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003  [30 Qershor 2010 @ 03:15 AM]
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sunglassbox8  [13 Gusht 2010 @ 10:28 PM]
Hi, I'm a newbie shere, jump to post my thread hime. I need your suggestion.

My frsheend is having birthday next week, i loves monagram canvas, but I surly cannot affort one. When I search tshe web have , I see this product on a website I see their photos , it's so real!!! It won't be tshe picture from the official site, right? price is acceptable for me.

Guys, I want to buy the bag for tshe birthday gsheft, can I do that? My friend has checked the web too, and i's pretty interested.

Thanks for your suggestions in advance
billurben41  [14 Gusht 2010 @ 09:08 AM]
I already have a couple of these 'Coloured Big Pony' polos that I have purchased from Ralph Lauren on Bold Street, Liverpool, so I am in a great position to compare.

The Ebay polo was far inferior compared to the original. The red '4' on the sleeve was not stitched onto the polo at the top, the embroidery of the Polo players face, , the horses' face and the polo stick were very poor with little detail.

If you want piece of mind please go into Ralph Lauren before you purchase from Ebay and check them out. It is however, difficult to tell the quality of the ebay version from a photo. For what its worth, I was in RL in New Bond St and they have very few coloured Big Ponys left. They have NO solid colour Big Pony left (in the country!!) so I'm supprised there are so many on Ebay so cheap! someone tell me the seller are wholesaler and thay send for factory directly. maybe, who knows?

Therefore I'm almost certain the majority of Big Ponys on ebay are, ,

An original Big Pony is 65.00... is $98
Ralph Lauren have very few available...
The weight of the cloth that the Tee is made out of is lighter (thinner) then a genuine product.

If you don't mind wearing a then please ignore this guide however if you'd prefer an original don't try to save 30-40, just go to Ralph Lauren as the difference is noticable...
jarami41  [15 Gusht 2010 @ 03:57 AM]
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ss3329  [25 Gusht 2010 @ 02:57 AM]
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car56987pq21  [25 Gusht 2010 @ 05:48 AM]
-- S.H.S
Last Site Update: November 3, 2010Style by Egidio Borri
Artistic Director
Yellow Strawberry Global Salons Italy
Photo: Stefano Bldini
Makeup: Glampletro Lolli
Short Hair Style Advisor:
Ideas, Tips and News about Hair
A short hair style that suits you and your lifestyle can dramatically deviate the step you feel and look-- it can boost your confidence, make you look younger, and abate the amount of time and money you spend on hair care.

Are you looking for the perfect short hair cut? Or maybe you need a few tips on hair care, fashion, beauty, style or how to manage and maintain the hair style you already have? If so, you've found the right place to begin exploring all the fun and news about hair.

The Elements of Beautiful Hair
The Right Short Hair Cut and Style Choosing the right short hair cut is section technique and character art. It is about the basic elements of balance, length and movement. Use consultation tools and virtual styling software to try out deviateent hair styles.
Hair and Scalp Condition Discovering the right hair care products for you will help ensure beautiful, healthy hair. Find out how to handle your hair and scalp trouble and restore your hair and scalp to optimum grade.

All about Styling Techniques Styling aids can help you reproduce that "insolent-from-the-salon" look at home, every day. Read about the hair styling products, tools and tricks that you need to style your short hair like the pros.

Hair Color Choices Enhancing your natural shade or going for a totally different color are great ways to update your look. Choose the right hair color and hair treatment so you can create an exciting new look for every occasion.

It?s more than just picking a short hair style you like There are many factors to consider when choosing a short hair style. I have always believed that the perfect style can only be carry outd when you've considered all the variables. For instance, your new short hair cut should match your personality, career, (...) , lifestyle, time constraints, body shape, face shape, hair texture, hair density, eye color, and skin tone. And it should create a sense of balance between your head, face, and body.

The perfect short hair style for you Your ideal short hair style is one that makes you feel happy and confident each time you look at yourself in the mirror.

Short hair cuts are timeless; they can make you look younger and at the same time more intelligent. They can boost your confidence and simply make you feel more in control. It's a great option for career women who want to project a strong yet feminine image and spend less time managing their hair.

Whether you already have short or medium length hair and are ready for a new look, or you want to dramatically change your current length and style, this site will supply you with enough information to help you find and assert the perfect short hair style for you.

Choosing a Short Hair Cut - Find Your Style
Offers ways to select suitable short hair cuts for woman and how to determine the right type of hair style for your look. Includes hair cut ideas, online guide and articles to help finding your style.

Hair Color Advice - Choosing Hair Color
Offers guide and advice on hair color techniques and choosing hair color for your skin tone, hair color products, home hair color, and hair dye nexuss for pregnant women.

How to Style Short Hair - Advice, Tools and Products
Offers advice on how to style short hair. Includes hair styles for fine, curly hair and guide to select the right styling products and tools and articles on how to style your hair.

Short and Medium Hair Styles - Pictures
Short and medium hair styles with latest hair trend and photo gallery with more than a thousand short hair photos.

Short Hair Style - Curly Hair Styles
Advice and tips with photo for curly hair styles including how to manage natural curly hair, from straight to soft curls with wave technique S Wave Thermal Set, retexturizing and relaxing curly hair

Celebrity Short Hair Styles
Celebrity short hair styles photo gallery. See how you'd look with short hair cuts worn by celebrities before actionually obtainting the cut.

New Hair Styles and Beauty Advice
News about new hair styles, current hair style trends, new beauty products, fashion news, health and beauty advice.

Hair and Scalp Problems - Advice and Articles
Advice for hair and scalp problems. Guide to select the right haircare products. Includes tips and advice for hurtd hair, thinning hair, hair loss and alternative treatments for itchy scalp.

Holiday Hairstyle
Advice on how to find your holiday hairstyle, holiday look and preparing for holiday parties. Include tips and advice on how to assert a good hairstyle.

Prom Hair Styles - A New Glamorous Look
Offer advice and photo for latest prom hair styles and formal hair styles with different options for short and medium to long hair.

