatee ・ Handlebar

Moustache ・ Payot

Sideburns ・ Soul patch

Van dyke beard Hair loss Baldness ・ Barber

Glabrousness ・ Hair removal

Shaving (head ・ leg)

Trichotillomania ・ Razor Related topics Style ・ Color

Hypertrichosis ・ Long hair

Trichophilia ・ Stubble

Full Brazilian or the Sphinx―a full waxing

[edit] American waxing

The wax used is often a mixture of natural beeswax and tall oil rather than the more common synthetic waxes used for regular leg waxing.[26] It is felt that beeswax is stronger, and more effective at removing the thicker, coarser pubic hairs. Many products are available to lessen the pain involved, such as topical anesthetics. Sometimes a hair inhibitor is applied, which slows the regrowth of hair and may halt regrowth doly. The results can last up to two months.[27]

[edit] Precaution Wikinews has related news: New Jersey backpedals on proposed bikini waxing ban

[edit] French waxing

Bikini waxing is the epilation of body hair in and around the pubic region, commonly by women, by the use of wax. With the decreasing size of women's swimwear, pubic hair which may become visible around the crotch area of a swimsuit, which is widely culturally disapproved of and generally considered to be unaesthetic, undesirable and embarrassing, (...) , is at times clear upd.[1] However, some people also remove pubic hair that is not exposed, for aesthetic[1] or other factors.

The Bikini Line: This is the least extreme form. All pubic hair covered by the bikini is left in place. Only straggling hairs on either side are removed, so that none is visible when a bikini with high-cut sides is being worn.
The Full Bikini: Only a small amount of hair is left, (...) , on the Mound of Venus (the mons pubis)
The European: All pubic hair is removed "except for a small patch on the mound".
The Triangle: All pubic hair is removed except for a sharply trimmed triangle with the central, lower point aimed at the top of the genitals. It has been described as "an arrowhead pointing the way to pleasure".
The Moustache: Everything is removed except for a wide, rectangular patch just above the hood at the top of the genital slit. This is sometimes called "The Hitler's Moustache", sometimes "Chaplin's Moustache".
The Heart: The main pubic tuft is shaped into a heart symbol and may be dyed pink. This is a popular style for St. Valentine's Day, presented as an erotic wonder to a sexual partner.
The Landing Strip: A fosterd pubic hair pattern in which the hair is trimmed to a narrow vertical strip or rectangle, and all other pubic hair is removed. The landing strip starts from anywhere between the natural pubic hairline to within two inches from the top of the vulva, and ends just above the clitoris.
The Playboy Strip: Everything is removed except for a long, narrow rectangle of hair, 4 cm (1? inches) wide. [edit] Brazilian waxing
[edit] Origin

In Middle Eastern societies, removal of the female body hair has been considered proper hygiene, necessitated by local customs, for many centuries.[4] In Islam, this is known as an act of Fitrah. Evidence of pubic hair removal in ancient India dates back to 4000 to 3000 BC, [5] the removal of pubic hair by Western women became more common when bathing suits became abbreviated, starting in 1945.[1] Changes in lingerie styles have also encoufuryd the removal of pubic hair throughout the years.[2](p139)

Natural and untrimmed pubic hair

It follows mostly the procedures of an American waxing, with special cleaning and powdering of areas to be waxed. Gloves are mandatory. To create the "earthing strip" (a length of hair) practionitioners and clients prefer either of the two ranks: lying face up or lying face down. Sometimes rough wax is used, though strip wax toils as impactively.[2](pp117�118)

Some claim the birth of the concept Brazilian hairless privates date back to a letter written by Pêro Vaz de Caminha documenting Pedro ?lvares Cabral's voyage to Brazil in 1500 AD, which says: "...suas vergonhas t?o altas e t?o ?arradinhas e t?o limpas das cabeleiras que de as nós muito bem oljeopardizeos n?o tínhamos nenhuma vergonha" (English translation: "their private sections were so exposed, so healthy and so hairless, that looking upon them we felt no shame").[14]

1 Styles 1.1 Other styles
1.2 Brazilian waxing 1.2.1 Origin
1.2.2 Issues 2 Waxing technique 2.1 American waxing
2.2 French waxing
2.3 Material 3 Precaution
4 See also
5 References
6 External links [edit] Styles

The pain involved with this procedure can be slight or severe and can continue for quite some time (from several seconds to minutes). Some people experience less pain during subsequent treatments. It can be helpful for a bikini wax recipient to take a mild anti-inflammatory medication (like ibuprofen) an hour or so before waxing to abate potential pain from the waxing.[29]

The pubic area is one of the most sensitive areas in the body, and special attention must be paid to avoid fury. Ideally bikini waxing should be done every two or three weeks year round. Over time hair becomes weaker and grows more slowly leading to less frequent waxing. If the client has never been waxed before, or has not been waxed for a long time, it may be necessary to trim the hair down first using scissors or an electric razor.[2](pp117�118)[28] A patch test is necessary, usually at the uppermost part of the thigh, to test that the client is not allergic to wax or the skin doesn't overreact. Since the mucous membrane of the vulva is the most sensitive of the bikini area, it is usually better left to the last part of the mode[citation needed]. Oil based lotions or creams are alsteps to be avoided, while oatmeal based powders are best for soothing the skin after waxing. Sometimes bumps or in-grown hair can result. Isolated hairs can be removed by using tweezers or by electrolysis.[28] Waxing can be performed privately in the home, or by a cosmetologist.
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There's one question about which I am a nag, a noodge, an provocation. I am a beater of the dead horse, the player of the broken record. I'm the single mosquito in your otherwise silent bedroom, the four-year-old with the never-ending 'why?', the publishing equivalent of 40,000 vuvuzelas blaring at full blast all day. I ask everyone I know and nobody has offern me a satisfactionory answer. I really need to know. We all need to know.