Updos for short hair
What are some updo hair styles I can do for a girl with short, medium length or thick, (...) , unruly hair? Add style (...) read Style ideas like funky twist up-do and more

Short Hair - Wedding Hair Styles
Offers advice and a guide to plan your wedding hair style and how to create photo or picture of bridal hair with your face. Includes pictures of wedding hair styles for short hair.

New Braiding Hair styles
Fashion advice resources for new braiding hair styles that groearng in prevailance. Includes twist and cross, Weaving, multiple strand braids and Micro Linking with styling options.

Hair Extensions For Short Hair
Offering fashion and technical advice with focus on hair extensions for short hair to add extra volume or create stunning color impacts

Fashion Wigs - Tips on Synthetic or Human Hair Wigs
Few insider tips on how to select fashion wigs that would be indistinguishable from real human hair.Comparing synthetic or human hair wigs and available wig styles.

Comparison of Hair Straighteners - Benefits and demerits
Offers a detailed comparison of hair straighteners available on the market. Outline strengths and disadvantages of ceramic flat iron, thermal reconditioning and chemical hair straighteners.

Kids Hair Style - Children Hair Styles
Kids hair style is about kids and parents finding cool, fun, and easy to manage hair styles for young people. Includes hair tips for kids and link to hair salons for kids.

Mineral Make Up - How to Guide
While the trends of make up tend to change from normal make up to mineral make up solutions, there are still basic lessons to be learned when putting on make up in each solution.

Short Hair Style News and Updates
Short hair styles Blog with RSS feed for hair styles, fashion, beauty and hair care advice. Including latest hair trends and photos.

Online Fashion Games and Fun
Offering fun online fashion matchs like style match, detrimental hair day and even the popular Dinner Dash and and learn what yous zodiac sign say about your style - About This Site
Short Hair Style - About ,contact ,questions, comments, hair style news submission and privacy statement
en146gdicl  [25 Gusht 2010 @ 10:11 PM]
1968 年, 10 岁大的 迈克尔 胖乎乎的, 两旁站的是他四个哥哥: (中排左至右) 蒂托 (Tito), 马龙 (Marlon), 杰麦恩 (Jermaine) 和 (后排) 杰基 (Jackie). 他们在两年前刚组建了 杰克逊五兄弟 (Jackson Five) 演唱组. 那时候对 迈克尔 和他的家庭来说, 世界确实是黑白的.

1971 年是 杰克逊五兄弟 走红的一年, 兄弟们欢呼雀跃 - 只管裂缝已开端发生. 不到一年后, 迈克尔 以片子 《本》(Ben) 的主题歌开始了他的单飞生活. 那首歌的灵感来自于一只宠物老鼠, (...) , 并在全米排行榜上爬到第一位. 迈克尔 在单飞途径上第一次尝到甜头.

凯瑟琳 (Katherine) 和 约瑟夫?杰克逊 (Joseph Jackson) 在印第安纳州盖瑞市 (Gary, Indiana) 自豪的展示家中被称为 "褐色变调" 的室内装修. 五兄弟的唱盘也被镶框展现.

1971 年 迈克尔 依然非常爱好啮齿动物.

1978 年, 纽约, 伍迪?艾伦 (Woody Allen)和 迈克尔 一起在 54 号摄影棚.

这可不是 杰克逊五兄弟 袭击化装舞会的现场. 这实在是 迈克尔?杰克逊 在 1978 年版的《绿野仙踪》(The Wiz) 中扮演稻草人 (Scarecrow), 你没看错, 确切是稻草人. 而表演多萝西 (Dorothy) 的恰是 戴安娜?罗丝 (Diana Ross, 居中者), 扮演狮子的是 泰德?罗斯 (Ted Ross), 铁

1977 年, 迈克尔 与拳王穆罕默德?阿里 (Muhammad Ali) 以及他的妻子维罗尼卡 (Veronica) 交谈. 阿里说, "那么, (...) , 你倡议我像蝴蝶一样叮咬, 像蜜蜂一样飘忽? 我筹备倒过来尝尝, 有意思 :)"

1972 年, 雪儿 (Cher, 中坐者) 与 杰克逊家庭 在 "雪儿小法宝秀" 的片场. 从个人的表情看, 咱们能够揣测这张照片中有的人正觉得 "有发明性的让步".

1975 年 2 月, 伦敦, (...) , 年少的 迈克尔?杰克逊 (中) 与 杰克逊五兄弟 的现场表演. 我想他们挑了这多少条裤子只是由于舒畅的缘故.

2001 年在纽约麦迪逊广场花园 (Madison Square Garden) 举行的单飞三十周年留念上演. 迈克尔?杰克逊 与 布兰妮?斯皮尔斯 (Britney Spears) 同台.

1981 年 迈克尔?杰克逊 和当年做童星时相识的 波姬?小丝 (Brooke Shields). 他在她身上找到了独特点与转瞬即逝的 "爱"

这件 杰夫?昆斯 (Jeff Koons) [译注: 当代艺术家, 作品以风格明丽著称] 的雕塑作品名为 "迈克尔?杰克逊与泡泡" [译注: "泡泡" 是他最溺爱的一只宠物黑猩猩], 并在 1988 年布罗德当代艺术馆 (Broad Contemporary Art Museum) [译注: 由亿万富翁 Eli Broad 创立, 位于洛杉矶]

不外直到 1995 年拍摄音乐电视《你并不孤独》(You Are Not Alone) 时, 他们还是夫妻: 两人以 "坦诚相见" 的方法实现了爱的宣言, (...) , 值得表彰.

2005 年在圣塔芭芭拉法院上, 杰克逊 被指犯有十大罪状, 包含猥亵男童, 逼迫其喝酒, 以及蓄谋诱拐儿童等. 这一年可以说是这位歌手动荡生涯的最低点了.

杰克逊 终极洗脱了罪名. 这是他向另一个不羁的男人, 灵歌传奇人物 詹姆斯?布朗 (James Brown) 做最后的离别.

1992 年, 迈克尔 跟小搭档 布赖特?巴恩斯(Brett Barnes) [译注: 曾以 迈克尔 歌迷的身份与其有亲密来往, 后成为 "娈童案" 证实其无罪的要害证人] 在巴黎的欧洲迪斯尼乐园.

1985 年, 杰克逊 在访问杜莎夫人蜡像馆 (Madam Tussauds) 后站在车顶向人群示意. 他本人已经是一张手刺了.

1983 年, 杰克逊 爱上了猴子, 羊驼, 还有羊毛衫. 那个年代所有都那么简略.

1994 年, 迈克尔?杰克逊 和父亲 乔 (Joe) 加入在哥哥 蒂托 家举行的家庭聚首. 后来 迈克尔 流露因为父亲当年过于严厉的家教, (...) , 他们之间的关联十分缓和.

1991 年在 温布利 (Wembley) 举办的演唱会上, 杰克逊 达故意愿, 名至实归的成为了流行音乐之王 (King of Pop). 留神跟着他的衣饰越来越朴实, 舞步却越来越妖艳.

新华网6月26日报道 美国著绅士行歌星迈克尔?杰克逊25日因心脏病发生在洛杉矶的一家医院逝世。 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)
全 名:Michael Joseph Jackson
其余译名:台湾译名:麦可?杰克森;香港译名:米高积逊 ;米高积臣
简称:MJ, (...) 。
出生地点:美国 印第安纳州 加里市 Jackson街21号(Gary, Indiana, USA)
主要音乐作风:新杰克摇晃舞曲(New Jack (...) (...)
迈克尔?杰克逊(Michael Jackson)被誉为流行音乐之王(the King of (...) (...) ,演唱,跳舞,乐器吹奏方面都有着出色的成绩。 (...) (...) (...) (...) (...)
中国第一部山歌言情小说 《高原一声雷》
qxvnnafp  [26 Gusht 2010 @ 11:46 PM]
What do you call an Amish man on the side of the road, with his hand up a horse's ass? A mechanic.




rty2321el56  [28 Gusht 2010 @ 06:14 PM]

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A great offense yes, a great defense? Not even close.there 4 top teams so far in 2009, (...) ,new york giants, (...) ,indianapolis colts,denver broncos,new orleans saints. If any of you, like me, were around for the '85 Bears, then you already know that team would more than likely beat this Patriots team.all the nfl jerseys here enjoy high quality with 80% discount. A great team doesn't surrender 35 points to another team, that, lets face it, should have no business competing total 32 teams.

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Earlier this year, the Patriots were caught red handed cheating.all the team jerseys are designed as the authentic styles. They admitted to it and the coward Roger Goodell, (...) , commissioner of the NFL, fined them some money and took away a draft will take place at 8:00 pm est on sunday, january 31, (...) , 2010, at sun life stadium in miami gardens, florida,the home stadium of the miami dolphins and host site of super bowl xliv. Whoopie! Now here they are, the cheaters themselves being celebrated for a 16 - 0 season (hence the asterisk).the 2010 afc-nfc pro bowl is an upcoming nfl pro bowl, a game to honor the all-star players of the 2009 nfl season as selected by fans and their peers.

The proper punishment would have been to forfeit the opening game to the Jets and then ban them from the post season.each union includes four quarters, each cell has four teams. But this is professional sports, (...) , where money is king and cheating is is divided into two major areas: american football conference,afc,and national football conference,nfc.

By: Michael C.despite not making the playoffs, the team, with a record of 9-7, (...) , posted consecutive winning seasons for the first time in franchise history. Podlesny
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Brennan Boesch sits after his snapping slump

Brennan Boesch, Detroit Tigers rookie, was in an 8-of-80 slump before getting two hits last Friday night wearing (...) . The following night, he was out of the lineup. As for the reason, Jim Leyland, the manager of the Tigers who likes collecting (...) , said that he did not hope Boesch to be hurt by falling prey to Angels starter Scott Kazmirs periodic bouts of wildness.

Boeschs home run off Jered Weaver was his 13th of the season but first since June 27. He had gone 126 at-bats and played in 34 games without a home run, according to one man in (...) . When Leyland was playing baseball with his friend wearing (...)/phoenix-coyotes-13-teemu-selanne-stitched-replithentic-blue-ccm-throwback-jersey.html , he said that he is hoping they can get his swing going again as he has proved him to be one pretty good groove. The opposing team has also noticed Boeschs slump, according to one player in (...)/phoenix-coyotes-10-dale-hawerchuk-stitched-replithentic-blue-ccm-throwback-jersey.html . Friday, before the rookie player was moved to the second spot in the batting order, he was charged with batting fifth, behind Miguel Cabrera. Jonny Peralta, whose nephew is the player wearing (...)/phoenix-coyotes-13-teemu-selanne-stitched-replithentic-blue-ccm-throwback-jersey.html , assumed the No. 5 spot in the past two games.

Cabrera saw fewer pitches to hit as the rookie struggled. Last Saturday, Cabrera entered with 61 walks this season. After the games, the rookie was asked by the media what he hopes to do next. He said that he expects one game with the player wearing (...)/phoenix-coyotes-10-dale-hawerchuk-stitched-replithentic-blue-ccm-throwback-jersey.html in the next months. But if his days in the NHL are over, he hopes to start his business with his friend who is playing on the field in (...)/phoenix-coyotes-7-keith-tkachuk-stitched-replithentic-blue-ccm-throwback-jersey.html . At the present time, it is said by the NHL officials that (...)/phoenix-coyotes-7-keith-tkachuk-stitched-replithentic-blue-ccm-throwback-jersey.html is one of the top selling jerseys in the NHL.
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Giants K Tynes active for playoffs against Eagles
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.' he has abounding of arm.J.(* comprises nfl combine) carolina panthers kris jenkins completed the 2002 time of the year with 60 undertakes and 7 dismisses, en path to an alternate look on the nfc's pro bowl group, (...) , where he restored an hurt warren sapp. (AP) -- Lawrence Tynes, (...) , who kicked the game-winning field goal in the NFC championship a year ago, was active for the Giants' divisional playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, giving them two kickers for the grudge match between the longtime rivals. he subsequent tweeted it was time to wake n bake," a quotation to marijuana.Tynes, (...) , who has a much stronger leg than 44-year-old John Carney, (...) , is expected to handle the kickoffs and the long field goal attempts., where he teamed with erron kinney and assisted the patrick henry patriots to the 1994 state football championship. Carney will handle the normal field goal attempts and extra points., (...) , the family dwelled in daleville, alabama, (...) , where tony excelled as a three-sport letterman in football, basketball, and pathway & field.
The only surprising inactive for New York was backup defensive end Dave Tollefson, (...) , whose 3. bo bo smith what they're saying: showing a lot of natural skill and giving effort on the field,bo smith is an aggressive cornerback with good upside.5 sacks was fourth best on the team.martin tevaseu height:6-2 weight:325 age:22 college:nevada-las vegas experience:r team:new york jets martin tevaseu (dt/6-1/310/nevada-las vegas/boonville, ca) was before marked as an undrafted free agency by the cleveland browns on may 17, (...) , 2010, and was issued on june 15.
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Copyright 2009 Associated Press.) with 23 tds while catching 13 passes for 200 backyards (15. All rights reserved.) with 2 tds in 2002 regardless of missing 5 sport with a knee injury. This material may not be published, (...) , broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed., (...) , has been chosen to five pro bowls and has been an all-pro six times.