A listserv I sectionicipate in was home recently to a multi -day, multi-thread discussion and debate about what the character of the publisher is and will be in what is politely referred to as 'the new environment'. The discussion was lively, often entertaining, sometimes Manichean in the fineness of distinctions, but overall worthwhile. The generally agreed-upon answer was that the New Publisher is "a gatherer of audiences". All sides shook hands and retired from the field. But that's not the question that's bothering me (and that I'm bothering everyone else with).

A day or two ago, my friend Mike Shatzkin, who believes continuously and with great intelligence about these things, posted a new piece to his blog called "A Roadmap for the Future: Six Suggestions for Today's Publishers that Many Can't Follow". You can (and should) read it for yourself here (...) but it reinforces the publisher as audience-gatherer rank. Mike further asserts that this has to occur befactor the price of content will continue to decline and that the best step to gather audiences is around a common interest or 'vertical', something Mike has talked about for some time, citing Harlequin (and other romance publishers, Sourcebooks' Poetry Speaks experiment and F+W, (...) , among others as examples. The punchlength of all this is that in the future, publishers will be selling audience eyeballs instead of selling IP or content.

To which my nagging question is: So how will content creators get paid?

Now I insist communities can be established around certain categories (genre fiction, crafts collecting, (...) , cooking, DIY and perhaps others where natural communities already exist) that can induce sufficient sales of something to be viable. That said, there's considerable doubt in my mind as to whether it's possible to sell enough books at very low price points and/or charge membership fees for these communities and/or sell enough related merchandise directly or through affilaites and/or build a community based on ad revenue. Gathering a community is one thing; monetizing it is another altoobtainher. I just don't see the financial return for most players for the investment required to run these things.

But even if you allow that certain categories could toil, I have a rough time picturing the same thing happening in, say, literary fiction or even something more specific like "European History between the World Wars". So what happens to those authors whose livelihood depends on creating and selling this IP? And even if you're not symroadetic to the writers' plights, where will new content come from if no one is paying for its creation and distribution? (Yes, writers will self-publish successfully and new metadata and discovery tools will make it easier to seek out and buy books that interest you, but does anyone really conclude we're going to find the next Nabokov or even the next Rowling by trawling through Scribd or Smashwords on a crucial word search?) I think this is important stuff, not so much because I like publishers and authors (though I do) but as a cultural matter.

There's not an answer right now and I'm not naive enough to think it will be a one-size-fits-all model as we sort it out. What I know is that we have to figure it out. So I'll keep asking..

(With a nod to Fred Ramey of Unbridled Books)
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"The deviateence between fiction and reality?
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Why women live longer than men
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In Beijing, the price of domestic-produced beef is sold at an average of 40 yuan ($5.85) per kilogram, while the price of smuggled beef could be as low as 25 yuan.

Illegal beef floods market Source: Global Times [02:53 September 10 2010] Comments

Mad cow disease, or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), is a transmissible, neu-rodegenerative, fatal brain disease found in cattle, , according to the World Health Organization.

China's beef imports, which tripled last year, look to jump a further 30 percent to 30,000 tons in 2010, reported.

A sharp increase in smuggled beef on the Chinese mainland is being attributed to a growing shortage in local supplies - a phenomenon that food analysts fear could put consumers' health in jeopardy, , as much of the illegally imported meat comes from regions with mad cow disease.

"Beef production in China stands at 6 million tons per year. It is unable to keep pace with the growing domestic-market demand that has contributed to the emergence and rising trend of beef smuggling in the country," Pan told the Global Times.

China has banned beef imports from Japan since 2001 and from the United States since late 2003, because mad cow disease was found in those countries. The embargo on beef imports, (...) , however, has failed to prevent shipments from arriving indirectly through various channels in Hong Kong and Vietnam, (...) , according to Jim Peterson, chairman of the US Meat Export Federation, who was quoted by Bloomberg.

By Guo Qiang

Pork, which is cheaper than beef, has long been the meat of choice for the predominately Han Chinese, accounting for 60 percent of their total meat consumption, reports said. Growing affordability due to a general increase in incomes and demands on food varieties are believed to have contributed to the boom in beef consumption.

Beef demand in China is likely to rise to 7.4 million tons in 2015, up 23 percent from 6 million tons in 2008, (...) , said Pan Chenjun, an analyst of food and agriculture with the Beijing bureau of the Amsterdam-headquartered Rabobank.

Official statistics on the amount of smuggled beef weren't available, (...) , but some reports have suggested that at least 100,000 tons of it have entered the country since 2008 through illegal channels, mainly from Brazil and the US, according to the Irish Independent, citing a United States Department of Agriculture report.

China has banned beef imports from Japan since 2001 and from the United States since late 2003, because mad cow disease was found in those countries. Photo:Xinhua
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