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Shenzhen, (...) , (...) , a southern coastal city neighboring Hong Kong, marked its 30th anniversary as China's first economic reform zone on Sept. 6.

Chinese President Hu Jintao's speech on the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Shenzhen special economic zone (SEZ) was published in five ethnic minority languages on Friday.

The speech was published by the Ethnic Publishing House in five minority languages, (...) , , including Mongolian, Tibetan, Uygur, Kazakstan and Korean.

China publishes president's speech on southern economic zone in minority languages Source: Xinhua [08:07 September 18 2010] Comments

"The SEZs will not only continue, but should work better," Hu said.

At that day's celebratory rally, (...) , (...) , Hu said the central government would always support the country's special economic zones, embarking on "brave exploration" in their roles as "first movers."

The late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping first proposed building Shenzhen into a SEZ in the late 1970s.

On August 26, 1980, (...) , China's top legislature approved the establishment of the Shenzhen SEZ.
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Some men do and some men dont. Just like if a female likes short or long hair on men. Do women like pubic hair on men?
Some do some don't. Trimmed is always nice. Why do men like long hair on a women?
Probably the same factor I do. It is soft, warm, (...) , (...) , inviting, section of the woman that is alsteps with her, feels wonderful to be closedown to or lost in. I have always loved a female characterner wth thick long... Do women like to spank men?
what do you mean by spank? as in playing or seriously?

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Growth model transformation the major task for China: World Bank chief Source: Xinhua [08:44 September 16 2010] Comments
Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank (WB), (...) , , (...) , said Wednesday the major task for China in the future is adjusting its economic structure and accelerating the transformation of its growth pattern.

Zoellick made the comments at a press conference during his visit to Beijing to mark the 30th anniversary of China-World Bank ties.

The coming 12th Five-year Plan (2011-2015) will present an opportunity for China to shape its post-crisis economy and return to its economic rebalancing agenda, , he said.

Like other economies, China is facing new challenges, (...) , like credit expansion in both the short- and long-term, , he said.

The WB will work with China and help it achieve a better balance between domestic demand, export-driven growth, (...) , consumption and investment, he said.

On the exchange rate of the renminbi, China's currency yuan, Zoellick said the yuan's appreciation will force China's industrial sector to restructure more pro-actively.

However, the fundamental issue for the global economic imbalance is still structural, he added, saying the United States should save more while China increase domestic consumption.

Zoellick praised China's response to the global financial crisis, saying China's rapid recovery "benefited not only developing economies but developed ones as well."
wonderfulp33  [14 Nëntor 2010 @ 11:42 AM]
Premiership - Everton v Arsenal, Chelsea v Sunderearth.
Scottish Premier League - St Mirren v Celtic.
La Liga - Hércules v Real Sociedad, Racing Santander v Espanyol, Málaga v Levante, Mallorca v Deportivo La Coru?a, Real Zaragoza v Sevilla, Sporting Gijón v Real Madrid, Valencia v Getafe.
Serie A - Lazio v Napoli, (...) , Bari v Parma, Bologna v Brescia, Cagliari v Genoa, US Palermo v Catania, Sampdoria v Chievo Verona, Udinese v Lecce, (...) , Inter Milan v AC Milan.
MLS - San Jose Earthquakes v Colorado Rapids.
Danish Superligaen - Randers v Silkeborg.
Romanian Liga 1 - FCM Targu Mures v Rapid Bucharest.
Russian Premier League - Ssectionak Nalchik v CSKA Moscow.
Turkish Superlig - Genclerbirligi v Besiktas.
Ukrainian Premier League - Arsenal Kyiv v Zarya Lugansk, Tavriya Simferopol v Dynamo Kyiv

The above matches will be revealn live. You can also click on major matchs to see their match prescenes or look below for more upcoming live football fixtures!
suhus801  [19 Nëntor 2010 @ 07:25 AM]
网易体育11月18日报道:, (...)

(...) ,我准备好了!”
(...) (...)






laifhfay0  [25 Nëntor 2010 @ 01:52 AM]
1 , would you please introduce yourself to yourself?
answer Hint: Most people are too common answer to this question, saying only that name, age, hobbies, work experience, they have on a resume. In fact, most companies want to know whether the qualified job seekers, including: the skills of the strongest, the most in-depth study of knowledge, the most active part of the personality, the most successful thing done, the main achievements, etc. These and learning can be independent, and can also learn about, but to highlight the positive personality and ability to do things, to put it reasonable to believe enterprises. Enterprises attach great importance to a person's manners, to respect job seekers examiner, said in answer to each question after the words \

2, do you think would your biggest strength?
answered Tip: cool, calm and well organized, stand firm, tenacious, progressive, helpful and caring, adaptability and sense of humor, optimism and friendliness. I Beida Jade Bird to two years after a combat training and projects, work well, me for this job.

3, talk about your greatest weakness?
answer Hint: this question asks the probability of large enterprises, usually do not want to hear a direct answer to the shortcomings of what other, if the candidates say that they hold grudges, love jealous people, very lazy, big temper, low efficiency, business certainly would not hire you. Never try to be smart to say \Companies like talking about the advantages of job-seekers from their own, the middle of some small shortcomings, then finally back to advantage on the issue, highlighting some of the advantages, companies like the smart job seekers.

4, your views on overtime?
answer Hint: many companies actually ask this question does not prove that we must work overtime just to test your willingness to sacrifice for the company.
sample answer: If it is necessary I will be duty-bound to work overtime, I am single, no family responsibilities, you can dedicate myself to work. But at the same time, I will also improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary overtime.

5, your salary requirements?
answer: If your salary requirement is too low, then obviously the ability to play down their own; If you are asking for too much pay, it would seem you are too heavy weight, the company can not afford good enough. Some employers often seek employment in the position prior to the set budget, so they price the first time are often the highest price they can give, they just want to ask you confirm the money is sufficient to cause the work you interest.
a sample answer: I'm not a mandatory requirement on wages, I believe that your company will deal with the issue of my friendly and reasonable. My focus is to find opportunities to work, so long as the conditions of fairness, I do not mind too much. Sample II
answer: I have received systematic training in software programming, does not require extensive training, but I am also particularly interested in programming. Therefore, I hope the company according to my circumstances and the level of market standards, give me a reasonable salary.
answer three samples: If you must state the specific number of their own, do not say that a wide range, so you will receive only the minimum number. Best to give a specific figure, so that you have made today's job market surveys, that this degree of employees as their own what kind of value.

6, in five years time, your career planning?
answer Hint: This is a candidate do not want every question asked, but almost everyone asked, more and more the answer is \But in recent years, many companies have established a special technical means. The status of these efforts are often referred to as \Of course, say some other position you are interested is also possible, such as product sales manager, production manager and other professionals you have some background work. You know, the examiner always like to have aggressive candidates, at this time if the \The most common answer should be \

7, your friends on your assessment?
answer Hint: to find out from the side of your personality and get along with people.
a sample answer: My friends say I am a trustworthy person. Because, I once promised to other people's things, we will certainly do so. If I can not, I would not easily promise. Sample II
answer: I think I was a relatively easy-going person, with different people can be friendly. I get along with others, I always stand in someone else's point of view of the problem.

8, you still have any questions to ask?
answer Hint: This problem seems dispensable enterprise, is very critical, companies do not like to say \Enterprises do not like the job being asked personal questions like, if someone asked this question: your new employees into the company have any training program, can I participate? Or the advancement of your company is like? Enterprises will be very welcome, as you reflect on the learning enthusiasm and loyalty to the company and your ambition.

9, if the unit through this interview that we hired you, but work for some time but found you not fit for this position, how do you do?
answer Note: a period of time that does not work for me, there are two cases: ① If you really love this career, then you have to keep on learning, leadership and open-minded colleagues to learn professional knowledge and experience of doing things, to understand the career connotation and job requirements, and strive to reduce the gap; ② Do you think this career is dispensable, and that a change in career or as early as possible, to discover for you, you love the job, so you will be the development of future large point on the unit and individual as a whole.

10, at the completion of a work, the way you think leadership requires not the best, he still has a better way, how should you do?
answer tips: ①. In principle, I will respect and obey the leadership of the organization of work, looking for the opportunity to consult privately while the tone, melody to express their own thoughts, to see whether the leadership change ideas. ② If the leadership does not take my advice, I also would request seriously by the leadership to accomplish this task. ③. There is another situation, if contrary to the principles of leadership in the manner required, I will strongly opposing views, such as leadership is still stubborn, I will not hesitate to again reflect the higher-ups.

11, if you work a mistake, causing economic losses to the company, how do you think that?
answer tips: ① my intention is to work for the company, if the resulting economic losses, I think the first question is to find ways to compensate or to restore economic losses. If I am incapable of responsibility, hoping to help resolve the unit. ② clearly define the responsibilities, duties, if it is my responsibility, I am willing to be punished; If it is a team I was responsible for the mistakes of others, can not gloat, as a team, need to work together to complete mutual help and comfort and help colleagues find out the reasons my colleagues summed up the experience. ③ lessons learned, a person's life can not make mistakes, it is important from their own or other people's mistakes and lessons learned, and work in the future to avoid similar mistakes. Review their own work methods to analyze the depth and intensity of the problem is not enough, resulting in the avoidable errors.

12, if you do a job by the recognition of superior leadership, executive leadership, but you say he did it, how do you?
answer Hint: Let me first explain the higher-ups who will not find it, I will take the initiative to communicate with the leadership of my head, because communication is the best way to solve interpersonal relationships, but the results have two: ① I am in charge of the leadership aware of their mistake, I think I will, as the case to decide whether to forgive him. ② he was more intensified to threaten me, I would not hesitate to find my superiors reflect this, as he does so will have a negative impact on the future work of the negative.

13, talk about your views on the job-hopping?
answer tips: ① normal \② frequent job-hopping on both units and individual disadvantage and should be opposed.

14, work hard and your colleagues, your boss get along, how would you do?
answer tips: ① I will obey the leadership of the command, with the work of colleagues. ② I will find the reasons from their own careful analysis of their work is not done well so that the leaders are not satisfied, colleagues could not understand. Would also like to see if it is done and acted well, if that is the case I will work hard to correct. ③ If I can not find the reason, I would look for opportunities to communicate with them, ask them to point out my shortcomings, there are problems to be rectified immediately. ④ as good employees, should always overall situation, even in a period of time, leadership and colleagues do not understand me, I will do our own work, with an open mind to learn from them, I believe they will see I'm trying to One day I will smile.

15, assuming you work in a unit, the more prominent achievements, to be led by affirmation. But you find that your colleagues are increasingly isolated, how do you see this problem? How are you going to do?
answer tips: ① outstanding academic results, be sure the leadership is a good thing, since more effort. ② review the work that he is not keen on the degree of over enthusiastic exchanges among colleagues, and strengthening exchanges between colleagues and common interests. ③ work, not to hurt others before the self-esteem ④ not fiddle with a non-leadership.

16, if you have recently participated in the training course? Talk about the contents of training courses. Or at their own expense to participate in the company funded?
answer Hint: to participate at their own expense, that is, Beida Jade Bird training courses (you can learn more about their technology).

17, you are for our company?
answer Hint: go to the company before the interview to check the company's main Internet business. If the answer is: you desire to change strategy and to strengthen cooperation with foreign manufacturers in the OEM, some of its own brand, through overseas distributors.

18, please state the motive of the job you choose?
answer Hint: This is to know the interviewer on the job degree of enthusiasm and understanding, and screening examination for people who come on a whim, and if no experience, can be emphasized that \opportunity to play before the experience. \

19, you are best at the technical direction?
answer Hint: say you want to apply for the job-related courses, to show what their passion is no harm.

20, you can do for our company, what?
answer tips: ① If you can, try to tell them you can reduce their costs, \② the future of enterprise employees would like to know what to do for enterprises, job seekers should repeat their advantage, and then said: \efficiency and more revenue. \Companies like job seekers to apply for jobs that their own ability, such as applications for jobs like marketing, we can say: \demand and consumption. \

21, best summed up in three words your own what?
answered Tip: I often use the three words are: adaptability, there is always a sense of responsibility and work, with specific examples to explain to the examiner,

22, what are your hobbies?
answer Hint: to find some full of team spirit, (...) , and here is a true story: Someone was rejected because his hobby is scuba diving. Examiner said: because it is a single event, I am not sure whether he can adapt to group work.

23, as the interviewee to give me what points?
answer Hint: try to list the four strengths and one very very very small defects (which can complain about facilities, there is no clear responsibility drawback is that no one person's mind.)

24, how do you understand your qualifications for this position?
answer Hint: the job responsibilities and tasks and attitudes to elaborate.

25, like the job of the point?
answer Hint: think in fact we must have in mind the answer it! Values of each person is different from the standard natural judge will be different, but, in answer to this question, the interviewer can not be too put their own mental words directly out of salary issues in particular, but some good harmless answer is considerations, such as accessibility, the nature and content of the probable line with their interests and so on are all good answers, but if they can think carefully about when to work out the difference between the belief that the interview will greatly increase points.

26, why leave?
answer tips: ① to answer this question, must be careful, even if the previous work has been wronged and then a big, how many complaints the company, have never shown , in particular, to avoid the criticism of the head of the company itself, (...) , to avoid the negative mood and impression of the interviewer. Recommended at this time is the best way to answer questions blame on himself, for example, that work did not study and development of space, they want to work in related industries in the interview to learn more, or their previous work and career planning and other sub- so the answer is best answer positive. ② I hope to get a better job, if the opportunity comes, I will take. I feel there has peaked, that is? Opportunity for advancement.

27, talk about your industry, technology trends of the view?
answer Hint: This problem is very interested in business, job-seekers only come prepared to cross the border. Job seekers can search the web for the industry sector you are applying for information, only to generate understanding of the unique insights. Enterprises believe that the most intelligent of the job interview is a lot of prior knowledge of the company, including companies in various sectors, development, answering questions in the interview, when the situation can be understood by reference to, business people are welcome to enter the business \rather than \

28, job expectations and goals that?
answer Hint: This is a job interviewer to judge whether they have a certain level of expectations, this work is to understand the problem. Learning objectives for the work people do often learn faster, easier for the new work into the natural situation, (...) , then s (...) est you the best for the nature of the work to find a definite answer, such as the clerk's work can reply: \My goal is to become a super salesman, the company will sell out a wide range of products to a eve the best performance results; To a eve this goal, I will study hard, and I believe I am serious and responsible attitude, will be able to a eve this goal. \

29, said your family?
answered Tip: Ask family business is not interview job seekers have to know the family situation, explore privacy, businesses do not like to explore the personal privacy, but to understand the family background and influence the shaping of job seekers. Also focus on companies that want to hear the positive impact of family on job seekers. Company's most like to hear is: I love my family, my family has always been very harmonious, and although my father and mother are all human, but a child, I saw my father from dawn to dusk, daily work, especially hard-working, His action virtually trained me serious and responsible attitude and hard-working spirit. My mother kind man, human passion, particularly helpful, so popular in the unit well, and her words and deeds have also been teaching me the truth in life. Businesses believe harmonious family relations on the growth of a person has a subtle effect.

30, to the position you are applying, what do you think you lack?
answered Tip: seekers weaknesses of companies like to ask, but smart job seekers generally do not directly answer. They want to see this job: to continue to repeat their own advantages, and then said: \the shortest possible time to resolve, my learning ability is very strong, I believe that we can quickly integrate into the company's corporate culture into the working state. \

31, What personality traits do you admire?
answer Hint: honest, flexible and easy to get along with people, \

32, you usually do?'s criticism?
answer tips: ① silence is golden, do not say anything, otherwise the situation worse, but I will accept constructive criticism. ② When we cold? Down further discussion.

33, how to deal with their loss??
answer Hint: we are not born perfect, and I believe I have a second chance to correct my mistake.

34, what makes you a sense of accomplishment?
answered Tip: To the best of my, do my best to complete a project.

35, the most important in your life right now is what?
answered Tip: For me, to find work in this area is the most important in your company told me that the most important.

36, why are you willing to work to our company?
answer Note: For this question, you have to be careful, if you have made a study of this unit, you can answer some of the detailed reasons, such as \with the company was born in the same time, I hope to grow into a company with me. \Give me a different path of development. \

37, you and the others occurred in a dispute it? How do you solve?
answer Hint: This is the most dangerous problems interview, the examiner is actually laid a trap, do not say anyone's fault, should be aware that success is a collaborative group to resolve the conflicts in the capacity necessary for the members. If you work in a service industry, this problem has simply become the most important aspect. If you can get the job, will depend on the answer to this question. Examiners want to see you are mature and ready to sacrifice. They know you by this question the maturity and life skills capabilities. Without outside interference, by way of compromise to resolve is the correct answer.

38, question: What things did you feel most proud of?
answer Hint: This is the examiner to give you an opportunity to show you the ability to hold their own destiny. This will be reflected in your leadership and your potential is to enhance the possibilities. If you apply for units in the nature of a service, you are likely to be invited to lunch. Remember: your future depends on your knowledge, your social skills and overall performance.

39, new to a department, one day a customer came to you to solve the problem, you tried to his satisfaction, but people always fail to get satisfaction, he complained of low efficiency of your department, how you at this time for?
answer that: (1) First, I'll stay calm. As a staff, in a variety of problems encountered in the work is normal, the key is how to understand it, a positive response, proper handling. (2) Secondly, I will reflect on the reasons for customer dissatisfaction. First, look at whether it is indeed their problem-solving is not considered good place, and second, to see if the customer is not aware of the relevant service requirements exceed the requirements put forward by the three is to see whether customers understand the relevant provisions of But the request is unreasonable. (3) Again, according to the reasons for the relative to take countermeasures. If you own the place really is not good, according to the provisions of services to make reasonable arrangements to explain to the customer; If customers do not understand the policies and regulations are a result of misunderstanding, I will explain to him to further eliminate the misunderstanding of his ; If the customer does not meet the requirements of policies and regulations, I will explicitly pointed out to him. (4) again, I will deal with the whole thing to explain to the leadership, hoping to get his understanding and support. (5) I will not because of customer complaints and lost my passion and enthusiasm to work, but will continue to keep in mind for the purpose of customer service and strive to be a leading trust company assured that customer satisfaction with the staff.

40, on the job, you have what foreseeable problems?
answer tips: ① not directly state the specific difficulties, or it may make the other candidates not suspected. ② try outflanking tactics, telling the candidate the attitude of the difficult work of some difficulty is normal and inevitable, but as long as perseverance, good spirit of cooperation and the careful and sufficient advance prepared for any difficulties can be overcome.
analysis: usually ask this question, the interviewer hopes to relatively large, because the details of the work have been talking about, but the general idea of the answer, but also by the interviewer, \When an interviewer asks this question, has two purposes. First, take a look at candidates who are not good at, to say the difficulty is not in this position in general are the inevitable problems. Second, candidates want to look right the way to solve problems, and the Company's ability to provide such resources. Not want to know the attitude of the difficulties candidates.

41, if I hire you, how would you work?
answered Tip: ① If the candidates for the position in the lack of adequate understanding, it is best not to directly work out their own specific way. ② can try to use diversionary tactics to answer, such as \
Analysis: The main purpose of this question is to understand a candidate's ability to work and planning, clarity, focus and want to know details. If you speak to the ideas in the circuitous tactics, the interviewer will think that evading the question, if the boot is still several times to avoid it, this person will never hired.

42, you want to work with what kind of parent?
answer tips: ① The superior candidate on the \② the best hope of avoiding the specific superiors, to talk about their requirements. ③ such as \good answer, I hope that my superiors at work can guide me more on my work can be quick to point out the error. In short, this aspect of the guidance from the higher level talks will be no major flaws.

43, in the completion of a work, the way you think leadership requires not the best, he still has a better way, how should you do?
answer prompts: ①. In principle, I will respect and obey the leadership working arrangements; also look for opportunities to consult in private tone, melody to express their own thoughts, to see whether the leadership change ideas. ② If the leadership does not take my advice, I also will seriously by the leadership to complete the requirements of this work. ③. In another case, if the violation of the principles of leadership in the manner required, I will strongly opposing views, such as leadership is still stubborn, I will not hesitate to again reflect the higher-ups.

44, with higher disagreement First, how do you?
answer tips: ① generally can not answer, \\major issues of interest, I hope to reflect to a more senior leadership. \>
45, you lack work experience, how can the job?
conventional thinking: ① If the hiring graduates of the candidates on this question, indicating that recruitment companies do not really care about \answer key to see how the candidates. ② the best answer to this question should reflect the candidate's sincerity, wit, courage and dedication. ③ such as \I have been using every opportunity during this part-time industry. I also found the actual work than the book knowledge rich, complex. But I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning ability, and relatively hard, so can a part-time in the successful completion of the work, the experience from which I get to benefit greatly. Please rest assured that your company, school learning and a part-time work experience that I have qualified for this position. \
answer tips: ① The most important thing is: looking for candidates to make sure recruiters, candidates of the units in the past, \too detailed, too specific. ③ subjective negative feelings can not be doped, such as \. ④ but they can not dodge, evade, such as \reasons for the candidates personal image and add luster. ⑦ relevant examples: If \came to a standstill; the moment I am very sorry this step, but also face shows my ability to re looking for a stage play. \, and then match up.
Analysis: Unless being underpaid, or is the original work, or do not use salary as a reason. \to design the real reason for resignation, but the reply must be performed in good faith. can not think of coming, at home in the field can say that because something happens at home, must leave a few months, the company has not granted leave of absence, so his resignation, the the interviewer can answer general acceptance.

47, you lack work experience, how can the job?
answer tips: ① If the hiring graduates of the candidates on this question, indicating that recruiters do not really care about \would indeed be a lack of respect, so I have been reading during the various opportunities in the industry by doing part-time. I also found the actual work than the book knowledge rich, complex. But I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning ability, and relatively hard, so can a part-time in the successful completion of the work, the experience from which I get to benefit greatly. Please rest assured that your company, school learning and a part-time work experience that I have qualified for this position. \things, how do you get support and help of others?
answer Hint: every company is constantly evolving process, you certainly want your employees as well. you want and welcome those who wish to change the person, Because these people understand that to the company's development, changes in the company an important part of daily life. Such employees are often very easy to adapt to changes in the company and will make positive changes in response.

49, fruit In this interview you are not employed, how do you intend to?
answer Hint: Now the society is a competitive society, from this interview can also see this point, there are bound to the merits of competition, there is certainly there will be a successful failure. often behind the success of many difficulties and setbacks, if this fails it is only once, and only through the experience accumulated experience to shape a complete success. I will from the following regard to a correct view of this failure: ① to dare to face, the face of this failure is not discouraged, to accept this opportunity has been lost will not be back this reality, from the psychological will, and embody the spirit of resistance against the failure force. Be confident, believe in yourself after experiencing this can do it through hard work, to go beyond the self. ② good reflection, the experience should conscientiously sum up the interview, thought analysis, to gauge the distance from their own point of view. the right to treat their own and realistically evaluate their own and dialectical view of the length of their gains and losses, to make a sensible. ③ out of the shadows, this time failed to overcome the psychological pressure to bring their own, always bear in mind their vulnerability and take preventive measures to enhance learning and improve their own quality. ④ serious work, post back after the original unit, to real, get down to work, three sixteen lines, very best, and strive to make certain posts in the results. ⑤ make persistent efforts to become a national civil service has always been my dream the future, if I still have the opportunity to compete again.

50, if you go at night to send a student to go abroad to the airport, you can do non-temporary emergency unit is not, how do you do?
answer Hint: I think the work is the first one, but the friendship between friends also can not be neglected, this question I think to follow the specific circumstances of the time.
① If my friends at 9 points in the plane, and I will be able to complete overtime, then eight, then the best, and finish work to the airport, everyone is happy. ② If the work is not very urgent, to work overtime just to be able to report to work tomorrow to pay when to the office, it is entirely possible with the leadership say hello, go to the airport and then back to work overtime, it wants to sleep late. ③ If the work is urgent, both can not take into account the circumstances, I think can be two options. (1) If not all units have to work overtime, then, is not to replace the following other colleagues to work themselves to the airport, even if that is the place you go for a while. (2) If even fail to do this, then had to loyalty can not be two whole, and called a friend to explain that he will understand, after all the work done on the end, friends can still see each other again.

51, talk about your success stories over the past done?
answer Hint: You give an example of the most sure, the context clear, not to say a lot but not focus. should not exaggerate, the others to say their credit, many competent people in order to ensure the most suitable use and will call a supervisor to consult before you for your views and opinions, so if the lie is very easy to put a bang.

52, talk about your past work experience, the most you frustration thing?
answer Hint: have contact with a customer, had heard they had known picky, so do your homework very full, but also invested considerable time and energy, although no final customer accept, but the degree of acceptance has exceeded our surprise the. can work together from a happy thought, but that customers chose the last because the relationship between the budget of another agency, prior to which the drain. Still , I learned a lot from this experience, such as knowledge of the industry, the whole team's understanding is also better.
analysis: to understand your frustration tolerance and conciliation.

53, how to organize your time? will not exclude overtime?
answer Hint: Basically, if you go to work efficiency and workload are reasonable, it should be less need for overtime. But I also know that sometimes difficult to to avoid overtime, plus now work with accountability, so I'll mix your own time, and fully cooperate.
analysis: Although no one is willing to work overtime, but still must demonstrate a high degree of sincerity with.

54, why do we need to interview many who choose you?
answer Note: According to my understanding of your company, and my work in this accumulated expertise, experience and contacts, that is is your company looking for talent. and I'm working attitude, EQ, there are also harmony, mature side, and the supervisor, colleagues can cooperate happily.
Analysis: Do not brag about their abilities over, or blurt out random checks, for example, will bring the company's business how much money and so on, it is easy to give a likes to talk big, unrealistic feeling.

55, this office expectations?
answer the prompts: I hope I have learned to play and expertise, but also absorb your experience in this area, to the company, I personally, to create a \Ask the company identified the duties and responsibilities of ownership, because the situation of each company is different, so that a bunch of ambitions but found irrelevant.

56, Why did you choose this job ?
answer Hint: It has been my interest and expertise, after several years of tough training, but also accumulated some experience and contacts, I believe I have qualified for this office.
Analysis: Timely move the past \Tip: once read in newspapers and magazines reported on your company, and pursue his own ideas completely concur. and your company in the industry have produced positive results, but also for staff training, promotion, also have a great system.
Analysis: to doing homework before the interview to learn about the company's background, the other person that you're really thinking of getting the job, not just test the waters way.

58, that you are in school you are a good student?
answer Hint: corporate recruiters are smart, you can test this question asked a lot of problems: If a good academic job, would say: \results are excellent. Of course, whether a student is not a good student there are many standards, I think during the school grades are important, other aspects including the moral, practical experience, teamwork, communication skills are also very important, and I have done in these areas well, we should say I am a full development of the students. \internship, I like the fast pace and pressure of work, I × × in the Student Union organized activities, the exercise of my team spirit and organizational skills. \roles and responsibilities, shall not be absent without leave. ② the organization of work under the direction and leadership, develop work plans, advance preparation, completed as planned. ③ more referrals and timely reporting of encounter do not understand the humility to ask. ④ grasping clearance time to learn, strive to improve their political and professional levels.

60, work, learn what?
answer Hint: This is a question for those who change jobs, , it is recommended at this time can match interview as the main basis of the characteristics of the work to answer, such as operational needs and to communicate, before the work can be cited an example of communicating with people, which has experienced difficulties in learning to which experience, grasp of these points make statements, you can easily get away with it .

61, thought Start a Business?
answer Hint: This problem can show your momentum, but if your answer is \you do not do it?

62, in addition to the company, but also what the company candidates?
answer Hint: very strange, this is quite a lot of companies will ask the question, which is intended to approximate that candidate's job aspirations, so this is definitely not a negative answer, even if inconvenient to say the company name, should answer \feeling.

63, when they can arrive without?
answered Tip: Most companies are concerned about office hours, it is best to answer, \But if you have not quit on a job, working hours and too close, it seems that some inconsiderate, because the transfer of at least a month's time, the reasons should be clarified further, taking the company should be accommodating.

64, you are not He graduated from famous universities?
answer Hint: He graduated from famous colleges are not important is the ability to complete your work to me, I accept the Beida Jade Bird vocational training, master your skills fully capable of companies now work, and I am better than graduates from top universities but also strong practical ability, I think I am better suited to the position of your company.

65, how to look at qualifications and abilities?
answer tips : I think as long as a university education specialist qualifications to show that I have a fundamental ability to learn. the rest, you are Bachelor of promoting or Dr. Ye Hao, discussion of this point, (...) , not to see how much knowledge you have learned but see you play in this area, what is referred to capacity issues. a person the ability to work directly determines the fate of his career, while the level of education is the key to getting into a business, the education card if your company PhD, I can not enter your company, of course, not necessarily just my personal loss, if a junior college students can complete the work, you have to recruit a doctor, why should it?
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